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Liquid eutectic alloys as a cluster solutions

Author(s): S. Mudry | I. Shtablavyi | I. Shcherba
Determination of interstellar pickup ion distributions in the solar wind with SOHO and Cluster

Author(s): E. Möbius | D. Rucinski | P. A. Isenberg | M. A. Lee
Pitch angle distribution of trapped energetic protons and helium isotope nuclei measured along the Resurs-01 No. 4 LEO satellite

Author(s): A. Leonov | M. Cyamukungu | J. Cabrera | P. Leleux | J. Lemaire | G. Gregorie | S. Benck | V. Mikhailov | A. Bakaldin | A. Galper | S. Koldashov | S. Voronov | M. Casolino | M. De Pascale | P. Picozza | R. Sparvolli | M. Ricci
Full profile incoherent scatter analysis at Jicamarca

Author(s): D. L. Hysell | F. S. Rodrigues | J. L. Chau | J. D. Huba
Regeneration Capacity of Indica Rice cv. Bengawan Solo in Two Types of Regeneration Media through Microprojectile Bombardment

Heliox, dyspnoea and exercise in COPD

Author(s): T. Hunt | M. T. Williams | P. Frith | D. Schembri

Author(s): Jagadeesha T, | Louis Kim, | Wei Ti Lee, | Thammaiah Gowda

A new modular cosmic-ray detector

Author(s): F. Signoretti | M. Storini

Author(s): Kumar Nilesh | Kshirsagar M. D. | Saini Vipin
Biochemical Changes in Saliva of Patients with Chronic Generalized Parodontitis under Combined Action of Alternating Running Magnetic Field and Laser Radiation

Author(s): N.V. Bulkina | V.B. Borodulin | Yu.L. Osipova | A.Yu. Kropotina | O.Yu. Guseva | L.V. Bashkova
Monte Carlo simulation of positronium thermalization in gases

Author(s): Marjanović Srđan D. | Šuvakov Milovan
Optical potential approach to the slow positron scattering from helium atom

Author(s): Tančić Aleksandar R. | Nikolić M.R.

Author(s): J. Zsargu00F3 | D. J. Hillier | L. N. Georgiev
GASFLOW Validation with Panda Tests from the OECD SETH Benchmark Covering Steam/Air and Steam/Helium/Air Mixtures

Author(s): Peter Royl | John R. Travis | Wolfgang Breitung | Jongtae Kim | Sang Baik Kim
Relationship of airway dimensions with airflow limitation or lung volumes in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

Author(s): Masaru Hasegawa | Yasuyuki Nasuhara | Yuya Onodera | Hironi Makita | Tomoko Betsuyaku | Masaharu Nishimura Hokkaido COPD Cohort Study Group
Modelling of HTR Confinement Behaviour during Accidents Involving Breach of the Helium Pressure Boundary

Author(s): Joan Fontanet | Luis E. Herranz | Alastair Ramlakan | Lolan Naicker
Collision-Induced Infrared Absorption by Molecular Hydrogen Pairs at Thousands of Kelvin

Author(s): Xiaoping Li | Katharine L. C. Hunt | Fei Wang | Martin Abel | Lothar Frommhold
Density and magnetic field fluctuations observed by ISEE 1-2 in the quiet magnetosheath

Author(s): C. Lacombe | G. Belmont | D. Hubert | C. C. Harvey | A. Mangeney | C. T. Russell | J. T. Gosling | S. A. Fuselier
Hydrogen and helium isotope inner radiation belts in the Earth's magnetosphere

Author(s): G. I. Pugacheva | W. N. Spjeldvik | A. A. Gusev | I. M. Martin | N. M. Sobolevsky
POLAR spacecraft observations of helium ion angular anisotropy in the Earth's radiation belts

Author(s): W. N. Spjeldvik | T. A. Fritz | J. Chen | R. B. Sheldon
He+ dominance in the plasmasphere during geomagnetically disturbed periods: 1. Observational results

Author(s): M. H. Denton | G. J. Bailey | C. R. Wilford | A. S. Rodger | S. Venkatraman
Solar cycle variations of the energetic H/He intensity ratio at high heliolatitudes and in the ecliptic plane

Author(s): D. Lario | E. C. Roelof | R. B. Decker | G. C. Ho | C. G. Maclennan | J. T. Gosling
Charge-sign dependent modulation in the heliosphere over a 22-year cycle

Author(s): S. E. S. Ferreira | M. S. Potgieter | B. Heber | H. Fichtner
The heliospheric modulation of cosmic ray boron and carbon

Author(s): M. S. Potgieter | U. W. Langner
Modelling cosmic ray intensities along the Ulysses trajectory

