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Does God Suffer?

Author(s): Sarot, Marcel
Elderly women's experiences of support when living with congestive heart failure

Author(s): Karin Sundin | Elisabeth Bruce | Ann-Sofi Barremo
Meanings of being received and met by others as experienced by women with MS

Author(s): Malin Olsson | Lisa Skär | Siv Söderberg
Flagrantes delitos e retratos

Author(s): Eric Landowski
Psychoanalysis as Science

Author(s): Norman N. Holland
Adorno's Dreams

Author(s): Thomas Leithäuser
Local history and hermeneutics

Author(s): Francisco Uriel Zuluaga Ramírez
Family needs on child development in the light of health promotion

Author(s): Verônica de Azevedo Mazza | Anna Maria Chiesa
Emotional knowing in nursing practice: In the encounter between life and death

Author(s): Inger James | Birgitta Andershed | Bernt Gustavsson | Britt-Marie Ternestedt
Irony, Authority and Interpretation

Author(s): Tom Grimwood
Held to ransom: Parents of self-harming adults describe their lived experience of professional care and caregivers

Author(s): Britt-Marie Lindgren | Sture Åström | Ulla Hällgren Graneheim

Author(s): G. Rillo Arturo | Pimentel Ramírez Maria Luisa | Arceo Guzmán Mario E. | Ocaña Servin Héctor | García-Pérez Leticia | Hernández-Monroy Daniela
Inscription and interpretation of text: a cultural hermeneutic examination of virtual community

Author(s): Gary Burnett | Michael H. Dickey | Michelle M. Kazmer | Katherine M. Chudoba
Ethical challenges in surgery as narrated by practicing surgeons

Author(s): Torjuul Kirsti | Nordam Ann | Sørlie Venke
Action ethical dilemmas in surgery: an interview study of practicing surgeons

Author(s): Torjuul Kirsti | Nordam Ann | Sørlie Venke
Hands-on approach during breastfeeding support in a neonatal intensive care unit: a qualitative study of Swedish mothers' experiences

Author(s): Weimers Lena | Svensson Kristin | Dumas Louise | Navér Lars | Wahlberg Vivian
Gadamer and Nietzsche

Author(s): Carlos B. Gutiérrez
Estructuras y contenidos arquetípicos en la comunicación publicitaria Structures and Archetypal Content in Advertising Communication

Author(s): Francisco García García | Miguel Baños González | Paloma Fernández Fernández
Living with a double burden: Meanings of pain for women with fibromyalgia

Author(s): Päivi Juuso | Lisa Skär | Malin Olsson | Siv Söderberg
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