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Modulation of the hydrophilic character and influence on the biocompatibility of polyurethane-siloxane based hybrids

Author(s): Jiménez-Gallegos, R. | Téllez-Jurado, L. | Rodríguez-Lorenzo, L. M. | San Roman, J.
Hydrogen production using zinc-doped carbon nitride catalyst irradiated with visible light

Author(s): Bing Yue, Qiuye Li, Hideo Iwai, Tetsuya Kako and Jinhua Ye
Hybrid processing and anisotropic sintering shrinkage in textured ZnO ceramics

Author(s): Kahraman Keskinbora, Tohru S Suzuki, I Ozgur Ozer, Yoshio Sakka and Ender Suvaci
Resonant frequency of gold/polycarbonate hybrid nano resonators fabricated on plastics via nano-transfer printing

Author(s): Dechaumphai Edward | Zhang Zhao | Siwak Nathan | Ghodssi Reza | Li Teng
Natural-Synthetic Hybrid Polymers Developed via Electrospinning: The Effect of PET in Chitosan/Starch System

Author(s): Adolfo Espíndola-González | Ana Laura Martínez-Hernández | Francisco Fernández-Escobar | Victor Manuel Castaño | Witold Brostow | Tea Datashvili | Carlos Velasco-Santos
Overview of the main methods used to combine proteins with nanosystems: absorption, bioconjugation, and encapsulation

Author(s): Mariagrazia Di Marco | Shaharum Shamsuddin | Khairunisak Abdul Razak | et al
Surface Reconstructionof Epitaxial CIS Thin Films and Device Performance

Author(s): ZHOU Zhen, ZHAO Kui, WANG Yao-Ming, HUANG Fu-Qiang
Formation, evaluation and description of single-cross yellow maize (Zea mays L.) INIA 21

Hybrid Lattice Particle Modelling Approach for Polymeric Materials Subject to High Strain Rate Loads

Author(s): Ge Wang | Alexander H.-D. Cheng | Martin Ostoja-Starzewski | Ahmed Al-Ostaz | Peter Radziszewski
Mitigation of seismic hazard of a megacity: the case of Naples

Author(s): C. Nunziata | D. Fah | G. F. Panza
Observations of volcanic earthquakes and tremor at Deception Island - Antarctica

Author(s): G. Alguacil | J. C. Almendros | E. Del Pezzo | A. Garcia | J. M. Ibañez | M. La Rocca | J. Morales | R. Ortiz
Hybrid nanostructurated material for biomedical applications

Author(s): Crina Saviuc | Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu | Alina Holban | Carmen Chifiriuc | Dan Mihaiescu | Veronica Lazar
Investigation of a Mesoporous Silicon Based Ferromagnetic Nanocomposite

Author(s): Granitzer P | Rumpf K | Roca AG | Morales MP | Poelt P | Albu M
Statistical analysis of IMRT dosimetry quality assurance measurements for local delivery guideline

Author(s): Chung Jin Beom | Kim Jae Sung | Ha Sung Whan | Ye Sung-Joon
Preparation, Characterization and Performance of Templated Silica Membranes in Non-Osmotic Desalination

Author(s): Bradley P. Ladewig | Ying Han Tan | Chun Xiang C. Lin | Katharina Ladewig | João C. Diniz da Costa | Simon Smart
Effect of different proportions of exotic germplasm on grain yield and grain moisture in maize

Author(s): Nastasić Aleksandra | Ivanović Mile | Stojaković Milisav | Stanisavljević Dušan | Treskić Sanja | Mitrović Bojan | Dražić Slobodan
Fabrication of Apatite-Hyaluronic Acid Hybrids

Author(s): S. Nagashima | Y. Morita | T. Miyazaki | E. Ishida | K. Tanaka | T. Goto
High-Frequency EMI Noise Suppression by Polymer-Based Composite Magnetic Materials

Author(s): Rastislav Dosoudil | Jaroslav Franek | Marianna Usakova | jozef Olah | Jozef Slama
Two-Photon Polymerization of Hybrid Sol-Gel Materials for Photonics Applications

