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Economic and Social Factors on Poverty: A Case Study of Sindh

Author(s): Nadeem Bhatti | Lutuf Ali Phulpoto | Naveed Shaikh | Tahira Afridi | Faiz M. Shaikh
Diagnostic challenge of lipomatous uterine tumors in three patients

Author(s): Chi-Yeung Chu | Yip-Kan Tang | Tin-Sang Augustine Chan | Yu-Hon Wan | Kai-Hung Fung
Producers characterization and dairy production systems in the irrigated area in Petrolina/PE Caracterização dos produtores e dos sistemas de produção de leite no perímetro irrigado de Petrolina/PE

Author(s): André Luis Alves Neves | Luiz Gustavo Ribeiro Pereira | Rafael Dantas dos Santos | Gherman Garcia Leal de Araújo | Alziro Vasconcelos Carneiro | Salete Alves Moraes | Carmen Maria Oliveira Spaniol | Alex Santos
Challenges for heart disease stem cell therapy

Author(s): Hoover-Plow J | Gong Y
Ruxolitinib for the treatment of myelofibrosis: its clinical potential

Author(s): Ostojic A | Vrhovac R | Verstovsek S

Author(s): Manjunatha T. Sasanoor | Geetha L | Baldev Kumar
Low Molecular Weight Poly(Lactide-co-Caprolactone) for Tissue Adhesion and Tetracycline Hydrochloride Controlled Release in Wound Management

Author(s): Amorn Petsom | Nuttha Thongchul | Somchai Pengprecha | Sumana Sriputtirat | Wasinee Boonkong
Managing suicidal patients in clinical practice

Author(s): Diego De Leo | Angelo De Gioannis
Chronic fatigue syndrome: An update for psychiatrists

Author(s): Emmanuelle Corruble | Florence Gressier | Camila Prochalska
Molecular Adaptation of Peanut Metabolic Pathways to Wide Variations of Mineral Ion Composition and Concentration

Author(s): Justin C. Duncan | Dwiesha Johnson | Shanique Hyllam | Godson O. Osuji | Tassine K. Brown | Sanique M. South
A Generic Service Architecture for Secure Ubiquitous Computing Systems

Author(s): Richard Verhoeven | Johan Lukkien | Shudong Chen
Multi Agent Knowledge Management Architecture

Author(s): Prerna Agarwal | Pankaj Singh Bisht | Sheikh Amanur Rahman | Dipti Yadav
Security Policy Management Process within Six Sigma Framework

Author(s): Erdal Oruklu | Jafar Saniie | Vijay Anand
Incorporation of GIS Based Program into Hydraulic Model for Water Level Modeling on River Basin

Author(s): Majid Mirzaei | Hadi Memarian | Ali Haghizadeh | Lee Teang Shui
Water Status in the Syrian Water Basins

Author(s): Ronny Berndtsson | Khaldoon A. Mourad
Water Quality, Contamination, and Wetlands in the Croton Watershed, New York, USA

Author(s): Martin H. Otz | James Hassett | Ines Otz | Jeffrey M. McKenzie | Donald I. Siegel | Laura K. Lautz
Consciousness-raising in animal welfare through practical experience with horses

Author(s): Giovanni Gamberini | Nicola Bernabò | Pia Lucidi | Umberta Persichetti | Roberto Trentini | Marilena Sticco | Filomena J. Misantone
Initial Thoughts on Building Harmonious Labor Relations

Author(s): Mingliang Zhang | Zhihong Zhang | Xiaowen Zhu
Occurrence of Fusarium species and associated T2-toxin in Kenyan wheat

Author(s): John M. Wagacha | Rama D. Narla | James W. Muthomi | Scholastica L. Musyimi
System Dynamics Modeling of Dumpsite Leachate Control in Ogbomosoland, Nigeria

Author(s): Abimbola Y. Sangodoyin | Oluwole A. Agbede | Samson O. Ojoawo
Management of Epileptic Patients in Dentistry

Author(s): Tonguç Sülün | Kocaelli Hümeyra | Yaltırık Mehmet | Özer Senem
A Review of Performance Appraisals of Nigerian Federal Government-Owned Refineries

Author(s): Richard Olayiwola Fagbenle | Miracle Olanrewaju Oyewola | Ismaila Badmus
GIS Database Template for EnvironmentalManagement of Mining in Indonesia

Author(s): Akihiro Hamanaka | Kikuo Matsui | Hideaki Nagawa | Sri Maryati | Hideki Shimada | Takashi Sasaoka
Management for the White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) from the Southeastern Gulf of California through Biomass Models Analysis

