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A Genetic Algorithm Approach for NonIgnorable Missing Data

Author(s): R.Devi Priya | S.Kuppuswami | S.Makesh Kumar
ICT for Education

Author(s): Marcellin Nkenlifack | Raoul Nangue | Bethin Demsong | Victor Kuate Fotso

Author(s): Peter Hamm | Janina Schulz | Karl-Hans Englmeier
Learning English through short stories

Author(s): Ashraf Haji Maibodi
Talking about Artifacts: Preschool Children’s Explorations with Sketches, Stories, and Tangible Objects

Author(s): Demetra Evangelou | Jennifer Dobbs-Oates | Aikaterini Bagiati | Sandy Liang | Ji Young Choi
Drug adherence and multidisciplinary care in patients with multiple sclerosis: Protocol of a prospective, web-based, patient-centred, nation-wide, Dutch cohort study in glatiramer acetate treated patients (CAIR study)

Author(s): Jongen Peter | Hengstman Gerald | Hupperts Raymond | Schrijver Hans | Gilhuis Job | Vliegen Joseph | Hoogervorst Erwin | van Huizen Marc | van Munster Eric | Samijn Johnny | de Schryver Els | Siepman Theodora | Tonk Martijn | Zandbergen Eveline | ten Holter Jacques | van der Kruijk Ruud | Borm George
Newborn care and knowledge translation - perceptions among primary healthcare staff in northern Vietnam

Author(s): Eriksson Leif | Nga Nguyen | Hoa Dinh | Persson Lars-Åke | Ewald Uwe | Wallin Lars
Integrative health care model for climacteric stage women: design of the intervention

Author(s): Doubova Svetlana | Espinosa-Alarcón Patricia | Flores-Hernández Sergio | Infante Claudia | Pérez-Cuevas Ricardo
Sector spanning agrifood process transparency with Direct Computer Mapping

Author(s): Mónika Varga | Sándor Balogh | Béla Csukás

Author(s): CONTENTS Vol. 5, No.3, 2009

Author(s): CSS Vol. 6 No. 3
Faculty verbal evaluations reveal strategies used to promote medical student performance

Author(s): Karen E. Hauer | Lindsay Mazotti | Bridget O'Brien | Paul A. Hemmer | Lowell Tong

Author(s): Tomaž Vrtovec | Dejan Tomaževič | Boštjan Likar | Ludvik Travnik | Franjo Pernuš
Dissociating Improvement of Attention and Intelligence during Written Language Acquisition in Adults

Author(s): Steffen Landgraf | Reinhard Beyer | Ann Pannekamp | Gesa Schaadt | Darina Koch | Manja Foth | Elke van der Meer
The effect of an education program on the knowledge level and attitudes about Diabetes Mellitus

Author(s): Fernanda Paola de Pádua Gandra | Kellen Cristine Silva | Cinara Fonseca Castro | Elizabethe Adriana Esteves | Luciana Neri Nobre

Author(s): Sanda-Marina Bădulescu
WIKIMEDIA: integration of text and image in the journalism teaching process

Author(s): Mayra Rodrigues Gomes | Rosana de Lima Soares
Rational choice in field archaelology

Author(s): Cătălin Pavel
Can knowledge management influence firms' performance?

Author(s): Juan José Tarí Guilló | Mariano García-Fernández
Active Data Logger

Author(s): Krebs Matthias | Stamm Christoph

Author(s): Ramona – Diana Leon | Adrian Lupu | Anca – Codruta Manolache
Aplicación de las nuevas tecnologías a la enseñanza de la Geología

Author(s): Ortiz, José Eugenio | de Torres, Trinidad | Arribas, Isabel | Martín-Sánchez, Domingo

Author(s): Moisuc Diana-Aderina | Simion Simona-Alina | Steliac Nela
Knowledge acquisition, semantic text mining, and security risks in health and biomedical informatics

Author(s): Jingshan Huang | Dejing Dou | Jiangbo Dang | J Harold Pardue | Xiao Qin | Jun Huan | William T Gerthoffer | Ming Tan

Use of audiovisual resources in a FlexQuest strategy on Radioactivity

Author(s): Flávia Cristina Gomes Catunda de Vasconcelos | Marcelo Brito Carneiro Leão
Meningococcal disease serogroup C

Author(s): Dickinson FO | Pérez AE | Cuevas IE
Digital Word Walls and Vocabulary Learning: The Use of iPods to Facilitate Vocabulary Instruction with ESL Students

Author(s): Lucretia M. Fraga | Janis M. Harmon | Karen D. Wood | Elizabeth Buckelew-Martin
Application of Knowledge Based System for Diagnosis of Osteoarthritis

Author(s): T.F. Blessia | S. Singh | A. Kumar | J.J. Vennila
A Rule Management System for Knowledge Based Data Cleaning

Author(s): Louardi BRADJI | Mahmoud BOUFAIDA
Adult male circumcision as an intervention against HIV: An operational study of uptake in a South African community (ANRS 12126)

