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Empowerment: from noise to voice

Author(s): Marguerite Mendell
On the Survival of Imperfect Institutions

Author(s): Thrainn Eggertsson
Productivity measurement and growth in Nigeria: challenges and prospects

Author(s): Richard INGWE | Chibueze C. IKEJI | Judith E. OTU
Meeting the needs of industry: the drivers for change in engineering education

Author(s): Carol Arlett | Fiona Lamb | Richard Dales | Liz Willis | Emma Hurdle
Conditions for beginnings of Professional use concerning digital technologies in éducation

Author(s): Teresa Assude | Dominique Bessières | Delphine Combrouze | Catherine Loisy
Burden of disease in Thailand: changes in health gap between 1999 and 2004

Author(s): Bundhamcharoen Kanitta | Odton Patarapan | Phulkerd Sirinya | Tangcharoensathien Viroj
Turning science into health solutions: KEMRI’s challenges as Kenya’s health product pathfinder

Author(s): Simiyu Ken | Masum Hassan | Chakma Justin | Singer Peter
Why Europe? On comparative long-term growth

Author(s): Wagener, Hans-Jürgen
Preparing for and Responding to Disturbance: Examples from the Forest Sector in Sweden and Canada

Author(s): E. Carina H. Keskitalo | Nicole Klenk | Ryan Bullock | Andrea L. Smith | Dawn R. Bazely
Understanding the context of balanced scorecard implementation: a hospital-based case study in pakistan

Author(s): Rabbani Fauziah | Lalji Sabrina | Abbas Farhat | Jafri SM Wasim | Razzak Junaid | Nabi Naheed | Jahan Firdous | Ajmal Agha | Petzold Max | Brommels Mats | Tomson Goran
Building effective service linkages in primary mental health care: a narrative review part 2

Author(s): Fuller Jeffrey | Perkins David | Parker Sharon | Holdsworth Louise | Kelly Brian | Roberts Russell | Martinez Lee | Fragar Lyn
A grander challenge: the case of how Makerere University College of Health Sciences (MakCHS) contributes to health outcomes in Africa

Author(s): Pariyo George | Serwadda David | Sewankambo Nelson | Groves Sara | Bollinger Robert | Peters David
Practicing Invisibility: Women’s Roles in Higher Education

Author(s): Monica Nilsson | Honorine Nocon
Toward Food System Sustainability through School Food System Change: Think&EatGreen@School and the Making of a Community-University Research Alliance

Author(s): Alejandro Rojas | Will Valley | Brent Mansfield | Elena Orrego | Gwen E. Chapman | Yael Harlap
Accounting Research: a Critical View of the Present Situation and Prospects

Author(s): Josep M. Argilés | Josep Garcia-Blandon
Financialization of commodities

Author(s): Michał Falkowski
Discursos y praxis de la innovación en entidades de la C.A. del País Vasco: Un análisis aplicado

Author(s): Galarraga Ezponda, Auxkin | Luna García, Álvaro | González Durán, Sandra | Massa Carrasquello, Marcelino
Turning the museum indside out: The biological sciences at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

Author(s): Andrew Simpson | Sara Estrada-Arevalo | Vicki Michael
Building Climate Resilience in the Blue Nile/Abay Highlands: A Framework for Action

Author(s): Belay Simane | Benjamin F. Zaitchik | Desalegn Mesfin
Social marketing in healthcare

Author(s): Radha Aras

Author(s): Veronica JUNJAN | Ioana MICLUŢIA | Codruţa POPESCU | Mugur CIUMĂGEANU | Raluca SFETCU | Dan GHENEA
La presencia Ethnic en la Publicidad Institucional

Author(s): Carmen Gaona Pisonero | Esther Martínez Pastor
Total Quality and Total Mobility Qualità totale e mobilità totale

Author(s): Giuseppe Trieste | Daniela de Mitri
Determinants and Prevalence of Rural Poverty in West, East and Southern African Countries

Author(s): Joachim Nyemeck Binam | Judith Oduol | Luke Olarinde | Aliou Diagne | Adewale Adekunle
Stages of change: A qualitative study on the implementation of a perinatal audit programme in South Africa

Author(s): Belizán María | Bergh Anne-Marie | Cilliers Carolé | Pattinson Robert | Voce Anna
Innovations in Sub-National Government in Europe Innovations in Sub-National Government in Europe

Author(s): Linze Schaap | Casper Geurtz | Laurens De Graaf | Niels Karsten
Human response and adaptation to drought in the arid zone: lessons from southern Africa

Author(s): P.J. O'Farrell | P. M.L. Anderson | S. J. Milton | W. R.J. Dean
Reaching out and reaching across: Collections and social inclusion

Author(s): Phaedra Livingstone | Jill Hartz

Author(s): Prof. Ángel Hernández | Prof. Francelys Maiz
Coari: petróleo e sustentabilidade – um exemplo amazônico

Author(s): Wagner Santos de Almeida | Newton Moreira de Souza
Change in serum KL-6 level from baseline is useful for predicting life-threatening EGFR-TKIs induced interstitial lung disease

Author(s): Kawase Shigeo | Hattori Noboru | Ishikawa Nobuhisa | Horimasu Yasushi | Fujitaka Kazunori | Furonaka Osamu | Isobe Takeshi | Miyoshi Seigo | Hamada Hironobu | Yamane Takashi | Yokoyama Akihito | Kohno Nobuoki
Debate on Bruce Bimber´s Book Information and American Democracy. Cambridge University Press, 2003

Author(s): Robles, José Manuel | Bimber, Bruce | Livingston, Steven | Garcia, José Luís | Gang, Liu | Mosca, Lorenzo | Karpf, David | Robles, José Manuel
Televizyonda Çeviri Olgusu

Author(s): Faruk YÜCEL
Air pollution regulations in Turkey and harmonization with the EU legislation

Author(s): Aydin Coskun A | Türker OY | Velioglu N
Uhreviye Karşi Seküler; Din ve Televizyon

Author(s): Aşina GÜLERARSLAN
Current Perspectives on Desmoid Tumors: The Mayo Clinic Approach

Author(s): Siddharth B. Joglekar | Peter S. Rose | Franklin Sim | Scott Okuno | Ivy Petersen
New Phenomenon of Commercial Corruption

Author(s): Krzysztof Nowakowski
La nation et l’État belge existent-ils ?

Author(s): André-Frédéric Hoyaux
Resource Differentiation of Knowledge

Author(s): Evgeny Popov | Maxim Vlasov
Roles for Information professionals in patient education: Librarians' perspective

Author(s): Susan L. MacDonald | Todie Winter | Robert Luke
Teacher’s training from an interdisciplinary scope

Author(s): Antonio García Correa, | Andrés Escarbajal Frutos | Tomás Izquierdo Rus
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