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Maternal deaths in developing countries: A preventable tragedy

Author(s): Gunnar Kvåle | Bjørg Evjen Olsen | Sven Gudmund Hinderaker | Magnar Ulstein | Per Bergsjø
Detection of siRNA induced mRNA silencing by RT-qPCR: considerations for experimental design

Author(s): Holmes Katherine | Williams Catrin | Chapman Elinor | Cross Michael
Knee Osteoarthritis: Use of investigations and non-operative management in the Australian primary care setting.

Author(s): Daniel Bopf | Michael McAuliffe | Mark Shillington | David Drynan | Emma Bucknell
Prevalence of malnutrition in Saudi children: A community-based study

Author(s): El Mouzan Mohammad | Foster Peter | Al Herbish Abdullah | Al Salloum Abdullah | Al Omar Ahmad | Qurachi Mansour
Difference in the Localisation of Coronary Artery Disease Between the Left and Right Coronary Artery System

Author(s): George D. Giannoglou | Antonios P. Antoniadis | Konstantinos C. Koskinas | Yiannis S. Chatzizisis
Ethnic disparity in 21-hydroxylase gene mutations identified in Pakistani congenital adrenal hyperplasia patients

Author(s): Khan Aysha | Aban Muniba | Raza Jamal | ul Haq Naeem | Jabbar Abdul | Moatter Tariq
Gastroenterology training in Latin America

Author(s): Henry Cohen | Roque Saenz | Luiz E de Almeida Troncon | Maribel Lizarzabal | Carolina Olano
A simulation model approach to analysis of the business case for eliminating health care disparities

Author(s): Nerenz David | Liu Yung-wen | Williams Keoki | Tunceli Kaan | Zeng Huiwen
Patients' perception and actual practice of informed consent, privacy and confidentiality in general medical outpatient departments of two tertiary care hospitals of Lahore

Author(s): Humayun Ayesha | Fatima Noor | Naqqash Shahid | Hussain Salwa | Rasheed Almas | Imtiaz Huma | Imam Sardar
Biocatalytically Oligomerized Epicatechin with Potent and Specific Anti-proliferative Activity for Human Breast Cancer Cells

Author(s): Subhalakshmi Nagarajan | Ramaswamy Nagarajan | Susan J. Braunhut | Ferdinando Bruno | Donna McIntosh | Lynne Samuelson | Jayant Kumar
Vernonia amygdalina: Anticancer Activity, Authentication, and Adulteration Detection

Author(s): Lecia J. Gresham | Jetaime Ross | Ernest B. Izevbigie
Survival and haematological recovery of children with severe malaria transfused in accordance to WHO guidelines in Kilifi, Kenya

Author(s): Akech Samuel | Hassall Oliver | Pamba Allan | Idro Richard | Williams Thomas | Newton Charles | Maitland Kathryn
Microarray comparison of prostate tumor gene expression in African-American and Caucasian American males: a pilot project study

Author(s): Reams R Renee | Agrawal Deepak | Davis Melissa | Yoder Sean | Odedina Folakemi | Kumar Nagi | Higginbotham Joseph | Akinremi Titilola | Suther Sandra | Soliman Karam
An analysis of lecture video utilization in undergraduate medical education: associations with performance in the courses

Author(s): McNulty John | Hoyt Amy | Gruener Gregory | Chandrasekhar Arcot | Espiritu Baltazar | Price Ron | Naheedy Ross
A spatial national health facility database for public health sector planning in Kenya in 2008

Author(s): Noor Abdisalan | Alegana Victor | Gething Peter | Snow Robert
Ten-Year Survival in 75-Year-Old Men and Women: Predictive Ability of Total Cholesterol, HDL-C, and LDL-C

Author(s): Göran Nilsson | John Öhrvik | Ingemar Lönnberg | Pär Hedberg
Low affinity glucocorticoid binding site ligands as potential anti-fibrogenics

Author(s): Marek Carylyn | Wallace Karen | Durward Elaine | Koruth Matthew | Leel Val | Leiper Lucy | Wright Matthew
Socio-demographic factors related to periodontal status and tooth loss of pregnant women in Mbale district, Uganda

Author(s): Wandera Margaret | Engebretsen Ingunn | Okullo Isaac | Tumwine James | Åstrøm Anne
Review of current health care in the general psychiatry sectors and of access to general medicine

Author(s): Coldefy M | Le Fur Ph | Lucas-Gabrielli V | Mousquès J
Psychotropic medication in the French child and adolescent population: prevalence estimation from health insurance data and national self-report survey data

