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Designing Flexible E-Business Workflow Systems

Author(s): Bogdan Ghilic-Micu | Marinela Mircea | Codrin Nisioiu | Cătălin Silvestru | Marian Stoica
Teachers Voices Interpreting Standards

Author(s): Leo C. Rigsby | Elizabeth K. DeMulder

Author(s): Jagadeesha T, | Louis Kim, | Wei Ti Lee, | Thammaiah Gowda
Recent Advance in Biosensors for microRNAs Detection in Cancer

Author(s): Silvia Catuogno | Carla L. Esposito | Cristina Quintavalle | Laura Cerchia | Gerolama Condorelli | Vittorio de Franciscis
A Simple Approach to Clustering in Excel

Author(s): Aravind H | C Rajgopal | K P Soman
DSpace e System Integration: soluzioni innovative per le tesi di dottorato

Author(s): Andrea Bollini | Davide Vitale | Luigi Pascarelli
MOLOCH computer code for molecular-dynamics simulation of processes in condensed matter

Author(s): Sapozhnikov F.A. | Dremov V.V. | Ionov G.V. | Derbenev I.V. | Chizhkova N.E.
Sustainable Water Resources Management to Combat Desertification in the Nurra Region, Northwestern Sardinia, Italy

Author(s): Giorgio Ghiglieri | Giulio Barbieri | Antonio Vernier | Alberto Carletti | Daniele Pittalis


Author(s): Affortunato Francesca | Castagna Alina | Crociata Alessandro | D'Angelo Francesca
Innovation and adoption of mobile technology in public organizations: the IBGE case

Author(s): Amarolinda Iara da Costa Zanela Saccol | Adriana Manica | Silvia Elaluf-Calderwood
Evolution and Prospect of Thermal Spraying Technique

Author(s): YIN Zhi-Jian, , WANG Shu-Bao, FU-Wei,TAN Xin-Hai, TAO Shun-Yan, DING Chuan-Xian
Emotional Intelligence in Romanian Business

Author(s): Ecaterina Necsulescu | Gabriela Mironov
Costs and effects of a 'healthy living' approach to community development in two deprived communities: findings from a mixed methods study

Author(s): Snooks Helen | Evans Bridie | Cohen David | Nugent Michael | Rapport Frances | Skone Jon | Meredith Angie | Davies Tricia | O'Sullivan Diana
Electromagnetic monitoring of the Earth's interior in the frame of the MEM Project

Author(s): P. Palangio | C. Di Lorenzo | M. Di Persio | F. Masci | S. Mihajlovic | L. Santarelli | A. Meloni
The RING network: improvement of a GPS velocity field in the central Mediterranean

Author(s): Antonio Avallone | Giulio Selvaggi | Elisabetta D'Anastasio | Nicola D'Agostino | Grazia Pietrantonio | Federica Riguzzi | Enrico Serpelloni | Marco Anzidei | Giuseppe Casula | Gianpaolo Cecere | Ciriaco D'Ambrosio | Prospero De Martino | Roberto Devoti | Luigi Falco | Mario Mattia | Massimo Rossi | Francesco Obrizzo | Umberto Tammaro | Luigi Zarrilli
Technology validation of coatings deposition onto the brass substrate

Author(s): A.D. Dobrzańska-Danikiewicz | K. Lukaszkowicz
Innovating Methodological Strategies in Planning for Development Innovando Estrategias metodológicas en planeación para el desarrollo

Author(s): Villada Ríos María Alejandra | Serna Guzmán Carolina | Sánchez Mazo Liliana María
The Application of Organizers as an Efficient Technique in ESP Textbooks Development

Author(s): Abutaleb Iranmehr | Hossein Davari | Seyyed Mahdi Erfani
Necrotizing enterocolitis: A multifactorial disease with no cure

Author(s): Kareena L Schnabl, John E Van Aerde, Alan BR Thomson, Michael T Clandinin
Neuropilins: A New Target for Cancer Therapy

Author(s): Camille Grandclement | Christophe Borg
ICT Capability and Innovation Utilization in Turkish SMEs: The Case of Machinery Industry

Author(s): Arzu Tektas | Emine Nur Gunay | Abdulmecit Karatas | Asli D. Helvacioglu Kuyucu
A grander challenge: the case of how Makerere University College of Health Sciences (MakCHS) contributes to health outcomes in Africa

Author(s): Pariyo George | Serwadda David | Sewankambo Nelson | Groves Sara | Bollinger Robert | Peters David
What can we learn from long-term groundwater data to improve climate change impact studies?

