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Simplified Theory of Ringbom Stirling Machines

Author(s): Pierre Rochelle | Pascal Stouffs
The Small-Scale Structure of the Magellanic Stream as a Foundation for Galaxy Evolution

Author(s): Stanimirovic, S. | Gallagher, J. S., III | Nigra, L.
New results from a survey of galactic outflows in nearby active galactic nuclei

Author(s): Bland Hawthorn, J. | Cecil , G. | Shopbell , P. L. | Veilleux , S.
Unexplained neurological events during bathing in young people: Possible association with the use of gas geysers

Author(s): Singh Prabhjeet | Lamba Anuraag | Bansal Rajinder | Singh Gagandeep
Whim Absorption And UV Quasar Spectra

Author(s): Binette , Luc | Haro Corzo, Sinhue | Rodríguez Martínez , Mario
Chemical composition of globular cluster and halo post-agb stars

Author(s): Aller , L. H. | Dufton , P. L. | Keenan , F. P. | Mooney , C. J. | Pollacco , D. L. | Rolleston , W. R. J. | Smoker , J. V.
Caracterización del flujo de admisión en un motor de encendido por chispa

Author(s): Simón Fygueroa | Juan Serrano | Carlos Garrido
Reduction of costs of iron production by changing parameters of the mixed blast-furnace wind

Author(s): J. Terpák | L'. Dorčák | I. Koštial | L. Pivka
Multi-Agent System Theory for Resource Management in Home Automation Systems

Author(s): G. Conte | G. Morganti | A. M Perdon | D. Scaradozzi
Measurements and receptor modeling of volatile organic compounds in Southeastern Mexico City, 2000–2007

Author(s): H. Wöhrnschimmel | M. Magaña | W. A. Stahel | S. Blanco | S. Acuña | J. M. Pérez | S. González | V. Gutiérrez | S. Wakamatsu | B. Cárdenas
Numerical model of gas dispersion emitted from volcanic sources

Author(s): A. Costa | G. Macedonio | G. Chiodini
The influence of natural and anthropogenic secondary sources on the glyoxal global distribution

Author(s): S. Myriokefalitakis | M. Vrekoussis | K. Tsigaridis | F. Wittrock | A. Richter | C. Brühl | R. Volkamer | J. P. Burrows | M. Kanakidou
N2O, NO and CH4 exchange, and microbial N turnover over a Mediterranean pine forest soil

Author(s): P. Rosenkranz | N. Brüggemann | H. Papen | Z. Xu | G. Seufert | K. Butterbach-Bahl
The influence of natural and anthropogenic secondary sources on the glyoxal global distribution

Author(s): S. Myriokefalitakis | M. Vrekoussis | K. Tsigaridis | F. Wittrock | A. Richter | C. Brühl | R. Volkamer | J. P. Burrows | M. Kanakidou
XPS and AES analysis of PVD coatings

Author(s): L.A. Dobrzański | L.W. Żukowska | J. Kubacki | K. Gołombek | J. Mikuła

Author(s): Charles L. Mader | Michael L. Gittings
Spectroscopic studies of molecular iodine emitted into the gas phase by seaweed

Author(s): S. M. Ball | A. M. Hollingsworth | J. Humbles | C. Leblanc | P. Potin | G. McFiggans
Modelling the Dynamic Interaction Power System Lamp - Application to High Pressure Mercury Gas Discharge Lamps

Atmospheric Brown Clouds in the Himalayas: first two years of continuous observations at the Nepal-Climate Observatory at Pyramid (5079 m)

Author(s): P. Bonasoni | P. Laj | A. Marinoni | M. Sprenger | F. Angelini | J. Arduini | U. Bonafè | F. Calzolari | T. Colombo | S. Decesari | C. Di Biagio | A. G. di Sarra | F. Evangelisti | R. Duchi | M. C. Facchini | S. Fuzzi | G. P. Gobbi | M. Maione | A. Panday | F. Roccato | K. Sellegri | H. Venzac | G. P. Verza | P. Villani | E. Vuillermoz | P. Cristofanelli
CO2 Problems and waste recycling. Research at the Institute of ferrous metallurgy

Author(s): Gudenau, H. W. | Senk, D. | Babich, A. | Fröhling, C. | Kueon, O. S. | Wang, S. | Wieting, X.
Choice of technological regimes of a blast furnace operation with injection of hot reducing gases

Author(s): Babich, A. I. | Gudenau, H. W. | Mavrommatis, K. T. | Froehling, C. | Formoso, A. | Cores, A. | García, L.
Corrosion behaviour of the welded steel sheets used in automotive industry

Author(s): D. Katundi | A. Tosun-Bayraktar | E. Bayraktar | D. Toueix
Electron paramagnetic resonance and scanning electron microscopy characterization of diamond films fabricated by HF CVD method

Author(s): Kazimierz Fabisiak | Maciej Szreiber | Cezary Uniszkiewicz | Tomasz Runka | Dobroslawa Kasprowicz
Spectroscopic studies of molecular iodine emitted into the gas phase by seaweed

