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Quality of life and wishes in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: the perception of children and their parents

Author(s): Egmar Longo Araújo de Melo | Maria Teresa Moreno Valdés | Cruiff Emerson Pinto da Silva | Marta Badia Corbella | Benito Arias Martínez
Repeatability of a Short Food Frequency Questionnaire to Assess Calcium Intake in Older Australians

Author(s): Michelle Miller | Yee Chi Yeo | May Jiun Khor | Emma Clover | Anthea Magarey
A preliminary study of the use of bioimpedance in the screening of squamous tongue cancer

Author(s): Congo Tak-Shing Ching | Tai-Ping Sun | Su-Hua Huang | et al
Evidence for validity and reliability of a french version of the FAAM

Author(s): Borloz Stéphane | Crevoisier Xavier | Deriaz Olivier | Ballabeni Pierluigi | Martin RobRoy | Luthi François
Reliability and validity of ultrasound imaging of features of knee osteoarthritis in the community

Author(s): Abraham Ajay | Goff Iain | Pearce Mark | Francis Roger | Birrell Fraser
A novel cleansing score system for capsule endoscopy

Author(s): Sung Chul Park, Bora Keum, Jong Jin Hyun, Yeon Seok Seo, Yong Sik Kim, Yoon Tae Jeen, Hoon Jai Chun, Soon Ho Um, Chang Duck Kim, Ho Sang Ryu
Translation and validation study of the Persian version of the Arthritis Impact Measurement Scales 2 (AIMS2) in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee

Author(s): Mousavi Sayed | Parnianpour Mohamad | Askary-Ashtiani Ahmad | Hadian Mohamad | Rostamian Abdolrahman | Montazeri Ali
Reliability and validity of the adapted Greek version of scoliosis research society – 22 (SRS-22) questionnaire

Author(s): Antonarakos Petros | Katranitsa Labrini | Angelis Lefteris | Paganas Aristofanis | Koen Errikos | Christodoulou Evangelos | Christodoulou Anastasios
Changes in health-related quality of life and clinical implications in Chinese patients with chronic cough

Author(s): Ma Wei | Yu Li | Wang Yu | Li Xin | LÜ Hanjing | Qiu Zhongmin
High resolution carotid black-blood 3T MR with parallel imaging and dedicated 4-channel surface coils

Author(s): Saam Tobias | Raya Jose | Cyran Clemens | Bochmann Katja | Meimarakis Georgios | Dietrich Olaf | Clevert Dirk | Frey Ute | Yuan Chun | Hatsukami Thomas | Werf Abe | Reiser Maximilian | Nikolaou Konstantin
Health-promoting lifestyles of university students in Mainland China

Author(s): Wang Dong | Ou Chun-Quan | Chen Mei-Yen | Duan Ni
The Prostate Care Questionnaire for Patients (PCQ-P): Reliability, validity and acceptability

Author(s): Tarrant Carolyn | Baker Richard | Colman Andrew | Sinfield Paul | Agarwal Shona | Mellon John | Steward William | Kockelbergh Roger
The Prostate Care Questionnaire for Carers (PCQ-C): reliability, validity and acceptability

Author(s): Sinfield Paul | Baker Richard | Tarrant Carolyn | Agarwal Shona | Colman Andrew | Steward William | Kockelbergh Roger | Mellon John
Optimal Clinical Time for Reliable Measurement of Transcutaneous CO2 with Ear Probes: Counterbalancing Overshoot and the Vasodilatation Effect

Author(s): Christian Domingo | Elisa Canturri | Amalia Moreno | Humildad Espuelas | Laura Vigil | Manel Luján
Translation and validation of the Persian version of the 39 item Parkinson’s Disease Questionnaire (PDQ-39)

Author(s): Marzieh Nojomi | Zahra Mostafavian | Gholam Ali Shahidi | Crispin Jenkinson Dphil
Quantitative Methods for Estimating the Reliability of Qualitative Data

Author(s): Jason W. Davey | P. Cristian Gugiu | Chris L. S. Coryn
Statistical Evaluations of the Reproducibility and Reliability of 3-Tesla High Resolution Magnetization Transfer Brain Images: A Pilot Study on Healthy Subjects

Author(s): Kelly H. Zou | Hongyan Du | Shawn Sidharthan | Lisa M. DeTora | Yunmei Chen | Ann B. Ragin | Robert R. Edelman | Ying Wu
The influence of training on the recognition of gross features of dermoscopy images

Author(s): Yucel Aydin | Gunasti Suhan | Aksungur Varol
Evaluation of fecal mRNA reproducibility via a marginal transformed mixture modeling approach

