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Validação em métodos cromatográficos e eletroforéticos

Author(s): Ribani Marcelo | Bottoli Carla Beatriz Grespan | Collins Carol H. | Jardim Isabel Cristina Sales Fontes | Melo Lúcio Flávio Costa
Gully control in SAT watersheds

Author(s): P Pathak | SP Wani | R Sudi
Environmental Health Organisations against Tobacco

Author(s): Maurice Mulcahy | David S. Evans | Blaithin Lahiffe | Deirdre Goggin | Colm Smyth | Gerard Gerard Hastings | Miriam Byrne
Recent advances on the study of atmosphere-land interaction observations on the Tibetan Plateau

Author(s): Y. Ma | Y. Wang | R. Wu | Z. Hu | K. Yang | M. Li | W. Ma | L. Zhong | F. Sun | X. Chen | Z. Zhu | S. Wang | H. Ishikawa
Recent advances in land surface climate observations on the Tibetan Plateau

Author(s): Y. Ma | Y. Wang | Z. Hu | K. Yang | M. Li | W. Ma | L. Zhong | F. Sun | X. Chen | Z. Zhu | H. Ishikawa
Evaluation of community level interventions to address social and structural determinants of health: a cluster randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Wall Martin | Hayes Richard | Moore Derek | Petticrew Mark | Clow Angela | Schmidt Elena | Draper Alizon | Lock Karen | Lynch Rebecca | Renton Adrian
HIV prevention cost-effectiveness: a systematic review

Author(s): Galárraga Omar | Colchero M Arantxa | Wamai Richard | Bertozzi Stefano
Establishment of population-based surveillance for invasive pneumococcal disease in Bangalore, India

Author(s): Shah Aparna | Nisarga Ramnilinga | Ravi Kumar K | Hubler Robin | Herrera Guillermo | Kilgore Paul

Author(s): Sara Alexandra Eira Serra | João Baptista da Costa Carvalho | Armindo Fernandes da Costa
Explaining the impact of a women's group led community mobilisation intervention on maternal and newborn health outcomes: the Ekjut trial process evaluation

Author(s): Rath Suchitra | Nair Nirmala | Tripathy Prasanta | Barnett Sarah | Rath Shibanand | Mahapatra Rajendra | Gope Rajkumar | Bajpai Aparna | Sinha Rajesh | Costello Anthony | Prost Audrey
Implementing the balanced scorecard in public sector agencies: An experience in municipal sport services

Author(s): Manuel Pedro Rodríguez Bolívar | Antonio M López Hernández | David Ortiz Rodríguez
Perceptions of frontline staff regarding data collection methodologies used during the 2009 A H1N1 influenza immunization campaign in Canada

Author(s): Foisy Julie | Quach Susan | Heidebrecht Christine | Pereira Jennifer | Quan Sherman | Guay Maryse | Bettinger Julie | Deeks Shelley | Brien Stephanie | Kwong Jeffrey
The feasibility of introducing rapid diagnostic tests for malaria in drug shops in Uganda

Author(s): Mbonye Anthony | Ndyomugyenyi Richard | Turinde Asaph | Magnussen Pascal | Clarke Siân | Chandler Clare
Research translation to inform national health policies: learning from multiple perspectives in Uganda

Author(s): Ssengooba Freddie | Atuyambe Lynn | Kiwanuka Suzanne | Puvanachandra Prasanthi | Glass Nancy | Hyder Adnan
Methodological aspects of a GIS-based environmental health inspection program used in the Athens 2004 Olympic and Para Olympic Games

Author(s): Hadjichristodoulou Christos | Soteriades Elpidoforos | Kolonia Virginia | Falagas Matthew | Pantelopoulos Efstathios | Panagakos Georgios | Mouchtouri Varvara | Kremastinou Jeni
Community-based Participatory Research in the California Health Interview Survey

Author(s): E. Richard Brown, PhD | Sue Holtby, MPH | Elaine Zahnd, PhD | George B. Abbott, MD, MPH
From Concept to Practice: Using the School Health Index to Create Healthy School Environments in Rhode Island Elementary Schools

Author(s): Deborah N. Pearlman, PhD | Elizabeth Dowling, MPH | Cheryl Bayuk | Kathleen Cullinen, MS, RD, | Ann Kelsey Thacher, MS
Mapping as a knowledge translation tool for Ontario Early Years Centres: views from data analysts and managers

Author(s): Kothari Anita | Driedger S Michelle | Bickford Julia | Morrison Jason | Sawada Michael | Graham Ian | Crighton Eric
A Model for Implementing Integrative Practice in Health Care Agencies

Author(s): Chris Patterson | Heather M. Arthur
Prospects, achievements, challenges and opportunities for scaling-up malaria chemoprevention in pregnancy in Tanzania: the perspective of national level officers

Author(s): Mubyazi Godfrey | Bygbjerg Ib | Magnussen Pascal | Olsen Øystein | Byskov Jens | Hansen Kristian | Bloch Paul
Supreme audit court of auditors' insights on operational audit challenges

Author(s): Ghodratollah Haidarinejad | Sohrab Shekarbegi | Ali Akbar Kazemi | Sadegh Jamali
Social networks and implementation of evidence-based practices in public youth-serving systems: a mixed-methods study

Author(s): Palinkas Lawrence | Holloway Ian | Rice Eric | Fuentes Dahlia | Wu Qiaobing | Chamberlain Patricia
Non-business E-Commerce in Malaysia: An Investigation of Key Adoption

Author(s): Oswald A. Igau | Abdul W.M. Kassim | Sulaiman Tahajuddin | Nelson O. Ndubisi | Mohamad G. Hassan

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