Author(s): D. C. Ndiitwani | S. E. S. Ferreira | M. S. Potgieter | B. Heber
The measurements of light high-energy ions in NINA-2 experiment

Author(s): A. Leonov | M. Cyamukungu | J. Cabrera | P. Leleux | Gh. Grégoire | S. Benck | V. Mikhailov | A. Bakaldin | A. Galper | S. Koldashov | S. Voronov | M. Casolino | M. P. De Pascale | P. Picozza | R. Sparvoli | M. Ricci
STEREO/SEPT observations of upstream particle events: almost monoenergetic ion beams

Author(s): A. Klassen | R. Gómez-Herrero | R. Müller-Mellin | S. Böttcher | B. Heber | R. Wimmer-Schweingruber | G. M. Mason
Preparation and Hydrothermal Stability of Organic-inorganic Hybrid Silica Membrane

Author(s): QI Hong, HAN Jing, JIANG Xiao-Luo, XING Wei-Hong, FAN Yi-Qun
Preparation and Hydrothermal Stability of Organic-inorganic Hybrid Silica Membrane

Author(s): QI Hong, HAN Jing, JIANG Xiao-Luo, XING Wei-Hong, FAN Yi-Qun
Soil-gas radon/helium surveys in some neotectonic areas of NW Himalayan foothills, India

Author(s): S. Mahajan | V. Walia | B. S. Bajwa | A. Kumar | S. Singh | N. Seth | S. Dhar | G. S. Gill | T. F. Yang
Optimization and Transformation of Garden Balsam, Impatiens balsamina, Mediated by Microprojectile Bombardment

Author(s): A.M. Taha | A. Wagiran | H. Ghazali | F. Huyop | G.K.A. Parveez
Biolistic Transformation of Citrullus vulgaris Schrad (Watermelon)

Author(s): F. Suratman | F. Huyop | A. Wagiran | Z. Rahmat | H. Ghazali | G.K.A. Parveez
Distributions of 0.125 - 0.50 MeV/amu 4He Ions Backscattered from Metallic Surface

Author(s): A.A. Mahasneh | A.W. Ajlouni | O. Abu-Haija
Improved Regeneration of Injured Sciatic Nerve of Rats by He-Ne Laser

Author(s): Nasrin Takzare | Mir-jamal Hosseini | Mohammad Barbarestani | Azam Bakhtiarian | Hamid Reza Foroutan | Bahram Montazeri | Hamid Reza Kangarlou | Alireza Takzare
Two, three and four photon absorption of naphthalene

Author(s): J.C. Poveda | A. Guerrero | I. Álvarez | C. Cisneros
Water Dynamics at the Root of Metamorphosis in Living Organisms

Author(s): Emilio Del Giudice | Paola Rosa Spinetti | Alberto Tedeschi
Enthalpy model for heating, melting, and vaporization in laser ablation

Author(s): Vasilios Alexiades | David Autrique
Effect of atmosphere and dopants on sintering of SnO2

Author(s): Varela J.A. | Perazolli L.A. | Longo E. | Leite E.R. | Cerri J.A.
The glow duration time influence on the ionization rate detected in the diodes filled with noble gases on mbar pressures

Author(s): Stepanović Olivera M. | Radović Miodrag K. | Maluckov Čedomir A.
Precision Spectroscopy of Kaonic Helium-3 Atoms X-rays at J-PARC

Author(s): Iio M. | Bhang H. | Cargnelli M. | Choi S. | Curceanu C. | Doce O.V. | Enomoto S. | Fujioka H. | Fujiwara Y. | Guaraldo C. | Hashimoto T. | Hayano R.S. | Hiraiwa T. | Ishimoto S. | Ishiwatari T. | Itahashi K. | Iwasaki M. | Kou H. | Kienle P. | Marton J. | Matsuda Y. | Noumi H. | Ohnishi H. | Okada S. | Outa H. | Sakuma F. | Sato M. | Sekimoto M. | Shi H. | Sirghi D. | Sirghi F. | Suzuki T. | Tanida K. | Tatsuno H. | Tokuda M. | Tomono D. | Toyoda A. | Tsukada K. | Vidal A.R. | Widmann E. | Wunschek B. | Yamazaki T. | Zmeskal J.
The Benthic Boundary Layer: geochemical and oceanographic data from the GEOSTAR-2 observatory

Author(s): G. Etiope | P. Favali | J. L. Fuda | F. Italiano | M. Laubenstein | C. Millot | W. Plastino
Mud volcanoes and methane seeps in Romania: main features and gas flux

Author(s): C. Baciu | A. Caracausi | F. Italiano | G. Etiope
Crude oil He and Ar isotopic characteristics and their geochemical significance: an example from the Gangxi oil field in the Huanghua depression