Author(s): S. M. Ball | A. M. Hollingsworth | J. Humbles | C. Leblanc | P. Potin | G. McFiggans
Influences of Positive Bias on Microstructure and Electrical Properties of Nanocrystalline Diamond Films

Author(s): WU Nan-Chun,XIA Yi-Ben,TAN Shou-Hong,LIU Jian-Min,SU Qing-Feng,WANG Lin-Jun
Effect of Heat Stress During Transport and Rest Before Slaughter, on the Metabolic Profile, Blood Gases and Meat Quality of Quail

Author(s): V. A. Gonzalez | G. E. Rojas | A.E. Aguilera | S. C. Flores-Peinado | C. Lemus-Flores | A. Olmos-Hernandez | M. Becerril-Herrera | A. Cardona-Leija | M. Alonso-Spilsbury | R. Ramirez-Necoechea | D. Mota-Rojas
Prediction of the Thermal Conductivity of Gas Mixtures Using Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Method

Author(s): Mohamed M. Elafify | Khalil M. Elawadly | Sherif G. Elsharkawy
Determination of sulphide concentrates of ore copper by XRPD and chemical analysis

Author(s): Cocić Mira B. | Logar Mihovil M. | Cocić Saša Lj. | Živković Dragana T. | Matović Branko Ž. | Dević Snežana S.
In-situ processing of TiB2 nanoparticle-reinforced copper matrix composites

Author(s): Božić D. | Cvijović-Alagić I. | Dimčić B. | Stašić J. | Rajković V.
The influence of powder particle size on properties of Cu-Al2O3 composites

Author(s): Rajković V. | Božić D. | Popović M. | Jovanović M.T.
The Magma-Hydrothermal System at Mutnovsky Volcano, Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia

Author(s): John Eichelberger | Alexey Kiryukhin | Adam Simon
A novel endoscopic ablation of gastric antral vascular ectasia

Author(s): Masae Komiyama | Kuangi Fu | Takashi Morimoto | Hironori Konuma | Toshifumi Yamagata | Yuko Izumi | Akihisa Miyazaki | Sumio Watanabe
Strength and thermal stability of Cu-Al2O3 composite obtained by internal oxidation

Author(s): Rajkovic, V. | Božic, D. | Devečerski, A. | Bojanic, S. | Jovanovic, M. T.

Author(s): S. Karthikeyan, | R. Hariganesh, | M. Sathyanandan, | S. Krishnan, | P. Vadivel, | D.Vamsidhar

Author(s): E. M. de Gouveia Dal Pino | C. Melioli | A. D'Ercole | F. Brighenti | A. C. Raga

Author(s): M. Rengel | M. Ku00FCppers | H. U. Keller | P. Gutierrez | S. F. Hviid
FT-IR-cPAS—New Photoacoustic Measurement Technique for Analysis of Hot Gases: A Case Study on VOCs

Author(s): Christian Bernd Hirschmann | Niina Susanna Koivikko | Jussi Raittila | Jussi Tenhunen | Satu Ojala | Katariina Rahkamaa-Tolonen | Ralf Marbach | Sarah Hirschmann | Riitta Liisa Keiski
Catalytic Carbon Submicron Fabrication Using Home-Built Very-High Frequency Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition

Author(s): Sukirno | Satria Zulkarnaen Bisri | Rasih Yulia Sari | Lilik Hasanah | Mursal | Ida Usman | Darsikin
Erection of a Stainless-Steel Tank for Storing a Phosphoric Acid

Author(s): Vojvodič Tuma, J. | Celin, R.
Monitoring of BTX by passive sampling in Hat Yai

Author(s): Chongdee Thammakhet | Tomah Villeneuve | Vilailuk Munisawang | Panote Thavarungkul | Proespichaya Kanatharana
Cosmic rays and their radiative processes in numerical cosmology

Author(s): Jones , Tom W. | Kang , Hyesung | Miniati , Francesco | Ryu , Dongsu
The o II recombination line abundance problem in planetary nebulae

Author(s): Dinerstein , H. L. | Garnett , D. R.
Evidence for jet-cloud interactions in high-redshift radio galaxies

Author(s): Axon , D. J. | Solórzano Iñarrea, C. | Tadhunter , C. N.
Wear Beahaviour of Nitrided Microstructures of AlSl H13 Dies for Hot Extrusion of Aluminium

Author(s): Kugler, G. | Turk, R. | Večko-Pirtovšek, T. | Terčelj, M.
Effect of process and compound formulation variables on properties of extruded EPDM foam

Author(s): Chonlada K. Lewis | Bunreang Misaen | Sarote Changchum
Simple model for the thermal conductivity estimation on the basis of Raman and ESR spectroscopy measurements

Author(s): Wlodzimierz Masierak | Kazimierz Fabisiak | Marceli Kaczmarski | Marcin Kozanecki
Landscape patterns of soil oxygen and atmospheric greenhouse gases in a northern hardwood forest landscape

Author(s): S. F. Werner | C. T. Driscoll | P. M. Groffman | J. B. Yavitt
Studies of Modified Hydrogen Storage Intermetallic Compounds Used as Fuel Cell Anodes

Author(s): Yun Chen | Diogo M. F. Santos | César A. C. Sequeira | Rui F. M. Lobo
Influence of hexanol-diesel blends on constant speed diesel engine

Author(s): Sundar Raj Chockalingam | Saravanan Ganapathy
Accretion by the Galaxy

Author(s): Binney J. | Fraternali F.
Fountain-driven gas accretion by the Milky Way

Author(s): Marinacci F. | Fraternali F. | Binney J. | Nipoti C. | Ciotti L. | Londrillo P.

