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Author(s): Nur Asbani | Dewi Sartiami
Influence of seasons, different plant parts, and plant growth stages on saponin quantity and distribution in Bacopa monnieri

Author(s): Watoo Phrompittayarat | Kanchalee Jetiyanon | Sakchai Wittaya-areekul | Waraporn Putalun | Hiroyuki Tanaka | Ikhlas Khan | Kornkanok Ingkaninan
Real-time flood monitoring and warning system

Author(s): Jirapon Sunkpho | Chaiwat Ootamakorn
Analysis on descriptions of precautionary statements in package inserts of medicines

Author(s): Nabeta K | Kimura M | Ohkura M | Tsuchiya F
Blackberry and Handheld Devices: Management Productivity Aid or Cyber-Crime Tools?

Author(s): Nick Nykodym | Sonny Ariss | Michael P. Hoffman | Kihyun Park
3D Recognition Using Neural Networks

Author(s): Elhachloufi Mostafa | El Oirrak Ahmed | Aboutajdine Driss | Kaddioui Mohamed Najib
Research toward a Partially-Automated, and Crime Specific Digital Triage Process Model

Author(s): Gary Cantrell | David Dampier | Yoginder S. Dandass | Nan Niu | Chris Bogen
Computer Aided Recognition of Vocal Folds Disorders by Means of RASTA-PLP

Author(s): Ali Salih Mahmoud Saudi | Aliaa A. A. Youssif | Atef Z. Ghalwash
Target Detection Algorithm Based on the Movement of Codebook Model

Author(s): Kaige Chen | Xiaojun Han | Tenghao Huang
Handset Malwares Threats Feature Extraction Based on Behavior Analysis

Author(s): Marwa M. A. Efattah | Aliaa A. A. Youssif | Ebada Sarhan Ahmed
Privacy Policy in E Government Websites: A Case Study of Saudi Arabia

Author(s): Sami M. Alhomod | Mohd Mudasir Shafi
Investigating Rural Library Usage among Rural Youth in Malaysia: Its Corresponding Determinants and Impacts

Author(s): Siti Zobidah Omar | Hayrol Azril Mohamed Shaffril | Jusang Bolong | Jeffrey Lawrence D’Silva
Genetic Algorithm: A Versatile Optimization Tool

Author(s): Prof. Swati V. Chande | Dr. Madhavi Sinha
Color Image Enhancement Techniques: A Critical Review

Author(s): Anish Kumar Vishwakarma | Agya Mishra

Author(s): Jahnvi Sen | A.M. Sen | K. Hemachandran

Author(s): N V Muthu lakshmi | Dr. K Sandhya Rani

Author(s): B. Sathiyabama | Dr. S. Malarkkan
A Comparative Study of Software Requirements Tools For Secure Software Development

Author(s): Mohammad Ubaidullah Bokhari | Shams Tabrez Siddiqui

Author(s): Md. Sarwar Kamal | Sonia Farhana Nimmy
Data Compression of Fingerprint Minutiae

Seasonal Variation of Malaria Parasite Density in Paediatric Population of North Eastern Nigeria

Author(s): L. M. Samdi | J. A. Ajayi | S. Oguche | A. Ayanlade
Prevention of Phishing Attacks Based on Discriminative Key Point Features of WebPages

Author(s): Mallikka Rajalingam | Saleh Ali Alomari | Putra Sumari
Using Cipher Key to Generate Dynamic S-Box in AES Cipher System

Author(s): Razi Hosseinkhani | H. Haj Seyyed Javadi
Semantic Massage Addressing based on Social Cloud Actor's Interests

Author(s): Reem M. Bahgat | Akram I. Salah | Hamada I. Abdul Wakeil
Audio Steganography Coding Using the Discrete Wavelet Transforms

Author(s): Siwar Rekik | Driss Guerchi | Habib Hamam | Sid-Ahmed Selouani
A Complete Simulation of Target Detection and Estimation Using 77 GHz Radar

Author(s): Arun Kumar Singh | Samerendra Nath Sur | Amit Agarwal | Rabindranath Bera
Quality and Distortion Evaluation of Audio Signal by Spectrum

