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Status epilepticus affects the gigantocellular network of the pontine reticular formation

Author(s): Baracskay Péter | Kiglics Viola | Kékesi Katalin | Juhász Gábor | Czurkó András
Kainic Acid-Induced Neurodegenerative Model: Potentials and Limitations

Author(s): Xiang-Yu Zheng | Hong-Liang Zhang | Qi Luo | Jie Zhu
Nuclear Factor-Kappa B Activity Regulates Brain Expression of P-Glycoprotein in the Kainic Acid-Induced Seizure Rats

Author(s): Nian Yu | Qing Di | Hao Liu | Yong Hu | Ying Jiang | Yu-kui Yan | Yan-fang Zhang | Ying-dong Zhang
The Role of GLUK5-Containing Kainate Receptors in Entorhinal Cortex Gamma Frequency Oscillations

Author(s): Heather L. Stanger | Rebekah Alford | David E. Jane | Mark O. Cunningham
Tissue-specific and neural activity-regulated expression of human BDNF gene in BAC transgenic mice

Author(s): Koppel Indrek | Aid-Pavlidis Tamara | Jaanson Kaur | Sepp Mari | Pruunsild Priit | Palm Kaia | Timmusk Tõnis
Midkine, heparin-binding growth factor, blocks kainic acid-induced seizure and neuronal cell death in mouse hippocampus

Author(s): Kim Yun | Ryu Jae | Lee Hong | Lim In | Park Dongsun | Lee Min | Kim Seung
Cyclooxygenase-2 expression in oligodendrocytes increases sensitivity to excitotoxic death

Author(s): Carlson Noel | Rojas Monica | Redd Jonathan | Tang Philip | Wood Blair | Hill Kenneth | Rose John
Kainic acid-induced microglial activation is attenuated in aged interleukin-18 deficient mice

Author(s): Zhang Xing-Mei | Jin Tao | Quezada Hernan | Mix Eilhard | Winblad Bengt | Zhu Jie
Kainate-induced oxidative stress and neurotoxicity in the rat brain

Author(s): Radenović Lidija Lj. | Selaković Vesna
Nitric oxide production in the rat brain after kainate-induced seizure

Author(s): Radenović Lidija Lj. | Jovanović Marina D. | Vasiljević Ivana D. | Ninković Milica | Selaković Vesna M. | Maličević Živorad
Temporal profiles of age-dependent changes in cytokine mRNA expression and glial cell activation after status epilepticus in postnatal rat hippocampus

Author(s): Järvelä Juha | Lopez-Picon Francisco | Plysjuk Anna | Ruohonen Saku | Holopainen Irma
Effect of a short-term in vitro exposure to the marine toxin domoic acid on viability, tumor necrosis factor-alpha, matrix metalloproteinase-9 and superoxide anion release by rat neonatal microglia

Author(s): Mayer Alejandro | Hall Mary | Fay Michael | Lamar Peter | Pearson Celeste | Prozialeck Walter | Lehmann Virginia | Jacobson Peer | Romanic Anne | Uz Tolga | Manev Hari
Sub region-specific modulation of synchronous neuronal burst firing after a kainic acid insult in organotypic hippocampal cultures

Author(s): Reid Christopher | Adams Brendan | Myers Damian | O'Brien Terence | Williams David
Sesamin ameliorates oxidative stress and mortality in kainic acid-induced status epilepticus by inhibition of MAPK and COX-2 activation

Author(s): Hsieh Peiyuan | Hou Chien-Wei | Yao Pei-Wun | Wu Szu-Pei | Peng Yu-Fen | Shen Mei-Lin | Lin Ching-Huei | Chao Ya-Yun | Chang Ming-Hong | Jeng Kee-Ching

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