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A higher resolution radiation hybrid map of bovine chromosome 13

Author(s): Schläpfer Jörg | Stahlberger-Saitbekova Nasikhat | Comincini Sergio | Gaillard Claude | Hills David | Meyer Rudolf | Williams John | Womack Jim | Zurbriggen Andreas | Dolf Gaudenz
The SWI/SNF protein ATRX co-regulates pseudoautosomal genes that have translocated to autosomes in the mouse genome

Author(s): Levy Michael | Fernandes Andrew | Tremblay Deanna | Seah Claudia | Bérubé Nathalie
CHSMiner: a GUI tool to identify chromosomal homologous segments

Author(s): Wang Zhen | Ding Guohui | Yu Zhonghao | Liu Lei | Li Yixue
Homologous sequences to the P transposable element in Drosophila subobscura

Author(s): Paricio N | Pascual L | Martínez-Sebastián MJ | Pérez-Alonso M | de Frutos R
Enrichment of homologs in insignificant BLAST hits by co-complex network alignment

Author(s): Fokkens Like | Botelho Sandra | Boekhorst Jos | Snel Berend
Evolution of spliceosomal introns following endosymbiotic gene transfer

Author(s): Ahmadinejad Nahal | Dagan Tal | Gruenheit Nicole | Martin William | Gabaldón Toni
U12 type introns were lost at multiple occasions during evolution

Author(s): Bartschat Sebastian | Samuelsson Tore
No observed effect of homologous recombination on influenza C virus evolution

Author(s): Han Guan-Zhu | Boni Maciej | Li Si-Shen
Comprehensive prediction of chromosome dimer resolution sites in bacterial genomes

Author(s): Kono Nobuaki | Arakawa Kazuharu | Tomita Masaru
Survey of extrachromosomal circular DNA derived from plant satellite repeats

Author(s): Navrátilová Alice | Koblížková Andrea | Macas Jiří
Deciphering the genetic basis for polyketide variation among mycobacteria producing mycolactones

Author(s): Pidot Sacha | Hong Hui | Seemann Torsten | Porter Jessica | Yip Marcus | Men Artem | Johnson Matthew | Wilson Peter | Davies John | Leadlay Peter | Stinear Timothy
Chromosomal evolution of the PKD1 gene family in primates

Author(s): Kirsch Stefan | Pasantes Juanjo | Wolf Andreas | Bogdanova Nadia | Münch Claudia | Pennekamp Petra | Krawczak Michael | Dworniczak Bernd | Schempp Werner
Evidence for a Complex Mosaic Genome Pattern in a Full-length Hepatitis C Virus Sequence

Author(s): R.S. Ross | J. Verbeeck | S. Viazov | P. Lemey | M. Van Ranst | M. Roggendorf
Lineage specific recombination rates and microevolution in Listeria monocytogenes

Author(s): den Bakker Henk | Didelot Xavier | Fortes Esther | Nightingale Kendra | Wiedmann Martin
AnEnPi: identification and annotation of analogous enzymes

Author(s): Otto Thomas | Guimarães Ana | Degrave Wim | de Miranda Antonio
Transfer of rice mitochondrial ribosomal protein L6 gene to the nucleus: acquisition of the 5'-untranslated region via a transposable element

Author(s): Kubo Nakao | Fujimoto Masaru | Arimura Shin-ichi | Hirai Masashi | Tsutsumi Nobuhiro
Systematic analysis of insertions and deletions specific to nematode proteins and their proposed functional and evolutionary relevance

Author(s): Wang Zhengyuan | Martin John | Abubucker Sahar | Yin Yong | Gasser Robin | Mitreva Makedonka
Short-term genome evolution of Listeria monocytogenes in a non-controlled environment

Author(s): Orsi Renato | Borowsky Mark | Lauer Peter | Young Sarah | Nusbaum Chad | Galagan James | Birren Bruce | Ivy Reid | Sun Qi | Graves Lewis | Swaminathan Bala | Wiedmann Martin
Ancient diversification of eukaryotic MCM DNA replication proteins

