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Sustainable Solar-wind Hybrid Power Plant for Implementation in Malaysia

Author(s): Yiew De An | Balbir Singh Mahinder Singh

Economic Dispatch for Power System Included Wind and Solar Thermal Energy

Author(s): Saoussen BRINI | Hsan Hadj ABDALLAH | Abderrazak OUALI
Locomotive energy savings possibilities

Author(s): Lionginas LIUDVINAVIČIUS | Leonas Povilas LINGAITIS
Structural Control Systems Implemented in Civil Engineering

Author(s): Cristian Pastia | Septimiu-George Luca | Florentina Chira | Victor-Octavian Roşca
Hybrid energy system evaluation in water supply system energy production: neural network approach

Author(s): Fabio V. Goncalves, Helena M. Ramos, Luisa Fernanda R. Reis
Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of a Switched Reluctance Motor in a Series Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Author(s): Siavash Sadeghi | Mojtaba Mirsalim | Arash Hassanpour Isfahani
Solar Combi-Systems a New Solution for Space Heating in Buildings

Author(s): A. Ataei | M. Kh. Assadi | R. Parand | N. Sharee | M. Raoufinia | A.H. Kani
Analysis of Hybrid Configuration of Coal-Based Methanol-Power Polygeneration System

Author(s): Guoqiang Zhang | Lin Gao | Hongguang Jin | Xiaosong Zhang
Yeast Two-Hybrid, a Powerful Tool for Systems Biology

Author(s): Anna Brückner | Cécile Polge | Nicolas Lentze | Daniel Auerbach | Uwe Schlattner
Study on the Structure and Properties of a Hybrid Resins

Author(s): Mingkang An | Daofang Shi | Guojun wang
Thermoeconomic Analysis of Advanced Solar-Fossil Combined Power Plants

Author(s): Malick Kane | Daniel Favrat | Klaus Ziegler | Yassine Allani
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Antonios Argyriou | Joerg Widmer | Bob Li
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Alberto Ochoa O. Zezzatti | Alejandro Padilla
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Fei Yu | Chin-Chen Chang | Guangxue Yue | Jiexian Zeng | Wen Chen
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Kun Mean HOU
Electric and hydrogen consumption analysis in plug-in road vehicles

Author(s): João P. Ribau, Carla M. Silva, Tiago L. Farias
Reactive Power Control of the Isolated Hybrid Power Systems with STATCOM

Author(s): SHARMA Pawan | RAMAKRISHNA Kondapi Seha Srinivasa | BHATTI Tricholen Singh
A brighter place: overview of microstructured sunlight guide

Author(s): H. Hocheng | T.Y. Huanga, | T.H. Chou | W.H. Yang
Reviews on Micro-Grid Configuration and Dedicated Hybrid System Optimization Software Tools: Application to Laos

Author(s): Sengprasong Phrakonkham | Jean-Yves Le Chenadec | Demba Diallo | Ghislain Remy | Claude Marchand
Design and Development of a Photovoltaic Power System for Tropical Greenhouse Cooling

Author(s): Faisal M.S. Al-Shamiry | Desa Ahmad | Abdul R.M. Sharif | Ishak Aris | Rimfiel Janius | Rezuwan Kamaruddin
Near-Infrared Resonance Energy Transfer Glucose Biosensors in Hybrid Microcapsule Carriers

Author(s): Swetha Chinnayelka | Huiguang Zhu | Mike McShane
Design of MPPT Based Hybrid Wind and Fuel - Cell Energy System

Author(s): Ch Rambabu | M Sunil Kumar | N Sri Harish
Fault Tolerant Systems viewed as Switching Hybrid Systems

Author(s): R. Hamdaoui | M.N. Abdelkrim
Renewable Energy Systems: Development and Perspectives of a Hybrid Solar-Wind System

Author(s): J. B. V. Subrahmanyam | P. Alluvada | Bandana | K. Bhanupriya | C. Shashidhar
Modelling and control of hybrid renewable energy system connected to AC grid

