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Politik som trykte liv

Author(s): Henrik Bødker
Genetic variability in three Italian beef cattle breeds derived from pedigree information

Author(s): Riccardo Bozzi | Oreste Franci | Flavio Forabosco | Carolina Pugliese | Alessandro Crovetti | Francesco Filippini
Multipoint identity-by-descent computations for single-point polymorphism and microsatellite maps

Author(s): Hinrichs Anthony | Bertelsen Sarah | Bierut Laura | Dunn Gerald | Jin Carol | Kauwe John | Suarez Brian
Estimating genealogies from linked marker data: a Bayesian approach

Author(s): Gasbarra Dario | Pirinen Matti | Sillanpää Mikko | Arjas Elja
Diabetes-specific genetic effects on obesity traits in American Indian populations: the Strong Heart Family Study

Author(s): Franceschini Nora | Almasy Laura | MacCluer Jean | Göring Harald | Cole Shelley | Diego Vincent | Laston Sandra | Howard Barbara | Lee Elisa | Best Lyle | Fabsitz Richard | North Kari
Effects of the number of markers per haplotype and clustering of haplotypes on the accuracy of QTL mapping and prediction of genomic breeding values

Author(s): Calus Mario | Meuwissen Theo | Windig Jack | Knol Egbert | Schrooten Chris | Vereijken Addie | Veerkamp Roel
Haplotype kinship for three populations of the Goettingen minipig

Author(s): Flury Christine | Weigend Steffen | Ding Xiangdong | Täubert Helge | Simianer Henner
Robust physical methods that enrich genomic regions identical by descent for linkage studies: confirmation of a locus for osteogenesis imperfecta

Author(s): Brooks Peter | Marcaillou Charles | Vanpeene Maud | Saraiva Jean-Paul | Stockholm Daniel | Francke Stephan | Favis Reyna | Cohen Nadine | Rousseau Francis | Tores Frédéric | Lindenbaum Pierre | Hager Jörg | Philippi Anne
Effect of linkage on the control of inbreeding in selection programmes

Author(s): Fernández Blanca | Santiago Enrique | Toro Miguel | Caballero Armando
A simple and rapid method for calculating identity-by-descent matrices using multiple markers

Author(s): Pong-Wong Ricardo | George Andrew | Woolliams John | Haley Chris
Precision of methods for calculating identity-by-descent matrices using multiple markers

Author(s): Sørensen Anders | Pong-Wong Ricardo | Windig Jack | Woolliams John
QTL detection and allelic effects for growth and fat traits in outbred pig populations

Author(s): Nagamine Yoshitaka | Visscher Peter | Haley Chris
Prediction of IBD based on population history for fine gene mapping

Author(s): Hernández-Sánchez Jules | Haley Chris | Woolliams John
Impact of reduced marker set estimation of genomic relationship matrices on genomic selection for feed efficiency in Angus cattle

Author(s): Rolf Megan | Taylor Jeremy | Schnabel Robert | McKay Stephanie | McClure Matthew | Northcutt Sally | Kerley Monty | Weaber Robert
Incorporation of covariates in simultaneous localization of two linked loci using affected relative pairs

Author(s): Chiu Yen-Feng | Chiou Jeng-Min | Liang Kung-Yee | Lee Chun-Yi
Inherited Susceptibility to Hyperandrogenic Manifestations In Pubertal Females: Idiopathic and Dyshormonogenesis

Author(s): M. Hafez | M. El-Ziny | A. H. Ahmed | S.Hawas | E. Abou-Hashem | A. Hegazi | L. Baghdady | M. M. Hafez
The Social Movement of the Phuan in Thailand

Author(s): Niwat Thongwol | Jaruwan Tammawat | Prasopsuk Rittidej | Budsakorn Saenyabud
A combined long-range phasing and long haplotype imputation method to impute phase for SNP genotypes

Author(s): Hickey John | Kinghorn Brian | Tier Bruce | Wilson James | Dunstan Neil | van der Werf Julius
Different Coloured Tears: dual cultural identity and Tangihanga

