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Loss of heterozygosity of TRIM3 in malignant gliomas

Author(s): Boulay Jean-Louis | Stiefel Urs | Taylor Elisabeth | Dolder Béatrice | Merlo Adrian | Hirth Frank
QTL associated with WSSV-resistance and growth-related traits in the Chinese shrimp Fenneropenaeus chinensis

Author(s): WANG Wei-Ji | ZHANG Tian-Shi | YANG Cui-Hua | LUAN Sheng | KONG Jie | WANG Qing-Yin
SNP mapping of QTL affecting growth and fatness on chicken GGA1

Author(s): Rao Yousheng | Shen Xu | Xia Mengna | Luo Chenglong | Nie Qinghua | Zhang Dexiang | Zhang Xiquan
Comparison of methods for analysis of selective genotyping survival data

Author(s): McElroy Joseph | Zhang Wuyan | Koehler Kenneth | Lamont Susan | Dekkers Jack
QTL mapping of agronomic traits in tef [Eragrostis tef (Zucc) Trotter]

Author(s): Yu Ju-Kyung | Graznak Elizabeth | Breseghello Flavio | Tefera Hailu | Sorrells Mark
Mapping mean and variance of runoff in a river basin

Author(s): L. Gottschalk | I. Krasovskaia | E. Leblois | E. Sauquet
Genetic mapping of a new heart rate QTL on chromosome 8 of spontaneously hypertensive rats

Author(s): Silva Gustavo | Pereira Alexandre | Krieger Eduardo | Krieger José
Association study in the 5q31-32 linkage region for schizophrenia using pooled DNA genotyping

Author(s): Zaharieva Irina | Georgieva Lyudmila | Nikolov Ivan | Kirov George | Owen Michael | O'Donovan Michael | Toncheva Draga
Statistical Methods for Mapping Multiple QTL

Author(s): Wei Zou | Zhao-Bang Zeng
A new methodological contribution in mapping Romanian flora

Author(s): Antal NYARADY | E. C. VICOL
QTL identification for tolerance to fruit set in tomato by fAFLP markers

Author(s): Gisele Ventura Garcia Grilli | Leila Trevizan Braz | Eliana Gertrudes Macedo Lemos
Chromosomal loci important for cotyledon opening under UV-B in Arabidopsis thaliana

Author(s): Conte Mariana | de Simone Silvia | Simmons Susan | Ballaré Carlos | Stapleton Ann
QTLminer: identifying genes regulating quantitative traits

Author(s): Alberts Rudi | Schughart Klaus
Data-driven assessment of eQTL mapping methods

Author(s): Michaelson Jacob | Alberts Rudi | Schughart Klaus | Beyer Andreas
Spatial point analysis based on dengue surveys at household level in central Brazil

Author(s): Siqueira-Junior João | Maciel Ivan | Barcellos Christovam | Souza Wayner | Carvalho Marilia | Nascimento Nazareth | Oliveira Renato | Morais-Neto Otaliba | Martelli Celina
Genome-wide QTL mapping for three traits related to teat number in a White Duroc × Erhualian pig resource population

Author(s): Ding Nengshui | Guo Yuanmei | Knorr Christoph | Ma Junwu | Mao Huirong | Lan Lütao | Xiao Shijun | Ai Huashui | Haley Chris | Brenig Bertram | Huang Lusheng
Quantitative trait loci linked to PRNP gene controlling health and production traits in INRA 401 sheep

Author(s): Vitezica Zulma | Moreno Carole | Lantier Frederic | Lantier Isabelle | Schibler Laurent | Roig Anne | François Dominique | Bouix Jacques | Allain Daniel | Brunel Jean-Claude | Barillet Francis | Elsen Jean-Michel
Interval mapping of quantitative trait loci with selective DNA pooling data

Author(s): Wang Jing | Koehler Kenneth | Dekkers Jack
Detection of quantitative trait loci for growth and fatness in pigs