Author(s): George Nysia | Lupton Joanne | Turner Nancy | Chapkin Robert | Davidson Laurie | Wang Naisyin
Validation of a core outcome measure for palliative care in Africa: the APCA African Palliative Outcome Scale

Author(s): Harding Richard | Selman Lucy | Agupio Godfrey | Dinat Natalya | Downing Julia | Gwyther Liz | Mashao Thandi | Mmoledi Keletso | Moll Tony | Sebuyira Lydia | Panjatovic Barbara | Higginson Irene
The Short Anxiety Screening Test in Greek: translation and validation

Author(s): Grammatikopoulos Ilias | Sinoff Gary | Alegakis Athanasios | Kounalakis Dimitrios | Antonopoulou Maria | Lionis Christos
Advanced NSCLC First Pass Perfusion at 64-slice CT: Reproducibility of Volume-based Quantitative Measurement

Author(s): Fei SHAN | Zhiyong ZHANG | Mengsu ZENG | Jie HU | Chunxue BAI
Reproducibility of fetal heart volume by 3D-sonography using the XI VOCAL method

Author(s): Barreto Enoch | Milani Hérbene | Júnior Edward | Haratz Karina | Rolo Liliam | Nardozza Luciano | Filho Hélio | Moron Antonio
Validation of the Spanish version of the Chronic Pain Acceptance Questionnaire (CPAQ) for the assessment of acceptance in fibromyalgia

Author(s): Rodero Baltasar | García-Campayo Javier | Casanueva Benigno | del Hoyo Yolanda | Serrano-Blanco Antoni | Luciano Juan
Development of the Japanese version of the Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory™ Brain Tumor Module

Author(s): Sato Iori | Higuchi Akiko | Yanagisawa Takaaki | Mukasa Akitake | Ida Kohmei | Sawamura Yutaka | Sugiyama Kazuhiko | Saito Nobuhito | Kumabe Toshihiro | Terasaki Mizuhiko | Nishikawa Ryo | Ishida Yasushi | Kamibeppu Kiyoko
Measuring physical activity-related environmental factors: reliability and predictive validity of the European environmental questionnaire ALPHA

Author(s): Spittaels Heleen | Verloigne Maïté | Gidlow Christopher | Gloanec Julien | Titze Sylvia | Foster Charlie | Oppert Jean-Michel | Rutter Harry | Oja Pekka | Sjöström Michael | De Bourdeaudhuij Ilse
Validity of instruments to assess students' travel and pedestrian safety

Author(s): Mendoza Jason | Watson Kathy | Baranowski Tom | Nicklas Theresa | Uscanga Doris | Hanfling Marcus
Reliability and validity of the Spanish version of the Child Health and Illness Profile (CHIP) Child-Edition, Parent Report Form (CHIP-CE/PRF)

Author(s): Estrada Maria-Dolors | Rajmil Luis | Serra-Sutton Vicky | Tebé Cristian | Alonso Jordi | Herdman Michael | Riley Anne | Forrest Christopher | Starfield Barbara
The active commuting route environment scale (ACRES): development and evaluation

Author(s): Wahlgren Lina | Stigell Erik | Schantz Peter
Development and evaluation of the nurse quality of communication with patient questionnaire

Author(s): Vuković Mira | Gvozdenović Branislav S. | Stamatović-Gajić Branka | Ilić Miodrag | Gajić Tomislav
Reducing errors in health care: cost-effectiveness of multidisciplinary team training in obstetric emergencies (TOSTI study); a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): van de Ven Joost | Houterman Saskia | Steinweg Rob | Scherpbier Albert | Wijers Willy | Mol Ben | Oei S Guid
A novel framework for validating and applying standardized small area measurement strategies

Author(s): Srebotnjak Tanja | Mokdad Ali | Murray Christopher
Integrating clinicians, knowledge and data: expert-based cooperative analysis in healthcare decision support

Author(s): Gibert Karina | García-Alonso Carlos | Salvador-Carulla Luis
Health-related quality of life before planned admission to intensive care: memory over three and six months

Author(s): Capuzzo Maurizia | Bertacchini Sara | Davanzo Elena | Felisatti Giovanna | Paparella Laura | Tadini Laura | Alvisi Raffaele
Health care providers underestimate symptom intensities of cancer patients: A multicenter European study

Author(s): Laugsand Eivor | Sprangers Mirjam | Bjordal Kristin | Skorpen Frank | Kaasa Stein | Klepstad Pål
Reproducibility of an effort protocol during deep-water running

Author(s): I.R.S. Silva | L.S. Oliveira | M.F. Berenguer | A.V.F. Sousa | J.A. Nascimento | M.C. Costa
Validation of a Spanish language version of the pain self-perception scale in patients with fibromyalgia

