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Producers characterization and dairy production systems in the irrigated area in Petrolina/PE Caracterização dos produtores e dos sistemas de produção de leite no perímetro irrigado de Petrolina/PE

Author(s): André Luis Alves Neves | Luiz Gustavo Ribeiro Pereira | Rafael Dantas dos Santos | Gherman Garcia Leal de Araújo | Alziro Vasconcelos Carneiro | Salete Alves Moraes | Carmen Maria Oliveira Spaniol | Alex Santos
Internet and education for the patient

Author(s): Bastos, Bárbara Guimarães | Ferrari, Deborah Viviane
Geographical Variation in Antibiotic-Resistant Escherichia coli Isolates from Stool, Cow-Dung and Drinking Water

Author(s): Krushna Chandra Sahoo | A. J. Tamhankar | Soumyakanta Sahoo | Priyadarshi Soumyaranjan Sahu | Senia Rosales Klintz | Cecilia Stålsby Lundborg
Role of Genetic Changes in the Progression of Cardiovascular Diseases

Author(s): S. A. Sheweita | H. Baghdadi | A. R. Allam
Epidemilogical Profile of Speech and Language Disorder in North Central Nigeria

Author(s): Shuaib K. Aremu | Olushola A. Afolabi | Biodun S. Alabi | Isiah O. Elemunkan
Relevant Networks involving the p53 Signalling Pathway in Renal Cell Carcinoma

Author(s): V. Medina Villaamil | G. Aparicio Gallego | I. Santamarina Caínzos | L. Valbuena Ruvira | M. Valladares-Ayerbes | L. M. Antón Aparicio
A Mini Review on the Role of Methyl Donors in Inhibition of Carcinogenesis

Author(s): Armagan Hayirli | Fikrullah Kisa | Zafer Okumu | Mehmet Kizilkaya
Intoxication by Consumption of Raw Camel Liver

Author(s): Salah El Din Abd El Hag | S.A. Shaddad | T. Hassan
Obliteration of serrated sutures of a human skull (review)

Author(s): Zaichenko A.A. | Kochenkova О.V. | Anisimova Е.А. | Anisimov D.I. | Lukin О.Yu.

Author(s): Paul Rita | Mandal Aninda | Datta K Animesh

Author(s): Om Prakash Rout | Rabinarayan Acharya | Sagar Kumar Mishra

Author(s): Baragi Umapati C. | Vyas Mahesh | Harisha CR | Baragi Pramod C.
New Pineapple Somaclonal Variants: P3R5 and Dwarf

Author(s): Carlos Aragón | Lourdes Yabor | Justo González | José Carlos Lorenzo | Miriam Isidrón | Ermis Yanez | Guillermo Pérez | Andrew Mbogholi | Fernando Sagarra | Bárbara Valle
A Proposal of Sensor Data Collection System Using Mobile Relay Nodes

Author(s): Kenya Sato | Hideki Shimada | Ryota Ayaki
A Distributed Secure Mechanism for Resource Protection in a Digital Ecosystem Environment

Author(s): Rukshan Athauda | Geoff Skinner | Ilung Pranata
Evaluation of Electrocardiogram for Biometric Authentication

Author(s): S K Singh | Yogendra Narain Singh
Chemometric Analysis of an Sanitary Landfill Leachate

Author(s): Ronaldo Nicola | Mara Zeni | Oclide José Dotto | Ana M.C. Grisa | Cíntia Paese
Expression of HMGR in Lilu cattle tissues

Author(s): Haijian Cheng | Xiuwen Tan | Enliang Song | Guifen Liu | Fachun Wan | Xiaomu Liu
Newborn Cord Care Practices Amongst Mothers in Yenagoa Local Government Rea, Bayelsa State, Nigeria

Author(s): Doris Atibi Dotimi | Balafama Abinye Alex-Hart | Peace Ibo Opara | Tamunopriye Jaja
Indian Anti-Malaria OMARIA Is Effective Against African Drug Resistant P. falciparum Field Isolates and Laboratory Strains; without Toxicity

Author(s): Rafika Zatra | Fousseyni S. Toure-Ndouo | Jean Bernard Lekana-Douki | Deepak Bhattacharya
Occurrence of Fusarium species and associated T2-toxin in Kenyan wheat

Author(s): John M. Wagacha | Rama D. Narla | James W. Muthomi | Scholastica L. Musyimi
Development of laser-based heart sound detection system

Author(s): Stanley Burns | Lorentz Wittmers | Glenn Nordehn | Jing Bai | Girum Sileshi
Generalized PIC Detector for Distributed STBC under Quasi-Synchronization

Author(s): Ammar M. Abu-Hudrouss | Mohammed Taha O. El Astal
Industry Dynamics in Pharmaceuticals

Author(s): Fariba Hashemi
Scientific Communities Found Based on the Path Structure of Citation Network

Author(s): Lan Huang | Yutian Tang | Xiao Xiao | Song Cao
Using a GIS Tool to Map the Spatial Distribution ofPopulation for 2010 in the State of Mexico, Mexico

