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The first three-dimensional visualization of a thrombus in transit trapped between the leads of a permanent dual-chamber pacemaker: a case report

Author(s): Maagh Petra | Butz Thomas | Ziegler Andreas | Meissner Axel | Prull Magnus | Trappe Hans-J
Role of color Doppler flow imaging in applicable anatomy of spleen vessels

Author(s): Wei-Li Xu, Suo-Lin Li, Yan Wang, Meng Li, Ai-Guo Niu
Analyzing and Visualizing State Sequences in R with TraMineR

Author(s): Alexis Gabadinho | Gilbert Ritschard | Nicolas S Müller | Matthias Studer
A New Approach for Evaluation of Data Mining Techniques

Author(s): Moawia Elfaki Yahia | Murtada El-mukashfi El-taher
Spatial modelling of wetness for the Antarctic Dry Valleys

Author(s): Glen Stichbury | Lars Brabyn | T.G. Allan Green | Craig Cary
A New Framework for High Performance Processing of Voluminous Multisource Datasets

Author(s): Rania M. Kilany | Reda. Ammar | S. Rajasekaran | Wala. Sheta
Computer Modelling of 3D Geological Surface

Author(s): Kodge B. G. | Hiremath P. S.
MDCT in the diagnostic algorithm in patients with symptomatic atrial fibrillation

Author(s): Christian Sohns | Dirk Vollmann | Lars Luethje | Marc Dorenkamp | Joachim Seegers | Jan D Schmitto | Markus Zabel | Silvia Obenauer
An Integration of Interoperability and Persistency into GIS Data Analysis for Developing Map Engine

Author(s): Fateha Khanam Bappee | Fahim Irfan Alam, | Rashed Mustafa, | Mohammed Shahadat Hossain
An Interactive Visualization Methodology For Association Rules

Author(s): Mohammad Kamran | S. Qamar Abbas | Mohammad Rizwan Baig
Fetal magnetic resonance imaging in obstetric practice

Author(s): Aydın Köşüş | Nermin Köşüş | Betül Usluoğulları | Müzeyyen Duran | Nilgün Öztürk Turhan | Mehmet Tekşam
Properties Based Simplification of 2D Urban Area Map Object

Author(s): Jagdish Lal Raheja | Umesh Kumar
Rule Based Selection of 2D Urban Area Map Objects

Author(s): Jagdish Lal Raheja | Umesh Kumar
Diagnostic approaches for cholangiocarcinoma

Author(s): Andreas Weber, Roland M Schmid, Christian Prinz
Clustering Posts in Online Discussion Forum Threads

Author(s): Dina Said | Nayer Wanas
Development of a real-time clinical decision support system upon the web mvc-based architecture for prostate cancer treatment

Author(s): Lin Hsueh-Chun | Wu Hsi-Chin | Chang Chih-Hung | Li Tsai-Chung | Liang Wen-Miin | Wang Jong-Yi
Diabetes and the socioeconomic and built environment: geovisualization of disease prevalence and potential contextual associations using ring maps

Author(s): Stewart John | Battersby Sarah | Lopez-De Fede Ana | Remington Kevin | Hardin James | Mayfield-Smith Kathy
A Diagnostic System for Improving Biomass Quality Based on a Sensor Network

Author(s): Dionysis D. Bochtis | Claus G. Sørensen | Ole Green | Thomas Bartzanas
Uncertainty-aware video visual analytics of tracked moving objects

Author(s): Markus Höferlin | Benjamin Höferlin | Daniel Weiskopf | Gunther Heidemann
AI (artificial intelligence) in histopathology--from image analysis to automated diagnosis.

Author(s): Klaus Kayser | JĂźrgen GĂśrtler | Milica Bogovac | Aleksandar Bogovac | Torsten Goldmann | Ekkehard Vollmer | Gian Kayser
Real-Time Air Pollutants Rendering based on Image Processing

Author(s): Demin Wang | Yan Huang | Weitao Li
Evidential recovery from GPS devices

Author(s): Brian Cusack | Mark Simms

Author(s): Sung-Shun Weng | Shang-Chia Liu | Tsung-Hsien Wu
3D Terrain Synthesis from SRTM data and Spatial Watermarking

Author(s): Aditya Garg | Ruchir Joshi | Vikas Saxena

Author(s): Ms. U. S. Junghare | Dr. V. M. Thakare | R. V. Dharaskar | S. S. Sherekar
Spatial- and Time-Correlated Detection of Fission Fragments

Author(s): Granja C. | Kraus V. | Kopatch Y. | Telezhnikov S.A. | Vacik J. | Tomandl I. | Platkevic M. | Pospisil S.
Cartografía cerebral 3D obtenida a partir de electroencefalogramas en papel.

