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Characterization of the imaginal reproductive diapause of Oebalus poecilus (Dallas) (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae)

Author(s): Santos R. S. S. | Redaelli L. R. | Diefenbach L. M. G. | Romanowski H. P. | Prando H. F.
Inadequate physician knowledge of the effects of diet on blood lipids and lipoproteins.

Author(s): Flynn Mary | Sciamanna Christopher | Vigilante Kevin

Author(s): Matthias Echternach | Kai Röcker | Susan Arndt | Daniel Schößler | Bernhard Richter
Expression pattern and polymorphism of three microsatellite markers in the porcine CA3 gene

Author(s): Wu Jian | Zhou Donghai | Deng Changyan | Xiong Yuanzhu | Lei Minggang | Li Fenge | Jiang Siwen | Zuo Bo | Zheng Rong
Nutritive Value of Gundelia tournefortii and Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) in the Ration of Lambs

Author(s): A. Karimi | E. Rowghani | M. J. Zamiri | M. Zahedifar
Characterization of bovine miRNAs by sequencing and bioinformatics analysis

Author(s): Jin Weiwu | Grant Jason | Stothard Paul | Moore Stephen | Guan Le
The Metabolic Syndrome in Diabetic Hispanic Adults and the Role of Secondary Actos Treatment in Insulin Sensitivity Based on Gender

Author(s): Rohitha Goonatilake | Doris J. Rosenow | Irma A. Lara | Horacio Palacios | Gustavo E. Villarreal
Effect of live yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) administration on apparent digestibility of horses

Author(s): Alessandro Agazzi | Guido Invernizzi | Mariella Ferroni | Andrea Fanelli | Giovanni Savoini
A comparison of nitrogen use efficiency and surplus in two dairy farms typologies

Author(s): Severino Segato | Giorgio Marchesini | Igino Andrighetto
Use of weight-bearing MRI for evaluating wheelchair cushions based on internal soft-tissue deformations under ischial tuberosities

Author(s): Nogah Shabshin, MD | Gil Zoizner, BSc | Amir Herman, MD | Vlad Ougortsin, MD | Amit Gefen, PhD
G(–2548)A leptin gene polymorphism in obese subjects is associated with serum leptin concentration and bone mass

Author(s): Edward Franek | Jacek Nowak | Krzysztof Safranow | Grażyna Adler | Agnieszka Bińczak‑Kuleta | Andrzej Ciechanowicz | Andrzej Więcek
Validation of endogenous reference genes for qRT-PCR analysis of human visceral adipose samples

Author(s): Mehta Rohini | Birerdinc Aybike | Hossain Noreen | Afendy Arian | Chandhoke Vikas | Younossi Zobair | Baranova Ancha
Left Supraclavicular Spindle Cell Lipoma

Author(s): Oladejo Olaleye | Bertram Fu | Ram Moorthy | Charles Lawson | Myles Black | David Mitchell
Effect of L-Carnitine and Vegetable Fat on Broiler Breeder Fertility, Hatchability, Egg Yolk and Serum Cholesterol and Triglyceride

Author(s): Sh. Golzar Adabi | Gh. Moghaddam | A. Taghizadeh | A. Nematollahi | T. Farahvash
Effects of Time of Sowing on the Quality of Flax Seed

Author(s): A.B. Siddique | D. Wright | S.M. Mahbub Ali
Influence of Moraxella sp. colonization on the kidney proteome of farmed gilthead sea breams (Sparus aurata, L.)

Author(s): Addis Maria | Cappuccinelli Roberto | Tedde Vittorio | Pagnozzi Daniela | Viale Iolanda | Meloni Mauro | Salati Fulvio | Roggio Tonina | Uzzau Sergio
The subclavian artery and its branches in the ground squirrel, Citellus citellus

Author(s): Nikolić Zora Č. | Đelić Dijana J. | Blagojević Zdenka M. | Mrvić-Jovičić Verica M. | Drekić Dmitar M. | Zorić Zoran D.
A validated disease specific prediction equation for resting metabolic rate in underweight patients with COPD

Author(s): Anita Nordenson | Anne Marie Grönberg | Lena Hulthén | et al.
A molecular mechanism for diacylglycerol-mediated promotion of negative caloric balance

Author(s): Hidekatsu Yanai | Yoshiharu Tomono | Kumie Ito | et al
Anatomical and Surgical Considerations about Spiegel´s Line.

Author(s): Vicente Mitidieri | Alejandro Mitidieri | Adelina Coturel.
Combining Abilities of Carcass Traits among Pure and Crossbred Meat Type Chickens

Author(s): A.O. Adebambo | M.A. Adeleke | M. Whetto | S.O. Peters | C.O.N. Ikeobi | M.O. Ozoje | O.O. Oduguwa | Olufunmilayo A. Adebambo
Retrorectal tumors in adults: Magnetic resonance imaging findings

Author(s): Bo-Lin Yang, Yun-Fei Gu, Wan-Jin Shao, Hong-Jin Chen, Gui-Dong Sun, Hei-Ying Jin, Xin Zhu

Author(s): Dana Iancu | A. Bartoș | L. Mocanu | Teodora Mocanu | Raluca Bodea | F. Zaharie | Andra Andreescu | C. Iancu
Chylothorax after myocardial revascularization with the left internal thoracic artery

Author(s): Pêgo-Fernandes Paulo Manuel | Ebaid Gustavo Xavier | Nouer Gustavo Henrique | Munhoz Robinson Tadeu | Jatene Fábio Biscegli | Jatene Adib Domingos
Energy and nutrient intake in preschool and school age Mexican children: National Nutrition Survey 1999

Author(s): Barquera Simón | Rivera Juan A | Safdie Margarita | Flores Mario | Campos-Nonato Ismael | Campirano Fabricio
Tissue distribution and lipophorin transport of hydrocarbons and sex pheromones in the house fly, Musca domestica

Author(s): Coby Schal | Veeresh Sevala | Margareth de L. Capurro | Theodore E. Snyder | Gary J. Blomquist | Anne-Geneviève Bagnères
High resolution physical map of porcine chromosome 7 QTL region and comparative mapping of this region among vertebrate genomes

Author(s): Demars Julie | Riquet Juliette | Feve Katia | Gautier Mathieu | Morisson Mireille | Demeure Olivier | Renard Christine | Chardon Patrick | Milan Denis
Preputial skin free graft as dorsal onlay urethroplasty: Our experience of 73 patients

Author(s): Bapat Shivadeo | Padhye Abhijit | Yadav Pushkaraj | Bhave Ashish
Oxidative quality of commercial fried nuts: evaluation of a surface and an internal lipid fraction

Author(s): Marmesat, S. | Velasco, J. | Ruiz-Méndez, M. V. | Dobarganes, M. C.
Psychometric properties of an Iranian version of the beliefs about appearance scale

Author(s): Siavash Talepasand | Imanolaah Bigdeli | Zeynab Fallah
Bilateral Renal Lymphangiomatosis: Ultrasound, CT, and MRI Findings

Author(s): M. H. Bagheri | Z. Zare | S. Sefidbakht | S. A. Nabavizadeh | J. Roozbeh | M. Salehipour
The diagnostic Value of Computed Tomography

Author(s): L. Aghaghazvini | H. Sharifian | Sh. Alaee
MRI Findings in Knee Trauma

Author(s): Maryam Barzin | Iradj Maleki
Excessive visceral fat accumulation in advanced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Author(s): Furutate R | Ishii T | Wakabayashi R | Motegi T | Yamada K | Gemma A | Kida K
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