Author(s): Liu Yuan | Richards Thomas | Aves Stephen
Evolution of Hepatitis B Genotype D in the Middle East and South Asia

Author(s): Seyed Mohammad Jazayeri | William F.Carman
Meiosis genes in Daphnia pulex and the role of parthenogenesis in genome evolution

Author(s): Schurko Andrew | Logsdon John | Eads Brian
Mapping the Naked Neck (NA) and Polydactyly (PO) mutants of the chicken with microsatellite molecular markers

Author(s): Pitel Frédérique | Bergé Régis | Coquerelle Gérard | Crooijmans Richard | Groenen Martien | Vignal Alain | Tixier-Boichard Michèle
Characterization of 35 novel microsatellite DNA markers from the duck (Anas platyrhynchos) genome and cross-amplification in other birds

Author(s): Huang Yinhua | Tu Jianfeng | Cheng Xuebo | Tang Bo | Hu Xiaoxiang | Liu Zhaoliang | Feng Jidong | Lou Yankun | Lin Li | Xu Ke | Zhao Yulong | Li Ning
M-protein and other intrinsic virulence factors of Streptococcus pyogenes are encoded on an ancient pathogenicity island

Author(s): Panchaud Alexandre | Guy Lionel | Collyn François | Haenni Marisa | Nakata Masanobu | Podbielski Andreas | Moreillon Philippe | Roten Claude-Alain
Evolution of plant senescence

Author(s): Thomas Howard | Huang Lin | Young Mike | Ougham Helen
Comparative genomics and evolution of conserved noncoding elements (CNE) in rainbow trout

Author(s): Moghadam Hooman | Ferguson Moira | Danzmann Roy
Substitution of the α-lactalbumin transcription unit by a CAT cDNA within a BAC clone silenced the locus in transgenic mice without affecting the physically linked Cyclin T1 gene

Author(s): Solange Soulier | Marthe Hudrisier | José Da Silva | Caroline Maeder | Céline Viglietta | Nathalie Besnard | Jean-Luc Vilotte
Evidence for a rapid rate of molecular evolution at the hypervariable and immunogenic Mycobacterium tuberculosis PPE38 gene region

Author(s): McEvoy Christopher | van Helden Paul | Warren Robin | van Pittius Nicolaas
A comparison of reptilian and avian olfactory receptor gene repertoires: Species-specific expansion of group γ genes in birds

Author(s): Steiger Silke | Kuryshev Vladimir | Stensmyr Marcus | Kempenaers Bart | Mueller Jakob
Rapidly evolving marmoset MSMB genes are differently expressed in the male genital tract

Author(s): Lundwall Åke | Larne Olivia | Nayudu Penelope | Ceder Yvonne | Valtonen-André Camilla
Comparative genomics of chondrichthyan Hoxa clusters

Author(s): Mulley John | Zhong Ying-Fu | Holland Peter
Annotation, phylogenetics, and expression of the nuclear receptors in Daphnia pulex

Author(s): Thomson Susanne | Baldwin William | Wang Ying | Kwon Gwijun | LeBlanc Gerald
Comparison of eukaryotic phylogenetic profiling approaches using species tree aware methods

Author(s): Ruano-Rubio Valentín | Poch Olivier | Thompson Julie
Alu repeats increase local recombination rates

Author(s): Witherspoon David | Watkins W Scott | Zhang Yuhua | Xing Jinchuan | Tolpinrud Whitney | Hedges Dale | Batzer Mark | Jorde Lynn
The secretions of oviduct epithelial cells increase the equine in vitro fertilization rate: are osteopontin, atrial natriuretic peptide A and oviductin involved?

