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Complete abdominal aortic aneurysm thrombosis and obstruction of both common iliac arteries with intrathrombotic pressures demonstrating a continuing risk of rupture: a case report and review of the literature

Author(s): Filis Konstantinos | Lagoudianakis Emmanuel | Markogiannakis Haridimos | Kotzadimitriou Aikaterini | Koronakis Nikolaos | Bramis Konstantinos | Xiromeritis Konstantinos | Theodorou Dimitrios | Manouras Andreas
Drug-eluting stents in the management of peripheral arterial disease

Author(s): Marc Bosiers | Catherine Cagiannos | Koen Deloose | Jürgen Verbist | Patrick Peeters
A leukocytoclastic vasculitis successfully treated with hyperbaric oxygen

Author(s): Ines Takač | Slavica Kvolik | Dubravka Ivić | Jasenka Čandrlić
Acute Complex Type A Dissection associated with peripheral malperfusion syndrome treated with a staged approach guided by lactate levels

Author(s): Suliman Amna | Dialynas Michael | Ashrafian Hutan | Bicknell Colin | Mireskandari Maziar | Hamady Mohamad | Athanasiou Thanos
Surgical experiences in acute spontaneous dissection of the infrarenal abdominal aorta

Author(s): Yusuf Kalko | Ulku Kafa | Murat Basaran | Taylan Kosker | Ozerdem Ozcaliskan | Erdal Yücel | Unal Aydın
Bypass grafting for infrapopliteal occlusive disease with poor distal flow on angiography

Author(s): Haydar Yasa | Cayan Çakir | Omer Tetik | Muhamet Akyuz | Orhan Gokalp | Nagehan Karahan | Cengiz Ozbek | Ali Gurbuz
The management of neuropathic ulcers of the foot in diabetes by shock wave therapy

Author(s): Moretti Biagio | Notarnicola Angela | Maggio Giulio | Moretti Lorenzo | Pascone Michele | Tafuri Silvio | Patella Vittorio
Peripheral arterial disease in the elderly

Author(s): Wilbert S Aronow
ST segment depression in hypertensive patients: A comparison of exercise test versus Holter ECG

Author(s): Sakir Uen | Rolf Fimmers | Burkhard Weisser | Osman Balta | Georg Nickenig | Thomas Mengden
Effects of penehyclidine hydrochloride in small intestinal damage caused by limb ischemia-reperfusion

Author(s): Yan Zhang, Yu-Fang Leng, Xing Xue, Yue Zhang, Tao Wang, Yu-Qing Kang
Oxidative stress and hypoxia-induced factor 1 expression in gastric ischemia

Author(s): Tao Wang, Yu-Fang Leng, Yan Zhang, Xing Xue, Yu-Qing Kang, Yue Zhang
Tetramethylpyrazine attenuates spinal cord ischemic injury due to aortic cross-clamping in rabbits

Author(s): Chen Shaoyang | Xiong Lize | Wang Qiang | Sang Hanfei | Zhu Zhenhua | Dong Hailong | Lu Zhihong
Effects of L-alanyl-glutamine upon the blood and kidney biochemical parameters in the rat hind limb model of ischemia/reperfusion

Author(s): Alves Marcos Antonio | Guimarães Sérgio Botelho | Dias Daniel Aguiar | Vasconcelos Paulo Roberto Cavalcante de | Coelho Vicente de Paulo Martins | Vasconcelos Paulo Roberto Leitão de
External aggression to the limb as a predictive factor in the evolution of patients undergoing arterial revascularization

Author(s): Wolosker Nelson | Muraco Neto Baptista | Munia Marco Antonio | Rosoky Ruben Ayzin | Ramos Rodrigo Santos | Puech-Leão Pedro
Effect of Salvia leriifolia Benth. root extracts on ischemia-reperfusion in rat skeletal muscle

Author(s): Hosseinzadeh Hossein | Hosseini Azar | Nassiri-Asl Marjan | Sadeghnia Hamid-Reza
Long term expression of bicistronic vector driven by the FGF-1 IRES in mouse muscle

Author(s): Allera-Moreau Camille | Delluc-Clavières Aurélie | Castano Caroline | Van den Berghe Loïc | Golzio Muriel | Moreau Marc | Teissié Justin | Arnal Jean-François | Prats Anne-Catherine
The role of amputation as an outcome measure in cellular therapy for critical limb ischemia: implications for clinical trial design

Author(s): Benoit Eric | O'Donnell Thomas | Iafrati Mark | Asher Enrico | Bandyk Dennis | Hallett John | Lumsden Alan | Pearl Gregory | Roddy Sean | Vijayaraghavan Krishnaswami | Patel Amit
Factors influencing early results of femoro-femoral crossover bypass

Author(s): Đorić Predrag | Davidović Lazar | Jadranin Dragica | Marković Miroslav | Končar Igor | Želeskov-Đorić Jelena | Činara Ilijas
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