Author(s): García-Campayo J | Rodero B | del Hoyo Y | Luciano JV | Alda M | Gili M
Construction and validation of a technical-tactical performance evaluation instrument in volleyball. DOI: 10.5007/1980-0037.2011v13n1p43

Author(s): Carine Collet | Juarez Vieira do Nascimento | Valmor Ramos | Joice Mara Facco Stefanello
Development and implementation of treadmill exercise testing protocols in COPD

Author(s): Christopher B Cooper | Marlon Abrazado | Daniel Legg | et al
Comparison of low-density lipoprotein obtained from the Friedewald formula and new formulae in a heterogeneous population

Author(s): César Augusto Guevara-Cuéllar | Claudia Patricia Criollo-Díaz | Carlos Andrés Pineda-Cañar
The digital aqueous humor outflow meter: an alternative tool for screening of the human eye outflow facility

Author(s): Vassilios P Kozobolis | Eleftherios I Paschalis | Nikitas C Foudoulakis | et al
Reproducibility of measurements and variability of the classification algorithm of Stratus OCT in normal, hypertensive, and glaucomatous patients

Author(s): Alfonso Antón | Marta Castany | Marta Pazos-Lopez | Ruben Cuadrado | Ana Flores | Miguel Castilla
The repeatability of interleukin-6, tumor necrosis factor-α, and C-reactive protein in COPD patients over one year

Author(s): Umme Kolsum | Kay Roy | Cerys Starkey | Zoë Borrill | Nick Truman | Jørgen Vestbo | Dave Singh
Is morning urinary protein-to-creatinine ratio a reliable estimator of 24-hour proteinuria in patients with kidney diseases?

Author(s): Ležaić Višnja | Ristić Stojanka | Dopsaj Violeta | Marinković Jelena
Measurement of community reintegration in sample of severely wounded servicemembers

Author(s): Linda Resnik, PT, PhD | Melissa Gray, MOT, OTR/L | Matthew Borgia, BS
Telerehabilitation assessment using the Functioning Everyday with a Wheelchair-Capacity instrument

Author(s): Richard M. Schein, PhD | Mark R. Schmeler, PhD, OTR/L, ATP | Margo B. Holm, PhD, OTR/L | Michael Pramuka, PhD | Andi Saptono, MS | David M. Brienza, PhD
Utility of electronic patient records in primary care for stroke secondary prevention trials

Author(s): Dregan Alex | Toschke Michael | Wolfe Charles | Rudd Anthony | Ashworth Mark | Gulliford Martin
Development and psychometric properties of a belief-based Physical Activity Questionnaire for Diabetic Patients (PAQ-DP)

Author(s): Ghazanfari Zeinab | Niknami Shamsaddin | Ghofranipour Fazlollah | Hajizadeh Ebrahim | Montazeri Ali

Author(s): Catalina Capitán-Jiménez | Luis Fernando Aragón-Vargas
Variabilidad de la medición de la presión arterial en Pediatría: estudio de práctica clínica Variability of the blood pressure measurement in Pediatrics. A clinical practice study

Author(s): N. Rodríguez Arias | E. Pérez Rubio | C. Arribas Cano | M.I. González Viñas | R. Tesoro González | M. Espinosa de la Iglesia | M. González González | C. Ochoa Sangrador
Psychometric properties of two physical activity questionnaires, the AQuAA and the PASE, in cancer patients

Author(s): Liu Roberto | Buffart Laurien | Kersten Marie José | Spiering Marjolein | Brug Johannes | van Mechelen Willem | Chinapaw Mai
Validation of self-reported anthropometrics in the Adventist Health Study 2

Author(s): Bes-Rastrollo Maira | Sabaté Joan | Jaceldo-Siegl Karen | Fraser Gary
Comparing methods to estimate treatment effects on a continuous outcome in multicentre randomized controlled trials: A simulation study

Author(s): Chu Rong | Thabane Lehana | Ma Jinhui | Holbrook Anne | Pullenayegum Eleanor | Devereaux Philip
Reproducibility and relative validity of a food-frequency questionnaire for French-speaking Swiss adults

Author(s): Pedro Marques-Vidal | Alastair Ross | Emma Wynn | Serge Rezzi | Fred Paccaud | Bernard Decarli
Polska wersja Międzynarodowego Kwestionariusza Jakości Życia Specyficznego dla Grzybicy Paznokci

Author(s): Jacek Szepietowski | Katarzyna Półgrabio-Szwedo | Adam Reich | Przemysław Pacan | Eugeniusz Baran
The effect of intravitreal anti-VEGF agents on peripheral wound healing in a rabbit model

Author(s): Christoforidis J | Ricketts R | Pratt C | Pierce J | Bean S | Wells M | Zhang X | La Perle K

Author(s): Almir Atiković | Sunčica Delaš Kalinski | Snežana Bijelić | Nađija Avdibašić Vukadinović1
Assessment of post-operative pain in children: who knows best?