Author(s): José I. Juan-Pérez | Noel B. Pineda-Jaimes | Araceli Martínez-Carrillo | Roberto Franco-Plata | L. Ricardo Manzano-Solís | Miguel A. Gómez-Albores
Size Structure and Biomass of the Panama Grunt (Pomadasys panamensis) from Bycatch inthe Southeastern Gulf of California

Author(s): Ricardo Meraz-Sánchez | Juan Madrid-Vera | José Alberto Rodríguez-Preciado
Applying Geographic Information System (GIS) for Maintenance Strategy Selection

Author(s): Dua’a Abd Al-Razzaq Falih | Asma Thamir Ibraheem
A Neighborhood Method for Statistical Analysis of fMRI Data

Author(s): Sung-Ho Kim | Ghanim Ullah | Fayyaz Ahmad
Developing a Novel Method for Road Hazardous Segment Identification Based on Fuzzy Reasoning and GIS

Author(s): Farhad Samadzadegan | J. A. Rod Blais | Meysam Effati | Mohammad Ali Rajabi
Safety Aspects in the Distance Learning Systems

Author(s): Alexander Zyma | Yousef Daradkeh | Sergii Kavun
External validation of Indian diabetes risk score in a rural community of central India

Author(s): Rajnish Joshi | Minal Ambade | Bharati Taksande
Weak and Strong Time Consistency

Author(s): Romar Correa
What is the role of adolescent body mass index and physical activity on adult health risk behaviors?

Author(s): Robert J. Robertson | Elizabeth F. Nagle | Andrea M. Kriska | Jennifer A. Pintar | Kristi L. Storti | Vincent C. Arena
Chair-rising and 3-min walk: A simple screening test for functional mobility

Author(s): Tae-Hyun Lee | Tatsuki Naka | Kim Jin-Hwan | Tae-Woong Oh | Izumi Tabata
Waiting in Vain: Managing Time and Customer Satisfaction at Call Centers

Author(s): Saleh Moradi | Bibinaz Ghiabi | Danilo Garcia | Trevor Archer
Model of Overlapping Messages with Degenerate Coding

Author(s): Zeev Volkovich | Valery Kirzhner
Improving High-Tech Product Development through Communication Audits

Author(s): Janne Harkonen | Matti Mottonen | Mirja Vaananen | Pekka Belt
RS-GIS Based Assessment of River Dynamics of Brahmaputra River in India

Author(s): Nayan Sharma | R. D. Garg | Archana Sarkar
Ultraviolet Radiation for Microorganism Inactivation in Wastewater

Author(s): Hassen Abdennaceur | Brahmi Mounaouer
An epidemiological study on delay in treatment initiation of cancer patients

Author(s): Rakesh Shukla | Arvind Pandey | Durgesh Kumar Dwivedi | Alok Kumar Dwivedi | Sada Nand Dwivedi | Suryanarayana Deo
Lightweight Approach to Connect Business Rules with Aspects

Author(s): Juan Enriquez | Graciela Vidal | Cecilia Fuentes | Sandra Casas | Claudia Marcos
Improving Recommender Systems in E-Commerce Using Similar Goods

Author(s): S. Javad Mirabedini | Keramat Mansouri | Majid Khalaji
A New Energy Efficient Data Gathering Approach in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Bahman Soltaninasab | Masoud Sabaei | Jafar Amiri
Meiotic Studies in Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal.: A Threatened Medicinal Herb of Indian Thar Desert

Author(s): Archana Ojha | Satyawada Rama Rao | Santosh Kumar Sharma | Hardev Ram | Arun Kumar
Test of Strain Behavior Model with Radon Anomaly in Seismogenic Area: A Bayesian Melding Approach

Author(s): O. P. Mishra | Mrinal Kanti Naskar | Pushan Kumar Dutta
An Improved Signal Segmentation Using Moving Average and Savitzky-Golay Filter

Author(s): Behzad Bozorgtabar | Karim Mohammadi | Hamed Azami
A New Fast Iterative Blind Deconvolution Algorithm

Author(s): Usama S. Mohamed | Omar F. Fahmy | Mamdouh F. Fahmy | Gamal M. Abdel Raheem
Developing Fault-Tolerant Heuristic Routing Algorithm Using Ant Colonies in Mesh Networks

Author(s): Alireza Shams Shafigh | Hekmat Mohammadzadeh | Alireza Soleimany | Shahriyar Lotfi
Morphological and Quantitative Study of Neurons in the Gracile Nucleus of the Camel Brain Stem

Author(s): Sami I. Zaqout | Raith A. Al-Saffar | Saleh M. Al-Hussain
What is the role of adolescent body mass index and physical activity on adult health risk behaviors?