Author(s): Ricardo Meraz-Sánchez | José Alberto Rodríguez-Preciado | Juan Melchor Aragón | Juan Madrid-Vera | Darío Chávez Herrera
Applying Geographic Information System (GIS) for Maintenance Strategy Selection

Author(s): Dua’a Abd Al-Razzaq Falih | Asma Thamir Ibraheem
Asymmetric Variation in Soil Carbon Emission in Sub-Tropics

Author(s): Chirashree Ghosh | Rashmi Kant
Soil Physical Properties as Predictors of Soil Strength Indices: Trinidad Case Study

Author(s): Derek Gay | Gaius Eudoixe | Ronald Roopnarine
Thermo sensitive TRPM8 channel and its role in cold induced airway symptoms

Author(s): Silvia Gavliakova | Zuzana Biringerova | Jana Plevkova
A Pastiche of Outcomes for a Teacher-Student Pair: Experiences within a Reading Cluster Group

Author(s): Sarah C. W. Jenkins | Cheryll M. Adams | Angie L. Miller | Amanda O. Latz
The effect of weight loss on fasting blood sugars and hemoglobin A1c in overweight and obese diabetics and non-diabetics

Author(s): Frank Dong | Bobbie Paull-Forney | James Early | James Stanford | Matthew Kaiser | Elizabeth Ablah
Effect of the administration of Psidium guava leaves on blood glucose, lipid profiles and sensitivity of the vascular mesenteric bed to Phenylephrine in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

Author(s): Fatemeh Kharazmi | Mansoor Keshavarz | Mohammad Kamalinajad | Abdol Hassan Mansoori Bahrani | Habib Zaheri | Nepton Soltani
Chylothorax after Repair of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia in a Neonate: Usefulness of Conservative Management

Author(s): Masashi Minato | Akinobu Taketomi | Hisayuki Miyagi | Tadao Okada | Shohei Honda
Phenol Biodegradation by Corynebacterium glutamicum Encapsulated in Electrospun Fibers

Author(s): J. Stefan Rokem | Charles L. Greenblatt | Eyal Zussman | Alon Nardi | Ron Avrahami
A New Energy Efficient Data Gathering Approach in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Bahman Soltaninasab | Masoud Sabaei | Jafar Amiri
SRT1720, A SIRT1 Activator, Aggravates Bleomycin-Induced Lung Injury in Mice

Author(s): Takashi Kondo | Masakiyo Sasahara | Kazuyuki Tobe | Hirofumi Ogawa | Ryuji Hayashi | Shingo Imanishi | Kensuke Suzuki | Tomomi Ichikawa
Analytical Hierarchy Process and Goal Programming Approach for Asset Allocation

Author(s): Tov Assogbavi | Arif Marouane | Komlan Sedzro
Efficacy of Multimodal Intervention for Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)—An Indian Study

Author(s): Shoba Srinath | Malavika Kapur | Thudalikunnil Gopalan Rejani | Anna Oommen
Efficacy of Multimodal Intervention for Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)—An Indian Study

Author(s): Shoba Srinath | Malavika Kapur | Thudalikunnil Gopalan Rejani | Anna Oommen
Assessing the Role of Transport in the Achievement of Maternal Mortality Reduction in Ghana

Author(s): Patrick Fiagbe | David Asamoah | Francis Tabi Oduro
Theory in postgraduate’s research School of Public Health, Valle University, Colombia, 1990-2004

Author(s): Gustavo Cabrera A | Gloria Molina M | Pascual Pérez R
Antimicrobial management of intra-abdominal infections: Literature's guidelines

Author(s): Massimo Sartelli | Fausto Catena | Federico Coccolini | Antonio Daniele Pinna
State-of-the-art chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension diagnosis and management

Author(s): D. Jenkins | E. Mayer | N. Screaton | M. Madani
How to detect disease progression in pulmonary arterial hypertension

Author(s): J-L. Vachiéry | P. Yerly | S. Huez
Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Management of Nutrition during Chemoradiotherapy in Cancer Patients: A Pilot Study

Author(s): Beste M. ATASOY | Zerrin ÖZGEN | Özlem YÜKSEK KANTAŞ | Birsen DEMİREL | Atınç AKSU | Faysal DANE | M. Kemal KUŞÇU | İlknur ALSAN ÇETİN | Roman İBRAHİMOV | Ufuk ABACIOGLU
Small-volume hypertonic saline/pentastarch improves ileal mucosal microcirculation in experimental peritonitis

Author(s): Abdelnasser Assadi | Olivier Desebbe | Thomas Rimmelé | Arnal Florence | Joëlle Goudable | Dominique Chassard | Bernard Allaouchiche
“Mainstreaming” Interprofessional Education within Hospital Settings: Findings from a Multiple Case Study