Author(s): Mugnier Sylvie | Kervella Morgane | Douet Cécile | Canepa Sylvie | Pascal Géraldine | Deleuze Stefan | Duchamp Guy | Monget Philippe | Goudet Ghylène
Genome wide evolutionary analyses reveal serotype specific patterns of positive selection in selected Salmonella serotypes

Author(s): Soyer Yeşim | Orsi Renato | Rodriguez-Rivera Lorraine | Sun Qi | Wiedmann Martin
Evolutionary diversification of an ancient gene family (rhs) through C-terminal displacement

Author(s): Jackson Andrew | Thomas Gavin | Parkhill Julian | Thomson Nicholas
The evolution of Brassica napus FLOWERING LOCUST paralogues in the context of inverted chromosomal duplication blocks

Author(s): Wang Jing | Long Yan | Wu Baoduo | Liu Jia | Jiang Congcong | Shi Lei | Zhao Jianwei | King Graham | Meng Jinling
EST projects in aquaculture: sea bass, red tuna and perch

Author(s): R. Gornati | V. Chini | S. Rimoldi | E. Papis | M. Prati | G. Terova | M. Saroglia | G. Bernardini
The Fractional Virial Potential Energy in Two-Component Systems

Author(s): Caimmi, R. | Valentinuzzi, T.
Transcriptome screen for fast evolving genes by Inter-Specific Selective Hybridization (ISSH)

Author(s): Montoya-Burgos Juan | Foulon Aurélia | Bahechar Ilham
Comparative evolutionary analysis of protein complexes in E. coli and yeast

Author(s): Reid Adam | Ranea Juan | Orengo Christine
Lineage-specific co-evolution of the Egf receptor/ligand signaling system

Author(s): Laisney Juliette | Braasch Ingo | Walter Ronald | Meierjohann Svenja | Schartl Manfred
Early evolution of the LIM homeobox gene family

Author(s): Srivastava Mansi | Larroux Claire | Lu Daniel | Mohanty Kareshma | Chapman Jarrod | Degnan Bernard | Rokhsar Daniel
The synapsin gene family in basal chordates: evolutionary perspectives in metazoans

Author(s): Candiani Simona | Moronti Luca | Pennati Roberta | De Bernardi Fiorenza | Benfenati Fabio | Pestarino Mario
Genome-wide computational prediction of tandem gene arrays: application in yeasts

Author(s): Despons Laurence | Baret Philippe | Frangeul Lionel | Louis Véronique | Durrens Pascal | Souciet Jean-Luc
BLAST-EXPLORER helps you building datasets for phylogenetic analysis

Author(s): Dereeper Alexis | Audic Stephane | Claverie Jean-Michel | Blanc Guillaume
A new measurement of sequence conservation

Author(s): Cai Xiaohui | Hu Haiyan | Li Xiaoman
Translog, a web browser for studying the expression divergence of homologous genes

Author(s): Dong Xianjun | Akalin Altuna | Sharma Yogita | Lenhard Boris
Immediate loading of dental implants – case report

Author(s): Priscila Issa Youssef | Angélica Xavier Simões | João César Zielak | Allan Fernando Giovanini | Tatiana Miranda Deliberador | Edson Alves de Campos
Distinct evolutionary histories of the DNA-A and DNA-B components of bipartite begomoviruses

Author(s): Briddon Rob | Patil Basavaprabhu | Bagewadi Basavaraj | Nawaz-ul-Rehman Muhammad | Fauquet Claude
Exploring the evolutionary dynamics of plasmids: the Acinetobacter pan-plasmidome

Author(s): Fondi Marco | Bacci Giovanni | Brilli Matteo | Papaleo Maria | Mengoni Alessio | Vaneechoutte Mario | Dijkshoorn Lenie | Fani Renato
Analysis of substructural variation in families of enzymatic proteins with applications to protein function prediction

Author(s): Bryant Drew | Moll Mark | Chen Brian | Fofanov Viacheslav | Kavraki Lydia
Non-homologous isofunctional enzymes: A systematic analysis of alternative solutions in enzyme evolution

Author(s): Omelchenko Marina | Galperin Michael | Wolf Yuri | Koonin Eugene
The molecular evolution of PL10 homologs

Author(s): Chang Ti-Cheng | Liu Wan-Sheng
Evolution of the CD163 family and its relationship to the bovine gamma delta T cell co-receptor WC1

Author(s): Herzig Carolyn | Waters Ray | Baldwin Cynthia | Telfer Janice
Meiotic Studies of Lactuca serriola L. From Islamabad

