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Similarities and differences arising from accommodation and care issues in half-way houses: qualitative approach

Author(s): Hudson Pires de Oliveira Santos Júnior | Dulce Maria Rosa Gualda | Maria de Fátima de Araújo Silveira
Clustering and inertia: structural integration of home care in Swedish elderly care

Author(s): Nils Olof Hedman | Roine Johansson | Urban Rosenqvist
Comprehensive Primary Health Care in Australia: findings from a narrative review of the literature

Author(s): Catherine Hurley | Fran Baum | Julie Johns | Ron Labonte
On the 25th Anniversary of ALAMES

Author(s): Saul Franco
Health Care Reform: a Socialist Vision

Author(s): Martha Livingston | Linnea Capps
United States Innovations in Health Care Delivery

Author(s): Shortell Stephen M | Gillies Robin | Wu, Frances
Impact of discontinuity in health insurance on resource utilization

Author(s): Banerjee Ritesh | Ziegenfuss Jeanette | Shah Nilay
Reflection about of the brazilian public politicians in the context of post colonialism

Author(s): Maria Odete Pereira, Sonia Barros, Márcia Aparecida Ferreira de Oliveira
Healing the Body and Saving the Soul in the Portuguese Hospitals of the Early Modern Age

Author(s): Maria Marta Lobo de Araúj | Alexandra Esteves
Actions of mental health in the Health Family Strategy

Author(s): Fernanda Barreto Mielke | Agnes Olschowsky
The introductive experience of Half-Way Houses - Quantitative and qualitative analysis

Author(s): Jaqueline Q. de Macedo | Maria de F. de A. Silveira
Health-economic rates for medical services and clinical economic analysis as components of health reform in Kazakhstan

Author(s): Gulziya Ismailova | Kulmaram Aydarhanova | Adi Demessinov | Alma Aubakirova
Knowledge about General Health Insurance of Health Workers Working in the Primary Health Care in Umraniye

Author(s): Seyhan Hidiroglu | M. Fatih Onsuz | Serdar Sulun | Ahmet Topuzoglu | Melda Karavus
Accounting models and devolution in the Italian public sector

Author(s): Pavan, Aldo | Reginato, Elisabetta | Mudu, Gianluca
Health Reform in Mexico City, 2000-2006

Author(s): Asa Cristina Laurell
Social Change and Health Policy in Venezuela

Author(s): Carlos H. Alvarado | María E. Martínez | Sarai Vivas-Martínez | Nuramy J. Gutiérrez | Wolfram Metzger
Venezuela's Barrio Adentro: participatory democracy, south-south cooperation and health care for all

Author(s): Carles Muntaner | Francisco Armada | Haejoo Chung | Mata Rosicar | Leslie Williams-Brennan | Joan Benach
Socialist government health policy reforms in Bolivia and Ecuador: The underrated potential of integrated care to tackle the social determinants of health

Author(s): Herland Tejerina | Werner Soors | Pierre De Paepe | Edison Aguilar Santacruz | Marie-Christine Closon | Jean-Pierre Unger
The Political Face of Public Health

Author(s): Brown, Lawrence D
Availability and use of essential medicines in China: manufacturing, supply, and prescribing in Shandong and Gansu provinces

Author(s): Chen Wen | Tang Shenglan | Sun Jing | Ross-Degnan Dennis | Wagner Anita
Mental health policy and development in Egypt - integrating mental health into health sector reforms 2001-9

Author(s): Jenkins Rachel | Heshmat Ahmed | Loza Nasser | Siekkonen Inkeri | Sorour Eman
Maternity and Child Health Care Services Delivered by Public Health Centers Compared to Health Cooperatives: Iran`s Experience

Author(s): Alireza Nikniyaz | Mostafa Farahbakhsh | Kazem Ashjaei | Djafarsadegh Tabrizi | Homayoun Sadeghi-Bazargani | Akram Zakeri
Nurse’s attributions in the mental health services into context from the psychiatric reform

Author(s): Virgínia Faria Damásio, Viviane da Costa Melo, Karla Bernardes Esteves
Nurses joining family doctors in primary care practices: perceptions of patients with multimorbidity

Author(s): Fortin Martin | Hudon Catherine | Gallagher Frances | Ntetu Antoine | Maltais Danielle | Soubhi Hassan
Barriers of access to care in a managed competition model: lessons from Colombia