Author(s): Acquaviva Eric | Legleye Stéphane | Auleley Guy | Deligne Jean | Carel Didier | Falissard B Bruno
Identifying the Tuskegee Syphilis Study: implications of results from recall and recognition questions

Author(s): Katz Ralph | Jean-Charles Germain | Green B Lee | Kressin Nancy | Claudio Cristina | Wang MinQi | Russell Stefanie | Outlaw Jason
Examining health status of women in rural, peri-urban and urban areas in Jamaica

Author(s): Paul A. Bourne | Denise Eldemire-Shearer | Donovan McGrowder | Tazhmoye Crawford
Endometrial cancer in Puerto Rico: incidence, mortality and survival (1992-2003)

Author(s): Ortiz Ana | Pérez Javier | Otero-Domínguez Yomayra | García-Rodríguez Omar | Garced-Tirado Sheyla | Escalera-Maldonado Frances | Gaud-Quintana Sadja | Santiago-Rodríguez Elvis | Svensson Katherine | Vergara-Arroyo José | Ortiz Karen | Torres Mariela | Tortolero-Luna Guillermo | Figueroa-Vallés Nayda
The STRIPES Trial - Support to Rural India's Public Education System

Author(s): Eble Alex | Mann Vera | Bhakta Preetha | Lakshminarayana Rashmi | Frost Chris | Elbourne Diana | Boone Peter
Analysis of a survey on young doctors' willingness to work in rural Hungary

Author(s): Girasek Edmond | Eke Edit | Szócska Miklós
Vitamin D intake is associated with insulin sensitivity in African American, but not European American, women

Author(s): Alvarez Jessica | Bush Nikki | Choquette Suzanne | Hunter Gary | Darnell Betty | Oster Robert | Gower Barbara
Correlation Between Clinical And Histopathological Criteria For The Classification Of Leprosy

Author(s): Mitra Kalyani | Biswas Surajit | Saha Bibhuti | Dasgupta Anjali
Treatment choices for fevers in children under-five years in a rural Ghanaian district

Author(s): Nonvignon Justice | Aikins Moses | Chinbuah Margaret | Abbey Mercy | Gyapong Margaret | Garshong Bertha | Fia Saviour | Gyapong John
Neonatal hypothermia and associated risk factors among newborns of southern Nepal

Author(s): Mullany Luke | Katz Joanne | Khatry Subarna | LeClerq Steven | Darmstadt Gary | Tielsch James
Esophageal Cancer in Iranian Turkmens: An Ethnic Disparity Concern

Author(s): S. Semnani | S. Besharat | N. Abdolahi | A. Keshtkar | M. Sakhavi | A. Danesh | Kh. Kalavi
A systematic review of the cardiovascular risk of inhaled anticholinergics in patients with COPD

Author(s): Daniel E Hilleman | Mark A Malesker | Lee E Morrow | Dan Schuller
Diagnostic accuracy of P-wave dispersion in prediction of maintenance of sinus rhythm after external cardioversion of atrial fibrillation

Author(s): Nurcan Başar | Özgül Malçok Gürel | Fırat Özcan | Mehmet Fatih Özlü | Asuman Biçer Yeşilay | Kumral Çağlı | Nihat Şen | Ahmet İşleyen | Belma Uygur | İbrahim Akpınar | Abdullah Tunçez | Zehra Gölbaşı
Relationship between obesity, ethnicity and risk of late stillbirth: a case control study

Author(s): Stacey Tomasina | Thompson John | Mitchell Edwin | Ekeroma Alec | Zuccollo Jane | McCowan Lesley
Racial disparities in infant mortality: what has birth weight got to do with it and how large is it?

Author(s): Gage Timothy | Fang Fu | O'Neill Erin | DiRienzo A Gregory
Disparities in colorectal cancer in African-Americans vs Whites: Before and after diagnosis

Author(s): Anastasios Dimou, Kostas N Syrigos, Muhammad Wasif Saif
Factors associated with use of gastric cancer screening services in Korea

Author(s): Young Min Kwon, Hyung Taek Lim, Kiheon Lee, Be Long Cho, Min Sun Park, Ki Young Son, Sang Min Park
Role of sex steroid receptors in pathobiology of hepatocellular carcinoma

Author(s): Mamta Kalra, Jary Mayes, Senait Assefa, Anil K Kaul, Rashmi Kaul
Not just bricks and mortar: planning hospital cancer services for Aboriginal people

