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Anaerobic Biodegradation of Phenol: Comparative Study of Free and Immobilized Growth

Author(s): Roya Pishgar | Ghasem Najafpour | Bahram Navayi Neya | Nafise Mousavi | Zeinab Bakhshi

Author(s): Santosh B. T | Chitme H. R | Rabbani G | Jafar M
Quality of life of patients with upper extremity fractures

Author(s): Sholomova E.I. | Levchenko К.К. | Arutunyan T.R. | Ninel V.G.
Adipose derived stromal vascular fraction improves early tendon healing: an experimental study in rabbits

Author(s): Mehdi Behfar | Farshid Sarrafzadeh-Rezaei | Rahim Hobbenaghi | Nowruz Delirezh | Bahram Dalir-Naghadeh
Expression, Immobilization and Enzymatic Properties of Glutamate Decarboxylase Fused to a Cellulose-Binding Domain

Author(s): Hyemin Park | Jungoh Ahn | Juwhan Lee | Hyeokwon Lee | Chunsuk Kim | Joon-Ki Jung | Hongweon Lee | Eun Gyo Lee
On Heat Conduction with Phase Change: Accurate Explicit Numerical Method

Author(s): N. Sadoun | E.K. Si-Ahmed | J. Legrand
Protein and Amino Acid Supplementation Does Not Alter Proteolytic Gene Expression following Immobilization

Author(s): Jennifer A. Bunn | Thomas W. Buford | Monica C. Serra | Richard B. Kreider | Darryn S. Willoughby
Influence of polymers on lysozyme molecules association

Author(s): Dekina S. S | Romanovska I. I. | Gromovoy T. Yu
The Predatory Behavior of Some Araneid Spiders and the Origin of Immobilization Wrapping

Author(s): Michael H. Robinson | Heath Mirick | Olga Turner
Anti-bacterial Treatment of Polyethylene by Cold Plasma for Medical Purposes

Author(s): Anton Popelka | Igor Novák | Marián Lehocký | Ivan Chodák | Ján Sedliačik | Milada Gajtanska | Mariana Sedliačiková | Alenka Vesel | Ita Junkar | Angela Kleinová | Milena Špírková | František Bílek
Active Biocatalysts Based on Pepsin Immobilized in Short Channeled Zr―Ce―SBA―15

Author(s): WANG Fang, LI Jian-Sheng, RAN Dong-Qin, DUAN Meng-Shan, SUN Xiu-Yun, WANG Lian-Jun
Immobilization of lipase from Candida rugosa into copolymer hydrogels of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide-co-itaconic acid) synthesized in the presence of surfactants

Author(s): Milašinović Nikola Z. | Milosavljević Nedeljko B. | Filipović Jovanka M. | Knežević-Jugović Zorica D. | Kalagasidis-Krušić Melina T.
Preparation and Comparison of Chitosan Nanoparticles with Different Degrees of Glutathione Thiolation

Author(s): P Yousefpour | F Atyabi | R Dinarvand | E Vasheghani-Farahani
Pseudomonas fluorescens HK44: Lessons Learned from a Model Whole-Cell Bioreporter with a Broad Application History

Author(s): Josef Trögl | Archana Chauhan | Steven Ripp | Alice C. Layton | Gabriela Kuncová | Gary S. Sayler
The effect of L-Arginine on the brain tissue of stressed rats

Author(s): Batoul Ebadi | Mehdi Mehdizadeh | Arezoo Nahavandi | Tabandeh Shariati | Hamdollah Delaviz
Optimal Conditions for Continuous Immobilization of Pseudozyma hubeiensis (Strain HB85A) Lipase by Adsorption in a Packed-Bed Reactor by Response Surface Methodology

Author(s): Roberta Bussamara | Luciane Dall'Agnol | Augusto Schrank | Kátia Flávia Fernandes | Marilene Henning Vainstein
Veterinary Management of Marine Otters (Lontra felina) in Ecological Studies in Chile

Author(s): Claudio Soto-Azat | Francisca Boher | Gabriela Floresl | René Monsalve | Alexis Santibáñez | Juliana Vianna | Gonzalo Medina-Vogel
The testing of some organic supports for yeasts immobilization technology used in sparkling wine production

Author(s): Alina Mantaluta | Dumitru Cojocaru | Costica Savin | Rodica Pasa
Nanopores Structure in Electrospun Bacterial Cellulose

Author(s): P. Basmaji | L. X. Filho | L. M. M. Costa | G. M. Olyveira
Sequential Remediation Processes for a Low Level Pesticide Wastewater

Author(s): Abdel E. Ghaly | Mariam T. Al hattab
Phenol Biodegradation by Corynebacterium glutamicum Encapsulated in Electrospun Fibers

