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Universal Design: Is it Accessible?

Author(s): Jane Bringolf
Health Problems of Mentally Disabled Individuals

Author(s): Hatice Yildirim Sari
The Proteus syndrome.

Author(s): Alavi S | Chakrapani A | Kher A | Bharucha B
Project STOP Cognitive Behavioral Assessment and Treatment for Sex offenders with Intellectual Disability

Author(s): Christine Maguth Nezu | Jeffrey Greenberg | Arthur M. Nezu
Genetic studies in children with intellectual disability and autistic spectrum of disorders

Author(s): Balasubramanian Bhanumathi | Bhatt Chetna | Goyel Neelam
Cerebellar mutism syndrome and its relation to cerebellar cognitive and affective function: Review of the literature

Author(s): Yildiz Ozlem | Kabatas Serdar | Yilmaz Cem | Altinors Nur | Agaoglu Belma
Special health promotion

Author(s): Paula Borges Jacques
Submicroscopic deletions of 11q24-25 in individuals without Jacobsen syndrome: re-examination of the critical region by high-resolution array-CGH

Author(s): Tyson Christine | Qiao Ying | Harvard Chansonette | Liu Xudong | Bernier Francois | McGillivray Barbara | Farrell Sandra | Arbour Laura | Chudley Albert | Clarke Lorne | Gibson William | Dyack Sarah | McLeod Ross | Costa Teresa | VanAllen Margot | Yong Siu-li | Graham Gail | MacLeod Patrick | Patel Millan | Hurlburt Jane | Holden Jeanette | Lewis Suzanne | Rajcan-Separovic Evica
Major Depression in a Brazilian Amazon Woman with Down Syndrome: A Case Report

Author(s): Dárcio Marcel Castelo de Souza | Lucas Crociati Meguins | Emília Maíra Crociati Meguins
A study of cluster behavioral abnormalities in down syndrome

Author(s): Bhattacharyya Ranjan | Sanyal Debasish | Roy Krishna | Saha Sanjay
Subtelomeric FISH analysis in 76 patients with syndromic developmental delay/intellectual disability

Author(s): Belligni Elga | Biamino Elisa | Molinatto Cristina | Messa Jole | Pierluigi Mauro | Faravelli Francesca | Zuffardi Orsetta | Ferrero Giovanni | Silengo Margherita
Psychiatric and psychosocial problems in adults with normal-intelligence autism spectrum disorders

Author(s): Hofvander Björn | Delorme Richard | Chaste Pauline | Nydén Agneta | Wentz Elisabet | Ståhlberg Ola | Herbrecht Evelyn | Stopin Astrid | Anckarsäter Henrik | Gillberg Christopher | Råstam Maria | Leboyer Marion
Lack of X-linked inhibitor of apoptosis protein leads to increased apoptosis and tissue loss following neonatal brain injury

Author(s): Tim West | Madeliene Stump | Gregory Lodygensky | Jeff J Neil | Mohanish Deshmukh | David M Holtzman
Detection of pathogenic copy number variants in children with idiopathic intellectual disability using 500 K SNP array genomic hybridization

Author(s): Friedman JM | Adam Shelin | Arbour Laura | Armstrong Linlea | Baross Agnes | Birch Patricia | Boerkoel Cornelius | Chan Susanna | Chai David | Delaney Allen | Flibotte Stephane | Gibson William | Langlois Sylvie | Lemyre Emmanuelle | Li H Irene | MacLeod Patrick | Mathers Joan | Michaud Jacques | McGillivray Barbara | Patel Millan | Qian Hong | Rouleau Guy | Van Allen Margot | Yong Siu-Li | Zahir Farah | Eydoux Patrice | Marra Marco
Doctor-patient communication with people with intellectual disability - a qualitative study

Author(s): Wullink Magda | Veldhuijzen Wemke | van Schrojenstein Lantman - de Valk Henny | Metsemakers Job | Dinant Geert-Jan

Cognitive profiles of genetic syndromes with Intellectual Disability

Author(s): Di Nuovo, Santo | Buono, Serafino
Impact of life course determinants on work participation among young Norwegian men

