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Distributed Memory Implementation of the False Nearest Neighbors Method: Kd-tree approach versus Box-assisted approach

Author(s): Julio J. Aguila | Ismael Marin | Enrique Arias | Maria del Mar Artigao | Juan J. Miralles
A Comparative Study of Box-assisted and Kd-tree Approaches for the False Nearest Neighbors Method

Author(s): Julio J. Aguila | Ismael Marin | Enrique Arias | Maria del Mar Artigao | Juan J. Miralles
GeneXplorer: an interactive web application for microarray data visualization and analysis

Author(s): Rees Christian | Demeter Janos | Matese John | Botstein David | Sherlock Gavin
Nonlinear dynamics time series analysis of chaotic current oscillations in a semi-insulating GaAs sample

Author(s): Silva R.L. da | Rubinger R.M. | Oliveira A.G. de | Ribeiro G.M.
High performance computing environment for multidimensional image analysis

Author(s): Rao A Ravishankar | Cecchi Guillermo | Magnasco Marcelo
yaImpute: An R Package for kNN Imputation

Author(s): Nicholas L. Crookston | Andrew O. Finley
On Classification Approaches for Misbehavior Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Matthias Becker | Martin Drozda | Sven Schaust | Sebastian Bohlmann | Helena Szczerbicka
Stability as a natural selection mechanism on interacting networks

Author(s): Juan I. Perotti | Orlando V. Billoni | Francisco A. Tamarit | Sergio A. Cannas
Evaluation of the performance of tests for spatial randomness on prostate cancer data

Author(s): Hinrichsen Virginia | Klassen Ann | Song Changhong | Kulldorff Martin

Author(s): Luca Spalazzi | Ratan Guha
Antisense DNA parameters derived from next-nearest-neighbor analysis of experimental data

Author(s): Gray Donald | Gray Carla | Yoo Byong-Hoon | Lou Tzu-Fang
Approximation of Missing Values in DNA Microarray Gene Expression Data

Author(s): Amanjot Kaur | Sukhwinder Bir | Reet Kamal
Nearest Neighbor Estimates of Entropy for Multivariate Circular Distributions

Author(s): Neeraj Misra | Harshinder Singh | Vladimir Hnizdo
Recognition of Isolated Handwritten Characters in Gurmukhi Script

Author(s): Dharamveer Sharma | Puneet Jhajj
Arabic Words Recognition by Fuzzy Classifier

Author(s): Farah Lotfi | Farah Nadir | Bedda Mouldi
On-line Rotation Invariant Estimation and Recognition

Author(s): R Bremananth | Andy W. H. Khong | M. Sankari
MRI Brain Abnormalities Segmentation using K-Nearest Neighbors (k-NN)

Author(s): Noor Elaiza Abdul Khalid | Shafaf Ibrahim, | Puteri Nurain Megat Mohd Haniff
Genetic affinities between the Yami tribe people of Orchid Island and the Philippine Islanders of the Batanes archipelago

Author(s): Loo Jun-Hun | Trejaut Jean | Yen Ju-Chen | Chen Zong-Sian | Lee Chien-Liang | Lin Marie
An Adaptive Neighborhood Graph for LLE Algorithm without Free-Parameter

Author(s): Xianlin Zou | Qingsheng Zhu | Yifu Jin
Visual Attention Shift based on Image Segmentation Using Neurodynamic System

Author(s): Lijuan Duan | Chunpeng Wu | Faming Fang | Jun Miao | Yuanhua Qiao | Jian Li
A Computer Aided Diagnosis System for Breast Cancer

Author(s): Alireza Osareh | Bita Shadgar
Band structure of fcc-C60 solid state crystal study

Author(s): S Javanbakht | S Jalali Asadabadi
ACO Based Feature Subset Selection for Multiple k-Nearest Neighbor Classifiers

Author(s): Shailendra Kumar Shrivastava | Pradeep Mewada
Performance Comparison of SVM and K-NN for Oriya Character Recognition

Author(s): Sanghamitra Mohanty | Himadri Nandini Das Bebartta
Electric-field effects on the band-edge states of GaAs/AlAs coupled quantum wells

Author(s): Ribeiro F.J. | Capaz R.B. | Koiller Belita
Power evaluation of disease clustering tests

Author(s): Song Changhong | Kulldorff Martin
Instance-based concept learning from multiclass DNA microarray data

