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The MicroSafari: A Journey into Microbiology, an Expedition into Engagement

Author(s): Catherine Eva Vrentas | Thomas Zinnen | Dana J. Huebert Lima
Linking Standards and Engaged Learning in the Early Years

Author(s): Judy Harris Helm | Gaye Gronlund
NeOS: Neuchâtel Online System

Author(s): H. Sturzrehm | F. Aubert | P. Kropf | R. Corfu
An analysis of applied mechanics contest for senior high school students in Taiwan

Author(s): Nelson Cheng-Chih CHEN | Ching-Hao CHEN | Ming-chun LIN
Learning Digital Test and Diagnostics via Internet

Author(s): Raimund Ubar | Artur Jutman | Margus Kruus | Elmet Orasson | Sergej Devadze | Heinz-Dietrich Wuttke
Integration of remote lab exercises into standard course packages

Author(s): T. Zimmer | M. Billaud | D. Geoffroy
iPhones and Smartphones

Author(s): Kevin YE | Jace HARGIS
Limitations of Remote Laboratories in Control Engineering Education

Author(s): Nourdine Aliane | Rafael Vargas Pastor | Gonzalo Vivas Mariscal
Alternative understanding about scientific inquiry

Author(s): Winnie Wing-mui SO | Mei ZHONG
Adaptive Follow-up of Online Engineering Laboratories Activities

Author(s): Christophe Gravier | NasrEddine Abdellaoui
Moving On (Editorial)

Author(s): Lindsay Glynn
An e-learning application on electrochemotherapy

Author(s): Corovic Selma | Bester Janez | Miklavcic Damijan
Multi-subject/daily-life activity EMG-based control of mechanical hands

Author(s): Castellini Claudio | Fiorilla Angelo | Sandini Giulio

Design and Implementation of a Virtual Laboratory for Machine Dynamics

Author(s): EL-Sayed S. Aziz | Sven K. Esche | Constantin Chassapis
Lab Safety and Bioterrorism Readiness Curricula Using Active Learning and Hands-on Strategies as Continuing Education for Medical Technologists

Author(s): Steven Fiester | James Redfearn | Shannon Helfinstine | Tracey Meilander | Christopher J. Woolverton
A Computational Model for Bharata Natyam Choreography

Author(s): Sangeeta Jadhav | Sasikumar
Multiple Benefits Derived from a Peer Teacher Program in Two Undergraduate Microbiology Lab Courses

Author(s): Frances C. Sailer | Roger W. Melvold | Charles C. Hosford
Specially Designed Sound-Boxes Used by Students to Perform School-Lab Sensor–Based Experiments, to Understand Sound Phenomena

Author(s): Dionisios Vavougios | Charilaos Tsihouridis | George Ioannidis | Stefanos Parskeuopoulos
Voice Automated Mobile Robot

Author(s): Rachna Jain | S.K Saxena
Building partnerships towards strengthening Makerere University College of Health Sciences: a stakeholder and sustainability analysis

Author(s): Okui Olico | Ayebare Elizabeth | Chalo Rose | Pariyo George | Groves Sara | Peters David
The organization and implementation of community-based education programs for health worker training institutions in Uganda

Author(s): Kaye Dan | Mwanika Andrew | Burnham Gilbert | Chang Larry | Mbalinda Scovia | Okullo Isaac | Nabirye Rose | Muhwezi Wilson | Oria Hussein | Kijjambu Stephen | Atuyambe Lynn | Aryeija Warren
Implementation of a Service-Learning Module in Medical Microbiology and Cell Biology Classes at an Undergraduate Liberal Arts University

Author(s): Maia Larios-Sanz | Alexandra D. Simmons | Ruth Ann Bagnall | Rosemarie C. Rosell
Language Development and Science Inquiry: The Head Start on Science and Communication Program

Author(s): Evelyn R. Klein | Penny L. Hammrich | Stefanie Bloom | Anika Ragins
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Learn science by film viewing: U-571

Author(s): Cheng-Chih CHEN | Kuo-Wen HSU
Learning while evaluating: the use of an electronic evaluation portfolio in a geriatric medicine clerkship

Author(s): Duque Gustavo | Finkelstein Adam | Roberts Ayanna | Tabatabai Diana | Gold Susan | Winer Laura
Evaluation of ultrasound lung comets by hand-held echocardiography

Author(s): Bedetti G | Gargani L | Corbisiero A | Frassi F | Poggianti E | Mottola G
Complications in groin hernia surgery and the way out

Author(s): Chowbey Pradeep | Pithawala Murtaza | Khullar Rajesh | Sharma Anil | Soni Vandana | Baijal Manish
Developing understanding of programming principles using Flash Actionscript

Author(s): Graham Routledge | Amin Aminaei | Phillip Benachour
Mixed reality learning spaces for collaborative experimentation: A challenge for engineering education and training

Author(s): Dieter Müller | F. Wilhelm Bruns | Heinz-Hermann Erbe | Bernd Robben | Yong-Ho Yoo
Changing children's views of science and scientists through school-based teaching

Author(s): Beverley JANE | Marilyn FLEER | John GIPPS
Physics Experiments at the UNEDLabs Portal

Author(s): Sebastian Dormido | José Sánchez | Luis de la Torre | Ruben Heradio | Carmen Carreras | Juan pedro Sánchez | Manuel Yuste
Haptic Positioning Environment for the Hip Resurfacing Surgery

Author(s): Pedro Santos Pires | Pedro Teodoro | Jorge Martins | José Sá da Costa
El vídeo didáctico como soporte para un b-learning sostenible

Author(s): del Casar Tenorio, Miguel Ángel | Herradón Díez, Rafael
DO Get Technical! Using Technology in Library Instruction

Author(s): Nicole Eva | Heather Nicholson
The educational values of the University of California Museum of Paleontology

Author(s): Susumu Tomiya | Brian A. Swartz | Mariska Batavia
Applying Constructionist Principles to Online Teacher Professional Development

Author(s): Nathaniel Ostashewski | Susan Moisey | Doug Reid
Toward a New Algorithm for Hands Free Browsing

Author(s): Murad Al-Rajab & Haifaa Kattan
A New Approach to Learning How to Teach: medical students as instructional designers

Author(s): Sean H. Novak | Molly Quinn | Timothy Canan | Shaleen Metten | Jonathan J. Wisco | Paul F. Wimmers | Sebastian Uijtdehaage
Evidence-Based Interactive Management of Change

Author(s): Christian Stary | Albert Fleischmann
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