Author(s): J. Stefan Rokem | Charles L. Greenblatt | Eyal Zussman | Alon Nardi | Ron Avrahami
Sequential Remediation Processes for a Low Level Pesticide Wastewater

Author(s): Abdel E. Ghaly | Mariam T. Al hattab
Phenol Biodegradation by Corynebacterium glutamicum Encapsulated in Electrospun Fibers

Author(s): J. Stefan Rokem | Charles L. Greenblatt | Eyal Zussman | Alon Nardi | Ron Avrahami
Desempenho de diferentes lipases imobilizadas na síntese de biodiesel de óleo de palma = Performance of different immobilized lipases in palm oil biodiesel synthesis

Author(s): Grazielle dos Santos Silva | Dayana Yuri Inoue | Gisanara Dors | Agenor Furigo Junior | Heizir Ferreira de Castro
Free Gingival Grafting; Epiglu VS. Silk Thread Suturing: A Comparative Study

Author(s): M. Paknejad | Y. Soleymani Shayesteh | A. Esmaielieh

Author(s): Pooja Agarwal | Pradeep Srivastava
Changes in Morphology and Activity of Transglutaminase Following Cross-Linking and Immobilization on a Polypropylene Microporous Membrane

Author(s): Yan-Guo Shi | Lei Qian | Na Zhang | Chun-Ran Han | Ying Liu | Yi-Fang Zhang | Yong-Qiang Ma
Open re-rupture of the Achilles tendon after surgical treatment

Author(s): Mitsuru Hanada | Masaaki Takahashi | Yukihiro Matsuyama
Protein Binding Detection Using On-Chip Silicon Gratings

Author(s): Anil Kumar Mudraboyina | Jayshri Sabarinathan
Comparison between DNA Immobilization Techniques on a Redox Polymer Matrix

Author(s): Vijayalakshmi Velusamy | Khalil Arshak | Catherine F. Yang | Lei Yu | Olga Korostynska | Catherine Adley
Effect of Prenatal Stress and Serotonin Depletion on Postnatal Serotonin Metabolism in Wistar Rats

Author(s): Sampath Kumar Madhyastha | Latha V Prabhu | Soubhagyaranjan Nayak | Rajalakshmi Rai | Mangala M Pai | Prashanthi S Madhyastha
Recurrent locked knee caused by an impaction fracture following inferior patellar dislocation: a case report

Author(s): Barlow David | Foong Keen | Rhee Shin | Sutcliffe William | Griffin Stuart
The proteasome inhibitor MG132 reduces immobilization-induced skeletal muscle atrophy in mice

Author(s): Caron Annabelle | Haroun Sonia | Leblanc Élisabeth | Trensz Frédéric | Guindi Chantal | Amrani Aziz | Grenier Guillaume
Reduced cytotoxicity of insulin-immobilized CdS quantum dots using PEG as a spacer

Author(s): Selim KM Kamruzzaman | Xing Zhi-Cai | Choi Moon-Jeong | Chang Yongmin | Guo Haiqing | Kang Inn-Kyu
Light triggered detection of aminophenyl phosphate with a quantum dot based enzyme electrode

Author(s): Khalid Waqas | Göbel Gero | Hühn Dominik | Montenegro Jose-Maria | Rivera-Gil Pilar | Lisdat Fred | Parak Wolfgang
Inducing mineral precipitation in groundwater by addition of phosphate

Author(s): Wright Karen | Hartmann Thomas | Fujita Yoshiko

Author(s): Ankita Suhag | Richa Gupta | Archana Tiwari
A Nanostructured Piezoelectric Immunosensor for Detection of Human Cardiac Troponin T

Author(s): Rosana A. S. Fonseca | Joilson Ramos-Jesus | Lauro T. Kubota | Rosa F. Dutra
Brain plasticity of rats exposed to prenatal immobilization stress

Author(s): Abrahamyan S. S., | Meliksetyan I. B. | Sahakyan I. K. | Tumasyan N. V. | Badalyan B. Yu. | Galoyan A. A.
Immobilization of enzymes onto carbon nanotubes

Author(s): Prlainović Nevena Ž. | Bezbradica Dejan I. | Knežević-Jugović Zorica D. | Marinković Aleksandar D. | Mijin Dušan Ž.
Immobilization of alginate-PAC on Sepabeads EC-HA support

Author(s): Žuža Milena G. | Milosavić Nenad B. | Knežević-Jugović Zorica D.
Functional bandage for ankle sprains. Recommendations for nursing

