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Voltage Controlled Delay Line for Digital Signal

Author(s): Goran Jovanović | Mile Stojčev
Disentangling stellar activity and planetary signals

Author(s): Boisse I. | Bouchy F. | Hébrard G. | Bonfils X. | Santos N.C. | Vauclair S.


Author(s): Prof.S.P. Setti, | Narasimha Raju K | Naresh Kumar K
A New Method to Minimize the Clock Skew to Enhance Performance of Digital System

Author(s): N. Suresh Kumar, | J. Anitha | M.S.S. Praveen, | N. Asok Kumar, | R. Ajay Suresh Babu
Análisis de rendimiento de la transmisión de IPTV sobre ADSL, WiFi y LAN Extended

Author(s): César Viloria Núñez | Jennifer Freja Fruto | Yezid Donoso Meisel
Improving SCTP Performance by Jitter-Based Congestion Control over Wired-Wireless Networks

Author(s): Jyh-Ming Chen | Ching-Hsiang Chu | Eric Hsiao-Kuang Wu | Meng-Feng Tsai | Jian-Ren Wang
Speech Quality Requirements over DSL Networks

Author(s): Ibrahiem M. M. El Emary
The Eye Diagram Analysis of Restoration Scheme in FTTH-PON

Author(s): M.S. Ab-Rahman | L. Al-Hakim Azizan | S.A.C. Aziz | K. Jumari
Acoustic cardiac triggering: a practical solution for synchronization and gating of cardiovascular magnetic resonance at 7 Tesla

Author(s): Frauenrath Tobias | Hezel Fabian | Renz Wolfgang | d'Orth Thibaut | Dieringer Matthias | von Knobelsdorff-Brenkenhoff Florian | Prothmann Marcel | Menger Jeanette | Niendorf Thoralf

Author(s): Prof.S.P.Setty | Narasimha Raju K | Naresh Kumar K
High Efficiency QoS Guarantee, Channel Aware scheduling scheme For Polling Services in WiMAX

Author(s): Reza Hashemi | Mohammad Ali Pourmina | Farbod Razzazi
The Effect of Channel Fading on Providing Quality

Author(s): Marzieh Varposhti | Naser-Movahhedinia Movahhedinia
A Fuzzy Based Stable Routing Algorithm for MANET

Author(s): Arash Dana | Mohamad Hadi Babaei
Performance Analysis of WiMax WiFi System under Different Codecs

Author(s): Shaffatul Islam | Mamunur Rashid | Mohammed Tarique
Integrated Synthesis of Control and Bandwidth Scheduling on Networked Control Systems

Author(s): Yun Niu | Xuguang Wu | Junhong He | Liang Hong
Enhanced Cost231 W.I. Propagation Model in Wireless Network

Author(s): Hemant Kumar Sharma | Santosh Sahu | Sanjeev Sharma
Receiver Jitter Tracking Characteristics in High-Speed Source Synchronous Links

Author(s): Ahmed Ragab | Yang Liu | Kangmin Hu | Patrick Chiang | Samuel Palermo
Time Jitter in Phase Controlled Thyristor Circuits

Author(s): J. K. Hall | D. S. Palmer
E-model MOS Estimate Improvement through Jitter Buffer Packet Loss Modelling

Author(s): Adrian Kovac | Michal Halas | Milos Orgon | Miroslav Voznak
Real Time Analysis of VoIP System under Pervasive Environment through Spectral Parameters

Author(s): Harjit Pal Singh | Sarabjeet Singh | Jasvir Singh
Evaluación del retardo de los protocolos de ruteo reactivos para redes Manet

Author(s): Maria A. Murazzo | Nelson R. Rodríguez | Matías Martínez
Osciladores Controlados por Voltaje para la Generación y Distribución Simultánea de Señal de Reloj en Sistemas en Chip

Author(s): Oscar González Díaz | Mónico Linares-Aranda | Reydezel Torres Torres
Delay Variation Model with Two Service Queues

Author(s): Filip Rezac | Miroslav Voznak | Frantisek Hromek
Delay Variation Model with Two Service Queues

Author(s): Filip Rezac | Miroslav Voznak | Frantisek Hromek
E-model MOS Estimate Improvement through Jitter Buffer Packet Loss Modelling

Author(s): Adrian Kovac | Michal Halas | Milos Orgon | Miroslav Voznak
Effects of Voice Therapy on Vocal Acoustic Characteristics in Patients With Vocal Cord Nodules

