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Modelling of free boundary problems for phase change with diffuse interfaces

Author(s): Sanyal Dipayan | Rao P. Ramachandra | Gupta O. P.
Array2BIO: from microarray expression data to functional annotation of co-regulated genes

Author(s): Loots Gabriela | Chain Patrick | Mabery Shalini | Rasley Amy | Garcia Emilio | Ovcharenko Ivan
A tree-based conservation scoring method for short linear motifs in multiple alignments of protein sequences

Author(s): Chica Claudia | Labarga Alberto | Gould Cathryn | López Rodrigo | Gibson Toby
EC-PPRA: An Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Rong-sheng Dong | Yuan-chuang Hu | Jian-ming Liu
CoGemiR: A comparative genomics microRNA database

Author(s): Maselli Vincenza | Di Bernardo Diego | Banfi Sandro
Prediction of evolutionarily conserved interologs in Mus musculus

Author(s): Yellaboina Sailu | Dudekula Dawood | Ko Minoru
CORE_TF: a user-friendly interface to identify evolutionary conserved transcription factor binding sites in sets of co-regulated genes

Author(s): Hestand Matthew | van Galen Michiel | Villerius Michel | van Ommen Gert-Jan | den Dunnen Johan | 't Hoen Peter
Scientific bases for a participatory forest landscape management

Author(s): Clémence Dirac | Lanto Andriambelo | Jean-Pierre Sorg
Entropic Profiler – detection of conservation in genomes using information theory

Author(s): Fernandes Francisco | Freitas Ana | Almeida Jonas | Vinga Susana
FoxO gene family evolution in vertebrates

Author(s): Wang Minghui | Zhang Xiangzhe | Zhao Hongbo | Wang Qishan | Pan Yuchun
A structure filter for the Eukaryotic Linear Motif Resource

Author(s): Via Allegra | Gould Cathryn | Gemünd Christine | Gibson Toby | Helmer-Citterich Manuela
The significance of human induced and natural erosion features (lavakas) on the central highlands of Madagascar

Author(s): Zavada, M. S. | Wang, Y. | Rambolamanana, G. | Raveloson, A. | Razanatsoa, H.
The Korean Bird Information System (KBIS) through open and public participation

Author(s): Paik In-Hwan | Lim Jeongheui | Chun Byung-Sun | Jin Seon-Duck | Yu Jae-Pyoung | Lee Joon-Woo | Bhak Jong | Paek Woon-Kee
Lineage-specific co-evolution of the Egf receptor/ligand signaling system

Author(s): Laisney Juliette | Braasch Ingo | Walter Ronald | Meierjohann Svenja | Schartl Manfred
TassDB2 - A comprehensive database of subtle alternative splicing events

Author(s): Sinha Rileen | Lenser Thorsten | Jahn Niels | Gausmann Ulrike | Friedel Swetlana | Szafranski Karol | Huse Klaus | Rosenstiel Philip | Hampe Jochen | Schuster Stefan | Hiller Michael | Backofen Rolf | Platzer Matthias
A review of beta diversity studies

Author(s): Shengbin Chen | Zhiyun Ouyang | Weihua Xu | Yi Xiao
Self-association of the Lentivirus protein, Nef

Author(s): Kwak Youn Tae | Raney Alexa | Kuo Lillian | Denial Sarah | Temple Brenda | Garcia J Victor | Foster John
Influence of the land use and land cover on the water quality: a method to evaluate the importance of riparian zones

Author(s): Raul Candido da Trindade Paixão Coelho | Iuri Buffon | Teresinha Guerra
Identification of conserved regulatory elements by comparative genome analysis

Author(s): Lenhard Boris | Sandelin Albin | Mendoza Luis | Engström Pär | Jareborg Niclas | Wasserman Wyeth
SNP-VISTA: An interactive SNP visualization tool

Author(s): Shah Nameeta | Teplitsky Michael | Minovitsky Simon | Pennacchio Len | Hugenholtz Philip | Hamann Bernd | Dubchak Inna
CoSMoS: Conserved Sequence Motif Search in the proteome

Author(s): Liu Xiao | Korde Neeraj | Jakob Ursula | Leichert Lars
Detecting overlapping coding sequences in virus genomes

Author(s): Firth Andrew | Brown Chris
SNPs3D: Candidate gene and SNP selection for association studies

Author(s): Yue Peng | Melamud Eugene | Moult John
A nitrogen model for European catchments: INCA, new model structure and equations

Author(s): A. J. Wade | P. Durand | V. Beaujouan | W. W. Wessel | K. J. Raat | P. G. Whitehead | D. Butterfield | K. Rankinen | A. Lepisto
The signaling helix: a common functional theme in diverse signaling proteins

Author(s): Anantharaman Vivek | Balaji S | Aravind L
Identification of hot regions in protein-protein interactions by sequential pattern mining

Author(s): Hsu Chen-Ming | Chen Chien-Yu | Liu Baw-Jhiune | Huang Chih-Chang | Laio Min-Hung | Lin Chien-Chieh | Wu Tzung-Lin
HoxPred: automated classification of Hox proteins using combinations of generalised profiles

Author(s): Thomas-Chollier Morgane | Leyns Luc | Ledent Valérie
rMotifGen: random motif generator for DNA and protein sequences

Author(s): Rouchka Eric | Hardin C Timothy
SCOWLP classification: Structural comparison and analysis of protein binding regions

Author(s): Teyra Joan | Paszkowski-Rogacz Maciej | Anders Gerd | Pisabarro M Teresa
PSAT: A web tool to compare genomic neighborhoods of multiple prokaryotic genomes

Author(s): Fong Christine | Rohmer Laurence | Radey Matthew | Wasnick Michael | Brittnacher Mitchell
Accommodation of profound sequence differences at the interfaces of eubacterial RNA polymerase multi-protein assembly

Author(s): Nambudiry Rekha | Lakshmipuram Seshadri Swapna | Narayanaswamy Srinivasan*

Author(s): Mirela ȘOFINEŢI | Cristina DOBROTĂ
Analysis and Improvement of DSDV Protocol

Author(s): Nayan Ranjan Paul | Laxminath Tripathy | Pradipta Kumar Mishra
Rigorous assessment and integration of the sequence and structure based features to predict hot spots

Author(s): Chen Ruoying | Chen Wenjing | Yang Sixiao | Wu Di | Wang Yong | Tian Yingjie | Shi Yong
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