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School based screening for tuberculosis infection in Norway: comparison of positive tuberculin skin test with interferon-gamma release assay

Author(s): Winje Brita | Oftung Fredrik | Korsvold Gro | Mannsåker Turid | Ly Ingvild | Harstad Ingunn | Dyrhol-Riise Anne | Heldal Einar
Tuberculosis screening and follow-up of asylum seekers in Norway: a cohort study

Author(s): Harstad Ingunn | Heldal Einar | Steinshamn Sigurd | Garåsen Helge | Jacobsen Geir
Different sex ratios of children born to Indian and Pakistani immigrants in Norway

Author(s): Singh Narpinder | Pripp Are | Brekke Torkel | Stray-Pedersen Babill
Sexually transmitted infections among Pakistani pregnant women and their husbands in Norway

Author(s): Soen Eng Yap Bjerke | Ellen Holter | Siri Vangen | et al
Patient and health care system delays in the start of tuberculosis treatment in Norway

Author(s): Farah Mohamed | Rygh Jens | Steen Tore | Selmer Randi | Heldal Einar | Bjune Gunnar
Psychosocial factors and distress: a comparison between ethnic Norwegians and ethnic Pakistanis in Oslo, Norway

Author(s): Syed Hammad | Dalgard Odd | Dalen Ingvild | Claussen Bjørgulf | Hussain Akthar | Selmer Randi | Ahlberg Nora
Perceived discrimination is associated with severity of positive and depression/anxiety symptoms in immigrants with psychosis: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Berg Akiah | Melle Ingrid | Rossberg Jan | Romm Kristin | Larsson Sara | Lagerberg Trine | Andreassen Ole | Hauff Edvard
Epidemiology of acute and chronic hepatitis B virus infection in Norway, 1992-2009

Author(s): Rimšelienė Gražina | Nilsen Øivind | Kløvstad Hilde | Blystad Hans | Aavitsland Preben

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