Author(s): Fernando Pérez Pejenaute | Ana Gil Casado | José Usan Villanueva | Mª Teresa Sesma Sánchez | Barda Ochoa Alfaro | Mª Isabel Arcos Cirauqui
New pull out technique for flexor tendon repair

Author(s): Kamrani RS | Haj zargarbashi R | Mehrpour SR | Sharafat vaziri A | Tabatabaeiyan M
The effects of "Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy" on fine motor skills in children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy

Author(s): Abootalebi Sh | Khoshnevisan A | Kohan AH | Pishyareh E | Rahgozar M
Effects of Volar-Dorsal Wrist/Hand Immobilization Splint on Range of motion, Spasticity and Function of affected upper extremity in stroke patients

Author(s): Malek Amini | Arian Shimili | Bijan Foroghi | Rozbeh Kazemi | Tayebeh Sayad Nejad | Ghorban Taghi Zadeh

Author(s): Daniel F Worsley | Edward B Silberstein | Abass Alavi | A Elgazzar
Evaluation of Papain Immobilization in Chitosan Nanoparticles using different crosslinking agents

Author(s): K.M.DevRaj¥1*, K.Ramanjaneyulu, K.Narendar reddy,V.Ravikanth, B.Saisupraja,P.Alankritharani,SVVNSM Lakshmi
Patented Microencapsulation Techniques And Its Application

Author(s): Garg Tarun*, Singh Onkar, Arora Saahil, Murthy RSR
Biosensing with Quantum Dots: A Microfluidic Approach

Author(s): Charles H. Vannoy | Anthony J. Tavares | M. Omair Noor | Uvaraj Uddayasankar | Ulrich J. Krull
Inmovilización de lactobacillus helveticus en soportes vítreos obtenidos por tecnología sol-gel

Author(s): Betancur, J. F. | Restrepo, Y. B. | Abad, P. | Arias, M.
Self-Assembled Films of Dendrimers and Metallophthalocyanines as FET-Based Glucose Biosensors

Author(s): Nirton C.S. Vieira | Alessandra Figueiredo | Alvaro A.A. de Queiroz | Valtencir Zucolotto | Francisco E.G. Guimarães
Hospital-Based Versus Home-Based Program in Rehabilitation of Distal Radius Fractures

Author(s): Öznur Öken | Esma Ceceli | Fuad Ö. ÖKEN | Rezan Z. YORGANCIOĞLU
In vitro human sperm immobilizing activity of marine halophytes

Author(s): Sundaram Ravikumar1*, Samsudeen Abideen2, Mohamed Yacoob Syedali1 and Manickam Babuselvam3
Fatal outcome after brain stem infarction related to bilateral vertebral artery occlusion - case report of a detrimental complication of cervical spine trauma

Author(s): Yoshihara Hiroyuki | VanderHeiden Todd | Harasaki Yasuaki | Beauchamp Kathryn | Stahel Philip
Effects of running and immobilization on blood constituents in the reindeer

Author(s): J. Timisjärvi | M. Nieminen | J. Leppäluoto | T. Lapinlampi | P. Saukko | E. Eloranta | P. Soppela
Detomidine immobilization in wild and semi-domesticated reindeer

Author(s): Mauri Nieminen | Eero Tanhuanpää | Tapani Vähä-Vahe
Vasopressin modulates hypothalamo-pituitary activity by paracrine action during acute and chronic immobilization stress in rats

Author(s): Lakić Iva | Vujović P. | Jasnić N. | Đurašević S. | Cvijić Gordana
Novel acute stressor effects on interscapular brown adipose tissue sympathetic inervation and UCP-1 content in chronically isolated and spontaneously hypertensive rats

Author(s): Lakić Iva | Drenča Tamara | Đorđević Jelena | Vujović P. | Jasnić N. | Đurašević S. | Dronjak-Čučaković Slađana | Cvijić Gordana
Clean Energy for Tomorrow: Towards Zero Emission and Carbon Free Future: A Review

Author(s): Wan Ramli Wan Daud | Ghasem Najafpour | Mostafa Rahimnejad
Immobilised Sarawak Malaysia Yeast Cells for Production of Bioethanol

Author(s): Masniroszaime Mohd Zain | Noorhisham Tan Kofli | Siti Rozaimah Sheikh Abdullah
Dynamic culture substrate that captures a specific extracellular matrix protein in response to light

Author(s): Jun Nakanishi, Hidekazu Nakayama, Kazuo Yamaguchi, Andres J Garcia and Yasuhiro Horiike

Author(s): Arti Shastri , Swagata S.karkare, B.S.Kuchekar
Efecto de diámetro de esfera y densidad celular en la producción de etanol con levadura inmovilizada en alginato