Author(s): Sohail Jamil Qureshi | Mir Ajab Khan | Sofia Bano | Abdul Ghani Awan
Probing the pan-genome of Listeria monocytogenes: new insights into intraspecific niche expansion and genomic diversification

Author(s): Deng Xiangyu | Phillippy Adam | Li Zengxin | Salzberg Steven | Zhang Wei
Genetic Diversification by Somatic Gene Conversion

Author(s): Kohei Kurosawa | Kunihiro Ohta
Enlightenment of Yeast Mitochondrial Homoplasmy: Diversified Roles of Gene Conversion

Author(s): Feng Ling | Tsutomu Mikawa | Takehiko Shibata
Identification of Schistosoma mansoni microRNAs

Author(s): Simões Mariana | Lee Jonathan | Djikeng Appolinaire | Cerqueira Gustavo | Zerlotini Adhemar | da Silva-Pereira Rosiane | Dalby Andrew | LoVerde Philip | El-Sayed Najib | Oliveira Guilherme
A second generation genetic map of the bumblebee Bombus terrestris (Linnaeus, 1758) reveals slow genome and chromosome evolution in the Apidae

Author(s): Stolle Eckart | Wilfert Lena | Schmid-Hempel Regula | Schmid-Hempel Paul | Kube Michael | Reinhardt Richard | Moritz Robin
Heterologous expression, purification and characterization of nitrilase from Aspergillus niger K10

Author(s): Kaplan Ondřej | Bezouška Karel | Plíhal Ondřej | Ettrich Rüdiger | Kulik Natallia | Vaněk Ondřej | Kavan Daniel | Benada Oldřich | Malandra Anna | Šveda Ondřej | Veselá Alicja | Rinágelová Anna | Slámová Kristýna | Cantarella Maria | Felsberg Jürgen | Dušková Jarmila | Dohnálek Jan | Kotik Michael | Křen Vladimír | Martínková Ludmila
Comparative genomics of the bacterial genus Listeria: Genome evolution is characterized by limited gene acquisition and limited gene loss

Author(s): den Bakker Henk | Cummings Craig | Ferreira Vania | Vatta Paolo | Orsi Renato | Degoricija Lovorka | Barker Melissa | Petrauskene Olga | Furtado Manohar | Wiedmann Martin
Identification and expression analysis of microRNAs and targets in the biofuel crop sugarcane

Author(s): Zanca Almir | Vicentini Renato | Ortiz-Morea Fausto | Del Bem Luiz | da Silva Marcio | Vincentz Michel | Nogueira Fabio
Qualitative and quantitative photogrammetric techniques for multi-temporal landslide analysis

Author(s): A. Zanutta | P. Baldi | G. Bitelli | M. Cardinali | A. V
To be or not to be the odd one out - Allele-specific transcription in pentaploid dogroses (Rosa L. sect. Caninae (DC.) Ser)

Author(s): Ritz Christiane | Köhnen Ines | Groth Marco | Theißen Günter | Wissemann Volker
Evolution and Cellular Function of Monothiol Glutaredoxins: Involvement in Iron-Sulphur Cluster Assembly

Author(s): Felipe Vilella | Rui Alves | María Teresa Rodríguez-Manzaneque | Gemma Bellí | Swarna Swaminathan | Per Sunnerhagen | Enrique Herrero
The Annotation of RNA Motifs

Author(s): Neocles B. Leontis | Eric Westhof
Segmental Duplications: A Possible Mechanism of Hominid Uplift through MicroRNA Diversification

Author(s): Marla A. Endriga | Aldrich Ivan Lois D. Burog | Denise Lauren V. Dalmacion | Custer C. Deocaris
Molecular Adaptation of Peanut Metabolic Pathways to Wide Variations of Mineral Ion Composition and Concentration

Author(s): Justin C. Duncan | Dwiesha Johnson | Shanique Hyllam | Godson O. Osuji | Tassine K. Brown | Sanique M. South
Analysis of the genomic homologous recombination in Theilovirus based on complete genomes