Author(s): Bidanel Jean-Pierre | Milan Denis | Iannuccelli Nathalie | Amigues Yves | Boscher Marie-Yvonne | Bourgeois Florence | Caritez Jean-Claude | Gruand Joseph | Le Roy Pascale | Lagant Hervé | Quintanilla Raquel | Renard Christine | Gellin Joël | Ollivier Louis | Chevalet Claude
Precision of methods for calculating identity-by-descent matrices using multiple markers

Author(s): Sørensen Anders | Pong-Wong Ricardo | Windig Jack | Woolliams John
A genome scan for quantitative trait loci affecting the Salmonella carrier-state in the chicken

Author(s): Tilquin Pierre | Barrow Paul | Marly José | Pitel Frédérique | Plisson-Petit Florence | Velge Philippe | Vignal Alain | Baret Philippe | Bumstead Nat | Beaumont Catherine
Mapping mean and variance of runoff in a river basin

Author(s): L. Gottschalk | I. Krasovskaia | E. Leblois | E. Sauquet
Genetic variation for body weight change in mice in response to physical exercise

Author(s): Leamy Larry | Pomp Daniel | Lightfoot J Timothy
Mapping quantitative trait loci (QTLs) for fatty acid composition in an interspecific cross of oil palm

Author(s): Singh Rajinder | Tan Soon | Panandam Jothi | Rahman Rahimah | Ooi Leslie | Low Eng-Ti | Sharma Mukesh | Jansen Johannes | Cheah Suan-Choo
Identification of a two-marker-haplotype on Bos taurus autosome 18 associated with somatic cell score in German Holstein cattle

Author(s): Brand Bodo | Baes Christine | Mayer Manfred | Reinsch Norbert | Kühn Christa
Quantitative trait loci for resistance to trichostrongylid infection in Spanish Churra sheep

Author(s): Gutiérrez-Gil Beatriz | Pérez Jorge | Álvarez Lorena | Martínez-Valladares Maria | de la Fuente Luis-Fernando | Bayón Yolanda | Meana Aranzazu | Primitivo Fermin San | Rojo-Vázquez Francisco-Antonio | Arranz Juan-José
High resolution climate and vegetation simulations of the Late Pliocene, a model-data comparison over western Europe and the Mediterranean region

Author(s): A. Jost | S. Fauquette | M. Kageyama | G. Krinner | G. Ramstein | J.-P. Suc | S. Violette
Measuring the dayside reconnection rate during an interval of due northward interplanetary magnetic field

Author(s): G. Chisham | M. P. Freeman | I. J. Coleman | M. Pinnock | M. R. Hairston | M. Lester | G. Sofko
Wave activity (planetary, tidal) throughout the middle atmosphere (20-100km) over the CUJO network: Satellite (TOMS) and Medium Frequency (MF) radar observations

Author(s): A. H. Manson | C. E. Meek | T. Chshyolkova | S. K. Avery | D. Thorsen | J. W. MacDougall | W. Hocking | Y. Murayama | K. Igarashi
Multi-instrument mapping of the small-scale flow dynamics related to a cusp auroral transient

Author(s): K. Oksavik | J. Moen | H. C. Carlson | R. A. Greenwald | S. E. Milan | M. Lester | W. F. Denig | R. J. Barnes
Cholistan and Cholistani Breed of Cattle

Author(s): U. Farooq, H. A. Samad*, F. Sher1, M. Asim1 and M. Arif Khan2
Recombinational landscape of porcine X chromosome and individual variation in female meiotic recombination associated with haplotypes of Chinese pigs

Author(s): Ma Junwu | Iannuccelli Nathalie | Duan Yanyu | Huang Weibing | Guo Beili | Riquet Juliette | Huang Lusheng | Milan Denis
QTL Analysis of Forage Quantity and Quality-Related Traits of Barley

