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Original paperThe leukemogenic role of (iASPP) in acute leukemia

Author(s): Sohier Abdel Almawgood | Nehal Salah Hasan | Mai Yousef
Linkage disequilibrium mapping of a breast cancer susceptibility locus near RAI/PPP1R13L/iASPP

Author(s): Nexø Bjørn | Vogel Ulla | Olsen Anja | Nyegaard Mette | Bukowy Zuzanna | Rockenbauer Eszter | Zhang Xiuqing | Koca Cemile | Mains Mette | Hansen Bettina | Hedemand Anne | Kjeldgaard Anette | Laska Magdalena | Raaschou-Nielsen Ole | Cold Søren | Overvad Kim | Tjønneland Anne | Bolund Lars | Børglum Anders
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