Author(s): Anjalee Brahmbhatt | Tope Adeloye | Ari Ercole | Steven M. Bishop | Helen L. Smith | Daniel W. Wheeler
Reliability of center of pressure measures during dynamic balance performance

Author(s): Seye Hamed Fazeli | Ali Amiry | Ali Ashraf Jamshidi | Mohammad Ali Sanjary

Author(s): Jorge Villamil Cabo | Pablo Martinez-Camblor | Miguel del Valle
El papel de los centros escolares en la adquisición de la competencia científica

Author(s): Elsa Peña-Suárez | Ángela Campillo-Álvarez | Marta Santarén–Rosell | José Muñiz
Test-retest reliability and minimal detectable change for center of pressure measures of postural stability in elderly subjects

Author(s): Reza Salehi | Ismaeil Ebrahimi-Takamjani | Ali Esteki | Nader Maroufi | Mohammad Parnianpour
Reliability and validity of the Spanish version of the 10-item Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale (10-item CD-RISC) in young adults

Author(s): Notario-Pacheco Blanca | Solera-Martínez Montserrat | Serrano-Parra María | Bartolomé-Gutiérrez Raquel | García-Campayo Javier | Martínez-Vizcaíno Vicente
Test-retest of computerized health status questionnaires frequently used in the monitoring of knee osteoarthritis: a randomized crossover trial

Author(s): Gudbergsen Henrik | Bartels Else | Krusager Peter | Wæhrens Eva | Christensen Robin | Danneskiold-Samsøe Bente | Bliddal Henning
Reliability and validity of the Adolescent Stress Questionnaire in a sample of European adolescents - the HELENA study

Author(s): De Vriendt Tineke | Clays Els | Moreno Luis | Bergman Patrick | Vicente-Rodriguez Germán | Nagy Eniko | Dietrich Sabine | Manios Yannis | De Henauw Stefaan
A proposed method to investigate reliability throughout a questionnaire

Author(s): Wentzel-Larsen Tore | Norekvål Tone | Ulvik Bjørg | Nygård Ottar | Pripp Are
Validation of the spanish version of the multiple sclerosis international quality of life (musiqol) questionnaire

Author(s): Fernández Oscar | Fernández Victoria | Baumstarck-Barrau Karine | Muñoz Luis | Gonzalez Alvarez Maria | Arrabal José | León Antonio | Alonso Ana | López-Madrona Jose | Bustamante Rafael | Luque Gloria | Guerrero Miguel | di Cantogno Elisabetta | Auquier Pascal
Validity and reliability of the Swaymeter device for measuring postural sway

Author(s): Sturnieks Daina | Arnold Ria | Lord Stephen

Author(s): J.W. Navalta | B.K. McFarlin | T.S. Lyons | A.A. Ramos | S.W. Arnett | M.A. Schafer
Inter& Intra rater Reliability of Berg Balance Scale for evaluation of the balance in children with spastic hemieplegia

Author(s): Asgari T | Hadian M.R | Nakhostin Ansari N | Abdolvahab M | Jalili M
The World Health Organization quality of Life (WHOQOL-BREF) questionnaire: Translation and validation study of the Iranian version

Author(s): Nejat S. | Montazeri A. | Holakouie Naieni K. | Mohammad K. | Majdzadeh S.R
Designing and Psychometric Properties of a Questionnaire for Assessing Female Adolescents' Health Needs

Author(s): Shahhosseini Z | Simbar M | Ramezankhani A | Alavi Majd H
Development and Evaluation of a New Questionnaire for Rating of Cognitive Failures at Work

Author(s): Teimour Allahyari | Narmin Hassanzadeh Rangi | Yahya Khosravi | Farid Zayeri
The development and evaluation of Persian rhyme awareness tasks for normal 5-6 year-old Persian-speaking children

Author(s): Seyyede Zohreh Ziatabar Ahmadi | Zohreh Arani Kashani | Behrouz Mahmoudi Bakhtiyari | Mohammad Reza keyhani
Linguistic Validation of the Irritable Bowel Syndrome-Quality of Life Questionnaire for Iranian Patients

