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Neuroanatomical and Neurochemical Basis of Impulsivity

Author(s): Kemal Yazici | Aylin Ertekin Yazici
Research on antidepressants in India

Author(s): Avasthi Ajit | Grover Sandeep | Aggarwal Munish
Impulse Control Disorders : Nosology And Concept

Author(s): Changulani Mukesh | Avasthi Ajit
Night Eating Disorders

Author(s): Fatma Özlem Orhan | Deniz Tuncel
Factors associated with dropout from treatment for eating disorders: a comprehensive literature review

Author(s): Fassino Secondo | Pierò Andrea | Tomba Elena | Abbate-Daga Giovanni
Mother Picks Her Child’s Skin: A Case Report

Author(s): Verda TÜZER | Hatice Alkan AKDAĞ
Treatment of obese patients with binge eating disorder using topiramate: a review

Author(s): Paolo Leombruni | Luca Lavagnino | Secondo Fassino
Treatment Options in Kleptomania

Author(s): Okan Çalıyurt | Lut Tamam
Maternal separation with early weaning: a novel mouse model of early life neglect

Author(s): George Elizabeth | Bordner Kelly | Elwafi Hani | Simen Arthur
Prevalence of hypersexual behavior in Parkinson’s disease patients: Not restricted to males and dopamine agonist use

Author(s): Christine A Cooper | Armon Jadidian | Michelle Paggi | Janet Romrell | Michael S Okun | et al
Intermittent Explosive Disorder

Author(s): Lut Tamam | Meliha Zengin Eroglu | Ozlem Paltaci
Obsessive-compulsive disorder and trichotillomania: a phenomenological comparison

Author(s): Lochner Christine | Seedat Soraya | du Toit Pieter | Nel Daniel | Niehaus Dana | Sandler Robin | Stein Dan
Impulse Control Disorders in a Group of University Exam Preparatory Course Students

Author(s): Gonca | Lut | Zehra | Meliha | Kayhan | Melike | Nedim | Soner
Impulse control disorder associated with dopaminergic therapy in Parkinson’s disease – a case report

Author(s): Martin Valis | Jiri Masopust | Ales Urban | Dita Kalnicka
Frequency of impulse control behaviours associated with dopaminergic therapy in restless legs syndrome

Author(s): Voon Valerie | Schoerling Andrea | Wenzel Sascha | Ekanayake Vindhya | Reiff Julia | Trenkwalder Claudia | Sixel-Döring Friederike
The Mental Health Study - Romania 2007: Prevalence, Severity, and Treatment of 12-Month DSM-IV Disorders

Author(s): Silvia FLORESCU | Mona MOLDOVAN | Constanta MIHAESCU-PINTIA | Eliot SOREL | Marius CIUTAN

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