Author(s): Z. Xiaobao | M. Liyuan | C. Jianping | S. Mingliang | T. Jianqi | L. Xiufen | S. Chenpeng
Effects of simulated carbon dioxide and helium peumoperitoneum on proliferation and apoptosis of gastric cancer cells

Author(s): Ying-Xue Hao, Hua Zhong, Chao Zhang, Dong-Zu Zeng, Yan Shi, Bo Tang, Pei-Wu Yu
Cosmic-ray energy spectrum around the knee observed with the Tibet air-shower experiment

Author(s): M. Amenomori | X. J. Bi | D. Chen | S. W. Cui | Danzengluobu | L. K. Ding | X. H. Ding | C. Fan | C. F. Feng | Zhaoyang Feng | Z. Y. Feng | X. Y. Gao | Q. X. Geng | Q. B. Gou | H. W. Guo | H. H. He | M. He | K. Hibino | N. Hotta | Haibing Hu | H. B. Hu | J. Huang | Q. Huang | H. Y. Jia | L. Jiang | F. Kajino | K. Kasahara | Y. Katayose | C. Kato | K. Kawata | Labaciren | G. M. Le | A. F. Li | H. C. Li | J. Y. Li | C. Liu | Y.-Q. Lou | H. Lu | X. R. Meng | K. Mizutani | J. Mu | K. Munakata | H. Nanjo | M. Nishizawa | M. Ohnishi | I. Ohta | S. Ozawa | T. Saito | T. Y. Saito | M. Sakata | T. K. Sako | M. Shibata | A. Shiomi | T. Shirai | H. Sugimoto | M. Takita | Y. H. Tan | N. Tateyama | S. Torii | H. Tsuchiya | S. Udo | B. Wang | H. Wang | Y. Wang | Y. G. Wang | H. R. Wu | L. Xue | Y. Yamamoto | C. T. Yan | X. C. Yang | S. Yasue | Z. H. Ye | G. C. Yu | A. F. Yuan | T. Yuda | H. M. Zhang | J. L. Zhang | N. J. Zhang | X. Y. Zhang | Y. Zhang | Yi Zhang | Ying Zhang | Zhaxisangzhu | X. X. Zhou
Quantitative Analysis of Liquid by Quick Freezing Into Ice Using Nd-YAG Laser-Induced Atmospheric Plasma

Author(s): Mohamad Infrawan Yulianto Ichwan | Hery Suyanto | Maria Margaretha Suliyanti | Rinda Hedwig | Marincan Pardede | Kiichiro Kagawa | Tjung Jie Lie | Koo Hendrik Kurniawan
Low-Cost Real-Time Gas Monitoring Using a Laser Plasma Induced by a Third Harmonic Q-Switched Nd-YAG Laser

Author(s): Syahrun Nur Abdulmadjid | Koo Hendrik Kurniawan | Tjung Jie Lie | Yong Inn Lee | Iwao Kitazima | Kiichiro Kagawa
Measurements of He isotopic ratio in cosmic rays in the 100 MeV – 1 GeV range with the PAMELA experiment

Author(s): M. Casolino | C. De Santis | N. De Simone | V. Formato | N. Nikonov | P. Picozza | the PAMELA collaboration
Helium counters for low neutron flux measurements

Author(s): Z. Dębicki | K. Jędrzejczak | J. Karczmarczyk | M. Kasztelan | R. Lewandowski | J. Orzechowski | B. Szabelska | J. Szabelski | P. Tokarski | T. Wibig
Dynamical geochemistry of the mantle

Author(s): G. F. Davies
Investigation of Implantation-Induced Damage in Indium Phosphide for Layer Transfer Applications

Author(s): U. Dadwal | V. Pareek | R. Scholz | M. Reiche | S. Chandra | R. Singh
Laser Spectroscopy of Neutral Atoms in Superfluid Helium: New Environment For Spectroscopy and Chemistry

Author(s): Qin Hui | John L. Persson | Jaap H. M. Beijersbergen | Michio Takami
Entropy variation in isothermal fluid flow considering real gas effects

Author(s): Maurício Guimarães da Silva | Paulo Afonso Pinto de Oliveira
Blood flow measurement by laser Doppler method in orofacial region

Author(s): Grga Đurica | Dželetović Bojan | Živković Slavoljub | Kršljak Elena
Ceramic materials of the quasi-binary LaB6–MoB2 system

Author(s): Galyna Kysla | Petro Loboda
The use of quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation (QCM-D) for studying nanoparticle-induced platelet aggregation

Author(s): Santos-Martinez MJ | Inkielewicz-Stepniak I | Medina C | Rahme K | D'Arcy DM | Fox D | Holmes JD | Zhang H | Radomski MW
Low Temperature Bonding of Metals by Deposition of Nanoparticles at the Interface