Author(s): Thompson Sandra | Shahid Shaouli | Bessarab Dawn | Durey Angela | Davidson Patricia
Delivery of maternal health care in Indigenous primary care services: baseline data for an ongoing quality improvement initiative

Author(s): Rumbold Alice | Bailie Ross | Si Damin | Dowden Michelle | Kennedy Catherine | Cox Rhonda | O'Donoghue Lynette | Liddle Helen | Kwedza Ru | Thompson Sandra | Burke Hugh | Brown Alex | Weeramanthri Tarun | Connors Christine
Diabetes and the socioeconomic and built environment: geovisualization of disease prevalence and potential contextual associations using ring maps

Author(s): Stewart John | Battersby Sarah | Lopez-De Fede Ana | Remington Kevin | Hardin James | Mayfield-Smith Kathy
Use of 16S ribosomal RNA gene analyses to characterize the bacterial signature associated with poor oral health in West Virginia

Author(s): Olson Joan | Cuff Christopher | Lukomski Slawomir | Lukomska Ewa | Canizales Yeremi | Wu Bei | Crout Richard | Thomas John | McNeil Daniel | Weyant Robert | Marazita Mary | Paster Bruce | Elliott Thomas
Study protocol: Evaluating the impact of a rural Australian primary health care service on rural health

Author(s): Tham Rachel | Humphreys John | Kinsman Leigh | Buykx Penny | Asaid Adel | Tuohey Kathy
Activation of PDGFr-β Signaling Pathway after Imatinib and Radioimmunotherapy Treatment in Experimental Pancreatic Cancer

Author(s): Michio Abe | Zbigniew P. Kortylewicz | Charles A. Enke | Elizabeth Mack | Janina Baranowska-Kortylewicz
Geographical Distribution of Human Resources in Mental Health Provision System in 2007

Author(s): Masoud Ahmadzad Asl | Ahmadreza Shamshiri | Ahmad Hajebi | Morteza Naserbakht | Mohammadbagher Saberi Zafarghandi | Farnoush Davoudi
The Value of Extra-lung Lesions on 18F-FDG PET/CT 
in Improving Diagnosis of Lung Cancer

Author(s): Baoming MI | Weixing WAN | Chunjing YU | Xuyang YOU | Feng JIANG | Qingjun YOU
Gender, Women and Health: Gendered health differences

Author(s): Paul A. Bourne | Desmond Brooks
 Trends in Waist Circumference and Central Obesity in Adults, Northern Iran

Author(s): Gholamreza Veghari | Mehdi Sedaghat | Samieh Banihashem | Pooneh Moharloei | Abdolhamid Angizeh | Ebrahim Tazik | Abbas Moghaddami
Characterization of school adolescent students with suicide risk in Medellin, 2006

Author(s): Diana C. Toro G | Ramón E. Paniagua S | Carlos M. González P | Brígida Montoya G

Author(s): Dash Alok Kumar | Singh Dharmendra | Mishra Jhansee | Nirwan Shrikant | Pandey Shiv P
Decomposition Analysis of Health Inequality among Rural Households in Nigeria

Author(s): Olabisi Alaba Awoniyi | Adeoti Adetola I. | Falusi Abiodun
Modulation by Insulin of the Co-Localized LDL Receptor in Normal and Type-I Diabetic Subjects

Author(s): Shilpa Suneja | Gopalakrishnan Ramakrishnan | Nikhil Tandon | N.C. Chandra
Assessing socioeconomic health care utilization inequity in Israel: impact of alternative approaches to morbidity adjustment

Author(s): Shadmi Efrat | Balicer Ran | Kinder Karen | Abrams Chad | Weiner Jonathan
Detecting gene-gene interactions in prostate disease in African American men

Author(s): Reams R | Kalari Krishna | Wang Honghe | Odedina Folakemi | Soliman Karam | Yates Clayton
Prostate cancer health and cultural beliefs of black men: The Florida Prostate Cancer Disparity Project

Author(s): Odedina Folakemi | Dagne Getachew | Pressey Shannon | Odedina Oladapo | Emanuel Frank | Scrivens John | Reams R | Adams Angela | LaRose-Pierre Margareth
Bridging the urological divide

Author(s): Roberts Robin
Prevalence and socioeconomic correlates of overweight and obesity among Pakistani primary school children