Author(s): B Siahsar | A Taleei | A Peyghambari | M Naghavi | A Rezaee | SH Kohkan
Functional mapping of genotype-environment interactions for soybean growth by a semiparametric approach

Author(s): Li Qin | Huang Zhongwen | Xu Meng | Wang Chenguang | Gai Junyi | Huang Youjun | Pang Xiaoming | Wu Rongling
Meta-analysis of cotton fiber quality QTLs across diverse environments in a Gossypium hirsutum x G. barbadense RIL population

Author(s): Lacape Jean-Marc | Llewellyn Danny | Jacobs John | Arioli Tony | Becker David | Calhoun Steve | Al-Ghazi Yves | Liu Shiming | Palaï Oumarou | Georges Sophie | Giband Marc | de Assunção Henrique | Barroso Paulo | Claverie Michel | Gawryziak Gérard | Jean Janine | Vialle Michèle | Viot Christopher
Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci for Waterlogging Tolerance in Cucumber Using SRAP and ISSR Markers

Author(s): Martin Agyei Yeboah | Chen Xuehao | Chen Rong Feng | Mouammar Alfandi | Guohua Liang | Minghong Gu
The QTLs, Determination of Cocoon Shell Weight Trait in Mulberry Silkworm (Bombyx mori L.)

Author(s): A.R. Bizhannia | S.Z. Mirhosseini | B. Rabiee | M. Taeb
Probability Mapping for Mycoplasma gallisepticum Risk in Backyard Chickens in Paraguay

Author(s): M. Herrero | K. Suzuki | J. Origlia | L. Nunez | M. Faccioli | M. Silva | J. Caballero | O. Valiente | F. Alvarez
Associations Between Microsatellite Markers and Traits Related to Performance, Carcass and Organs in Chickens

Author(s): C. Boschiero | M.F. Rosario | M.C. Ledur | R.L.R. Campos | M. Ambo | L.L. Coutinho | A.S.A.M.T. Moura
Potential Association Between Microsatellite Markers on Chicken Chromosomes 6, 7 and 8 and Body Weight

Author(s): R.L.R. Campos | M. Ambo | M.F. Rosario | A.S.A.M.T. Moura | C. Boschiero | K. Nones | M.C. Ledur | L.L. Coutinho
Bayesian Mapping for Infectious Bronchitis Virus Risk in Backyard Chickens in Paraguay

Author(s): J. Origlia | K. Suzuki | L. Castro | M. Faccioli | M. Silva | J. Caballero | O. Valiente | F. Alvarez
A Theoretical Approach to Applicability of Artificial Neural Networks for Seismic Velocity Analysis

Author(s): Christine Baronian | Mohammad Ali Riahi | Caro Lucas | Mohammad Mokhtari
Functional mapping of language networks in the normal brain using a word-association task

Author(s): Ghosh Shantanu | Basu Amrita | Kumaran Senthil | Khushu Subash
Signs and symbols as different levels of presenting the occurrences in geospace

Author(s): Urošev Nataša | Ikonović Vesna | Živković Dragica
A genome-wide association study of serum uric acid in African Americans

Author(s): Charles Bashira | Shriner Daniel | Doumatey Ayo | Chen Guanjie | Zhou Jie | Huang Hanxia | Herbert Alan | Gerry Norman | Christman Michael | Adeyemo Adebowale | Rotimi Charles
An annotated genetic map of loblolly pine based on microsatellite and cDNA markers

Author(s): Echt Craig | Saha Surya | Krutovsky Konstantin | Wimalanathan Kokulapalan | Erpelding John | Liang Chun | Nelson C
Enhanced genetic maps from family-based disease studies: population-specific comparisons

Author(s): He Chunsheng | Weeks Daniel | Buyske Steven | Abecasis Goncalo | Stewart William | Matise Tara
A locally congenic backcross design in pig: a new regional fine QTL mapping approach miming congenic strains used in mouse