Author(s): Toshio Takiya | Naoaki Fukuda | Ikurou Umezu | Akira Sugimura | Shigeo Ueguri | Hisao Yoshida | Min Han

Desempenho de genótipos de girassol sob irrigação nas condições do semiárido Performance of sunflower genotypes under irrigation in semiarid conditions

Author(s): Ariomar Rodrigues dos Santos | Eleusa Clarete Junqueira Sales | Vicente Ribeiro Rocha Júnior | Aureliano José Vieira Pires | Sidnei Tavares dos Reis | Phelipe Silva Rodrigues
Conductivity Degradation Study of PEDOT: PSS Films under Heat Treatment in Helium and Atmospheric Air

Author(s): Konstantinos Emmanouil | Stelios A. Choulis | Nikolaos Paliatsas | Evangelos Vitoratos | Sotirios Sakkopoulos
Efficient animal-serum free 3D cultivation method for adult human neural crest-derived stem cell therapeutics

Author(s): JFW Greiner | S Hauser | D Widera | J Müller | F Qunneis | C Zander | I Martin | J Mallah | D Schuetzmann | C Prante | H Schwarze | W Prohaska | A Beyer | K Rott | A Hütten | A Gölzhäuser | H Sudhoff | C Kaltschmidt | B Kaltschmidt
A Search on Two-Electron Atoms

Author(s): Mustafa Çapak | Bülent Gönül
Dynamic MR-Imaging with Radial Scanning, a Post-Acquisition Keyhole Approach

Author(s): Lethmate Ralf | Wajer Frank TAW | Crémillieux Yannick | van Ormondt Dirk | Graveron-Demilly Danielle
Latitudinal and radial gradients of galactic cosmic ray protons in the inner heliosphere – PAMELA and Ulysses observations

Author(s): N. De Simone | V. Di Felice | J. Gieseler | M. Boezio | M. Casolino | P. Picozza | PAMELA Collaboration† | B. Heber
Influence of mechanical milling time on physicochemical properties and stability of cefotaxime sodium

Author(s): Rouholamini Najafabadi A. | Asgharian R. | Tajerzadeh H. | Gilani K. | Vatanara A. | Darabi M.
Preparación y caracterización de carbones activados obtenidos a partir de la retama

Author(s): Macías García, Antonio | Díaz Díez, Mª. Ángeles | Gómez Serrano, Vicente
A Rosette for Sampling Ice-Covered Water

Author(s): William M. Smethie Jr. | Dale Chayes | Richard Perry | Peter Schlosser | Ronny Friedrich
Physical Parameters Related to Quantify Quality of Effectiveness of Charged Particles at Lower Doses

Author(s): Abubaker Ali Yousif | Ismail Bin Bahari | Muhamad Samudi Yasir
Evaluation of biolistic gene transfer methods in vivo using non-invasive bioluminescent imaging techniques

Author(s): Xia Jixiang | Martinez Angela | Daniell Henry | Ebert Steven
Revelation of graphene-Au for direct write deposition and characterization

Author(s): Bhandari Shweta | Deepa Melepurath | Joshi Amish | Saxena Aditya | Srivastava Avanish
Multi-Stable Conductance States in Metallic Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Author(s): Tang Dongsheng | Wang Yong | Yuan Huajun | Ci Lijie | Zhou Weiya | Xie Sishen
Investigation by AES, EELS and TRIM Simulation Method of InP(100) Subjected to He+ and H+ Ions Bombardment

Author(s): Mohamed Ghaffour | Abdellaoui Abdellaoui | Abdellah Ouerdane | M'Hammed Bouslama | Christian Jardin
Process Parameters Optimization of an Aluminium Alloy with Pulsed Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) Using Gas Mixtures

Author(s): Pawan Kumar | Kishor Purushottamrao Kolhe | Sashikant Janardan Morey | Chanchal Kumar Datta
The Proton and Helium cosmic ray spectra from 50 GeV to 15 TeV

Author(s): A. V. Karelin | S. V. Borisov | A. M. Galper | S. A. Voronov for PAMELA collaboration
Measurements and interpretation of registration of large number of neutrons generated in lead: the role of particle cascades

Author(s): Z. Dębicki | K. Jędrzejczak | J. Karczmarczyk | M. Kasztelan | R. Lewandowski | J. Orzechowski | B. Szabelska | J. Szabelski | P. Tokarski | T. Wibig
Diffusion models of multicomponent mixtures in the lung*

Author(s): Boudin L. | Götz D. | Grec B.
3.3 kV IGBT and Diode Chipset Using Lifetime Control Techniques and Low-Efficiency Emitters

Author(s): Mario Netzel | Ralf Lerner | Ralf Siemieniec | Josef Lutz

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