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Author(s): Rajendra Singh Kushwah | Anand Swaroop Saxena
Household adaptation to digital terrestrial television in its first phase of implementation in Spain

Author(s): Isabel Sarabia-Andúgar, Ph.D. | Josefina Sánchez-Martínez, Ph.D.
Analysis of the Interaction between Routing Protocols and MANET Parameters

Author(s): Md. Nazmul Islam Khan | Rashed Ahmed | Md. Tariq Aziz
Who learns from whom? Supporting users and developers of a major biodiversity e-infrastructure

Author(s): Irina Brake | Daphne Duin | Isabella Van de Velde | Vincent Smith | Simon Rycroft
Data issues in the life sciences

Author(s): Anne Thessen | David Patterson
Complete Vision-Based Traffic Sign Recognition Supported by an I2V Communication System

Author(s): Miguel A. García-Garrido | Manuel Ocaña | David F. Llorca | Estefanía Arroyo | Jorge Pozuelo | Miguel Gavilán
Assessing water reservoirs management and development in Northern Vietnam

Author(s): A. Castelletti | F. Pianosi | X. Quach | R. Soncini-Sessa

Author(s): N.Ugtakhbayar | D.Battulga | Sh.Sodbileg
Discover, Reuse and Share Knowledge on Service Oriented Architectures

Author(s): Jesus Soto Carrion | Lei Shu | Elisa Garcia Gordo
QOS Improvement by Load Balancing using Nodal and Neighboring Load in Multipath Routing

Author(s): Jawade Nilima R | Bawane N G | Dongre Manoj M
Impact of Node Density on Scalable Routing Protocol in Wireless Mesh Networks

Author(s): Sanjeev Jain | Vinay Kumar | Sudarshan Tiwari
Sharing Integrated Spatial and Thematic Data: The CRISOLA Case for Malta and the European Project Plan4all Process

Author(s): Saviour Formosa | Vincent Magri | Julia Neuschmid | Manfred Schrenk
Gerenciamento de facilidades na Unidade II do Centro Universitário FEEVALE, Novo Hamburgo (RS)

Author(s): Marisa Freitas Furtado | Reginaldo Macedônio da Silva | Álison Silveira da Silva | Jésun Rigotto Carpeggiani

Author(s): ZORZOLIU Raluca | IATAGAN Mariana
Framework for Query Optimization

Author(s): Pawan Meena | Arun Jhapate | Parmalik Kumar
Mobility Networks And Safety Reti per la mobilità e sicurezza

Author(s): Adriana Galderisi | Andrea Ceudech
Performance and Capacity Planning of NGN

Author(s): Mustafa Shakir | Mahmood Ashraf Khan | Shahzad A Malik | Izhar ul Haq
Stakeholders' perspectives on the regulation and integration of complementary and alternative medicine products in Lebanon: a qualitative study

Author(s): Alameddine Mohamad | Naja Farah | Abdel-Salam Sarah | Maalouf Salwa | Matta Claudia
An Embedded Software Platform for Distributed Automotive Environment Management

Author(s): Seepold Ralf | Martínez Madrid Natividad | Sáez Gómez-Escalonilla Jesús | Reina Nieves Alvaro
Traffic Agents for Improving QoS in Mixed Infrastructure and Ad Hoc Modes Wireless LAN

Author(s): Yang Yang | Yuan Hai-Feng | Chen Hsiao-Hwa | Yao Wen-Bing | Song Yong-Hua
Experimental Evaluation of the Usage of Ad Hoc Networks as Stubs for Multiservice Networks

Author(s): Almeida Miguel | Sarrô Rafael | Barraca JoãoPaulo | Sargento Susana | Aguiar Rui L
Comparative decline in funding of European Commission malaria vaccine projects: what next for the European scientists working in this field?

Author(s): Thøgersen Regitze | Holder Anthony | Hill Adrian | Arnot David | Imoukhuede Egeruan | Leroy Odile
A Family of Key Agreement Mechanisms for Mission Critical Communications for Secure Mobile Ad Hoc and Wireless Mesh Internetworking

Author(s): Askoxylakis IoannisG | Tryfonas Theo | May John | Siris Vasilios | Traganitis Apostolos
Activity-Oriented Design of Health Pal: A Smart Phone for Elders' Healthcare Support

Author(s): Zao JohnK | Fan Shih-Chen | Wen Ming-Hui | Hsu Chun-Tang | Hung Chung-Hoo | Hsu Shang-Hwa | Chuang Ming-Chuen
Evaluation and Design Space Exploration of a Time-Division Multiplexed NoC on FPGA for Image Analysis Applications

Author(s): Zhang Linlin | Fresse Virginie | Khalid Mohammed | Houzet Dominique | Legrand Anne-Claire
Towards case-based medical learning in radiological decision making using content-based image retrieval

Author(s): Welter Petra | Deserno Thomas | Fischer Benedikt | Günther Rolf | Spreckelsen Cord
Development of standardized laboratory methods and quality processes for a phase III study of the RTS, S/AS01 candidate malaria vaccine

