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Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (D.D.B.R.): reed dynamics within actual context

Author(s): Silviu Covaliov | Mihai Doroftei | Jenică Hanganu

Author(s): Geraldo Erli de Faria | Nairam Felix de Barros | Ivo Ribeiro da Silva | Roberto Ferreira de Novais | Artur Orelli Paiva
Development of Fars Province Probable Minimum Temperature Atlas Using Meteorological Data

Author(s): A. R. Ziaee | A. A. Kamgar-Haghighi | A. R. Sepaskhah | S. Ranjbar
Evaluation of Spatial Variation of Weeds and Their Response to Imposed Managements in a Sugar Beet Field in Mashhad

Author(s): A. Siah-Marguee | M. H. Rashed-Mohassel | M. Nasiri-Mahallati | M. Banayan-Awal | H. Rahimiyan-Mashhadi
Manufacturing and Evaluation of a New Pneumatic Air Reel for Combine Harvesting

Author(s): S.M. Nassiri | M. Loghavi | J. Jafarifar
Relevance of the Lin's and Host hydropedological models to predict grape yield and wine quality

Author(s): E. A. C. Costantini | S. Pellegrini | P. Bucelli | P. Storchi | N. Vignozzi | R. Barbetti | S. Campagnolo
Air impingement drying of Spirulina Platensis

Author(s): Ram Yamsaengsung | Oraporn Bualuang
Studying the Results of Two Methods of Harvesting After a Period of Forest Management Plan

Author(s): Ahmad Alijanpour | Nasrin Seyedi | Iraj Hasanzad
Effects of Salinity Stress on Growth, Ions Partitioning and Yield of Some Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp.) Cultivars

Author(s): Victor Desire Taffouo | Joseph Kemdem Kouamou | Louis Marie Tchiengue Ngalangue | Bop Alain Nandjou Ndjeudji | Amougou Akoa
The Management Options of Water for the Development of Agriculture in Dry Areas

Author(s): M. Irshad | M. Inoue | M. Ashraf | A. Al-Busaidi
The greenhouse gas balance of European grasslands

Author(s): P. Ciais | J. F. Soussana | N. Vuichard | S. Luyssaert | A. Don | I. A. Janssens | S. L. Piao | R. Dechow | J. Lathière | F. Maignan | M. Wattenbach | P. Smith | C. Ammann | A. Freibauer | E. D. Schulze | the CARBOEUROPE Synthesis Team
Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis) Roots Response to Mechanization in Bernam Series Soil

Author(s): Zuraidah Yahya | Aminuddin Husin | Jamal Talib | Jamarei Othman | Osumanu H. Ahmed | Mohamadu B. Jalloh
Crayfish distribution updating in central Italy

Author(s): M. Scalici | M. Pitzalis | G. Gibertini
Optically Defined Modal Sensors Incorporating Spiropyran-Doped Liquid Crystals with Piezoelectric Sensors

Author(s): Kuan-Ting Chen | Chin-Kai Chang | Hui-Lung Kuo | Chih-Kung Lee
A review of the methods for monitoring roe deer European populations with particular reference to Italy

Author(s): Alberto Meriggi | Francesca Sotti | Paolo Lamberti | Nicola Gilio
Caribou in British Columbia: A 1996 status report

Author(s): Douglas C. Heard | Kathryn L. Vagt
Possibilities of Application of Relative Openness in Secondary Forest Opening of Slope Forests in Croatia

Author(s): Dragutin Pičman | Tibor Pentek | Hrvoje Nevečerel | Ivica Papa | Kruno Lepoglavec
Colored polyethylene soil covers and grafting effects on cucumber flowering and yield

Author(s): Fonseca Inês Cristina de Batista | Klar Antonio Evaldo | Goto Rumy | Neves Carmen Silvia Vieira Janeiro
Yield gap analysis of soybean, groundnut, pigeonpea and chickpea in India using simulation modeling

Author(s): VS Bhatia | Piara Singh | SP Wani | AVR Kesava Rao | K Srinivas

Author(s): Georgeta Temocico | Iulian Alecu | Eugenia Alecu
Evaluating models for predicting hydraulic characteristics of layered soils

Author(s): S. S. W. Mavimbela | L. D. van Rensburg
Estratégias de desmame precoce e de suplementação concentrada no comportamento diário de cordeiros produzidos em pastagem de Tifton-85 Strategies of early weaning and concentrate supplementation on the daily behavior of lambs produced on Tifton-85 pasture

Author(s): Marina Gabriela Bechiol da Silva | Alda Lúcia Gomes Monteiro | Cláudio José Araújo da Silva | Sergio Rodrigo Fernandes | Ana Luisa Palhano Silva | Edson Ferraz Evaristo de Paula
Conservation of Natural Resources: Water

Author(s): Skumar S Kumbhalkar | C. C. Handa | A. R. Bapat
Temperature Field Analysis for PZT Pyroelectric Cells for Thermal Energy Harvesting

Author(s): Chun-Ching Hsiao | Jing-Chih Ciou | An-Shen Siao | Chi-Yuan Lee
Habitat Requirements of Breeding Black-Backed Woodpeckers (Picoides arcticus) in Managed, Unburned Boreal Forest

Author(s): Junior A. Tremblay | Jacques Ibarzabal | Christian Dussault | Jean-Pierre L. Savard
Caribou in British Columbia: A 1996 status report

Author(s): Douglas C. Heard | Kathryn L. Vagt
Pores Reconfiguration in Compacted Bernam Series Soil

Author(s): Zuraidah Yahya | Aminuddin Husin | Jamal Talib | Jamarei Othman | Siti Z. Darus | Osumanu H. Ahmed | Mohamadu B. Jalloh
Spatial Variability of Soil Inorganic N in a Mature Oil Palm Plantation in Sabah, Malaysia

Author(s): Abdul R. Anuar | Kah J. Goh | Tee B. Heoh | Osumanu H. Ahmed
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