Author(s): Sun Guangming | Zhang Xiaodan | Yi Maoli | Shao Shihe | Zhang Wen
Characterization of a ViI-like Phage Specific to Escherichia coli O157:H7

Author(s): Kutter Elizabeth | Skutt-Kakaria Kyobi | Blasdel Bob | El-Shibiny Ayman | Castano Anna | Bryan Daniel | Kropinski Andrew | Villegas Andre | Ackermann Hans-Wolfgang | Toribio Ana | Pickard Derek | Anany Hany | Callaway Todd | Brabban Andrew
The rise and fall of breakpoint reuse depending on genome resolution

Author(s): Attie Oliver | Darling Aaron | Yancopoulos Sophia
The evolution of the tape measure protein: units, duplications and losses

Author(s): Belcaid Mahdi | Bergeron Anne | Poisson Guylaine
The homology of odontodes in gnathostomes: insights from Dlx gene expression in the dogfish, Scyliorhinus canicula

Author(s): Debiais-Thibaud Mélanie | Oulion Silvan | Bourrat Franck | Laurenti Patrick | Casane Didier | Borday-Birraux Véronique
The Molecular Biology of Frog Virus 3 and other Iridoviruses Infecting Cold-Blooded Vertebrates

Author(s): V. Gregory Chinchar | Kwang H. Yu | James K. Jancovich
Recombination in Eukaryotic Single Stranded DNA Viruses

Author(s): Darren P. Martin | Philippe Biagini | Pierre Lefeuvre | Michael Golden | Philippe Roumagnac | Arvind Varsani
Insilico functional domain characterisation and phylogenetic analysis of alpha 2 macroglobulin related molecule (α2m_so) from spongia officinalis

Author(s): Murugesan Sivagama Sundari | Muthukrishnan Anantha Barathi , ST Somasundaram , Chellam Rajamanickam
Arm-specific dynamics of chromosome evolution in malaria mosquitoes

Author(s): Sharakhova Maria | Xia Ai | Leman Scotland | Sharakhov Igor
The two tryptophans of β2-microglobulin have distinct roles in function and folding and might represent two independent responses to evolutionary pressure

Author(s): Raimondi Sara | Barbarini Nicola | Mangione Palma | Esposito Gennaro | Ricagno Stefano | Bolognesi Martino | Zorzoli Irene | Marchese Loredana | Soria Cristina | Bellazzi Riccardo | Monti Maria | Stoppini Monica | Stefanelli Mario | Magni Paolo | Bellotti Vittorio
Molecular epidemiology of dengue viruses in southern China from 1978 to 2006

Author(s): Wu Weili | Bai Zhijun | Zhou Houqing | Tu Zeng | Fang Meiyu | Tang Boheng | Liu Jinhua | Liu Licheng | Liu Jianwei | Chen Weijun
Testis-specific glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase: origin and evolution

Author(s): Kuravsky Mikhail | Aleshin Vladimir | Frishman Dmitrij | Muronetz Vladimir
The evolutionary history of the catenin gene family during metazoan evolution

Author(s): Zhao Zi-Ming | Reynolds Albert | Gaucher Eric
Site-Specific Mobilization of Vinyl Chloride Respiration Islands by a Mechanism Common in Dehalococcoides

Author(s): McMurdie Paul | Hug Laura | Edwards Elizabeth | Holmes Susan | Spormann Alfred
Homologous Recombination in Negative Sense RNA Viruses

Author(s): Guan-Zhu Han | Michael Worobey
A putative nuclear growth factor-like globular nematode specific protein

Author(s): Ranil Samantha Dassanayake | Naduviladath Vishvanath Chandrasekharan | Witharanage Wasana Prasadini Rodrigo | Eric Hamilton Karunanayake | Ovitigala Vithanage Don Sisira Jagathpriya Weerasena
PINAT1.0: Protein interaction network analysis tool

Author(s): Sandeep K. Kushwaha | Madhvi Shakya
Building reliable genetic maps: different mapping strategies may result in different maps

Author(s): Yefim Ronin | David Mester | Dina Minkov | Abraham Korol

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