Author(s): A. Ovsianikov | A. Gaidukeviciute | B. N. Chichkov | M. Oubaha | B. D. MacCraith | I. Sakellari | A. Giakoumaki | D. Gray | M. Vamvakaki | M. Farsari | C. Fotakis
Trojan Microparticles for Drug Delivery

Author(s): Nicolas Anton | Anshuman Jakhmola | Thierry F. Vandamme
Synthesis and structure of nanomaterials in the system K2O-Nb2O5-SiO2

Author(s): Georgi Chernev | Bisserka Samuneva | Isabel M. Miranda Salvado | Paula Vilarinho | Aiying Wu
Active Biocatalysts Based on Pepsin Immobilized in Short Channeled Zr―Ce―SBA―15

Author(s): WANG Fang, LI Jian-Sheng, RAN Dong-Qin, DUAN Meng-Shan, SUN Xiu-Yun, WANG Lian-Jun
Pilot study on the microbial contamination of conventional vs. silver-impregnated uniforms worn by ambulance personnel during one week of emergency medical service

Author(s): Groß, Raoul | Hübner, Nils | Assadian, Ojan | Jibson, Bethany | Kramer, Axel | Working Section for Clinical Antiseptic of the German Society for Hospital Hygiene
High-Frequency EMI Noise Suppression by Polymer-Based Composite Magnetic Materials

Author(s): Rastislav Dosoudil | Jaroslav Franek | Marianna Usakova | jozef Olah | Jozef Slama
Stimuli Responsive Ionogels for Sensing Applications—An Overview

Author(s): Andrew Kavanagh | Robert Byrne | Dermot Diamond | Kevin J. Fraser
In Situ and Ex Situ Syntheses of Magnetic Liquid Crystalline Materials: A Comparison

Author(s): Ophelie Riou | Lacramioara Zadoina | Barbara Lonetti | Katerina Soulantica | Anne-Françoise Mingotaud | Marc Respaud | Bruno Chaudret | Monique Mauzac
An Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Membrane as a Solid “Turn-On” Fluorescent Chemosensor for Coenzyme A (CoA), Cysteine (Cys), and Glutathione (GSH) in Aqueous Media

Author(s): Saúl Vallejos | Pedro Estévez | Saturnino Ibeas | Félix C. García | Felipe Serna | José M. García
Preparation mechanism and luminescence of Sr2SiO4: Eu phosphor from (Sr, Eu)CO3@SiO2 core-shell precursor

Author(s): Xiaowei Huang | Huaqiang He | Jianhua Hao | Yunsheng Hu | Weidong Zhuang
Development and Comparative Studies of Bio-based and Synthetic Fiber Based Sandwich Structures

Author(s): Sripathy Mallaiah | Krishna Vinayak Sharma | M Krishna

Author(s): Constantin Gaina | Oana Ursache | Viorica Gaina
Hybrid materials for drug delivery of rifampicin: evaluation of release profile

Author(s): Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu | Dan Eduard Mihaiescu | Dragoş Tamaş
Iron oxide-based nanomagnets in nanomedicine: fabrication and applications

Author(s): Meng Meng Lin | Hyung-Hwan Kim | Hyuck Kim | Mamoun Muhammed | Do Kyung Kim
Nanocomposites of polymer and inorganic nanoparticles for optical and magnetic applications

Author(s): Shanghua Li | Meng Meng Lin | Muhammet S. Toprak | Do Kyung Kim | Mamoun Muhammed
On the Biomimetic Design of Agile-Robot Legs

Author(s): Elena Garcia | Juan Carlos Arevalo | Gustavo Muñoz | Pablo Gonzalez-de-Santos
Surface Antibacterial Properties of Four Tooth-Colored Restorative Materials

Author(s): F. Shirani | A. Havaei | M. Malekipour | M. Sharafi
Microleakage of Nanofilled Composite Resin Restorative Material

Author(s): Ibrahim Hamouda | Hagag abd Elkader | Manal F. Badawi
Flame Retardancy Enhancement of Hybrid Composite Material by Using Inorganic Retardants