Author(s): Jorge Rodríguez | Gerardo Facenda | Antonio Eblen-Zajjur
Toward a New Scientific Visualization for the Language Sciences

Author(s): Luca Onnis | Michael J. Spivey
A Simple Impact Measure and Its Evolution over Time

Author(s): Ronald Rousseau | Fred Y. Ye
Data Visualization Technique Framework for Intrusion detection

Author(s): Alaa El - Din Riad | Ibrahim Elhenawy | Ahmed Hassan | Nancy Awadallah
Thematic Analysis And Visualization Of Textual Corpus

Author(s): Anja Habacha Chabi | Ferihane Kboubi | Mohamed Ben Ahmed,
Cyclonic multiphase flow measurement system GLCC®1 for oil well capacity evaluation

Author(s): J.M. Godoy–Alcántar | G. Cervantes–Martínez | M.A. Hernández–Buenfil | I. Ramírez–Antonio | J.A. Cruz–Maya
Getting by with a Little Help from My Friends: Mental Rotation Ability after Tacit Peer Encouragement

Author(s): Sheila Brownlow | Amanda J. Janas | Kathleen A. Blake | Kathleen T. Rebadow | Lindsay M. Mello
Datgan, a reusable software system for facile interrogation and visualization of complex transcription profiling data

Author(s): Howell Gareth | Walton David | King Benjamin | Libby Richard | John Simon
Visualizing Meta-Features in Proteomic Maps

Author(s): Giannopoulou Eugenia | Lepouras George | Manolakos Elias
iCTNet: A Cytoscape plugin to produce and analyze integrative complex traits networks

Author(s): Wang Lili | Khankhanian Pouya | Baranzini Sergio | Mousavi Parvin
Dynamic Chest Image Analysis: Model-Based Perfusion Analysis in Dynamic Pulmonary Imaging

Author(s): Liang Jianming | Järvi Timo | Kiuru Aaro | Kormano Martti | Svedström Erkki
Modeling and Visualization of Human Activities for Multicamera Networks

Author(s): Sankaranarayanan AswinC | Patro Robert | Turaga Pavan | Varshney Amitabh | Chellappa Rama
Ortho2ExpressMatrix—a web server that interprets cross-species gene expression data by gene family information

Author(s): Meinel Thomas | Schweiger Michal | Ludewig Andreas | Chenna Ramu | Krobitsch Sylvia | Herwig Ralf
gViz, a novel tool for the visualization of co-expression networks

Author(s): Helaers Raphaël | Bareke Eric | De Meulder Bertrand | Pierre Michael | Depiereux Sophie | Habra Naji | Depiereux Eric
Quality Assessment of Stereoscopic Images

Author(s): Benoit Alexandre | Le Callet Patrick | Campisi Patrizio | Cousseau Romain
Simulated Annealing in Telecommunication Network Planning

Author(s): J.C. Puoza | S.K. Amponsah | E. Agyeman
A Framework of Information Technology for Water Resources Management

Author(s): P.S.V.S. Sridhar | T. N. Jowhar | Anant Bhaskar Garg | U. Kedareswarudu
Working with the DICOM and NIfTI Data Standards in R

Author(s): Brandon Whitcher | Volker J. Schmid | Andrew Thorton
Imaging of Larynx and Pharynx Anatomy

Author(s): Malekmaryam Afkar
Application of Ultrasound in Audiology

Author(s): Farzad Rahimi
Ultrasound Application in Audiology

Author(s): Farzad Rahimi
Tool or Toy? Virtual Globes in Landscape Planning

Author(s): Olaf Schroth | Ellen Pond | Cam Campbell | Petr Cizek | Stephen Bohus | Stephen R. J. Sheppard
Techniques for Statistical Data Visualization in GIS

Author(s): Adriana REVEIU | Marian DARDALA
Online 3D Terrain Visualization: Implementation and Testing

Author(s): C.M. Ruzinoor | A.R.M. Shariff | A.R. Mahmud | B. Pradhan
Imaging of the anterior cruciate ligament

Author(s): Wing Hung Alex Ng | James Francis Griffith | Esther Hiu Yee Hung | Bhawan Paunipagar | Billy Kan Yip Law | Patrick Shu Hang Yung
A Visualization Tool for Exploring Multi-scale Network Traffic Anomalies

Author(s): Romain Fontugne | Toshio Hirotsu | Kensuke Fukuda
Intelligent GSM Cell Coverage Analysis System Based on GIS

Author(s): Lina Lan | Xuerong Gou | Yunhan Xie | Meng Wu
Real-Time Visualization and Interaction of Three-dimensional Human CT Images

Author(s): Zhanli Hu | Jing Zou | Jianbao Gui | Junyan Rong | Yanming Li | Dongxing Xi | Hairong Zheng
SOM Based Visualization Technique For Detection Of Cancerous Masses In Mammogram

Author(s): S.Pitchumani Angayarkanni | Dr.V.Saravanan 2

Author(s): Ibrahim Elhenawy | Alaa El - Din Riad | Ahmed Hassan | Nancy Awadallah

