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Poly(glycolide) multi-arm star polymers: Improved solubility via limited arm length

Author(s): Florian K. Wolf | Anna M. Fischer | Holger Frey
Performance Enhancement of Dental Composites Using Electrospun Nanofibers

Author(s): H. Dodiuk-Kenig | K. Lizenboim | S. Roth | B. Zalsman | W. A. McHale | M. Jaffe | K. Griswold
Phase Diagrams for Systems Containing Hyperbranched Polymers

Author(s): Sabine Enders | Kai Langenbach | Philipp Schrader | Tim Zeiner
Conformational Effects in Non-Stoichiometric Complexes of Two Hyperbranched Molecules with a Linear Polyelectrolyte

Author(s): George Dalakoglou | Kostas Karatasos | Sergey Lyulin | Sergey Larin | Anatoly Darinskii | Alexey Lyulin
Synthesis and swelling behavior of polyurethane networks based on hyperbranched polymer

Author(s): Džunuzović Jasna V. | Pergal Marija V. | Jovanović Slobodan | Vodnik Vesna V.
Incorporation of Hyperbranched Supramolecules into Nafion Ionic Domains via Impregnation and In-Situ Photopolymerization

Author(s): Nadzrinahamin A. Nazir | Thein Kyu | Anna M. Reinsel | Matthew Espe | Mami Nosaka | Hiruto Kudo | Tadatomi Nishikubo
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