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The Role of Intuitions in Philosophy

Author(s): Daniel Cohnitz | Sören Häggqvist
Explaining Away Intuitions

Author(s): Jonathan Ichikawa
If Intuitions Must Be Evidential then Philosophy is in Big Trouble

Author(s): Joshua Earlenbaugh | Bernard Molyneux
Philosophical Intuitions

Author(s): Mark Fedyk
Ignorance Radicalized

Author(s): Gergo Somodi
Loose Constitutivity and Armchair Philosophy

Author(s): Jonathan M. Weinberg | Stephen J. Crowley
Demotivating Semi-Compatibilism

Author(s): Kevin Timpe
Accounting for variability in student responses to motion questions

Author(s): Brian W. Frank | Stephen E. Kanim | Luanna S. Gomez
The Trouble with Thought Experiments

Author(s): Jeremy Goodenough
Are medical treatments for individuals and groups like single-play and multiple-play gambles?

Author(s): Michael L. DeKay | John C. Hershey | Mark D. Spranca, | Peter A. Ubel | David A. Asch
The psychology of moral reasoning

Author(s): Monica Bucciarelli | Sangeet Khemlani | P. N. Johnson-Laird
Farmers’ Attitudes Toward Crop Planning in Turkey

Author(s): Sule Isin | Bulent Miran
A proximity effect in adults' contamination intuitions

Author(s): Laura R. Kim | Nancy S. Kim
Fnom Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Causation, Pluralism and Responsibility

Author(s): Francis Longworth
Minimalism and Speakers’ Intuitions

Author(s): Matías Gariazzo
Naturalismo, ficción y objetos matemáticos

Author(s): Jacobo Asse Dayán

Author(s): Maria Leonor Maia dos Santos
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