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Cladistics, Bruchids and host plants: evolutionary interactions in amblycerus (Coleoptera: Bruchidae)

Author(s): Ayers , Tina J. | Johnson , Clarence Dan | Romero Nápoles, Jesús
Evolution and diversity of Rickettsia bacteria

Author(s): Weinert Lucy | Werren John | Aebi Alexandre | Stone Graham | Jiggins Francis
Pathway analysis for intracellular Porphyromonas gingivalis using a strain ATCC 33277 specific database

Author(s): Hendrickson Erik | Xia Qiangwei | Wang Tiansong | Lamont Richard | Hackett Murray
Cyto-nuclear discordance in the phylogeny of Ficus section Galoglychia and host shifts in plant-pollinator associations

Author(s): Renoult Julien | Kjellberg Finn | Grout Cinderella | Santoni Sylvain | Khadari Bouchaïb
Direct and Indirect Effects of Climate Change on Amphibian Populations

Author(s): Andrew R. Blaustein | Susan C. Walls | Betsy A. Bancroft | Joshua J. Lawler | Catherine L. Searle | Stephanie S. Gervasi
A Quick Method for Metarhizium anisopliae Isolation from Cultural Soils

Author(s): M. A. Tajick Ghanbary | A. Asgharzadeh | A. R. Hadizadeh | M. Mohammadi Sharif
Evolutionary lability of a complex life cycle in the aphid genus Brachycaudus

Author(s): Emmanuelle Jousselin | Gwenaelle Genson | Armelle Coeur d'acier
Transcriptome profiling of the rice blast fungus during invasive plant infection and in vitro stresses

Author(s): Mathioni Sandra | Beló André | Rizzo Christopher | Dean Ralph | Donofrio Nicole
Refined physical map of the human PAX2/HOX11/NFKB2 cancer gene region at 10q24 and relocalization of the HPV6AI1 viral integration site to 14q13.3-q21.1

Author(s): Gough Sheryl | McDonald Margaret | Chen Xiao-Ning | Korenberg Julie | Neri Antonino | Kahn Tomas | Eccles Michael | Morris Christine
Dengue fever: new paradigms for a changing epidemiology

Author(s): Guha-Sapir Debarati | Schimmer Barbara
Vibrational spectroscopic and quantum theoretical study of host-guest interactions in clathrates: I. Hofmann type clathrates

Evolution of the uniquely adaptable lentiviral envelope in a natural reservoir host

Author(s): Demma LJ | Vanderford TH | Logsdon JM | Feinberg MB | Staprans SI
Microsatellite polymorphism across the M. tuberculosis and M. bovis genomes: Implications on genome evolution and plasticity

Author(s): Sreenu Vattipally | Kumar Pankaj | Nagaraju Javaregowda | Nagarajaram Hampapathalu
Deep mtDNA divergences indicate cryptic species in a fig-pollinating wasp

Author(s): Haine Eleanor | Martin Joanne | Cook James
Reciprocal diversification in a complex plant-herbivore-parasitoid food web

Author(s): Nyman Tommi | Bokma Folmer | Kopelke Jens-Peter
Cophylogeny of the anther smut fungi and their caryophyllaceous hosts: Prevalence of host shifts and importance of delimiting parasite species for inferring cospeciation

Author(s): Refrégier Guislaine | Le Gac Mickaël | Jabbour Florian | Widmer Alex | Shykoff Jacqui | Yockteng Roxana | Hood Michael | Giraud Tatiana
Photorhabdus luminescens genes induced upon insect infection

Author(s): Münch Anna | Stingl Lavinia | Jung Kirsten | Heermann Ralf
Study of UV fluorescences induced from 4f3 → 4f2 d multistep absorptions of Nd3+ions in YLiF4 and LuLiF4 crystals

Author(s): André Felipe Henriques Librantz | Luiz Vicente Gomes Tarelho | Laércio Gomes | Izilda Márcia Ranieri
Backbone assignment of the OmpA-like domain of peptidoglycan-associated lipoprotein from Acinetobacter baumannii

Author(s): Jeong Soon Park | Kyoung-Seok Ryu | Woo Cheol Lee | Jung Hyun Song | Eun-Hee Kim | Seoung Il Kim | Chaejoon Cheong | Hye-Yeon Kim
Host shifts and molecular evolution of H7 avian influenza virus hemagglutinin

Author(s): Lebarbenchon Camille | Stallknecht David
Characteristic sites in the internal proteins of avian and human influenza viruses

Author(s): David King | Zachary Miller | Wesley Jones | Wei Hu
Patterns of Speciation and Adaptive Radiation in Parnassius Butterflies

Author(s): C. Rebourg | F. Petenian | E. Cosson | E. Faure
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