Author(s): Berrar Daniel | Bradbury Ian | Dubitzky Werner
Streamflow disaggregation: a nonlinear deterministic approach

Author(s): B. Sivakumar | W. W. Wallender | C. E. Puente | M. N. Islam
Case-control geographic clustering for residential histories accounting for risk factors and covariates

Author(s): Jacquez Geoffrey | Meliker Jaymie | AvRuskin Gillian | Goovaerts Pierre | Kaufmann Andy | Wilson Mark | Nriagu Jerome
Robust imputation method for missing values in microarray data

Author(s): Yoon Dankyu | Lee Eun-Kyung | Park Taesung
Nearest Neighbor Networks: clustering expression data based on gene neighborhoods

Author(s): Huttenhower Curtis | Flamholz Avi | Landis Jessica | Sahi Sauhard | Myers Chad | Olszewski Kellen | Hibbs Matthew | Siemers Nathan | Troyanskaya Olga | Coller Hilary
Using machine learning algorithms to guide rehabilitation planning for home care clients

Author(s): Zhu Mu | Zhang Zhanyang | Hirdes John | Stolee Paul
A comparison of machine learning algorithms for chemical toxicity classification using a simulated multi-scale data model

Author(s): Judson Richard | Elloumi Fathi | Setzer R Woodrow | Li Zhen | Shah Imran
Nonlinear dynamics of the additive-pulse modelocked laser

Author(s): E. J. Mozdy | C. R. Pollock
Content-Based Image Retrieval for Semiconductor Process Characterization

Author(s): Fred Lakhani | James S. Goddard | Regina K. Ferrell | Lloyd F. Arrowood | Thomas P. Karnowski | Kenneth W. Tobin
Clustering of PubMed abstracts using nearer terms of the domain

Author(s): Mary Rajathei David | Selvaraj Samuel*
Comparison of Lipoprotein (a) and Apolipoproteins in Children with and without Familial History of Premature Coronary Artery Disease

Author(s): Azita Fesharakinia |  Toba Kazemi | Asghar Zarban | Gholam Reza Sharifzadeh

Experimenting the design-based k-NN approach for mapping and estimation under forest management planning

Author(s): Mattioli W | Quatrini V | Di Paolo S | Di Santo D | Giuliarelli D | Angelini A | Portoghesi L | Corona P
A Semi Automated Method for Laminated Sediments Analysis

Author(s): Daniel Ariztegui | Meissa Fall | Mapathe Ndiaye | Eric Davaud
A Semi Automated Method for Laminated Sediments Analysis

Author(s): Daniel Ariztegui | Meissa Fall | Mapathe Ndiaye | Eric Davaud
The Spatial Nearest Neighbor Skyline Queries

Author(s): Nasrin Mazaheri Soudani | Ahmad Baraani Dastgerdi
Scoring Function Based on Weighted Residue Network

Author(s): Xiong Jiao | Shan Chang
Survey of Nearest Neighbor Condensing Techniques

Author(s): MILOUD-AOUIDATE Amal | BABA-ALI Ahmed Riadh
Content-Based Image Retrieval for Semiconductor Process Characterization

Author(s): Tobin Kenneth W | Karnowski Thomas P | Arrowood Lloyd F | Ferrell Regina K | Goddard James S | Lakhani Fred
Classification of Pulse Waveforms Using Edit Distance with Real Penalty

Author(s): Zhang Dongyu | Zuo Wangmeng | Zhang David | Zhang Hongzhi | Li Naimin
Novel Learning Algorithm for System Model of Traditional Chinese Drug Fumigation

Author(s): Ping Zhang | XiaoHong Hao | HengJie Li | WeiTao Xu
A Modified Editing k-nearest Neighbor Rule

Author(s): Ruiqin Chang | Zheng Pei | Chao Zhang
A Novel Weighted Voting for K-Nearest Neighbor Rule

Author(s): Jianping Gou | Taisong Xiong | Yin Kuang
Arabic Numerals Recognition based on an Improved Version of the Loci Characteristic

Author(s): Ouafae EL Melhaoui | Mohamed El Hitmy | Fairouz Lekhal
An Effective Location-Based Power Conservation Scheme for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Khalid Kaabneh | Azmi Halasa | Hussein Al-Bahadili

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