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Numerical Modelling of Electric Conductance of a thin Sheet

Author(s): Mojmir Kollar | Jaroslav Franek
On the Mann and Ishikawa iteration processes

Author(s): Zhou Haiyun | Jia Yuting
A Novel Method for Grayscale Image Segmentation by Using GIT-PCANN

Author(s): Haiyan Li | Guo Lei | Zhang Yufeng | Xinling Shi | Chen Jianhua
Integrasi Produksi - Distribusi pada Supply Chain dengan Pendekatan Hybrid Analitik - Simulasi

Author(s): Annisa Kesy Garside | R. Hadi Wahyuono | Tiananda Widyarini
Random Web Surfer PageRank Algorithm

Author(s): Navadiya Hareshkumar | Dr. Deepak Garg
Inverse Circular Saw

Author(s): Gunjan Srivastava | Shafali Agarwal | Vikas Srivastava | Ashish Negi
Solution of Delay Volterra Integral Equations Using the Variational Iteration Method

Author(s): M. Avaji | J.S. Hafshejani | S.S. Dehcheshmeh | D.F. Ghahfarokhi
Fixed point theorems for some new nonlinear mappings in Hilbert spaces

Author(s): Lin Lai-Jiu | Chuang Chih-Sheng | Yu Zenn-Tsun
A Novel Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm Algorithm and Its Application

Author(s): Chen Baisong | Ye Xuemei | An Li | Wang Yuan
The Solution of the Nonlinear Dispersive K(m,n,1) Equations by RDT Method

Author(s): Yücel Çenesiz | Yıldıray Keskin | Aydın Kurnaz
Key Success Factors in Business Intelligence

Author(s): Szymon Adamala | Linus Cidrin
Numerical Modelling of Electric Conductance of a thin Sheet

Author(s): Mojmir Kollar | Jaroslav Franek
An Optimal Iteration Method for Strongly Nonlinear Oscillators

Author(s): Vasile Marinca | Nicolae Herişanu
Fractales para la arqueología: un nuevo lenguaje

Author(s): Rodríguez Alcalde, Angel | Alonso Jiménez, Carmelo | Velázquez Cano, Julián
Intelligent Control of a Sensor-Actuator System via Kernelized Least-Squares Policy Iteration

Author(s): Bo Liu | Sanfeng Chen | Shuai Li | Yongsheng Liang
A New Approach for Improving Data Security using Iterative Blowfish Algorithm

Author(s): G. Manikandan | N. Sairam | M. Kamarasan
Iterated Viterbi detection methods for a 2-D bit patterned mediastorage

Author(s): Lin M. M. Myint | Pornchai Supnithi | Prinya Tantaswadi
Successive Standardization of Rectangular Arrays

Author(s): Richard A. Olshen | Bala Rajaratnam
Improved Multiple-Scenario Radio Network Dimensioning for WCDMA

Author(s): Yifei Tan | Teong Chee Chuah | Thiaw Seng Ng
MAX-DOAS measurements of NO2, HCHO and CHOCHO at a rural site in Southern China

Author(s): X. Li | T. Brauers | A. Hofzumahaus | K. Lu | Y. P. Li | M. Shao | T. Wagner | A. Wahner
Devlopment of Fuzzy Based Image Filtering Techniques to Enhance Lung lobe Images

Author(s): Aparna D. Desmukh | Sapna S. Khapre | Pooja B. Aher
Video Compression Using MPEG

Author(s): Sangeeta Mishra | Sudhir Sawarkar

Author(s): Chinmay Chandrakar | M.K. Kowar
Fusing Interesting Topics in the Web

Author(s): A.D. Cuevas–Rasgado | A. Guzman–Arenas
Generation of new Fractals for SINE Function

Author(s): Rajeshri Rana | Yashwant Singh Chauhan | Ashish Negi
Research and Application of Code Automatic Generation Algorithm Based on Structured Flowchart

Author(s): Xiang-Hu Wu | Ming-Cheng Qu | Zhi-Qiang Liu | Jian-Zhong Li
Combined Electromagnetic and Drift Diffusion Models for Microwave Semiconductor Device

Author(s): Samir Labiod | Saida Latreche | Mourad Bella | Christian Gontrand
On rate of convergence of various iterative schemes

Author(s): Hussain Nawab | Rafiq Arif | Damjanović Boško | Lazović Rade
Step Size Bound of the Sequential Partial Update LMS Algorithm with Periodic Input Signals

Author(s): Ramos Pedro | Torrubia Roberto | López Ana | Salinas Ana | Masgrau Enrique
Dataflow-Based Mapping of Computer Vision Algorithms onto FPGAs

Author(s): Sen Mainak | Corretjer Ivan | Haim Fiorella | Saha Sankalita | Schlessman Jason | Lv Tiehan | Bhattacharyya ShuvraS | Wolf Wayne
Construction of Fixed Points by Some Iterative Schemes

Author(s): El-Sayed Ahmed A | Kamal A
P-CORDIC: A Precomputation Based Rotation CORDIC Algorithm

Author(s): Kuhlmann Martin | Parhi Keshab K
Partitioning and Scheduling DSP Applications with Maximal Memory Access Hiding

Author(s): Wang Zhong | Sha Edwin Hsing-Mean | Wang Yuke
An Extension of Gregus Fixed Point Theorem

Author(s): Olaleru JO | Akewe H
Approximating Fixed Points of Nonexpansive Mappings in Hyperspaces

Author(s): Liu Zeqing | Feng Chi | Kang Shin Min | Ume Jeong Sheok
Some Krasnonsel'skiĭ-Mann Algorithms and the Multiple-Set Split Feasibility Problem

Author(s): He Huimin | Liu Sanyang | Noor MuhammadAslam
Iterative Refinement Methods for Time-Domain Equalizer Design

Author(s): Arslan Güner | Lu Biao | Clark Lloyd D | Evans Brian L
Implicit Iteration Process for Common Fixed Points of Strictly Asymptotically Pseudocontractive Mappings in Banach Spaces

Author(s): Tian YouXian | Chang Shih-sen | Huang Jialin | Wang Xiongrui | Kim JK
-Stability of Picard Iteration in Metric Spaces

Author(s): Qing Yuan | Rhoades BE
On -Stability of Picard Iteration in Cone Metric Spaces

Author(s): Asadi M | Soleimani H | Vaezpour SM | Rhoades BE
A Theoretical Framework for Soft-Information-Based Synchronization in Iterative (Turbo) Receivers

Author(s): Noels Nele | Lottici Vincenzo | Dejonghe Antoine | Steendam Heidi | Moeneclaey Marc | Luise Marco | Vandendorpe Luc
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