Author(s): Vargas Ingrid | Vázquez María Luisa | Mogollón-Pérez Amparo Susana | Unger Jean-Pierre
The clinic of the care and the involuntary internment ― a reflection for the psychiatric nursing

Author(s): Lilian Hortale de Oliveira Moreira, Cristina Maria Douat Loyola
Nursing’s work: contradictions and challenges in perspective of the psychiatric reform

Author(s): Leandro Barbosa de Pinho, Antonio Miguel Bañon Hernández, Luciane Prado Kantorski
Optimal management of carpal tunnel syndrome

Author(s): Shimpei Ono | Philip J Clapham | Kevin C Chung
Socialist government health policy reforms in Bolivia and Ecuador: The underrated potential of integrated care to tackle the social determinants of health

Author(s): Herland Tejerina | Werner Soors | Pierre De Paepe | Edison Aguilar Santacruz | Marie-Christine Closon | Jean-Pierre Unger
The role of safe practices in hospitals’ total factor productivity

Author(s): Timothy R Huerta | Mark A Thompson | Eric W Ford
Under-utilization of health care services for infectious diseases syndromes in rural Azerbaijan: A cross-sectional study

Author(s): Clark Danielle | Ismayilov Afrail | Bakhishova Sevinj | Hajiyev Huseyn | Nuriyev Tahir | Piraliyev Saleh | Bagirov Sadigulla | Aslanova Afag | Qasimov Maqsud | Hepburn Matthew
Expenditures for the care of HIV-infected patients in rural areas in China's antiretroviral therapy programs

Author(s): Zhou Feng | Kominski Gerald | Qian Han-Zhu | Wang Jiansheng | Duan Song | Guo Zhiwei | Zhao Xinping
Assessing the evolution of primary healthcare organizations and their performance (2005-2010) in two regions of Québec province: Montréal and Montérégie

Author(s): Levesque Jean-Frédéric | Pineault Raynald | Provost Sylvie | Tousignant Pierre | Couture Audrey | Da Silva Roxane | Breton Mylaine
Achieving Continuity of Care: Facilitators and Barriers in Community Mental Health Teams

Author(s): Belling Ruth | Whittock Margaret | McLaren Susan | Burns Tom | Catty Jocelyn | Jones Ian Rees | Rose Diana | Wykes Til
Situational analysis of teaching and learning of medicine and nursing students at Makerere University College of Health Sciences

Author(s): Kiguli Sarah | Baingana Rhona | Paina Ligia | Mafigiri David | Groves Sara | Katende Godfrey | Kiguli-Malwadde Elsie | Kiguli Juliet | Galukande Moses | Roy Mayega | Bollinger Robert | Pariyo George
Promoting coordination in Norwegian health care

Author(s): Tor I. Romøren | Dag Olaf Torjesen | Brynjar Landmark
Health care reform in the USA: Recommendations from USA and non-USA radiologists

Author(s): Lauren MB Burke | Diego R Martin | Till Bader | Richard C Semelka
Conhecendo os cuidadores de um serviço residencial terapêutico

Author(s): Pedro Machado Ribeiro Neto | Luziane Zacché Avellar
Methods for the comparative evaluation of pharmaceuticals

Author(s): Zentner, Annette | Velasco-Garrido, Marcial | Busse, Reinhard

Author(s): Veronica JUNJAN | Ioana MICLUŢIA | Codruţa POPESCU | Mugur CIUMĂGEANU | Raluca SFETCU | Dan GHENEA
Integrated care through disease-oriented critical paths:experience from Japan’s regional health planning initiatives

Author(s): Etsuji Okamoto | Masaki Miyamoto | Kazuhiro Hara | Jun Yoshida | Masaki Muto | Aizan Hirai | Haruyuki Tatsumi | Masaaki Mizuno | Hiroshi Nagata | Daisuke Yamakata | Hiroshi Tanaka

Author(s): Cătălin Ovidiu BABA | Alexandra BRÎNZANIUC | Răzvan M. CHERECHEŞ | Diana RUS
Measuring the equity of inpatient utilization in Chinese rural areas

Author(s): Zhou Zhongliang | Gao Jianmin | Fox Ashley | Rao Keqin | Xu Ke | Xu Ling | Zhang Yaoguang
An analysis of Liberia's 2007 national health policy: lessons for health systems strengthening and chronic disease care in poor, post-conflict countries