Author(s): Petter Kristensen | Tor Bjerkedal | Lorentz M. Irgens | Hans Magne Gravseth | John Ivar Brevik
A stepwise approach to identify intellectual disabilities in the criminal justice system

Author(s): Erik Sondenaa | Tom Palmstierna | Valentina Cabral Iversen
Joubert Syndrome and related disorders

Author(s): Brancati Francesco | Dallapiccola Bruno | Valente Enza
Performance of balance beam task of K.T.K. by people with intellectual disability

Author(s): José Irineu Gorla | Anselmo de Athayde Costa e Silva | Leonardo Trevizan Costa | Paulo Ferreira de Araújo
Effects of Disability and Symptom Severity on Quality of Life in Schizophrenia Patients

Author(s): İbrahim Eren | Düzgün Şimşek | Ali Metehan Çalışkan
Attitudes of undergraduate health science students towards patients with intellectual disability, substance abuse, and acute mental illness: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Boyle Malcolm | Williams Brett | Brown Ted | Molloy Andrew | McKenna Lisa | Molloy Elizabeth | Lewis Belinda
Behavior and neuropsychiatric manifestations in Angelman syndrome

Author(s): Karine Pelc | Guy Cheron | Bernard Dan

Author(s): Lopez-Galindo Dora | Henao-Garcia Lus Stella | Castro-Suarez Ofelia
Evidence to practice: treatment of anxiety in individuals with autism spectrum disorders

Author(s): Russell Lang | Richard Mahoney | Farah El Zein | et al
Correlation between physical anomaly and behavioral abnormalities in down syndrome

Author(s): Bhattacharyya Ranjan | Sanyal Debasish | Roy Krishna | Bhattacharyya Sumita
Developing and implementing mental health policy in Zanzibar, a low income country off the coast of East Africa

Author(s): Jenkins Rachel | Mussa Mahmoud | Haji Suleiman | Haji Mohammed | Salim Ahmed | Suleiman Said | Riyami Alya | Wakil Abdul | Mbatia Joseph
Caregiver awareness of reproductive health issues for women with intellectual disabilities

Author(s): Lin Lan-Ping | Lin Pei-Ying | Hsu Shang-Wei | Loh Ching-Hui | Lin Jin-Ding | Lai Chia-Im | Chien Wu-Chien | Lin Fu-Gong
Mutation screening of ASMT, the last enzyme of the melatonin pathway, in a large sample of patients with Intellectual Disability

Author(s): Pagan Cecile | Botros Hany | Poirier Karine | Dumaine Anne | Jamain Stéphane | Moreno Sarah | de Brouwer Arjan | Van Esch Hilde | Delorme Richard | Launay Jean-Marie | Tzschach Andreas | Kalscheuer Vera | Lacombe Didier | Briault Sylvain | Laumonnier Frédéric | Raynaud Martine | van Bon Bregje | Willemsen Marjolein | Leboyer Marion | Chelly Jamel | Bourgeron Thomas
Mental Retardation and Parenting Stress

Author(s): Savvas Karasavvidis | Chrisanthi Avgerinou | Eirini Lianou | Dimitrios Priftis | Anastasia Lianou | Eleni Siamaga
An Assistive Computerized System with Tangible User Interfaces for Children with Moderate Intellectual and Learning Disabilities

Author(s): Jihad Mohamad Aljaam | Ali Jaoua | Saleh AlHazbi | Ahmad Hasnah | Ali Karime | Abdelmutalib A. Elsaddik
Disability in young adults following major trauma: 5 year follow up of survivors

Author(s): Evans Sian | Airey Mark | Chell Susan | Connelly James | Rigby Alan | Tennant Alan
A 4q35.2 subtelomeric deletion identified in a screen of patients with co-morbid psychiatric illness and mental retardation

Author(s): Pickard Ben | Hollox Edward | Malloy M Pat | Porteous David | Blackwood Douglas | Armour John | Muir Walter
Cognitive and behavioural therapy of voices for with patients intellectual disability: Two case reports

Author(s): Favrod Jérôme | Linder Sabrina | Pernier Sophie | Navarro Chafloque Mario
Biofortification in China: policy and practice