Author(s): Mohammed Al-Maamori | A Al-Mosawi | Abbass Hashim
A model-based circular binary segmentation algorithm for the analysis of array CGH data

Author(s): Hsu Fang-Han | Chen Hung-I | Tsai Mong-Hsun | Lai Liang-Chuan | Huang Chi-Cheng | Tu Shih-Hsin | Chuang Eric | Chen Yidong
Remanufacturing in automotive industry: Challenges and limitations

Author(s): Paulina Golinska | Arkadiusz Kawa
Attachment and Proliferation of Human-Adipose-Tissue-Derived Stem Cells on Bioactive Glass/PVA Hybrid Scaffolds

Author(s): Viviane Gomide | Alessandra Arcoverde Cavalcanti Zonari | Natalia Martins Breyner | Alfredo Miranda de Goes | Marivalda M. Pereira
A clinical evaluation on adhesive posts in extensive composite restorations

Author(s): Ghavamnasiri M. Associate Professor | Hosseini SAA. Professor | Farzaneh H. Dentist
The effect of collagen removal on shear bond strength of four single bottle adhesive systems

Author(s): Kasraie Sh | Ataie M | Mani Kashani Kh | Ghasemi A
Evaluation of temperature rise with different curing methods and units in two composite resins

Author(s): Tabatabaei M | Mirzaei M | Ataei M | Motevaselian F
The effect of curing units and methods on degree of conversion of two types of composite resins

Author(s): Hasani Tabatabaei M | Mirzaei M | Ataei M | Motevaselian F
Magnetic chitosan for drug targeting and in vitro drug delivery response

Author(s): Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu | Crina Saviuc | Alina Holban | Radu Hristu | Cristina Coritoru | George Stanciu | Carmen Chifiriuc | Dan Mihaiescu | Paul Balaure | Veronica Lazar
Magnetic scaffold for drug targeting: evaluation of cephalosporins controlled release profile

Author(s): Dan Eduard Mihaiescu | Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu | Paul Catalin Balaure | Diana Elena Mogosanu | Vanessa Traistaru
Optical response of Ce(III) and Eu(II) doped hybrid materials synthesised by Sol-Gel processing

Author(s): Cordoncillo, E. | Carda, J. | Beltrán, H. | Guaita, F. J. | Barrio, A. | Escribano, P. | Viana, B. | Sanchez, C.

Author(s): B. Trifković | I. Budak | D. Jevremović | T. Puškar | A. Todorović
Síntesis y caracterización de materiales híbridos orgánico-inorgánicos de APS/PDMS

Author(s): García-Perulero, I. | Murcia-Mascarós, S. | Rubio, J. | Oteo, J. L.
Estudios de materiales de cátodos híbridos y ánodos vítreos. Caracterización en celdas de ion litio

Author(s): Cuentas-Gallegos, A. K. | Palacín, M. R. | Colomer, M. T. | Jurado, J. R. | Gómez-Romero, P.
Aerogeles con aplicaciones en biomedicina y medioambiente

Author(s): Toledo-Fernández, J. A. | Mendoza-Serna, R. | Morales-Flórez, V. | de la Rosa–Fox, N. | Santos, A. | Piñero, M. | Esquivias, L.
Efectos de la microestructura en las propiedades magnéticas de imanes híbridos de SrFe12O19/MQP-Q

Author(s): Bueno Baqués, D. | Matutes Aquino, J. A. | Coral Flores, V. | Ayala Valenzuela, O.
Materiales híbridos basados en fosfato de vanadilo y polímeros conductores como cátodos en baterías reversibles de litio

Author(s): Cuentas-Gallegos, A. K. | Vijayaraghavan, R. | Lira-Cantú, M. | Casañ-Pastor, N. | Gómez-Romero, P.
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Jinrong Zhu
Multifunctional ZnO/Nylon 6 nanofiber mats by an electrospinning–electrospraying hybrid process for use in protective applications

Author(s): Narendiran Vitchuli, Quan Shi, Joshua Nowak, Kathryn Kay, Jane M Caldwell, Frederick Breidt, Mohamed Bourham, Marian McCord and Xiangwu Zhang
Genetic diversity in Chinese rapeseed (Brassica napus) cultivars based on EST-SSR markers