Author(s): Robert J. Robertson | Elizabeth F. Nagle | Andrea M. Kriska | Jennifer A. Pintar | Kristi L. Storti | Vincent C. Arena
Ultraviolet Radiation for Microorganism Inactivation in Wastewater

Author(s): Hassen Abdennaceur | Brahmi Mounaouer
Extensively drug resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB):A potential threat

Author(s): Anaga Marwar | Nanadal | Ivvala Anand Shaker | Hemraz Palawan | M. S. Ranjith | GokulShankar
Biotechnology in the Production of Recombinant Vaccine or Antigen for Animal Health

Author(s): Balamurugan, V. | A. Sen | P. Saravanan | R.K. Singh
The association between primary open-angle glaucoma and fall: an observational study

Author(s): Tanabe S | Yuki K | Ozeki N | Shiba D | Tsubota K
Perceived access to mental health services in three municipalities of Antioquia, 2004-2006

Author(s): Silvia Henao H | Vilma Restrepo R | Andrés F. Alzate R | Carlos M. González P
Autoevaluación de la Maestría en Ciencias Biomédicas de la Universidad de Carabobo

Author(s): Nancy Moreno | Glomen Tovar | Magnolia Alvarado | Elizabeth Ferrer | Francisco Rodríguez | Francisco Triana | Flor Herrera
Relations between cognitive status and medication adherence in patients treated for memory disorders

Author(s): Raymond L. Ownby | Christopher Hertzog | Sara J. Czaja
Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells and Their Applications

Author(s): Handan SEVİM | Özer Aylin GÜRPINAR
Framework for assessing quality of care for inflammatory bowel disease in Sweden

Author(s): Martin Rejler | Jörgen Tholstrup | Mattias Elg | Anna Spångéus | Boel Andersson Gäre
Phytopharmacology of Antiophidian Botanicals: A Review

Author(s): Abhijit Dey | Jitendra Nath De
Evoked potentials in pediatric cerebral malaria

Author(s): Minal Bhanushali | Terrie E. Taylor | Malcolm E. Molyneux | Monica Sapuwa | Eunice Mwandira | Gretchen L. Birbeck

Author(s): Biljana Kocić | Branislav Petrović

Author(s): Nataša Đinđić | Jovica Jovanović | Vladica Veličković | Ivana Damnjanović | Boris Đinđić | Jelena Radović
Evaluation of uptake and transport of cationic and anionic ultrasmall iron oxide nanoparticles by human colon cells

Author(s): Halamoda Kenzaoui B | Vilà MR | Miquel JM | Cengelli F | Juillerat-Jeanneret L
Meningococcal disease serogroup C

Author(s): Dickinson FO | Pérez AE | Cuevas IE
Contribution of environmental conditions in dental offices of Antioquia to the risk of mercury contamination

Author(s): Jairo A. Ruiz C | Gabriel J. Gómez M | Carlos J. Durán | Víctor M. Villa | Luis A. Zapata | Carlos M. Parra | Jorge I. Pérez R | Rosaura Carmona C
Alternative perspectives of quality of prenatal care in Chihuahua, Mexico

Author(s): Lourdes Camarena O | Christine von Glascoe
Chemical Food Contaminants, Carcinogenicity and Carcinogenicity Testing: in-vitro Alternatives

Author(s): Raju.S.*1, Uma Maheshwara rao.V2, Sreeramulu Reddy.K3, Ramya.G3, Vasanth Kumar. G4
Development of quality standard parameters of Ichnocarpus frutescens

Author(s): *Deepak Sharma1,Mohd. Mujeeb1,Aftab ahmad1,Abul Kalam1,Rati Tripathi Kailash Prasad2,Manisha Gupta3,Ram Chand Dhakar4
Piper betle L.: A review on its ethnobotany, phytochemistry, pharmacological profile and profiling by new hyphenated technique DART-MS (Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass Spectrometry).

Author(s): Kushagra Nagori*, Mukesh Kumar Singh, Amit Alexander, Tekeshwar Kumar, Dhansay Dewangan, Hemant Badwaik, D.K. Tripathi
Homology modeling of dihydroorotase in Plasmodium falciparum

Author(s): Rajesh Sharma*, Anupama Parate and Abhishek Tiwari
Tribes of Surguja and Korea region in Chattisgarh

Author(s): Neeles shrivastava* and A. Sinha Shrma
Cervical cancer : Promoter hypermethylation and its reversal

Author(s): Abhimanyu Kumar Jha1,2, Mohsen Nikbakht1, Neena Capalash1 q , Jagdeep Kaur1* q
Comparative analysis of different factors involving management status of dairy farms in Khartoum state (Sudan)

Author(s): Alatta Amal Osman, | A. A. Hassabo, | M. O. Eisa | Yagoub Sanaa Osman
Plant Derived Phytoestrogens : A Comprehensive Review

Author(s): Raju Wadekar1, Maitri Shah1, Ujjwal Bagul 1, Sagar Bagul 1, Kalpana Patil2
Antioxidant status and oxidative DNA damage of Bangladeshi dockyard laborers

Author(s): Muhammad Shahdaat Bin Sayeed1, Sayema Khanum2, Khadija Tul-Kubra3, Md. Ashik Ullah2, Jakir Ahmed Chowdhury4, Mohammad Abul Kalam Azad4, Md. Israt Rayhan5, Mohammad Arif6, Farida Begum2, Abul Hasnat2*
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