Author(s): Riquet Juliette | Gilbert Hélène | Servin Bertrand | Sanchez Marie-Pierre | Iannuccelli Nathalie | Billon Yvon | Bidanel Jean-Pierre | Milan Denis
Construction and application for QTL analysis of a Restriction Site Associated DNA (RAD) linkage map in barley

Author(s): Chutimanitsakun Yada | Nipper Rick | Cuesta-Marcos Alfonso | Cistué Luis | Corey Ann | Filichkina Tanya | Johnson Eric | Hayes Patrick
Patterns of sequence polymorphism in the fleshless berry locus in cultivated and wild Vitis vinifera accessions

Author(s): Houel Cléa | Bounon Rémi | Chaïb Jamila | Guichard Cécile | Péros Jean-Pierre | Bacilieri Roberto | Dereeper Alexis | Canaguier Aurélie | Lacombe Thierry | N'Diaye Amidou | Le Paslier Marie-Christine | Vernerey Marie-Stéphanie | Coriton Olivier | Brunel Dominique | This Patrice | Torregrosa Laurent | Adam-Blondon Anne-Françoise
A molecular recombination map of Antirrhinum majus

Author(s): Schwarz-Sommer Zsuzsanna | Gübitz Thomas | Weiss Julia | Gómez-di-Marco Perla | Delgado-Benarroch Luciana | Hudson Andrew | Egea-Cortines Marcos
Linkage disequilibrium reveals different demographic history in egg laying chickens

Author(s): Qanbari Saber | Hansen Maria | Weigend Steffen | Preisinger Rudolf | Simianer Henner
A SNP based linkage map of the turkey genome reveals multiple intrachromosomal rearrangements between the Turkey and Chicken genomes

Author(s): Aslam Muhammad | Bastiaansen John | Crooijmans Richard | Vereijken Addie | Megens Hendrik-Jan | Groenen Martien
Satellite mapping of the Antarctic gravity field

Author(s): R. R. B. von Frese | D. R. Roman | J. H. Kim | J. W. Kim | A. J. Anderson
AnyExpress: Integrated toolkit for analysis of cross-platform gene expression data using a fast interval matching algorithm

Author(s): Kim Jihoon | Patel Kiltesh | Jung Hyunchul | Kuo Winston | Ohno-Machado Lucila
Linkage disequilibrium interval mapping of quantitative trait loci

Author(s): Boitard Simon | Abdallah Jihad | de Rochambeau Hubert | Cierco-Ayrolles Christine | Mangin Brigitte
MetaQTL: a package of new computational methods for the meta-analysis of QTL mapping experiments

Author(s): Veyrieras Jean-Baptiste | Goffinet Bruno | Charcosset Alain
Matrix-comparative genomic hybridization from multicenter formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded colorectal cancer tissue blocks

Author(s): Fensterer Heiko | Radlwimmer Bernhard | Sträter Jörn | Buchholz Malte | Aust Daniela | Julié Catherine | Radvanyi François | Nordlinger Bernard | Belluco Claudio | Van Cutsem Eric | Köhne Claus-Henning | Kestler Hans | Schwaenen Carsten | Nessling Michelle | Lutz Manfred | Lichter Peter | Gress Thomas
A Turner syndrome neurocognitive phenotype maps to Xp22.3

Author(s): Zinn Andrew | Roeltgen David | Stefanatos Gerry | Ramos Purita | Elder Frederick | Kushner Harvey | Kowal Karen | Ross Judith
Combining mouse mammary gland gene expression and comparative mapping for the identification of candidate genes for QTL of milk production traits in cattle

Author(s): Ron Micha | Israeli Galit | Seroussi Eyal | Weller Joel | Gregg Jeffrey | Shani Moshe | Medrano Juan
Identification of QTL controlling meat quality traits in an F2 cross between two chicken lines selected for either low or high growth rate

