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Implication of Heat Shock Factors in Tumorigenesis: Therapeutical Potential

Author(s): Aurelie de Thonel | Valerie Mezger | Carmen Garrido
Heat stress-responsive transcriptome analysis in heat susceptible and tolerant wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) by using Wheat Genome Array

Author(s): Qin Dandan | Wu Haiyan | Peng Huiru | Yao Yingyin | Ni Zhongfu | Li Zhenxing | Zhou Chunlei | Sun Qixin
Genomic expression profiling of mature soybean (Glycine max) pollen

Author(s): Haerizadeh Farzad | Wong Chui | Bhalla Prem | Gresshoff Peter | Singh Mohan
The HaDREB2 transcription factor enhances basal thermotolerance and longevity of seeds through functional interaction with HaHSFA9

Author(s): Almoguera Concepción | Prieto-Dapena Pilar | Díaz-Martín Juan | Espinosa José | Carranco Raúl | Jordano Juan
Identification of network topological units coordinating the global expression response to glucose in Bacillus subtilis and its comparison to Escherichia coli

Author(s): Vázquez Carlos | Freyre-González Julio | Gosset Guillermo | Loza José | Gutiérrez-Ríos Rosa
New insights into two distinct nucleosome distributions: comparison of cross-platform positioning datasets in the yeast genome

Author(s): Feng Jihua | Dai Xianhua | Xiang Qian | Dai Zhiming | Wang Jiang | Deng Yangyang | He Caisheng
Integrative analysis of the heat shock response in Aspergillus fumigatus

Author(s): Albrecht Daniela | Guthke Reinhard | Brakhage Axel | Kniemeyer Olaf
Regulation of Arabidopsis defense responses against Spodoptera littoralis by CPK-mediated calcium signaling

Author(s): Kanchiswamy Chidananda | Takahashi Hirotaka | Quadro Stefano | Maffei Massimo | Bossi Simone | Bertea Cinzia | Zebelo Simon | Muroi Atsushi | Ishihama Nobuaki | Yoshioka Hirofumi | Boland Wilhelm | Takabayashi Junji | Endo Yaeta | Sawasaki Tatsuya | Arimura Gen-ichiro
Genome-wide identification, classification and analysis of heat shock transcription factor family in maize

Author(s): Lin Yong-Xiang | Jiang Hai-Yang | Chu Zhang-Xin | Tang Xiu-Li | Zhu Su-Wen | Cheng Bei-Jiu
Acquisition of tolerance against oxidative damage in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Author(s): Pereira Marcos | Eleutherio Elis | Panek Anita
Cell-based assay for the detection of chemically induced cellular stress by immortalized untransformed transgenic hepatocytes

Author(s): Sacco Maria | Amicone Laura | Catò Enrica | Filippini Daniela | Vezzoni Paolo | Tripodi Marco
Identification of regulatory network topological units coordinating the genome-wide transcriptional response to glucose in Escherichia coli

Author(s): Gutierrez-Ríos Rosa | Freyre-Gonzalez Julio | Resendis Osbaldo | Collado-Vides Julio | Saier Milton | Gosset Guillermo
Mapping of oxidative stress responses of human tumor cells following photodynamic therapy using hexaminolevulinate

Author(s): Cekaite Lina | Peng Qian | Reiner Andrew | Shahzidi Susan | Tveito Siri | Furre Ingegerd | Hovig Eivind
The Varicella-Zoster Virus Immediate-Early 63 protein affects chromatin controlled gene transcription in a cell-type dependent manner

Author(s): Habran Lionel | El Mjiyad Nadia | Di Valentin Emmanuel | Sadzot-Delvaux Catherine | Bontems Sébastien | Piette Jacques
A systematic approach to detecting transcription factors in response to environmental stresses

Author(s): Lin Li-Hsieh | Lee Hsiao-Ching | Li Wen-Hsiung | Chen Bor-Sen
Analysis of tall fescue ESTs representing different abiotic stresses, tissue types and developmental stages

Author(s): Mian MA Rouf | Zhang Yan | Wang Zeng-Yu | Zhang Ji-Yi | Cheng Xiaofei | Chen Lei | Chekhovskiy Konstantin | Dai Xinbin | Mao Chunhong | Cheung Foo | Zhao Xuechun | He Ji | Scott Angela | Town Christopher | May Gregory
Changes in the gene expression profile of Arabidopsis thaliana after infection with Tobacco etch virus

Author(s): Agudelo-Romero Patricia | Carbonell Pablo | de la Iglesia Francisca | Carrera Javier | Rodrigo Guillermo | Jaramillo Alfonso | Pérez-Amador Miguel | Elena Santiago
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