Stars, Galaxies and Quasars

Author(s): Patrick Das Gupta

Author(s): Ghafoor Karimi | Arvin Khadem Samimi
Filtros cerâmicos fibrosos para gases a alta temperatura

Author(s): Daliana Müller | Carlos Renato Rambo | Murilo Daniel de Mello Innocentini | Edinalda Augusta Moreira | Gracinda Marina Castelo da Silva | José Renato Coury | Dachamir Hotza
Energy, Exergy and Thermoeconomics Analysis of Water Chiller Cooler for Gas Turbines Intake Air Cooling

Author(s): Galal Mohammed Zaki | Rahim Kadhim Jassim | Majed Moalla Alhazmy
The Behaviour of Superalloys in Marine Gas Turbine Engine Conditions

Author(s): I. Gurrappa | A. K. Gogia | I. V. S. Yashwanth
The Fire INventory from NCAR (FINN): a high resolution global model to estimate the emissions from open burning

Author(s): C. Wiedinmyer | S. K. Akagi | R. J. Yokelson | L. K. Emmons | J. A. Al-Saadi | J. J. Orlando | A. J. Soja
Synthesis of nanocrystalline silicon thin films using the increase of the deposition pressure in the hot-wire chemical vapour deposition technique

Author(s): S. Halindintwali | D. Knoesen | R. Swanepoel | B.A. Julies | C. Arendse | T. Muller | C.C. Theron | A. Gordijn | P.C.P. Bronsveld | J.K. Rath | R.E.I. Schropp
A Preliminary Model of Infrared Image Generation for Exhaust Plume

Author(s): Fei Mei | Shiguo Chen | Yong Jiang | Jing Cai
Partitioning soil respiration in lower subtropical forests at different successional stages in southern China

Author(s): HAN Tian-Feng | ZHOU Guo-Yi | LI Yue-Lin | LIU Ju-Xiu | ZHANG De-Qiang
CFD heat transfer simulation of the human upper respiratory tract for oronasal breathing condition

Author(s): Kambiz Farahmand | Raghavan Srinivasan | Mohsen Hamidi
Alternative Coke Saving Technologies are the Prospect of Blast-Furnace Practice Development

Author(s): I. G. Tovarovsky | V. I. Bolshakov | V. P. Lyalyuk
Aeroderivative Pratt & Whitney FT8-3 gas turbine – an interesting solution for power generation

Author(s): Dan-Teodor BĂLĂNESCU | Constantin-Eusebiu HRIŢCU | Sorinel-Gicu TALIF
Study on Lignite-Blended Burning Technology in the 1025t/h Bituminous Boiler

Author(s): Jinfeng MA | Jingxing WU | Tianshu ZHOU | Jie LENG | Chong JIANG
Geospatial Technologies to Improve Urban Energy Efficiency

Author(s): Geoffrey J. Hay | Christopher Kyle | Bharanidharan Hemachandran | Gang Chen | Mir Mustafizur Rahman | Tak S. Fung | Joseph L. Arvai
Design of a Biomass Burner/Gas-to-gas Heat Exchanger for Thermal Backup of a Solar Dryer

Author(s): Y.M. Yunus | H.H. Al-Kayiem | K.A.K. Albaharin
Volatile Compounds and Capsaicinoid Content of Fresh Hot Peppers (Capsicum Chinense) Scotch Bonnet Variety at Red Stage

Author(s): Arthur Gahungu | Eric Ruganintwali | Eric Karangwa | Xiaoming Zhang | Daniel Mukunzi
Improvement on the Design of a Cabinet Grain Dryer

Author(s): Adzimah K. Stephen | Seckley Emmanuel
High Temperature Convective Drying of a Packed Bed with Humid Air at Different Humidities

Author(s): J. Sghaier | S. Messai | D. Lecomte | A. Belghith
Waste Heat Recovery by Heat Pipe Air-Preheater to Energy Thrift from the Furnace in a Hot Forging Process

Author(s): Lerchai Yodrak | Sampan Rittidech | Nattapol Poomsa-ad | Pattanapol Meena
Sustainable Development through Waste Heat Recovery

Author(s): P. S. Bundela | Vivek Chawla
Development of an Air Assisted Fuel Atomizer (Liquid Siphon Type) for a Continuous Combustor

Author(s): Pipatpong Watanawanyoo | Sumpun Chaitep | Hiroyuki Hirahara
Simulation Studies on A Cross Flow Plate Fin Heat Exchanger

Author(s): M. Thirumarimurugan | T. Kannadasan | E. Ramasamy

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