Author(s): Lee Patrick | Kruse Gina | Chan Brian | Massaquoi Moses | Panjabi Rajesh | Dahn Bernice | Gwenigale Walter
Protocol for the OUTREACH trial: a randomised trial comparing delivery of cancer systemic therapy in three different settings - patient's home, GP surgery and hospital day unit

Author(s): Corrie Pippa | Moody Margaret | Wood Victoria | Bavister Linda | Prevost Toby | Parker Richard | Sabes-Figuera Ramon | McCrone Paul | Balsdon Helen | McKinnon Karen | O'Sullivan Brendan | Tan Ray | Barclay Stephen
Inputs to quality: supervision, management, and community involvement in health facilities in Egypt in 2004

Author(s): Cherlin Emily | Allam Adel | Linnander Erika | Wong Rex | El-Toukhy Essam | Sipsma Heather | Krumholz Harlan | Curry Leslie | Bradley Elizabeth
Development of Public Health Education in Bulgaria

Author(s): Stoyanka Popova | Lora Georgieva | Yordanka Koleva
Reforming the Romanian Child Welfare System: 1990 - 2010

Author(s): Adrian V. RUS | Sheri PARRIS | David CROSS | Karyn PURVIS | Simona DRĂGHICI
Overview of the Prime Health Care Performance in Albania

Author(s): Sllavka Kurti | Petrit Dollani
Design and implementation of a longitudinal ambulatory clerkship in the first-year curriculum at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Author(s): Rosalyn Stewart | Sharon Dlhosh | Christine Marino | Patricia Thomas | Maura J. McGuire
The role of telehealth in Quebec’s healthcare reform

Author(s): David Levine | François Côté
The Problems and Solutions to the Building of the New-type Rural Cooperative Medical Workforce

Author(s): Lidan Wang | Yu Zhang | Yahui Zhang | Yayun Yu | Leilei Liu | Chunyan Mo
Inpatient hospital complications and lengths of stay: a short report

Author(s): Lagoe Ronald | Johnson Pamela | Murphy Mark
Did changing primary care delivery models change performance? A population based study using health administrative data

Author(s): Jaakkimainen R Liisa | Barnsley Jan | Klein-Geltink Julie | Kopp Alexander | Glazier Richard
Falling behind: life expectancy in US counties from 2000 to 2007 in an international context

Author(s): Kulkarni Sandeep | Levin-Rector Alison | Ezzati Majid | Murray Christopher
British Columbia Hospitals: examination and assessment of payment reform (B-CHeaPR)

Author(s): Sutherland Jason | McGrail Kimberlyn | Law Michael | Barer Morris | Crump R
National review of maternity services 2008: women influencing change

Author(s): McIntyre Meredith | Francis Karen | Chapman Ysanne
Center of Pychosocial Attention (CAPS) and psychiatric reform in the Amazon: a professional involved view

Author(s): Adriana Soares Caetano | Antonio Carlos Abtibol Alves | Júlio César Pinto de Souza | Maíra Stivaleti Colombarolli | Maria Vitória Veslaquez da Silva | Marilise Katsurayama
Analysis of the team work of a Psychosocial Care Center from the perspective of users

Author(s): Marcus Vinícius Deorristte dos Santos | Christine Wetzel | Agnes Olschowsky | Leandro Barbosa de Pinho | Luciane Prado Kantorski
What happens to quality in integrated homecare? A 15-year follow-up study

Author(s): Soili Paljärvi | Sari Rissanen | Sirkka Sinkkonen | Leo Paljärvi
Ten years of integrated care: backwards and forwards. The case of the province of Québec, Canada

Author(s): Isabelle Vedel | Michele Monette | Francois Beland | Johanne Monette | Howard Bergman
Leadership in Family Health (PSF): a view through the perspective of power flow

Author(s): Rafael Baratto Vicenz | Mariana Werlang Girard | Ana Cyra dos Santos Luca

Author(s): Cristina MORA | Viorel STĂNICĂ | Daniel HORVATH
O cuidado começa na escuta: profissionais de saúde mental e as vicissitudes da prática

Author(s): Thaís Thomé Seni S. e Oliveira | Fernanda Ribeiro da Gama Leme | Kathia Regina Galdino Godoy

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