Author(s): Lichuan Dai | Minglong Zhang | Jiye Liu | Xiaobai Li | Hairui Cui
Novel hybrid organic/inorganic 2D quasiperiodic PC: from diffraction pattern to vertical light extraction

Author(s): Petti Lucia | Rippa Massimo | Zhou Jun | Manna Liberato | Zanella Marco | Mormile Pasquale
ZnO Nanowires Synthesized by Vapor Phase Transport Deposition on Transparent Oxide Substrates

Author(s): Yu Dongshan | Trad Tarek | McLeskey James | Craciun Valentin | Taylor Curtis
Plasma-Assisted Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes

Author(s): Lim SanHua | Luo Zhiqiang | Shen ZeXiang | Lin Jianyi
Platinum–Vanadium Oxide Nanotube Hybrids

Author(s): Mello FilipeLS | Costa LídiaOO | Hernández EduardoPadrón | de Farias AndréaMDuarte | Fraga Marco
Aluminum/glass fibre and aluminum/carbon fibre hybrid laminates

Author(s): Ion DINCĂ | Adriana ŞTEFAN | Ana STAN
On the use of infrared thermography as NDT of aerospace materials

Author(s): Viorel ANGHEL | Nicolae CONSTANTIN | Andreea BORITU | Mircea GAVAN | Ştefan SOROHAN
TiO2/CuO Films Obtained by Citrate Precursor Method for Photocatalytic Application

Author(s): Leinig Perazolli | Luciana Nuñez | Milady Renata Apolinário da Silva | Guilherme Francisco Pegler | Ademir Geraldo Cavalarri Costalonga | Rossano Gimenes | Márcia Matiko Kondo | Maria Aparecida Zaghete Bertochi
Carbon Nanotube Addition to Simultaneously Enhance Strength and Ductility of Hybrid AZ31/AA5083 Alloy

Author(s): Muralidharan Paramsothy | Manoj Gupta | Jimmy Chan | Richard Kwok
PWA Doped SiO2 PEG Hybrid Materials of Class II

Author(s): S. Grandi | P. Mustarelli | A. Carollo | C. Tomasi | E. Quartarone | A. Magistris
Study of the Distribution of Radiative Defects and Reabsorption of the UV in ZnO Nanorods-Organic Hybrid White Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)

Author(s): Ijaz Hussain | Nargis Bano | Sajjad Hussain | Yousuf Soomro | Omer Nur | Magnus Willander
Algae-Silica Hybrid Materials for Biosorption of Heavy Metals

Author(s): Ulrich Soltmann | Sabine Matys | Gunter Kieszig | Wolfgang Pompe | Horst Bottcher
A Comparative Study on Several Anti-Corrosion Materials for Power FGD System

Author(s): Zhenyu Wang | Dongsheng Mei | Weitao Zhang | Enhou Han | Yushan Wang
The Study of Influence of Silica and Polyethilene Glycols Organic-Inorganic Compounds on Free-Radical Processes in Vitro

Author(s): Olga G. Sitnikova | Sergey B. Nazarov | Irina V. Shikhanova | Alexander V. Agafonov | Jean A. Dyuzhev | rina G. Popova
Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Hybrid Poly(methyl methacrylate)/Iron Nanowires for Potential Hyperthemia Therapy

Author(s): Huey-Wen Liou | Hong-Ming Lin | Yeu-Kuang Hwu | Wen-Chang Chen | Wei-Jen Liou | Li-Chung Lai | Wei-Syuan Lin | Wen-An Chiou

Author(s): Ralf Thiedmann | Henrik Hassfeld | Ole Stenzel | L. Jan Anton Koster | Stefan D. Oosterhout | Svetlana S. Van Bavel | Martijn M. Wienk | Joachim Loos | Rene A.J. Janssen | Volker Schmidt
Point defects in ZnO: an approach from first principles

Author(s): Fumiyasu Oba, Minseok Choi, Atsushi Togo and Isao Tanaka
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