Author(s): Kiri Edge | Linda Waimarie Nikora | Mohi Rua
Mapping complex traits using Random Forests

Author(s): Bureau Alexandre | Dupuis Josée | Hayward Brooke | Falls Kathleen | Van Eerdewegh Paul
Approaches to mapping genetically correlated complex traits

Author(s): George Andrew | Basu Saonli | Li Na | Rothstein Joseph | Sieberts Solveig | Stewart William | Wijsman Ellen | Thompson Elizabeth
Effect of genotyping error in model-free linkage analysis using microsatellite or single-nucleotide polymorphism marker maps

Author(s): Thompson Cheryl | Baechle Dan | Lu Qing | Mathew George | Song Yeunjoo | Iyengar Sudha | Gray-McGuire Courtney | Goddard Katrina
Optimizing the evidence for linkage by permuting marker order

Author(s): Jun Gyungah | Song Yeunjoo | Iyengar Sudha | Elston Robert
Linkage disequilibrium across two different single-nucleotide polymorphism genome scans

Author(s): Peralta Juan | Dyer Thomas | Warren Diane | Blangero John | Almasy Laura
Refined localization of the FAT1 quantitative trait locus on pig chromosome 4 by marker-assisted backcrossing

Author(s): Berg Frida | Stern Susanne | Andersson Kjell | Andersson Leif | Moller Maria
Combinatorial Mismatch Scan (CMS) for loci associated with dementia in the Amish

Author(s): McCauley Jacob | Hahs Daniel | Jiang Lan | Scott William | Welsh-Bohmer Kathleen | Jackson Charles | Vance Jeffery | Pericak-Vance Margaret | Haines Jonathan
Assumption-free estimation of heritability from genome-wide identity-by-descent sharing between full siblings.

Author(s): Visscher Peter M | Medland Sarah E | Ferreira Manuel A R | Morley Katherine I | Zhu Gu | Cornes Belinda K | Montgomery Grant W | Martin Nicholas G
Genetic analysis of completely sequenced disease-associated MHC haplotypes identifies shuffling of segments in recent human history.

Author(s): Traherne James A | Horton Roger | Roberts Anne N | Miretti Marcos M | Hurles Matthew E | Stewart C Andrew | Ashurst Jennifer L | Atrazhev Alexey M | Coggill Penny | Palmer Sophie | Almeida Jeff | Sims Sarah | Wilming Laurens G | Rogers Jane | de Jong Pieter J | Carrington Mary | Elliott John F | Sawcer Stephen | Todd John A | Trowsdale John | Beck Stephan
Linkage disequilibrium interval mapping of quantitative trait loci

Author(s): Boitard Simon | Abdallah Jihad | de Rochambeau Hubert | Cierco-Ayrolles Christine | Mangin Brigitte
Genetic correlates of brain aging on MRI and cognitive test measures: a genome-wide association and linkage analysis in the Framingham study

Author(s): Seshadri Sudha | DeStefano Anita | Au Rhoda | Massaro Joseph | Beiser Alexa | Kelly-Hayes Margaret | Kase Carlos | D'Agostino Ralph | DeCarli Charles | Atwood Larry | Wolf Philip
Influence of genotyping error in linkage mapping for complex traits – an analytic study

Author(s): Lebrec Jérémie | Putter Hein | Houwing-Duistermaat Jeanine | van Houwelingen Hans
Analysis of human meiotic recombination events with a parent-sibling tracing approach

Author(s): Lee Yun-Shien | Chao Angel | Chen Chun-Houh | Chou Tina | Wang Shih-Yee | Wang Tzu-Hao
Candombe uruguayo

Author(s): María Isabel Cintas Guillén
Pedigree Analysis of Slovak Pinzgau Breed

Author(s): Ondrej Kadlečík | Radovan Kasarda | Ivan Pavlík | Eva Hazuchová

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