Author(s): Jiménez Martha V. | Zarkovic Gabriella G. | Villena Gretty K. | Gutiérrez-Correa Marcel
Polytetrafluorethylene-Au as a substrate for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy

Author(s): Žvátora Pavel | Řezanka Pavel | Prokopec Vadym | Siegel Jakub | Švorčík Václav | Král Vladimír
Highly Sensitive Fluorescence Probe Based on Functional SBA-15 for Selective Detection of Hg2+

Author(s): Wang Xiaoyu | Wang Pan | Dong Zihao | Dong Zhengping | Ma Zongyan | Jiang Jian | Li Rong | Ma Jiantai
Decrease of physical activity level in adolescents with limb fractures: an accelerometry-based activity monitor study

Author(s): Ceroni Dimitri | Martin Xavier | Delhumeau Cécile | Farpour-Lambert Nathalie
Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields in the treatment of fresh scaphoid fractures. A multicenter, prospective, double blind, placebo controlled, randomized trial

Author(s): Hannemann Pascal | Göttgens Kevin | van Wely Bob | Kolkman Karel | Werre Andries | Poeze Martijn | Brink Peter
Polymer-stabilized palladium nanoparticles for catalytic membranes: ad hoc polymer fabrication

Author(s): Domènech Berta | Muñoz Maria | Muraviev Dmitri | Macanás Jorge
Facile, high efficiency immobilization of lipase enzyme on magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles via a biomimetic coating

Author(s): Ren Yuhong | Rivera Jose | He Lihong | Kulkarni Harsha | Lee Dong-Keun | Messersmith Phillip
Micro/Nanoscale Parallel Patterning of Functional Biomolecules, Organic Fluorophores and Colloidal Nanocrystals

Author(s): Sabella S | Brunetti V | Vecchio G | Torre A | Rinaldi R | Cingolani R | Pompa PP
A Novel Approach to Molecular Recognition Surface of Magnetic Nanoparticles Based on Host–Guest Effect

Author(s): Wu Yuanpeng | Zuo Fang | Zheng Zhaohui | Ding Xiaobin | Peng Yuxing
Dynamic reorganization of flotillins in chemokine-stimulated human T-lymphocytes

Author(s): Affentranger Sarah | Martinelli Sibylla | Hahn Jonas | Rossy Jérémie | Niggli Verena
Immobilization of muskoxen (Ovibos moschatus) with etorphine and xylazine

Author(s): Blix Arnoldus | Lian Hans | Ness John
Highly active engineered-enzyme oriented monolayers: formation, characterization and sensing applications

Author(s): Ulman Abraham | Ioffe Michael | Patolsky Fernando | Haas Elisha | Reuvenov Dana
Stretching and immobilization of DNA for studies of protein–DNA interactions at the single-molecule level

Author(s): Kim JiHoon | Dukkipati VenkatRam | Pang Stella | Larson Ronald
A pH sensor based on electric properties of nanotubes on a glass substrate

Author(s): Takeda Seiji | Nakamura Motonori | Ishii Atsushi | Subagyo Agus | Hosoi Hirotaka | Sueoka Kazuhisa | Mukasa Koichi
Effect of substrate (ZnO) morphology on enzyme immobilization and its catalytic activity

Author(s): Zhang Yan | Wu Haixia | Huang Xuelei | Zhang Jingyan | Guo Shouwu
Electrocatalysis of hemoglobin in ionic liquid BMIMPF6 and CuS nanosphere composite films

Author(s): Chengxiang Ruan | Jin Lou | Dandan Wang | Canying Zhang | Wei Sun

Author(s): Glaucia Eliza Gama Vieira | Caroline Ramos da Silveira | Julianne Cutrim | Juliana Ribeiro
Enzyme-Immobilized Microfluidic Process Reactors

Author(s): Yuya Asanomi | Hiroshi Yamaguchi | Masaya Miyazaki | Hideaki Maeda
Directly immobilized DNA sensor for label-free detection of herpes virus

Author(s): Phuong Dinh Tam | Mai Anh Tuan | Nguyen Duc Chien
A new size and shape controlling method for producing calcium alginate beads with immobilized proteins

Author(s): Yan Zhou | Shin’ichiro Kajiyama | Hiroshi Masuhara | Yoichiro Hosokawa | Takahiro Kaji | Kiichi Fukui
Sex differences in cardiovascular control by nitric oxide in normotensive and hypertensive rats

Author(s): Oxana Semyachkina-Glushkovskaya | Tatyana Anishchenko | Sergey Kapralov | Roman Novikov | Konstantin Skvorcov | Yana Kuznecova | Antonina Kuznecova
General care plan in a Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

Author(s): Mónica Díaz López | Mª Teresa Martín Alonso
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