Author(s): Elisa Hollenberg | Scott Reeves | Mary Agnes Beduz | Lianne Jeffs | Debbie Kwan | Jacques Lee | Mandy Lowe | Jane Merkley | Lynne Sinclair | Maria Tassone | Ivy Oandasan
Development of a Tool for the Analysis of Plant Stress Proteins

Author(s): Muhammad Ali | Rana Rehan Khalid | Muhammad Nawaz | Nauman Qamar
Atuação psicológica e dispositivos grupais nos centros de atenção psicossocial

Author(s): Vládia Jamile dos Santos Jucá | Ana Carolina Medrado | Leonardo Safira | Lorena Pereira Mascarenhas Gomes | Verônica Gomes Nascimento
Optimal Antihypertensive Combination Treatments

Author(s): Massimo Volpe | Giuliano Tocci | Sami A. Omar
Anti-Bacterial Activity of Three Species of Sea Urchin Extracts from Pulau Bidong, Terengganu

Author(s): Shamsuddin, A. A. Lukman Hakim, M. D.Kumari, G. M., and Noraznawati, I.
Framework for assessing quality of care for inflammatory bowel disease in Sweden

Author(s): Martin Rejler | Jörgen Tholstrup | Mattias Elg | Anna Spångéus | Boel Andersson Gäre
Analgesic Activity and Safety Assessment of Heliotropium indicum Linn. (Boraginaceae) in Rodents

Author(s): A. Boye | G.A. Koffuor | P. Amoateng | E.O. Ameyaw | A.K. Abaitey
Obstructive sleep apnea

Author(s): Matthew L. Ho | Steven D. Brass
Post-transplant glomerulonephritis

Author(s): Gopal Basu | Anjali Mohapatra | Chakko K. Jacob | Veerasamy Tamilarasi | George T. John
Born at 27 weeks of gestation with classical PKU: challenges of dietetic management in a very preterm infant

Author(s): Diana Ballhausen | Delphine Egli | Myriam Bickle-Graz | Nicoletta Bianchi | Luisa Bonafé
Procedural pain management in Italy: learning from a nationwide survey involving centers of the Italian Association of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology

Author(s): Chiara Po' | Franca Benini | Laura Sainati | Maria Immacolata Farina | Simone Cesaro | Caterina Agosto
Rare non-Wilms' tumors in children

Author(s): Maria Kourti | Emmanouel Hatzipantelis | Thomas Zaramboukas | Athanassios Tragiannides | Georgios Petrakis | Fani Athanassiadou-Piperopoulou
Ocular Drug Delivery for Glaucoma Management

Author(s): Nathan Gooch | Sarah A. Molokhia | Russell Condie | Randon Michael Burr | Bonnie Archer | Balamurali K. Ambati | Barbara Wirostko
Bilateral visual loss due to a giant olfactory meningioma

Author(s): Jung JJ | Warren FA | Kahanowicz R
Thyroid dysfunction in pregnancy

Author(s): El Baba KA | Azar ST
Meningococcal disease serogroup C

Author(s): Dickinson FO | Pérez AE | Cuevas IE
Treatment of Clinical Solid Waste Using a Steam Autoclave as a Possible Alternative Technology to Incineration

Author(s): Md. Sohrab Hossain | Venugopal Balakrishnan | Nik Norulaini Nik Ab Rahman | Md. Zaidul Islam Sarker | Mohd Omar Ab Kadir
Desmoid Tumors in the Pediatric Population

Author(s): Joshua N. Honeyman | Michael P. La Quaglia
Contribution of environmental conditions in dental offices of Antioquia to the risk of mercury contamination

Author(s): Jairo A. Ruiz C | Gabriel J. Gómez M | Carlos J. Durán | Víctor M. Villa | Luis A. Zapata | Carlos M. Parra | Jorge I. Pérez R | Rosaura Carmona C
Comparative analysis of different factors involving management status of dairy farms in Khartoum state (Sudan)

Author(s): Alatta Amal Osman, | A. A. Hassabo, | M. O. Eisa | Yagoub Sanaa Osman
Evaluation of the Efficiency of Economic and Medical Activities in Romanian Hospitals

Author(s): Petrică SUŞCĂ | Andrei ACHIMAȘ | Mihaela IANCU | Andrada URDA-CÎMPEAN | Tudor C. DRUGAN
A study of adverse drug reaction on drugs used in the management of type 2 diabetic mellitus

Author(s): K. Saravanan*, Dr. P.K. Manna, Dr. G.P. Mohanta, Dr. R. Manavalan
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