Author(s): Campos-Bowers Monica | Wittenmyer Brian
Evaluation of safe and effective administration of nitrous oxide after a postgraduate training course

Author(s): Collado Valérie | Nicolas Emmanuel | Faulks Denise | Tardieu Corinne | Manière Marie-Cécile | Droz Dominique | Onody Peter | Hennequin Martine

Author(s): Malm Dag | Nilssen Øivind

Author(s): Katarina Tomić1, | Goran Mihajlović2, | Natalija Jovanović Mihajlović3 | Slavica Đukić Dejanović2, and | Katarina Mihajlović4 | Goran Petrović2
Inclusão Social pelo Trabalho: a Qualificação Profissional para Pessoas com Deficiência Intelectual

Author(s): Mariela Cristina de Aguiar Costa | Débora Mantovani Comello | Raissa Pedrosa Gomes Tette | Michelli Godoi Rezende | Maristela Ferro Nepomuceno
Las personas con discapacidad intelectual ante las TIC People with Intellectual Disability and ICTs

Author(s): Pedro Gutiérrez Recacha | Almudena Martorell Cafranga
Facilitating Flow Experience in People with Intellectual Disability Using a Music Intervention Program

Author(s): Amanallah Soltani | Samsilah Roslan | Maria Chong Abdullah | Chan Cheong Jan
De novo deletion in MECP2 in a monozygotic twin pair: a case report

Author(s): Mittal Kirti | Kabra Madhulika | Juyal Ramesh | BK Thelma
Health and Functional Status of Adults with Intellectual Disability Referred to the Specialist Health Care Setting: A Five-Year Experience

Author(s): L. Lee | J. Rianto | V. Raykar | H. Creasey | L. Waite | A. Berry | J. Xu | B. Chenoweth | S. Kavanagh | V. Naganathan
Expanding the clinical spectrum associated with defects in CNTNAP2 and NRXN1

Author(s): Gregor Anne | Albrecht Beate | Bader Ingrid | Bijlsma Emilia | Ekici Arif | Engels Hartmut | Hackmann Karl | Horn Denise | Hoyer Juliane | Klapecki Jakub | Kohlhase Jürgen | Maystadt Isabelle | Nagl Sandra | Prott Eva | Tinschert Sigrid | Ullmann Reinhard | Wohlleber Eva | Woods Geoffrey | Reis André | Rauch Anita | Zweier Christiane
Parental Concerns about the Health of Adolescents with Intellectual Disability: A Brief Report

Author(s): Madonna Tucker | Miriam Taylor Gomez | Therese Rey-Conde | Nicholas Lennox
A novel deletion mutation in the TUSC3 gene in a consanguineous Pakistani family with autosomal recessive nonsyndromic intellectual disability

Author(s): Khan Muzammil | Rafiq Muhammad | Noor Abdul | Ali Nadir | Ali Ghazanfar | Vincent John | Ansar Muhammad
Risperidone in the treatment of conduct disorder in preschool children without intellectual disability

Author(s): Ercan Eyup | Basay Burge | Basay Omer | Durak Sibel | Ozbaran Burcu
Inflammatory and Immunological parameters in adults with Down syndrome

Author(s): Trotta Maria | Serro Azul João | Wajngarten Mauricio | Fonseca Simone | Goldberg Anna | Kalil Jorge
Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) for anxiety and depression in adults with mild intellectual disabilities (ID): a pilot randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Hassiotis Angela | Serfaty Marc | Azam Kiran | Strydom Andre | Martin Sue | Parkes Charles | Blizard Robert | King Michael
X-linked disorders with cerebellar dysgenesis

Author(s): Zanni Ginevra | Bertini Enrico
Ichthyosis follicularis, alopecia, and photophobia (IFAP) syndrome

Author(s): Mégarbané Hala | Mégarbané André
Cognitive development in patients with Mucopolysaccharidosis type III (Sanfilippo syndrome)

Author(s): Valstar Marlies | Marchal Jan | Grootenhuis Martha | Colland Vivian | Wijburg Frits
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