Author(s): S. Stoll | H. J. Hendricks Franssen | R. Barthel | W. Kinzelbach
Intervenientes na Transferência de Tecnologia Universidade-Empresa: o Caso PUCRS

Author(s): Lisiane Closs | Gabriela Ferreira | Cláudio Sampaio | Marcelo Perin
The Importance of Social Media for Commerce. A Case Study in Madeira (Portugal)

Author(s): Irene Garcia Medina | Pedro Alvaro Correia Pereira
Engineering a Grimm approach to enhancing student engagement with health and safety lectures: a new perspective on an ancient pedagogy

Author(s): Cliodhna McCormac | Graham R. Dale | Jolene Phair | Kevin McHugh | James Davis
Process of innovation in product lifecycle management business strategy

Author(s): Valentina Gecevska | Franc Cus | Radmil Polenakovic | Paolo Chabert
A Construção da Vida: Um Novo Paradigma para Entender a Carreira no Século XXI

Author(s): Maria Eduarda Duarte | Maria Célia Lassance | Mark L. Savickas | Laura Nota | Jerome Rossier | Jean-Pierre Dauwalder | Jean Guichard | Salvatore Soresi | Raoul Van Esbroeck | Annelies E. M. van Vianen
Evaluating Biological Systems for Their Potential in Engineering Design

Author(s): Yen Jeannette | Michael Helms | Swaroop Vattam | Ashok K. Goel
Technology Review of Natural Gas Liquefaction Processes

Author(s): M.N. Usama | A. Sherine | M. Shuhaimi
Sustainable Micro-Manufacturing of Micro-Components via Micro Electrical Discharge Machining

Author(s): Francesco Modica | Valeria Marrocco | Giacomo Copani | Irene Fassi
The MacGyver effect: alive and well in health services research?

Author(s): Perera Roshan | Moriarty Helen
A multilevel investigation of inequalities in clinical and psychosocial outcomes for women after breast cancer

Author(s): Youl Philippa | Baade Peter | Aitken Joanne | Chambers Suzanne | Turrell Gavin | Pyke Christopher | Dunn Jeffrey
Establishing a community of practice of researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and communities to sustainably manage environmental health risks in Ecuador

Author(s): Spiegel Jerry | Breilh Jaime | Beltran Efrain | Parra Jorge | Solis Fernanda | Yassi Annalee | Rojas Alejandro | Orrego Elena | Henry Bonnie | Bowie William | Pearce Laurie | Gaibor Juan | Velasquez Patricio | Concepcion Miriam | Parkes Margot
Long-term development directions of PVD/CVD coatings deposited onto sintered tool materials

Author(s): A.D. Dobrzańska-Danikiewicz | K. Gołombek | D. Pakuła | J. Mikuła, | M. Staszuk | L.W. Żukowska

Author(s): Bolos Marcel | Pop Razvan | Otgon Cristian
Comparison of lidar-derived PM10 with regional modeling and ground-based observations in the frame of MEGAPOLI experiment

Author(s): P. Royer | P. Chazette | K. Sartelet | Q. J. Zhang | M. Beekmann | J.-C. Raut
Infinitt RIS/PACS Integration

Author(s): Andrew Seo
Innovative processes dynamics in Russian Federation

Author(s): Andrey Yu. Pogorelov | Venera G. Ayrapetyan
La evolución y el futuro de la producción más limpia en Colombia

Author(s): Bart Van Hoof | Carlos Manuel Herrera
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Manzur Murshed | Manoranjan Paul | Shuqun Zhang | Mohammad Ataul Karim
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Lei Shu | Hsiao-Hwa Chen | Takahiro Hara | Der-Jiunn Deng | Lei Wang
Metabolomics of Oxidative Stress in Recent Studies of Endogenous and Exogenously Administered Intermediate Metabolites

Author(s): Jia Liu | Lawrence Litt | Mark R. Segal | Mark J. S. Kelly | Jeffrey G. Pelton | Myungwon Kim
An innovative teaching practice based on online channels: A qualitative approach

Author(s): Edna Bravo, Mihaela Enache, Vicenc Fernandez, Pep Simo

Author(s): Jhonny Avilio Olivar Contreras
What can we learn from long-term groundwater data to improve climate change impact studies?

Author(s): S. Stoll | H. J. Hendricks Franssen | R. Barthel | W. Kinzelbach
Querying large read collections in main memory: a versatile data structure

Author(s): Philippe Nicolas | Salson Mikaël | Lecroq Thierry | Léonard Martine | Commes Thérèse | Rivals Eric
Biofilm Fixed Film Systems

Author(s): Harvey Gullicks | Hasibul Hasan | Dipesh Das | Charles Moretti | Yung-Tse Hung
E- Learning: An effective pedagogical tool for learning

Author(s): Boumedyen | Kaneez , | Rafael | Victor
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur DEMIRAY
Concentric Multiple Rings by Droplet Epitaxy: Fabrication and Study of the Morphological Anisotropy

Author(s): Somaschini C | Bietti S | Fedorov A | Koguchi N | Sanguinetti S
The Health Systems Funding Platform: Is this where we thought we were going?

Author(s): Hill Peter | Vermeiren Peter | Miti Katabaro | Ooms Gorik | Van Damme Wim
Contributions and challenges of cross-national comparative research in migration, ethnicity and health: insights from a preliminary study of maternal health in Germany, Canada and the UK

Author(s): Salway Sarah | Higginbottom Gina | Reime Birgit | Bharj Kuldip | Chowbey Punita | Foster Caroline | Friedrich Jule | Gerrish Kate | Mumtaz Zubia | O'Brien Beverley
Human Cytokinome: a new challenge for systems biology

Author(s): Susan Costantini | Giuseppe Castello | Giovanni Colonna
Sustainable and Innovative Solutions for Sewage Sludge Management

Author(s): Ludovico Spinosa | Azize Ayol | Jean-Christophe Baudez | Roberto Canziani | Pavel Jenicek | Angelique Leonard | Wim Rulkens | Guoren Xu | Lex van Dijk
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