Author(s): Ibrahim Elhenawy | Alaa El - Din Riad | Ahmed Hassan | Nancy Awadallah
A Flexible Framework for Integrating Annotations from Different Tools and Tag Sets

Author(s): Christian Chiarcos | Stefanie Dipper | Michael Götze | Ulf Leser | Anke Lüdeling | Julia Ritz | Manfred Stede
Visualization of Segmented Structures in 3D Multimodal Medical Data Sets

Geographic Spatiotemporal Dynamic Model using Cellular Automata and Data Mining Techniques

Author(s): Ahmad Zuhdi | Aniati Murni Arymurthy | Heru Suhartanto
Mapping Infrared Data on Terrestrial Laser Scanning 3D Models of Buildings

Author(s): Mario Ivan Alba | Luigi Barazzetti | Marco Scaioni | Elisabetta Rosina | Mattia Previtali
OryzaPG-DB: Rice Proteome Database based on Shotgun Proteogenomics

Author(s): Helmy Mohamed | Tomita Masaru | Ishihama Yasushi
Understanding Streptococcus suis serotype 2 infection in pigs through a transcriptional approach

Author(s): Liu Manli | Fang Liurong | Tan Chen | Long Tiansi | Chen Huanchun | Xiao Shaobo
PRIN: a predicted rice interactome network

Author(s): Gu Haibin | Zhu Pengcheng | Jiao Yinming | Meng Yijun | Chen Ming
MeRy-B: a web knowledgebase for the storage, visualization, analysis and annotation of plant NMR metabolomic profiles

Author(s): Ferry-Dumazet Hélène | Gil Laurent | Deborde Catherine | Moing Annick | Bernillon Stéphane | Rolin Dominique | Nikolski Macha | de Daruvar Antoine | Jacob Daniel
RASOnD - A comprehensive resource and search tool for RAS superfamily oncogenes from various species

Author(s): Kulsum Umay | Singh Vishwadeep | Sharma Sujata | Srinivasan A | Singh Tej | Kaur Punit
InterMitoBase: An annotated database and analysis platform of protein-protein interactions for human mitochondria

Author(s): Gu Zuguang | Li Jie | Gao Song | Gong Ming | Wang Junling | Xu Hua | Zhang Chenyu | Wang Jin

Author(s): Ion LĂNCRĂNJAN | Cătălin NAE | Mihai-Victor PRICOP | Diana DAMIAN | Mircea UDREA
Developing a Framework for the 3D Visualization of Underground Petroleum Pipelines

Author(s): Balogun A. L. | Matori A. N. | Lawal D. U.
Shewregdb: Database and visualization environment for experimental and predicted regulatory information in Shewanella oneidensis mr-1

Author(s): Mustafa H. Syed | Michael R. Leuze | Edward C. Uberbacher | Tatiana V. Karpinets | Guruprasad H. Kora
Geovisualization of Sub-surface Pipelines: A 3D Approach

Author(s): Abdul-Lateef Balogun | Abdul-Nasir Matori | Dano Umar Lawal
GIS as Project Manager in Geophysical Applications Software

Author(s): Khalid Amin Khan | Gulraiz Akhter | Zulfiqar Ahmad
Using IDL to Visual Analyse the Point Clouds of the Surface of Crayfish

Author(s): Yinwu LI | Guangsheng ZHAO | Cheng YANG | Xiuwen SUN | Kui HUANG
Retinal vasculature enhancement using independent component analysis

Author(s): Ahmad Fadzil M. Hani | Hanung Adi Nugroho
Visualization of protein structure relationships using constrained twin kernel embedding

Author(s): Yi Guo | Jun-Bin Gao | Paul Kwan | Xinsheng Hou
Confidence, Visual Research, and the Aesthetic Function

Author(s): Stan Ruecker | Stéfan Sinclair | Milena Radzikowska
Software Project Visualization Using Task Oriented Metaphors

Author(s): Amaia Aguirregoitia | José Javier Dolado Cosín | Concepción Presedo
A Radar Visualization System Upgrade

Author(s): Hector N. Acosta | Marcelo A. Tosini
Augmented Reality For Museum Artifacts Visualization

Author(s): Edmund Ng Giap Weng | Behrang Parhizkar | Lina Chai Hsiao Ping | Arash Habibi Lashkari
We.I.Pe: Web Identification of People using e-mail ID

Author(s): K.S. Kuppusamy, | G.Aghila
The Multi-Liaison Algorithm

Author(s): Ms. Anjali Ganesh Jivani | Ms.Amisha Hetal Shingala | Dr. Paresh. V. Virparia
Augmented Reality Prototype for Visualizing Large Sensors’ Datasets

Author(s): Folorunso Olufemi A. | 1, Mohd Shahrizal S. | Ikotun Abiodun M.
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