Author(s): Mehri safari | Ali Ghorbani | Yunos Amiri Shavaki | Farzad Izadi
Utilizing Colored Pheromones and Helping Ants for Wireless Mesh Networks Routing

Author(s): Alireza Mirzaei Nejad Kousari | Rahim Alizadeh | Ehsan Ghasemkhani
Utilizing Colored Pheromones and Helping Ants for Wireless Mesh Networks Routing

Author(s): Alireza Mirzaei Nejad Kousari | Rahim Alizadeh | Ehsan Ghasemkhani
Desempeño de la calidad del servicio (QoS) sobre IPv6

Author(s): Octavio José Salcedo Parra | Danilo López | Ángela Patricia Ríos
Performance of Routing Protocols in MANETs with Node Density and Mobility using Omni and Directional Antenna

Author(s): Vinay Kumar | Sanjeev Jain Motilal Nehru National | Sudarshan Tiwari
Performance Evaluation of Secure Video Transmission over WIMAX

Author(s): FarrukhEhtisham | Emmanouil A. Panaousis | Christos Politis
Policy Based Fast Handoff Mechanism for MANET

Author(s): Ankur Gupta | A. K. Vatsa
An Evaluation of Media-Oriented Rate Selection Algorithm for Multimedia Transmission in MANETs

Author(s): Manshaei Mohammad Hossein | Turletti Thierry | Guionnet Thomas
Improving SCTP Performance by Jitter-Based Congestion Control over Wired-Wireless Networks

Author(s): Chen Jyh-Ming | Chu Ching-Hsiang | Wu EricHsiao-Kuang | Tsai Meng-Feng | Wang Jian-Ren
Fairness and QoS Guarantees of WiMAX OFDMA Scheduling with Fuzzy Controls

Author(s): Chen Chao-Lieh | Lee Jeng-Wei | Wu Chi-Yuan | Kuo Yau-Hwang
Uplink Cross-Layer Scheduling with Differential QoS Requirements in OFDMA Systems

Author(s): Bai Bo | Chen Wei | Cao Zhigang | Ben Letaief Khaled
NQAR: Network Quality Aware Routing in Error-Prone Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Choi Jaewon | Choi Baek-Young | Song Sejun | Lee Kwang-Hui
Jitter-Robust Orthogonal Hermite Pulses for Ultra-Wideband Impulse Radio Communications

Author(s): de Abreu Giuseppe Thadeu Freitas | Mitchel Craig John | Kohno Ryuji
Corrected Integral Shape Averaging Applied to Obstructive Sleep Apnea Detection from the Electrocardiogram

Author(s): Boudaoud S | Rix H | Meste O | Heneghan C | O'Brien C
Analysis and Design of Timing Recovery Schemes for DMT Systems over Indoor Power-Line Channels

Author(s): Cortés José Antonio | Díez Luis | Martos-Naya Eduardo | Cañete Francisco Javier | Entrambasaguas José Tomás
Influence of load balancing on quality of real time data transmission

Author(s): Maksić Nataša | Knežević Petar | Antić Marija | Smiljanić Aleksandra
Pulse width control loop as a duty cycle corrector

Author(s): Jovanović Goran | Stojčev Mile K.
A Novel Topological Multicast Routing Algorithm (ToMuRo)

Author(s): R. Aquino‐Santos | L. A. Villaseñor‐González | V. Rangel‐Licea | A. González‐Potes | M.A. García‐Ruiz | A. Edwards‐Block
Mobility based Performance Analysis of AODV and DYMO under Varying Degree of Node Misbehavior

Author(s): Sudhir Agrawal | Sanjeev Jain | Sanjeev Sharma | Roopam Gupta
VOIP Call Optimization in Diverse Network Scenarios Using Learning Based State-Space Search Technique

Author(s): Tamal Chakraborty | Atri Mukhopadhyay | Iti Saha Misra | Salil Kumar Sanyal
An Enhanced Secured Dynamic Source Routing Protocol for MANETS

Author(s): G.Lavanya | A. Ebenezer Jeyakumar
Optimal Routing Protocol for TCP-NewReno in Wireless Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

Author(s): Monika Rani | Harish Kumar | Gurpal Singh
Fundamental Frequency, Jitter, and Shimmer of Adult Stuuters` and Nonstutteres` Voice

Author(s): Mahdi Shaker Ardakani | Zahra Soleymani | Farhad Torabinejad | Seyyedeh Maryam Khoddami | Mahmoud Alipour Heydari
Intercomparisons of Nine Sky Brightness Detectors

