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A multi-scale assessment of habitat suitability of red-crowned crane at the Yellow River Delta Nature Reserve, Shandong, China

Author(s): Mingchang Cao | Gaohuan Liu | Kai Shan | Yinxu Hou | Mingchun Wang | Donglai Li | Wenming Shen
From Points to Forecasts: Predicting Invasive Species Habitat Suitability in the Near Term

Author(s): Tracy R. Holcombe | Thomas J. Stohlgren | Catherine S. Jarnevich
Topography-derived wetness indices are associated with household-level malaria risk in two communities in the western Kenyan highlands

Author(s): Cohen Justin | Ernst Kacey | Lindblade Kim | Vulule John | John Chandy | Wilson Mark
How will climate change affect the potential distribution of Eurasian tree sparrows Passer montanus in North America?

Author(s): Jim GRAHAM, Catherine JARNEVICH, Nick YOUNG, Greg NEWMAN, Thomas STOHLGREN
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