Author(s): Ali Gholamrezaei | Behzad Zolfaghari | Ziba Farajzadegan | Kianoosh Nemati | Hamed Daghaghzadeh | Hamid Tavakkoli | Mohammad Hassan Emami
Measuring Outcome after Wrist Injury: Translation and Validation of the Swedish Version of the Patient-Rated Wrist Evaluation (PRWE-Swe)

Author(s): Mellstrand Navarro Cecilia | Ponzer Sari | Törnkvist Hans | Ahrengart Leif | Bergström Gunnar
Reliability of goniometric measurements in children with cerebral palsy: A comparative analysis of universal goniometer and electronic inclinometer. A pilot study

Author(s): Herrero Pablo | Carrera Patricia | García Elena | Gómez-Trullén Eva | Oliván-Blázquez Bárbara
Measuring Blood Pressure at Workplace: The Impact of Antistress Management Training

Author(s): Ivana Ilić | Jovica Jovanović | Mirjana Aranđelović
Reproducibility of retinal circulation measurements obtained using laser speckle flowgraphy-NAVI in patients with glaucoma

Author(s): Aizawa N | Yokoyama Y | Chiba N | Omodaka K | Yasuda M | Otomo T | Nakamura M | Fuse N | Nakazawa T
Assessing the quality of life of children with mental disorders using a computer-based self-reported generic instrument (KidIQoL)—Quality of life of children with mental disorders

Author(s): Melanie White-Koning | Martine Gayral-Taminh | Valérie Lauwers-Cancès | Hélène Grandjean | Jean-Philippe Raynaud
The Dental Aesthetic Index and Dental Health Component of the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need as Tools in Epidemiological Studies

Author(s): Chrystiane F. Cardoso | Alexandre F. Drummond | Elisabeth M.B. Lages | Henrique Pretti | Efigênia F. Ferreira | Mauro Henrique N.G. Abreu
Biophotogrammetry: reliability of measurements obtained with a posture assessment software (SAPO). DOI: 10.5007/1980-0037.2011v13n4p299

Author(s): Juliana Alves Souza | Fernanda Pasinato | Débora Basso | Eliane Castilhos Rodrigues Corrêa | Ana Maria Toniolo da Silva
Hemoglobin estimation by the HemoCue® portable hemoglobin photometer in a resource poor setting

Author(s): Nkrumah Bernard | Nguah Samuel | Sarpong Nimako | Dekker Denise | Idriss Ali | May Juergen | Adu-Sarkodie Yaw
Cluster randomised trial in the General Practice Research Database: 1. Electronic decision support to reduce antibiotic prescribing in primary care (eCRT study)

Author(s): Gulliford Martin | van Staa Tjeerd | McDermott Lisa | Dregan Alex | McCann Gerard | Ashworth Mark | Charlton Judith | Grieve Andrew | Little Paul | Moore Michael | Yardley Lucy
Multi-finger coordination in healthy subjects and stroke patients: a mathematical modelling approach

Author(s): Carpinella Ilaria | Jonsdottir Johanna | Ferrarin Maurizio
Evaluating oral health-related quality of life measure for children and preadolescents with temporomandibular disorder

Author(s): Barbosa Taís | Leme Marina | Castelo Paula | Gavião Maria Beatriz
Analysis of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the exhaled breath condensate (EBC) of subjects with asthma as a complement to exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) measurements: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Chérot-Kornobis Nathalie | Hulo Sébastien | Edmé Jean-Louis | de Broucker Virginie | Matran Régis | Sobaszek Annie
Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale (WEMWBS): Validated for teenage school students in England and Scotland. A mixed methods assessment

Author(s): Clarke Aileen | Friede Tim | Putz Rebecca | Ashdown Jacquie | Martin Steven | Blake Amy | Adi Yaser | Parkinson Jane | Flynn Pamela | Platt Stephen | Stewart-Brown Sarah
Reliability of INTERMED Spanish version and applicability in liver transplant patients: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Lobo Elena | Rabanaque MªJosé | Bellido MªLuisa | Lobo Antonio
The Patient Enablement Instrument-French version in a family practice setting: a reliability study

Author(s): Hudon Catherine | Fortin Martin | Rossignol Francis | Bernier Susie | Poitras Marie-Eve
Automated drusen detection in retinal images using analytical modelling algorithms

Author(s): Mora André | Vieira Pedro | Manivannan Ayyakkannu | Fonseca José
Reliability of functional fitness tests in women from 60 to 80 years

Author(s): J.S. Virtuoso Júnior | R.O. Guerra
Psychometric validation of the experience with allergic rhinitis nasal spray questionnaire

Author(s): Crawford B | Stanford RH | Wong AY | Dalal AA | Bayliss MS
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