Author(s): Nadaf Javad | Gilbert Hélène | Pitel Frédérique | Berri Cécile | Feve Katia | Beaumont Catherine | Duclos Michel | Vignal Alain | Porter Tom | Simon Jean | Aggrey Samuel | Cogburn Larry | Le Bihan-Duval Elisabeth
A major genetic locus controlling natural Plasmodium falciparum infection is shared by East and West African Anopheles gambiae

Author(s): Riehle Michelle | Markianos Kyriacos | Lambrechts Louis | Xia Ai | Sharakhov Igor | Koella Jacob | Vernick Kenneth

Author(s): Krešimir Jelić | Franjo Šumanovac | Mladen Lukačević
Fine-mapping of a QTL influencing pork tenderness on porcine chromosome 2

Author(s): Meyers Stacey | Rodriguez-Zas Sandra | Beever Jonathan
Emprego de técnicas digitais para a concepção da base cartográfica da bacia hidrográfica do Córrego Cabuçu de Baixo, São Paulo, SP

Author(s): Rodrigo Affonso de Albuquerque Nóbrega | Mario Thadeu Leme de Barros | José Alberto Quintanilha
Berry and phenology-related traits in grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.): From Quantitative Trait Loci to underlying genes

Author(s): Costantini Laura | Battilana Juri | Lamaj Flutura | Fanizza Girolamo | Grando Maria
Extent of genome-wide linkage disequilibrium in Australian Holstein-Friesian cattle based on a high-density SNP panel

Author(s): Khatkar Mehar | Nicholas Frank | Collins Andrew | Zenger Kyall | Cavanagh Julie | Barris Wes | Schnabel Robert | Taylor Jeremy | Raadsma Herman
Precision-mapping and statistical validation of quantitative trait loci by machine learning

Author(s): Bedo Justin | Wenzl Peter | Kowalczyk Adam | Kilian Andrzej
Multitrait analysis of quantitative trait loci using Bayesian composite space approach

Author(s): Fang Ming | Jiang Dan | Pu Li Jun | Gao Hui Jiang | Ji Peng | Wang Hong Yi | Yang Run Qing
Rgcs1, a dominant QTL that affects retinal ganglion cell death after optic nerve crush in mice

Author(s): Dietz Joel | Li Yan | Chung Lisa | Yandell Brian | Schlamp Cassandra | Nickells Robert
QTL Mapping of Adult-Plant Resistance to Stripe Rust in Chinese Wheat Cultivar Chuanyu 16

Author(s): Ling Wu | Youliang Zheng | Xianchun Xia | Yunliang Peng | Huazhong Zhu | Yongjian Liu | Yu Wu | Shizhao Li | Zhonghu He
Doppler ultrasound venous mapping of the lower limbs

Author(s): Galeandro AI | Quistelli G | Scicchitano P | Gesualdo M | Zito A | Caputo P | Carbonara R | Galgano G | Ciciarello F | Mandolesi S | Franceschi C | Ciccone MM
Resistance gradient of black pod disease in cocoa and selection by leaf disk assay

Author(s): Elisa Susilene Lisboa dos Santos | Carlos Bernard Moreno Cerqueira-Silva | Didier Clement | Edna Dora Martins Newman Luz
Mapping QTL for Grain Yield under Moisture Stress Environments in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Author(s): Supriyo CHAKRABORTY | Sheng-Chu WANG | Zhao-Bang ZENG
Delayed onset of tricuspid valve flow in repaired tetralogy of Fallot: an additional mechanism of diastolic dysfunction and interventricular dyssynchrony

Author(s): Sun Ai-Min | AlHabshan Fahad | Cheung Michael | Bronzetti Gabriele | Redington Andrew | Benson Lee | Macgowan Christopher | Yoo Shi-Joon
Significant linkage at chromosome 19q for otitis media with effusion and/or recurrent otitis media (COME/ROM)