Author(s): Er. Niranjan Singh | Dr. Bhupendra Verma

Implementation Of Path Length Control For RLG Using FPGA

Author(s): Prasanthi.Pasula | Rajesh Babu.Natha
The anatomy of the secondary xylem of seven species of the Tachigali Aubl. type. from the Walter A. Egler wood collection of the Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi, Pará, Brazil

Author(s): Alisson Rodrigo Souza Reis | Pamella Carolline Marques dos Reis | Alcir Tadeu de Oliveira Brandão | Pedro Luiz Braga Lisboa
Infrared measurements in the Arctic using two Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Interferometers

Author(s): Z. Mariani | K. Strong | M. Wolff | P. Rowe | V. Walden | P. F. Fogal | T. Duck | G. Lesins | D. S. Turner | C. Cox | E. Eloranta | J. R. Drummond | C. Roy | D. D. Turner | D. Hudak | I. A. Lindenmaier
Role of Genetic Changes in the Progression of Cardiovascular Diseases

Author(s): S. A. Sheweita | H. Baghdadi | A. R. Allam
Epidemilogical Profile of Speech and Language Disorder in North Central Nigeria

Author(s): Shuaib K. Aremu | Olushola A. Afolabi | Biodun S. Alabi | Isiah O. Elemunkan
Relevant Networks involving the p53 Signalling Pathway in Renal Cell Carcinoma

Author(s): V. Medina Villaamil | G. Aparicio Gallego | I. Santamarina Caínzos | L. Valbuena Ruvira | M. Valladares-Ayerbes | L. M. Antón Aparicio
Occurrence of Vibrio parahaemolyticus in cockle (Anadara granosa) harvested from the south coast of Thailand

Author(s): Duangkhae Kanjanasopa | Benchamaporn Pimpa | Srimek Chowpongpang
Characterization of halloysite from Thung Yai District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, in Southern Thailand

Author(s): Sunaree Bordeepong | Darunee Bhongsuwan | Thongchai Pungrassami | Tripob Bhongsuwan
Amazonian coastline candy coastal in the Amapá and Pará States, Brazil

Author(s): Dário Dantas do Amaral | Maria Thereza Prost | Maria de Nazaré do Carmo Bastos | Salustiano Vilar Costa Neto | João Ubiratan Moreira dos Santos
Cranial osteology and myology of Eurypyga helias (Pallas, 1781) (Gruiformes: Eurypygidae) compared with other Gruiformes

Author(s): Maria Luiza Videira Marceliano | Reginaldo José Donatelli | Sérgio Roberto Posso
Cranial osteology of Cerylinae (Coraciiformes: Alcedinidae)

Author(s): Andrés Calonge-Méndez | Elizabeth Höfling
Biotechnology in the Production of Recombinant Vaccine or Antigen for Animal Health

Author(s): Balamurugan, V. | A. Sen | P. Saravanan | R.K. Singh
Development of an operational coastal flooding early warning system

Author(s): D.-J. Doong | L. Z.-H. Chuang | L.-C. Wu | Y.-M. Fan | C. C. Kao | J.-H. Wang
Traffic weigh-in-motion (WIM) measurements and validation of the Texas perpetual pavement structural design concept

Author(s): Lubinda F. Walubita | Wenting Liu | Tom Scullion | Allex Eduardo Alvarez-Lugo | Yenis Margarita López-Esalas | Geoffrey Simate
Energy Saving in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Zahra Rezaei | Shima Mobininejad
Watermarking Schemes For Copy Protection : A Survey

Author(s): Dolley Shukla | Manisha Sharma
Segment Based Visual Cryptography For Key Distribution

Author(s): Sesha Pallavi Indrakanti | Avadhani P S
Wood Species Identification, A Challenge of Scientific Conservation

Author(s): Maria Cristina TIMAR | Lidia GURĂU | Mihaela POROJAN
Biodiversity Conservation through Traditional Beliefs System: A Case Study from Kumaon Himalayas, India

Author(s): Harsh SINGH | Tariq HUSAIN | Priyanka AGNIHOTRI | Puran Chandra PANDE | Mudassar IQBAL
A Study of Digital Forensic: Process and Tools

Author(s): Sandhya Dahake | Shubhangi Daware
Trust Model for Reliable File Exchange In Cloud Computing

Author(s): Edna Dias Canedo | Rafael Timoteo de Sousa Junior | Robson de Oliveira Albuquerque
An Approach for Robots to Deal with Objects