Author(s): Peter den Outer | Dorien Lolkema | Marty Haaima | Rene van der Hoff | Henk Spoelstra | Wim Schmidt
Contribución para QoS en Redes Metropolitanas Ethernet

Author(s): Omar Álvarez | Margarita Mayoral | Carmen Moliner
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Mohammad S. Obaidat | José Luis (Sevi) Sevillano
Four Field Motion Adaptive Deinterlacing Algorithm

Author(s): S.Sreekanth | Y.Chakrapani | Sandeep Pasala
Comparison of Call Signalling Protocols for Adhoc Networks

Author(s): Sarika Malhotra | Prabhjot Kaur
Performance Comparison of different hybrid amplifiers for different numbers of channels

Author(s): Sameksha Bhaskar | Ramandeep Kaur | M.L.Sharma
Performance Analysis of Web Service Model for Video on Demand

Author(s): Lavanya Rajendran | Ramachandran Veilumuthu
Analyzing the Impact of Scalability on QoS-aware Routing for MANETs

Author(s): Rajneesh Kumar Gujral | Manpreet Singh
Comparative Study of VoIP over WiMax and WiFi

Author(s): M Atif Qureshi | Arjumand Younus | Muhammad Saeed | Farhan Ahmed Sidiqui | Nasir Touheed | M Shahid Qureshi
WiFi/WiMAX Seamless Convergence with Adaptive Vertical Handover for Continuity of Internet Access

Author(s): Rashid Abdelhaleem Saeed | Hafizal Mohamad | Mazlan Abbas | Borhanuddin Mohd Ali
Studies on Sensitivity of Clock and Data Recovery Circuits to Power Supply Noise

Author(s): Khalil I. Mahmoud | J. Dhurga Devi | R. Rajasekar | P. V. Ramakrishna
A new transform for the analysis of complex fractionated atrial electrograms

Author(s): Ciaccio Edward | Biviano Angelo | Whang William | Coromilas James | Garan Hasan
Optimization of different fibers at large number of channels

Author(s): Sameksha Bhaskar | Ramandeep Kaur | Shveta Singh
DCF Improvement for Satisfactory Throughput of 802.11 WLAN

Author(s): Ashwini Dalvi, | Pamukumar Swamy, | B B Meshram
Analysis and Comparison of Five Kinds of Typical Device-Level Embedded Operating Systems

Author(s): Jialiang WANG | Hai ZHAO | Peng LI | Hui LI | Bo LI
An Empirical Examination of Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Kuncha Sahadevaiah | Oruganti Bala Venkata Ramanaiah
A Multi-objective QoS Optimization with Fuzzy Based Parameter Setting for Real-Time Multicasting

Author(s): Satyananda Champati Rai | Bijan Bihari Misra | Ajit Kumar Nayak | Rajib Mall | Sateesh Kumar Pradhan
A/D Restrictions (Errors) in Ultra-Wideband Impulse Radios

Author(s): Giorgos Tatsis | Constantinos Votis | Vasilis Raptis | Vasilis Christofilakis | Panos Kostarakis
Towards High Quality VoIP in 3G Networks An Empirical Approach

Author(s): Andres ARJONA | Cedric WESTPHAL | Antti YLA-JAASKI | Martin KRISTENSSON | Jukka MANNER
Phase and Quadrature Pulsed Bias LC-CMOS VCO

Author(s): Stefano Perticaroli | Fabrizio Palma | Adriano Carbone
Switchable PLL Frequency Synthesizer andHot Carrier Effects

Author(s): Yang Liu | Ashok Srivastava | Yao Xu

Author(s): Shakeel Ahmed | A. K. Ramani | Nazir Ahmad Zafar
A Wide-Band Uniform Sampling of Periodic Signals

Author(s): Petar Bošnjaković | Milica Dohčević-Jerotić | Darko Rađenović
Evaluation and Investigation of the Delay in VoIP Networks

Author(s): B. Kyrbashov | I. Baronak | M. Kovacik | V. Janata
Clocking in Multi-GHz Environment

Author(s): Vojin G. Oklobdžija
A General Analysis of the Impact of Digitization in Microwave Correlation Radiometers

Author(s): Xavier Bosch-Lluis | Isaac Ramos-Perez | Adriano Camps | Nereida Rodriguez-Alvarez | Enric Valencia | Hyuk Park
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