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Intellectual Property Rights in Nanotechnology

Author(s): Behfar Bastani | Dennis Fernandez
RLG's Cultural Materials Initiative

Author(s):   Karen Smith-Yoshimura
Drug prices in India after GATT agreement,

Author(s): Smt. Dr. Jayanti Vijaya Ratna
Derechos de propiedad intelectual y agro-biotecnología: limitaciones y alternativas

Author(s): Yaya-Lancheros Mary Luz | Chaparro-Giraldo Alejandro
Patent rights in international trade

Author(s): Jelisavac Sanja
Propriedade Intelectual e Dinâmica de Inovação na Agricultura

Author(s): Sergio Medeiros Paulino de Carvalho | Sergio Luiz Monteiro Salles-Filho | Sonia Regina Paulino
Propriedade Intelectual e Concorrência

Author(s): Maria Tereza Leopardi Mello

Author(s): Nor Azlina Mohd Noor | Ahmad Shamsul Abd Aziz
A Generalized DRM Architectural Framework

Author(s): PATRICIU, V. V. | BICA, I. | TOGAN, M. | GHITA, S. V.
Human Resources Management in the Knowledge Management

Author(s): Iulia CHIVU | Dan POPESCU
Intellectual property-A strong determinant of Economic Growth

Author(s): Mummun rai | Love k Singh | Aarti Sharma
A Robust Watermarking and Image Authentication Scheme used for Digital Contant Application

Author(s): Chih-Ming Kung | Shu-Tsung Chao | Yen-Chen Tu | Yu-Hua Yan | Chih-Hsien Kung
Guidance for reconciling patent rights and disclosure of findings at scientific meetings

Author(s): Lipkus Nathaniel | Mackie Jocelyn | Singer Peter

Author(s): A.C.Suthar, | K.M.Pattani, | Dr. G.R.Kulkarni
Clinical Trials : Growing Opportunities for India

Author(s): Dayanidhi Behera | Amol Shindikar
Why Is Hard To Patent An Invention?

Author(s): D. BEIN | Wolfgang BEIN | M.P. BRUT | M. CAZACU
Managing Bioplastics Business Innovation in Start Up Phase

Author(s): Pornpun Theinsathid | Achara Chandrachai | Suwimon Keeratipibul
Emerging opportunities in pharma industry

Author(s): Jha D | Jasubhai K | Tomar M
Morphological characteristics of ICRISAT-bred pearl millet hybrid seed parents

Author(s): KN Rai | SK Gupta | Ranjana Bhattacharjee | VN Kulkarni | AK Singh | AS Rao
Digital Watermark Tracking using Intelligent Multi-Agents System

Author(s): Nagaraj V. DHARWADKAR | B. B. AMBERKER
Framing access to medicines in developing countries: an analysis of media coverage of Canada's Access to Medicines Regime

Author(s): Esmail Laura | Phillips Kaye | Kuek Victoria | Cosio Andrea | Kohler Jillian
Integrated Multimodal Copy-Paste Checking

Author(s): Narayanan Kulathuramaiyer | Bilal Zaka
Intellectual property: A strong determinant of economic growth

Author(s): Rai Munmun | Singh Love | Sharma Aarti
Games of Multitude

Author(s): Nick Dyer-Witheford | Greig de Peuter
A Comprehensive Analysis of Digital Watermarking

Author(s): Muhammad Aamir Qureshi | Ran Tao
Experience and strategy of biodiversity data integration in Taiwan

Author(s): Kwangtsao | ShaoKunchi Lai | Yungchang Lin | Chihjen Ko | Han Lee | Lingya Hung | Yuehchih Chen | Leesea Chen
A globalização, a OMC e o comércio eletrônico

Author(s): Alexandre Dias Pereira
Creative Commons International

Author(s): Catharina Maracke
Patenteamento da biotecnologia no setor agrícola no Brasil: uma análise crítica

Author(s): Adriana Carvalho Pinto Vieira | Antônio Márcio Buainain | Maria Estér Dal Poz | Pedro Abel Vieira Junior
Can Open Mean Terbuka? Negotiating Licenses for Indonesian Video Activism

Author(s): Alexandra Crosby | Ferdiansyah Thajib
Science-based health innovation in Uganda: creative strategies for applying research to development