Author(s): Swysen Christine | Vekemans Johan | Bruls Myriam | Oyakhirome Sunny | Drakeley Chris | Kremsner Peter | Greenwood Brian | Ofori-Anyinam Opokua | Okech Brenda | Villafana Tonya | Carter Terrell | Savarese Barbara | Duse Adriano | Reijman Andrea | Ingram Charlotte | Frean John | Ogutu Bernhards
Design and Experimental Evaluation of a Vehicular Network Based on NEMO and MANET

Author(s): Tsukada Manabu | Santa José | Mehani Olivier | Khaled Yacine | Ernst Thierry
Classification of Artificial Intelligence IDS

Author(s): N.Ugtakhbayar | Sh.Sodbileg
A Framework of Information Technology for Water Resources Management

Author(s): P.S.V.S. Sridhar | T. N. Jowhar | Anant Bhaskar Garg | U. Kedareswarudu
Planning and corrupting water resources development: The case of small reservoirs in Ghana

Author(s): Jean-Philippe Venot | Marc Andreini | Crossley Beth Pinkstaff
Creating a catchment scale perspective for river restoration

Author(s): L. Benda | D. Miller | J. Barquín
Perceived Barriers to Research Publishing in Saudi Arabia

Author(s): Jumaan Abdulqader Alzahrani
Aplicación de un modelo numérico para la priorización de la inversión en tratamiento de aguas residuales en Colombia

Author(s): Sergio Barrera | Mario Díaz-Granados | Juan Pablo Ramos Bonilla | Luís A. Camacho | Ramón Rosales | Nicolás Escalante | Mario Tórres

Author(s): Dănuţ ŢIGĂNUŞ
A Dynamic Self-Adjusted Buffering Mechanism for Peer-to-Peer Real-Time Streaming

Author(s): Jun-Li Kuo | Chen-Hua Shih | Yaw-Chung Chen
Education for Healthcare in Disasters: an Imperative for Undergraduate Medical Education

Author(s): Murat Civaner | Kevser Vatansever | Harun Balcıoğlu | Cavit Işık Yavuz | Özlem Sarıkaya
A General Framework for Network Survivability Testing and Evaluation

Author(s): Chunlei Wang | Liang Ming | Jinjing Zhao | Dongxia Wang
Design and Performance Evaluation of Service Overlay Networks Topologies

Author(s): Davide Adami | Christian Callegari | Stefano Giordano | Gianfranco Nencioni | Michele Pagano
Research of Place-based 3D Augmented Community-Taking The 3D Virtual Campus as an Example

Author(s): Chung-Hsien Tsai | Huan-Chao Keh | Shu-Shen Wai | Ji-jen Wu | Chung-Hsien Tsai
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Antonio Teixeira | Anna Tzanakaki | Davide Careglio | Miroslaw Klinkowski
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Hsing-Chung Chen | Franz I.S. Ko | Yung-Chen Chou | Shyan-Ming Yuan | Yaw-Chung Chen | Chin-Chen Chang | Jyh-Horng Wen | Shiuh-Jeng Wang | Yuh-Ren Tsai | Keh-Ming Lu
A Cloud Computing Infrastructure on Heterogeneous Computing Resources

Author(s): Baomin XU | Ning Wang | Chunyan Li
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Yun Liu | Fei Yu | Chin-Chen Chang | Dongfeng Yuan | Yiqin Lu
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Fan Zhai | Homer Chen | Thomas Stockhammer | Touradj Ebrahimi
Media-Oriented Service Composition with Service Overlay Networks: Challenges, Approaches and Future Trends (Invited Paper)

Author(s): JongWon Kim | Sang Woo Han | Dong-Hoon Yi | Namgon Kim | C.-C Jay Kuo
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Subir Das | Jing Deng | Mario Gerla | Nada Gomie | Jason H. Li | Jiang (Linda) Xie
Assessing water resources management and development in Northern Vietnam

Author(s): A. Castelletti | F. Pianosi | X. Quach | R. Soncini-Sessa
Water Recycling in Australia

Author(s): Nick Apostolidis | Chris Hertle | Ross Young
ïSCOPE: Safer care for older persons (in residential) environments: A study protocol

Author(s): Cranley Lisa | Norton Peter | Cummings Greta | Barnard Debbie | Estabrooks Carole
A Survey on Routing Protocols and its Issues in VANET

Author(s): Jagadeesh Kakarla | S Siva Sathya | B Govinda Laxmi | Ramesh Babu B
Building and Using a Richly Annotated Interlinear Diachronic Corpus: The Case of Old High German Tatian

Author(s): Svetlana Petrova | Michael Solf | Julia Ritz | Christian Chiarcos | Amir Zeldes
E-Commerce Adoption Factors in Saudi Arabia

Author(s): Sulaiman A. Al-Hudhaif | Abdullah Alkubeyyer
Using the smart meter infrastructure to support home based patient monitoring