Author(s): Sidiq S. Hidayat | Bong Keung Kim | Kohtaro Ohba
Reliability Analysis of Multi Path Multistage Interconnection Networks

Author(s): Sudarson Jena | G.Sri Sowmya | P.Radhika | P.Venkat Reddy
Achieving Consensus with Individual Centrality Approach

Author(s): Vitri Tundjungsari | Jazi Eko Istiyanto | Edi Winarko | Retantyo Wardoyo
Ranking Popular Items By Naive Bayes Algorithm

Author(s): Shiramshetty Gouthami | Golamari.Jose Mary | Pulluri Srinivas Rao
Quality of Service Using PSO Algorithm

Author(s): S.M. ELseuofi
Image Retrieval System Using Hybrid Feature Extraction Technique

Author(s): Vadhri Suryanarayana | M.V.L.N. Raja Rao | P. Bhaskara Reddy | G. Ravindra Babu
SignsWorld; Deeping into the Silence World and Hearing Its Signs (StAte oF the Art)

Author(s): A.M. Riad | Hamdy K.Elmonier | Samaa.M.Shohieb | A.S. Asem
Graph Based New Approach for Frequent Pattern Mining

Author(s): Anurag Choubey | Ravindra Patel | J.L. Rana
An Approach for Agile SOA Development using Agile Principals

Author(s): Majlesi Shahrbanoo | Mehrpour Ali | Mohsenzadeh Mehran
Visual Analysis of Cost Based Database Optimizers Using Picasso Tool

Author(s): Neeraj Sharma | Syed Imran Ali | Banshilal Patidar | Kavindra Raghuwanshi
Stereoscopic full aperture imaging in nuclear medicine

Author(s): Sergio G. Strocovsky | Dino Otero
An optical-coding method to measure particle distribution in microfluidic devices

Author(s): Tsung-Feng Wu | Zhe Mei | Luca Pion-Tonachini | Chao Zhao | Wen Qiao | Ashkan Arianpour | Yu-Hwa Lo
Thermal conductivity prediction of nanoscale phononic crystal slabs using a hybrid lattice dynamics-continuum mechanics technique

Author(s): Charles M. Reinke | Mehmet F. Su | Bruce L. Davis | Bongsang Kim | Mahmoud I. Hussein | Zayd C. Leseman | Roy H. Olsson-III | Ihab El-Kady
Contribution of environmental conditions in dental offices of Antioquia to the risk of mercury contamination

Author(s): Jairo A. Ruiz C | Gabriel J. Gómez M | Carlos J. Durán | Víctor M. Villa | Luis A. Zapata | Carlos M. Parra | Jorge I. Pérez R | Rosaura Carmona C
Improve Teaching Method of Data Mining Course

Author(s): Sakha'a Al Manaseer | Areej Malibari
Survey of MAC Layer Protocols for vehicular Ad Hoc Network

Author(s): Vimal Bibhu | Dhirendra Kumar Singh
Speech Quality Assessment of VoIP: G.711 VS G.722 Based on Interview Tests with Thai Users

Author(s): Therdpong Daengsi | Chai Wutiwiwatchai | Apiruck Preechayasomboon | Saowanit Sukparungsee
A Hybrid Algorithm for Classification of Compressed ECG

Author(s): Shubhada S.Ardhapurkar | Ramandra R. Manthalkar | Suhas S.Gajre
Ear Biometrics in Human Identification System

Author(s): V.K. Narendira Kumar | B. Srinivasan
Using Fuzzy Logic to Evaluate Normalization Completeness for an Improved Database Design

Author(s): M. Rizwan Jameel Qureshi | Mahaboob Sharief Shaik | Nayyar Iqbal
Diversity Through N-Version Programming: Current State, Challenges and Recommendations

Author(s): Raphaël Khoury | Abdelwahab Hamou-Lhadj | Mario Couture | Robert Charpentier
Software Quality Modeling and Current State of the Art

Author(s): N. Rajasekhar Reddy | R.J.Ramasree
Fuzzy C-Mean Clustering Algorithm Modification and Adaptation for Applications

Author(s): Bassam M. El-Zaghmouri | Marwan A. Abu-Zanona
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