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The edges of understanding

Author(s): Lander Arthur
Combating smoking in Cuba

Author(s): Risbahb Singh
Discrimination of complex visual stimuli in Cebus apella: identity matching with pictures

Author(s): Olavo F. Galvão, Paulo S. D. Soares Filho, Hernando B. Neves Filho and Milena M. Nagahama
Contratos na pintura: o caso de Volpi

Author(s): Moema Martins Rebouças
Auditory Display as a Tool for Teaching Network Intrusion Detection

Author(s): M.A. Garcia-Ruiz | A. Edwards | R. Aquino-Santos | M. Vargas Martin | S.A. El Seoud
Signal Transduction in the Footsteps of Goethe and Schiller

Author(s): Friedrich Karlheinz | Lindquist Jonathan | Entschladen Frank | Serfling Edgar | Thiel Gerald | Kieser Arnd | Giehl Klaudia | Ehrhardt Christina | Feller Stephan | Ullrich Oliver | Schaper Fred | Janssen Ottmar | Hass Ralf
Comments on the bilateral icon from Mytilini

Author(s): Acheimastou-Potamianou Myrtali

Author(s): NUNES, Albino Oliveira; SANTOS, Anne Gabriella Dias; SOUZA, Francisco das Chagas Silva; OLIVEIRA, Valéria Regina Carvalho de
Análisis y comparación de diversos modelos de evaluación de software educativo

Author(s): Ángela Cova | Xiomara Arrieta | Víctor Riveros
Diagnosis production agroecology of Municipality Areia - PB

Author(s): Maria Betânia de Lima | Jacinto de Luna Batista | Carlos Henrique de Brito | Edson Batista Lopes
Observing the stars. Love in the age of systems

Author(s): Kjetil Ansgar Jakobsen
Mütoloogilist põhjavene külaelus tänapäeval

Author(s): Tatjana Iljina | Andrei Toporkov
La Habana escultórica: de La Giraldilla a Lennon

Author(s): Pereira, María de los Ángeles
Testing an Academic Library Website for Usability with Faculty and Graduate Students

Author(s): Judith Z. Emde | Sara E. Morris | Monica Claassen‐Wilson
Absolute risk representation in cardiovascular disease prevention: comprehension and preferences of health care consumers and general practitioners involved in a focus group study

Author(s): Hill Sophie | Spink Janet | Cadilhac Dominique | Edwards Adrian | Kaufman Caroline | Rogers Sophie | Ryan Rebecca | Tonkin Andrew
The role and importance of ozone for atmospheric chemistry and methods for measuring its concentration

Author(s): Marković Dragan M. | Marković Dragan A. | Šulić Desanka M.
Classical elements in the endowments of Serbian XIII century donors

Author(s): Gligorijević-Maksimović Mirjana
Aspects regarding micromycetes involvement in wood biodeterioration

Author(s): Nicoleta Burunţea | Claudia Groza | Beatrice Sbârcea
A New Language for Geographic Information Systems Querying

Author(s): F.G. Meddah | H. Belbachir | R. Laurini
Generic icons – yes or no?

Author(s): Krunoslav Bedi | Nikolina Žajdela Hrustek
Religious Icons in Romanian Schools: Text and Context

Author(s): Gisela Horvath | Rozalia Bako
Modern Communication Techniques For Children With Cerebal Palsy

Author(s): Swati Uppal | Nisha Sharma | Sorabh Gupta | Renu Sharma | Ashima Kalra | Priyanka Aggarwal
Risk communication with pictographs: The role of numeracy and graph processing

Author(s): Rebecca Hess | Vivianne H. M. Visschers | Michael Siegrist
Colored-sketch of Text Information

Author(s): Beomjin Kim | Philip Johnson | Adam S. Huarng
Modified knowledge in the field of architecture

Author(s): Ståhl, Lars-Henrik
An iconic language for the graphical representation of medical concepts

Author(s): Lamy Jean-Baptiste | Duclos Catherine | Bar-Hen Avner | Ouvrard Patrick | Venot Alain
Systematic reconstruction of TRANSPATH data into Cell System Markup Language

Author(s): Nagasaki Masao | Saito Ayumu | Li Chen | Jeong Euna | Miyano Satoru
The Effect of Direction on Cursor Moving Kinematics

Author(s): Ling-Fu Meng | Hsin-Yung Chen | Chiu-Ping Lu | Ming-Chung Chen | Chi-Nung Chu

Author(s): PRADO, Cleide Aparecida | BARBOSA, Josiane de Freitas | LIMA, Sandra Valéria Barbosa de Souza
Ergonomic aspects of medical image history using multiple monitors

Author(s): Morteza Bakhtiary | Mahdie Jajroudi
Religiousness in hospitals

Author(s): John Koutelekos | Georgia Gerogianni
X-Ray Radiographic Study of some Panel Painting Icons from the Beginning of the XX Century

Author(s): Ioan EMANDI | Mihai IOVEA | Octavian G. DULIU | Ana EMANDI
Study protocol: ICONS: Identifying continence options after stroke: A randomised trial

Author(s): Thomas Lois | Watkins Caroline | French Beverley | Sutton Christopher | Forshaw Denise | Cheater Francine | Roe Brenda | Leathley Michael | Burton Christopher | McColl Elaine | Booth Jo
Observing the stars. Love in the age of systems

Author(s): Kjetil Ansgar Jakobsen
Observing the stars. Love in the age of systems

Author(s): Kjetil Ansgar Jakobsen
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