Author(s): Malcolm Clarke | Charles Palmer | Russell Jones
Plan Design Implement Framework

Author(s): Chandrashekhar P K | Shanta Rangaswamy | Ashwin Srigiri
Bridging the gap between basic science and clinical practice: a role for community clinicians

Author(s): Kahn Katherine | Ryan Gery | Beckett Megan | Taylor Stephanie | Berrebi Claude | Cho Michelle | Quiter Elaine | Fremont Allen | Pincus Harold
Eligibility, the ICF and the UN Convention: Australian perspectives

Author(s): Madden Ros | Glozier Nick | Mpofu Elias | Llewellyn Gwynnyth
LimsPortal and BonsaiLIMS: development of a lab information management system for translational medicine

Author(s): Bath Timothy | Bozdag Selcuk | Afzal Vackar | Crowther Daniel
Challenges of controlling sleeping sickness in areas of violent conflict: experience in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Author(s): Tong Jacqueline | Valverde Olaf | Mahoudeau Claude | Yun Oliver | Chappuis François
Community capacity to acquire, assess, adapt, and apply research evidence: a survey of Ontario's HIV/AIDS sector

Author(s): Wilson Michael | Rourke Sean | Lavis John | Bacon Jean | Travers Robb
Determining research knowledge infrastructure for healthcare systems: a qualitative study

Author(s): Ellen Moriah | Lavis John | Ouimet Mathieu | Grimshaw Jeremy | Bédard Pierre-Olivier
Political activity for physical activity: health advocacy for active transport

Author(s): Richards Rosalina | Murdoch Linda | Reeder Anthony | Amun Qa-t-a
The UK clinical research network - has it been a success for dermatology clinical trials?

Author(s): Thomas Kim | Koller Karin | Foster Katharine | Perdue Jo | Charlesworth Lisa | Chalmers Joanne
Ubiquitous robust communications for emergency response using multi-operator heterogeneous networks

Author(s): Fragkiadakis Alexandros | Askoxylakis Ioannis | Tragos Elias | Verikoukis Christos
Kids in the city study: research design and methodology

Author(s): Oliver Melody | Witten Karen | Kearns Robin | Mavoa Suzanne | Badland Hannah | Carroll Penelope | Drumheller Chelsea | Tavae Nicola | Asiasiga Lanuola | Jelley Su | Kaiwai Hector | Opit Simon | Lin En-Yi Judy | Sweetsur Paul | Barnes Helen | Mason Nic | Ergler Christina
Modelling and Simulation of Asynchronous Real-Time Systems using Timed Rebeca

Author(s): Luca Aceto | Matteo Cimini | Anna Ingolfsdottir | Arni Hermann Reynisson | Steinar Hugi Sigurdarson | Marjan Sirjani
An Information System for Risk-Vulnerability Assessment to Flood

Author(s): Subhankar Karmakar | Slobodan P. Simonovic | Angela Peck | Jordan Black
Evaluation on Information Technology Service Management Process with AHP

Author(s): Jiangping Wan | Hui Zhang | Dan Wan
Online Services Management Support for an Intelligent Locality

Author(s): Lorena BĂTĂGAN | Adrian POCOVNICU
A statistical permafrost distribution model for the European Alps

Author(s): L. Boeckli | A. Brenning | S. Gruber | J. Noetzli
Collaborative Rural Healthcare Network: A Conceptual Model

Author(s): U. Raja | D.J. McManus | J.M. Hardin | B.C. Haynes
QoS in Node-Disjoint Routing for Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Luo LIU | Laurie CUTHBERT

Author(s): Alexandru GĂLUŞCĂ | Ionică CÎRCIU | Mircea BOSCOIANU
Providing of Secure Routing against Attacks in MANETs

Author(s): A.Vani | D.Sreenivasa Rao
A Study on the Integration Risk Management for the Insurance Enterprises

Author(s): Shan HUA | Xin GAO | Hua-ting WANG | Xiao-yan LI | Jun-wen FENG

Author(s): Iulian Viorel BRAŞOVEANU | Ionuţ Cătălin SILVESTRU | Alexandru PAVEL | Daniela ONICA
A Study on the Integration Risk Management for the Insurance Enterprises

Author(s): Shan HUA | Xin GAO | Xiao-yan LI | Jun-wen FENG
Objectives and purposes of regional observation system

Author(s): Andreas Dittmar Weise | Jürgen Wilhelm Philips
Ciencia y documentación científica en la periferia. La Royal Society y la creación de la oficina bibliográfica mexicana (1895-1929)

Author(s): Astrain Gallart, Mikel | Olagüe de Ros, Guillermo | Menéndez Navarro, Alfredo
Evaluating the Readiness of Iranian Research Centers in Knowledge Management

Author(s): Nasrin D. Mamaghani | Reza Samizadeh | Fatemeh Saghafi
Review of E-Learning and ICT Infrastructure in Developing Countries (Case Study of Iran)

Author(s): Siavash Omidinia | Maslin Masrom | Harihuddin Selamat
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