Author(s): Kamunyori Sheila | Al-Bader Sara | Sewankambo Nelson | Singer Peter | Daar Abdallah
Intellectual Property Law & Competition Law

Author(s): Atul Patel | Auro Aurobinda Panda | Akshay Deo | Siddhartha Khettry | Sujith Philip Mathew
Wissen als geistiges Eigentum

Author(s): Walther Umstätter
The Current Intellectual Property Debate: A Citation-Based Analysis

Author(s): Christian Linder | Sven Seidenstricker
Copyright Protection of Online Application using Watermarking

Author(s): B. K. Sharma | R. P. Agarwal | Raghuraj Singh

Author(s): Vol. 5 No. 5 2009
MPEG-4 IPMP Extension for Interoperable Protection of Multimedia Content

Author(s): Takuyo Kogure | Yasuda Hiroshi | Terumasa Aoki | Takafumi Ueno | Taka Senoh | Wenjun Zeng | S. M. Shen | Ming Ji
Secure Multimedia Authoring with Dishonest Collaborators

Author(s): Philip Ogunbona | Reihaneh Safavi-Naini | Nicholas Paul Sheppard
Sui Generis Rights for the Protection of Traditional Cultural Expressions

Author(s): Bizer, Kilian; Lankau, Matthias; Spindler, Gerald; Zimbehl, Philipp
Interface between IPR and Human Rights: A Study with Reference to International Law

Author(s): Doctor Nashat Mahmoud Abdalla Jaradat LL.M,. Ph,D

Author(s): Jahnvi Sen | A.M. Sen | K. Hemachandran
Mathematical Model for Digital Video Watermarking Based On 3D Wavelet Transform

Author(s): Sonam A. Bhandari | Amar D. Rana | Swati Z. Bhandari
Spatial and Frequency Domain for Grey level Digital Images

Author(s): Dharm Singh | Naveen Choudhary | Madhuri Agrawal
Assessing the Status of ICT Industry Firms in Iran --- ارزيابي وضعيت بنگاههاي صنعت فناوري اطلاعات و ارتباطات در ایران

Author(s): Pooya Alaedini, - پويا علاءالديني | Babak Pirouz - بابك پيروز
Agricultural biotechnologogy patents in Brazil: a critical reviewPatenteamento da biotecnologia no setor agrícola no Brasil: uma análise crítica

Author(s): Adriana Carvalho Pinto Vieira | Antônio Márcio Buainain | Maria Estér Dal Poz | Pedro Abel Vieira Junior
MPEG-4 IPMP Extension for Interoperable Protection of Multimedia Content

Author(s): Ji Ming | Shen SM | Zeng Wenjun | Senoh Taka | Ueno Takafumi | Aoki Terumasa | Hiroshi Yasuda | Kogure Takuyo
Secure Multimedia Authoring with Dishonest Collaborators

Author(s): Sheppard Nicholas Paul | Safavi-Naini Reihaneh | Ogunbona Philip
Bioethical Issues of Nanotechnology at a Glance

Author(s): M Aala | B Larijani | F Zahedi
"Interventions for Promoting Research Knowledge Translation: An Introduction"

Author(s): Reza Majdzadeh | Sharareh Ahghari | Saharnaz Nedjat | Jaleh Gholami | Katayoun Maleki | Masoud Yunesian | Akbar fotuhi
Security in Collaborative Multimedia Web-based Art Projects

Author(s): Dimitrios K. Koukopoulos | Georgios D. Styliaras
Product patent versus process patent in pharmaceutical industry

Author(s): 1Dr. Neetu Sharma *, 2Dr. Sandeep Batish
Availability, accessibility, quality and comparability of monitoring data for European forests for use in air pollution and climate change science

Author(s): Clarke N | Fischer R | de Vries W | Lundin L | Papale D | Vesala T | Merilä P | Matteucci G | Mirtl M | Simpson D | Paoletti E
Service Oriented Architecture based SDI Model for Geographical Indication Web Services

Author(s): Rabindra K. Barik | Arun B. Samaddar | Shefalika G. Samaddar
A Novel Digital Rights Management Scheme in P2P Networks

Author(s): Jing Feng | Ruoshan Kong | Yulin Wang
Content based Trademark Retrieval by Integrating Shape with Colour and Texture Information

Author(s): Akriti Nigam | Arpit Kumar Garg | R.C. Tripathi
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