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The Occupational Therapists and our irrational ideas

Author(s): Masa Moreno, S | Domínguez Clemente, A | Mendo Gómez, V
The Growth Delusion

Author(s): Bob Lloyd
Political action and social thought in Josue de Castro

Author(s): Maria Letícia Galluzzi Bizzo
A New Judging and Revising Method for Ordinal Consistency of Fuzzy Judgment Matrix

Author(s): Xixiang Zhang | Guangxue Yue | Xiaojing Liu | Fei Yu
Da esquizofrenia à antropofagia: leituras da história

Author(s): Vinícius Nicastro Honesko
The feasibility of introducing rapid diagnostic tests for malaria in drug shops in Uganda

Author(s): Mbonye Anthony | Ndyomugyenyi Richard | Turinde Asaph | Magnussen Pascal | Clarke Siân | Chandler Clare
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