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Methionine Supplementation Options in Poultry

Author(s): V.H. Kalbande | K. Ravikanth | S. Maini | D.S. Rekhe
Dietary supplement use among academic pharmacists.

Author(s): Murphy MS | Wertheimer AI | Mackowiak ED
Triphala A Reputed Herbal Formulation

Author(s): H.N.Shivaprasad | S.Mohan | M.D.Kharya | A.C.Rana
Effect of a Poly Herbal Ingredient on Day Old Chick Quality by Feeding in Parent Flocks

Author(s): S. Manoharan | S. Ramesh | M. Parthiban | A. Koteeswaran | N.D.J. Chandran | M. Ranga Reddy

Author(s): M Leelavathi | NA Jamani | M Muhammad | J Adawiyah | NA Aziz
Herbal products: Marketing strategies and legislation

Author(s): Hooyenga Pieter | Witkamp Renger | Groen Kees
Impact of Adjunct Immunotherapy with Multi-herbal Supplement Dzherelo (Immunoxel) on Treatment Outcomes in End-stage TB/HIV Patients

Author(s): Olga V. Arjanova | Nathalia D. Prihoda | Larisa V. Yurchenko | Nina I. Sokolenko | Lyudmila A. Vihrova | Volodymyr S. Pylypchuk | Valery M. Frolov | Galyna A. Kutsyna
The Favorite Dosage of Garlic Meal as a Feed Additive in Broiler Chickens Ratios

Author(s): F. Javandel | B. Navidshad | J. Seifdavati | G.H. Pourrahimi | S. Baniyaghoub
Enhanced Egg Production in Practice: The Case of Bio-Omega-3 Egg

Author(s): A. Yannakopoulos | A. Tserveni-Gousi | E. Christaki
Influence of Herbal Early Chick Nutritional Supplement on the Growth Performance, Serum Biochemicals and Immune Response of Broiler Chicken

Author(s): A.S. Kadam | M.G. Nikam | V.R. Patodkar | D.M. Muglikar | V.D. Lonkar | G.B. Yadav | S. Maini | K. Ravikanth | M.D. Meshram
Antioxidant Activity and Inhibition of Human Cancer Cells by the Herbal Product, ARCOMIG

Author(s): Manuel Aregullin | John P. Berry | Linson Cadena
Use of dietary supplements by breast cancer patients undergoing conventional cancer treatment

Author(s): Lai Yi Eliza Wong | Ping Chung Leung | Jin-Ling Tang | et al
Role of Ayucal Liquid in improving overall performance and tibial mineralisation in broilers

Author(s): Jadhav NV1 | Awati B1 | Pardeep Kumar1 | Kartikesh SM1 | Ravikanth | K2., Shivi Maini2 and Divesh Sood2
Post Hatch Histo-morphological Studies of Small Intestinal Development in Chicks Fed with Herbal Early Chick Nutritional Supplement

Author(s): G.B. Yadav | A.S. Kadam | A.M. Pachpande | S.B. Lambate | V.D. Lonkar | S. Maini | K. Ravikanth
Social and cultural features of cholera and shigellosis in peri-urban and rural communities of Zanzibar

Author(s): Schaetti Christian | Khatib Ahmed | Ali Said | Hutubessy Raymond | Chaignat Claire-Lise | Weiss Mitchell
Effect of Acute Administration of an Herbal Preparation on Blood Pressure and Heart Rate in Humans

Author(s): John G. Seifert, Aaron Nelson, Julia Devonish, Edmund R. Burke, Sidney J. Stohs
Use of Complementary Therapies Among Primary Care Clinic Patients With Arthritis

Author(s): Carla J. Herman | Peg Allen | William C. Hunt | Arti Prasad | Teresa J. Brady
Herbal medicine use during pregnancy in a group of Australian women

Author(s): Forster Della | Denning Angela | Wills Gemma | Bolger Melissa | McCarthy Elizabeth
Determination of hypericin and hyperforin content in different phytopharmaceuticals and dietary supplements containing Hypericum perforatum extract

Author(s): Herrera , Armando | Romero Cerecero, Ofelia | Tortoriello , Jaime | Zamilpa , Alejandro
Thermogenic Effect from Nutritionally Enriched Coffee Consumption

Author(s): Hoffman Jay | Kang Jie | Ratamess Nicholas | Jennings Peter | Mangine Gerald | Faigenbaum Avery
Usage patterns, health, and nutritional status of long-term multiple dietary supplement users: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Block Gladys | Jensen Christopher | Norkus Edward | Dalvi Tapashi | Wong Les | McManus Jamie | Hudes Mark
Acute and chronic oral toxicity of standardized water extract from the fruit of Phyllanthus emblica Linn.

Author(s): K Jaijoy | N Soonthornchareonnon | N Lertprasertsuke | A Panthong | S Sireeratawong
Effect of Honey on CYP3A4 Enzyme and P-Glycoprotein Activity in Healthy Human Volunteers

Author(s): Vinod Thomas | Kesavan Ramasamy | Rajan Sundaram | Adithan Chandrasekaran
Effect of chromium enriched fermentation product of barley and brewer’s yeast and its combination with rosiglitazone on experimentally induced hyperglycaemia in mice

Author(s): Cekić Vlada | Vasović Velibor | Jakovljević Vida | Lalošević Dušan | Čapo Ivan | Mikov Momir | Sabo Ana
Effects of Herbal vigRX on Premature Ejaculation: A randomized, double-blind study

Author(s): Firoozeh Raisi | Vahid Farnia | Nafiseh Ghanbarian | Z Ghafuri
In Vitro and in Vivo Antioxidant Properties of the Plant-Based Supplement Greens+

Author(s): Venket Rao | Bashyam Balachandran | Honglei Shen | Alan Logan | Leticia Rao
Use of multivitamins, folic acid and herbal supplements among breast cancer survivors: the black women's health study

Author(s): Bright-Gbebry Mireille | Makambi Kepher | Rohan JoyAnn | Llanos Adana | Rosenberg Lynn | Palmer Julie | Adams-Campbell Lucile
In Vitro and in Vivo Antioxidant Properties of the Plant-Based Supplement Greens+TM

Author(s): Venket Rao | Bashyam Balachandran | Honglei Shen | Alan Logan | Leticia Rao
Safety evaluation studies on Garden cress (Lepidium sativum L.) seeds in Wistar rats

Author(s): P K Datta | B K Diwakar | S Viswanatha | K N Murthy | K A Naidu
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