Author(s): Chen Wei-Min | Allen E Kaitlynn | Mychaleckyj Josyf | Chen Fang | Hou Xuanlin | Rich Stephen | Daly Kathleen | Sale Michèle
Mapping QTLs for oil traits and eQTLs for oleosin genes in jatropha

Author(s): Liu Peng | Wang Chun | Li Lei | Sun Fei | Liu Peng | Yue Gen
Detection of growth-related QTL in turbot (Scophthalmus maximus)

Author(s): Sánchez-Molano Enrique | Cerna Alex | Toro Miguel | Bouza Carmen | Hermida Miguel | Pardo Belén | Cabaleiro Santiago | Fernández Jesús | Martínez Paulino
Localization of QTLs for in vitro plant regeneration in tomato

Author(s): Trujillo-Moya Carlos | Gisbert Carmina | Vilanova Santiago | Nuez Fernando
Progeny-testing of full-sibs IBD in a SSC2 QTL region highlights epistatic interactions for fatness traits in pigs

Author(s): Tortereau Flavie | Sanchez Marie-Pierre | Fève Katia | Gilbert Hélène | Iannuccelli Nathalie | Billon Yvon | Milan Denis | Bidanel Jean-Pierre | Riquet Juliette
Prevention of Atrioventricular Block During Radiofrequency Ablation by Pace Mapping of Koch’s Triangle

Author(s): Mohammad Hasan Namazi | Hassan Kamalzadeh | Morteza Safi | Reza Karbasi Afshar | Mohammad Reza Motamedi | Habibollah Saadat | Hossein Vakili
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Tianlong Gu | Shenghui Liu
Quantitative trait loci for yield and morphological traits in maize under drought stress

Author(s): Nikolić Ana | Anđelković Violeta | Dodig Dejan | Ignjatović-Micić Dragana
The impact of mass drug administration and long-lasting insecticidal net distribution on Wuchereria bancrofti infection in humans and mosquitoes: an observational study in northern Uganda

Author(s): Ashton Ruth | Kyabayinze Daniel | Opio Tom | Auma Anna | Edwards Tansy | Matwale Gabriel | Onapa Ambrose | Brooker Simon | Kolaczinski Jan
QTL detection for physicochemical characteristics of cashew apple

Author(s): Francisco Herbeth Costa dos Santos | José Jaime Vasconcelos Cavalcanti | Fanuel Pereira da Silva
A Multi-Resolution Multi-Temporal Technique for Detecting and Mapping Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest

Author(s): Egídio Arai | Yosio E. Shimabukuro | Gabriel Pereira | Nandamudi L. Vijaykumar
Improved mapping strategy to better inform policy on the control of schistosomiasis and soil-transmitted helminthiasis in Sierra Leone

Author(s): Hodges Mary | Dada Nsa | Wamsley Anna | Paye Jusufu | Nyorkor Emanuel | Sonnie Mustapha | Barnish Guy | Bockarie Moses | Zhang Yaobi
Characterisation of a novel paralog of scavenger receptor class B member I (SCARB1) in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)

Author(s): Sundvold Hilde | Helgeland Hanna | Baranski Matthew | Omholt Stig | Våge Dag
Detection of QTL with effects on osmoregulation capacities in the rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Author(s): Le Bras Yvan | Dechamp Nicolas | Krieg Francine | Filangi Olivier | Guyomard René | Boussaha Mekki | Bovenhuis Henk | Pottinger Thomas | Prunet Patrick | Le Roy Pascale | Quillet Edwige
Homozygosity Mapping in 8 Pakistani and Kashmiri Families for Known Alopecia Genes/Loci

Author(s): M. Hassanullah | S.M. Ibrahim | S. Ahmad | N. Muhammad | Rafiullah | Shahabuddin
QTL Mapping Using Multiple Markers Simultaneously

Author(s): D. Kolbehdari | J. A. B. Robinson
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