Author(s): Mushtaq Muhammad Umair | Gull Sibgha | Abdullah Hussain Muhammad | Shahid Ubeera | Shad Mushtaq Ahmad | Akram Javed
Mental illness related disparities in diabetes prevalence, quality of care and outcomes: a population-based longitudinal study

Author(s): Mai Qun | Holman C D'Arcy | Sanfilippo Frank | Emery Jonathan | Preen David
Lung glutathione adaptive responses to cigarette smoke exposure

Author(s): Gould Neal | Min Elysia | Gauthier Steve | Martin Richard | Day Brian
How gender disparities drive imbalances in health care leadership

Author(s): Hoss MAK | Bobrowski P | McDonagh KJ | Paris NM
Which factors affect on Estimation of absorbed dose and effective dose?

Author(s): Keyhandokht Karimi Shahri | Hashem Miri Hakimabad | Lale Rafat Motavalli
CTLA-4 Gene Polymorphisms (-318C/T, +49A/G, +6230A/G) in Iranian Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Author(s): Abolfazl Heidari | Mohammad Keramatipour | Ali Akbar Amirzargar | Ali Rashidinezhad | Ahmad Ali Sahmani | Hossein Mozhdehipanah | Mohammad Reza Noori Daloii
Conflict Management among Clinical Nurses

Author(s): N Dehghan nayeri | R Negarandeh | N Bahrani | A Sadoghi Asl
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Tianlong Gu | Shenghui Liu
Age-disparity, sexual connectedness and HIV infection in disadvantaged communities around Cape Town, South Africa: a study protocol

Author(s): Delva Wim | Beauclair Roxanne | Welte Alex | Vansteelandt Stijn | Hens Niel | Aerts Marc | du Toit Elizabeth | Beyers Nulda | Temmerman Marleen
Eliciting reflections on caring theory in elderly caring practice

Author(s): Albertine Ranheim | Anita Kärner | Carina Berterö
Three cases of retroperitoneal schwannoma diagnosed by EUS-FNA

Author(s): Taiki Kudo | Hiroshi Kawakami | Masaki Kuwatani | Nobuyuki Ehira | Hiroaki Yamato | Kazunori Eto | Kanako Kubota | Masahiro Asaka
Hepatic Steatosis and Diabetes Mellitus: Risk Factors, Pathophysiology and with its Clinical Implications: A Hospital Based Case Control Study in Western Region of Nepal

Author(s): Ankush Mittal | Brijesh Sathian | Nishida Chandrasekharan | Akshay Lekhi | Rashad Rahib | Sanjeev Dwedi
Urban - rural disparities in antenatal care utilization: a study of two cohorts of pregnant women in Vietnam

Author(s): Tran Toan | Nguyen Chuc | Nguyen Hinh | Eriksson Bo | Bondjers Goran | Gottvall Karin | Ascher Henry | Petzold Max
Using spatial analysis to demonstrate the heterogeneity of the cardiovascular drug-prescribing pattern in Taiwan

Author(s): Cheng Ching-Lan | Chen Yi-Chi | Liu Tzu-Ming | Kao Yang Yea-Huei
Perspectives of San Juan healthcare practitioners on the detection deficit in oral premalignant and early cancers in Puerto Rico: a qualitative research study

Author(s): Morse Douglas | Vélez Vega Carmen | Psoter Walter | Vélez Himilce | Buxó Carmen | Baek Linda | Elias Augusto | Ayendez Melba
Current use and barriers and facilitators for implementation of standardised measures in physical therapy in the Netherlands

Author(s): Swinkels Raymond | van Peppen Roland | Wittink Harriet | Custers Jan | Beurskens Anna
Differential properties of human ACL and MCL stem cells may be responsible for their differential healing capacity

Author(s): Zhang Jianying | Pan Tiffany | Im Hee-Jeong | Fu Freddie | Wang James
The prevalence of HBV infection in the cohort of IDPs of war against terrorism in Malakand Division of Northern Pakistan

Author(s): Khan Fawad | Akbar Haji | Idrees Muhammad | Khan Hayat | Shahzad Khuram | Kayani Mahmood
The Environmental and Social Influences of HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Focus on Rural Communities

Author(s): Christine U. Oramasionwu | Kelly R. Daniels | Matthew J. Labreche | Christopher R. Frei
High Tobacco Use among Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Populations in West Virginian Bars and Community Festivals

Author(s): Joseph G. L. Lee | Adam O. Goldstein | Leah M. Ranney | Jeff Crist | Anna McCullough
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