Author(s): Sami Younsi | Moncef Jraidi | Najib Hamrouni | Adnane Cherif
Available Energy and Cumulative Frequency Curves for Parabolic Trough Concentrators with Alignment North–South, in the Northwest of Mexico

Author(s): Álvaro Lentz–Herrea | Rafael Almanza–Salgado | Serafín López –Ríos | Roberto Cadenas–Tovar
On the Biomimetic Design of Agile-Robot Legs

Author(s): Elena Garcia | Juan Carlos Arevalo | Gustavo Muñoz | Pablo Gonzalez-de-Santos
Design of an Interior Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Machine for an Integrated Starter-Alternator System Used on an Hybrid-Electric Vehicle

Author(s): FILIP Andrei-Toader | HANGIU Radu-Petru | MARŢIŞ Claudia | BIRO Karoly-Agoston
Design of an Interior Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Machine for an Integrated Starter-Alternator System Used on an Hybrid-Electric Vehicle

Author(s): FILIP Andrei-Toader | HANGIU Radu-Petru | MARŢIŞ Claudia | BIRO Karoly-Agoston
A New Method for Balancing the Fluctuation of Wind Power by a Hybrid Energy Storage System

Author(s): Peng Yu | Wei Zhou | Yu Zhao | Hui Sun | Jian Liu | Yan Liu
Optimal Operation of Biomass Gasifier Based Hybrid Energy System

Author(s): P. Balamurugan | S. Kumaravel | S. Ashok
Fault Diagnosis in Wireless Sensor Network using Timed Automata

Author(s): Santi Kumari Behera | Prabira Kumar Sethy | Dr. Pabitra Mohan Khilar

Author(s): Wasinee Noonpakdee | Jiang Liu | Shigeru Shimamoto
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Tianlong Gu | Shenghui Liu
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Feng Gao | Bin Wang | Deyun Yang | Junhu Zhang | Shifei Ding
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Fei Yu | Chin-Chen Chang | Jian Shu | Guangxue Yue | Jun Zhang
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Jinrong Zhu
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Yun Liu | Fei Yu | Chin-Chen Chang | Dongfeng Yuan | Yiqin Lu
High energy tibial plateau fractures treated with hybrid external fixation

Author(s): Babis George | Evangelopoulos Dimitrios | Kontovazenitis Panagiotis | Nikolopoulos Konstantinos | Soucacos Panagiotis
Towards patient-specific cardiovascular modeling system using the immersed boundary technique

Author(s): Tay Wee-Beng | Tseng Yu-Heng | Lin Liang-Yu | Tseng Wen-Yih
Performance of a Wind-Diesel Hybrid Power System with STATCOM as a Reactive Power Compensator

Author(s): Pawan Sharma | Trilochen Singh Bhatti | Kondapi Seha Srinivasa Ramakrishna
Feasibilty of Wind-Solar Hybrid System for Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Author(s): Rama Subba Reddy Gorla | Rashid Salako
Uniform Exponential Stabilization for Flexural Vibrations of a Solar Panel

Author(s): Prasanta Kumar Nandi | Ganesh Chandra Gorain | Samarjit Kar
HEAT – a low energy enhancement of the Pierre Auger Observatory

Author(s): C. Meurer1 and N. Scharf1 on behalf of the Pierre Auger Collaboration2,*
A Sensing and Robot Navigation of Hybrid Sensor Network

Author(s): Shuncai Yao | Jindong Tan | Hongxia Pan
Design of Hybrid Power System of Renewable Energy for Domestic Used in Khartoum

Author(s): Zeinab Abdallah M. Elhassan | Muhammad Fauzi Moh Zain | Kamaruzzaman Sopian | Arafa Awadalla
A New Robust Hybrid Approach to Enhance Speech in Mobile Communication Systems

Author(s): Manimegalai G. Sumithra | Keppana G. Thanuskodi | Bharathi Deepa
Evaluation of Single-Pass Photovoltaic-Thermal Air Collector with Rectangle Tunnel Absorber

Author(s): Goh L. Jin | Adnan Ibrahim | Yee K. Chean | Roonak Daghigh | Hafidz Ruslan | Sohif Mat | Mohd. Y. Othman | Kamaruzzaman Sopian

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