Author(s): Lissouba Pascale | Taljaard Dirk | Rech Dino | Dermaux-Msimang Veerle | Legeai Camille | Lewis David | Singh Beverley | Puren Adrian | Auvert Bertran
K-cluster-valued compressive sensing for imaging

Author(s): Xu Mai | Lu Jianhua
Hyperspectral imagery super-resolution by sparse representation and spectral regularization

Author(s): Zhao Yongqiang | Yang Jinxiang | Zhang Qingyong | Song Lin | Cheng Yongmei | Pan Quan
Incremental Support Vector Machine Framework for Visual Sensor Networks

Author(s): Awad Mariette | Jiang Xianhua | Motai Yuichi
A proteogenomic analysis of Shigella flexneri using 2D LC-MALDI TOF/TOF

Author(s): Zhao Lina | Liu Liguo | Leng Wenchuan | Wei Candong | Jin Qi
Spatial and Spectral Methods for Weed Detection and Localization

Author(s): Vioix Jean-Baptiste | Douzals Jean-Paul | Truchetet Frédéric | Assémat Louis | Guillemin Jean-Philippe
Necessity Of Anatomical Knowledge In Thoracic Surgery.

Author(s): Arribalzaga, Eduardo B.
Knowledge Acquisition under Imprecision through Neighborhood Approximation Operators

Author(s): D. Mohanty | J.K. Mantri | N. Kalia | B.B. Nayak
Case Based Medical Diagnosis of Occupational Chronic Lung Diseases From Their Symptoms and Signs

Author(s): Prempal Singh Tomar, Ranjit Singh, P K Saxena, Jeetu Sharma
El concepto de esquema corporal en niñas y niños con y sin necesidades educativas especiales, de preescolar, segundo y cuarto grado

Author(s): Zulay Pereira Pérez | Angélica Fontana Hernández | Dinia Rojas Rodríguez
Neuroimaging in Epilepsy

Author(s): Mahmoud Motamedi
Staying essential

Author(s): Helen Chatterjee
Innovation Activities in the Service Sector: Empirical Evidence from Portuguese Firms

Author(s): Maria JOSE SILVA | Gastão SOUSA | Jacinta MOREIRA | Jorge SIMÕES
La opinión de los consumidores españoles sobre los alimentos transgénicos y su seguridad

Author(s): Múñoz, Emilio | Plaza, Marta | Ponce, Gloria | Santos, David | Todt, Oliver
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Richard Chbeir | Youakim Badr
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Mei-Ling Shyu | Yu Cao | Ming Li | Jun Kong | Jie Bao
An Iterative Method of Extracting Chinese ISA Relations for Ontology Learning

Author(s): Lei Liu | Sen Zhang | Luhong Diao | Cungen Cao
3 dimensions and what is behind it

Author(s): Gyula Imrek
Interdisciplinary Approach in Engineering Education

Author(s): Anda Zeidmane | Sarmite Cernajeva
Language Change and Language Acquisition

Author(s): Thorbjörg Hróarsdóttir

Author(s): Pravin M. Kamde | Siddu. P. Algur
Knowledge and behaviour as determinants of anti-malarial drug use in a peri-urban population from malaria holoendemic region of western Kenya

Author(s): Watsierah Carren | Jura Walter | Raballah Evans | Kaseje Dan | Abong'o Benard | Ouma Collins
Teaching physiotherapy skills in culturally-diverse classes

Author(s): Bialocerkowski Andrea | Wells Cherie | Grimmer-Somers Karen
Profile and evaluation of participants in distance learning continuing education courses about inclusive practices in education

Author(s): Vera Lúcia Messias Fialho Capellini | Olga Maria Piazentin Rolim Rodrigues | Tania Gracy do Valle | Lígia Ebner Melchiori | Eliana Marques Zanata | Lucia Pereira Leite | Rita Melissa Lepre
Virtual Lab: Real-time Acquisition and Analysis of ECG Signal

Author(s): Anil Kumar | Jagannath Malik | Vinod Kumar
Reframing the development of corporate learning

Author(s): Meredith Godat | Brian Atkin
Communicating (and Responding to) Sexual Health Status: Reasons for STD (Non) Disclosure

Author(s): Tara M. Emmers-Sommer | Kathleen M. Warber | Stacey Passalacqua | Angela Luciano
Morphological Knowledge and Decoding Skills of Deaf Readers

Author(s): M. Diane Clark | Gizelle Gilbert | Melissa L. Anderson
Knowledge Based Consolidation of UML Diagrams for Creation of Virtual Enterprise

Author(s): Debasis Chanda | Dwijesh Dutta Majumder | Swapan Bhattacharya
Global Risk of Nuclear Terrorism

Author(s): Emily Diez | Caroline Zaw-Mon | Terrance Clark
Structure de l'amidon de maïs et principaux phénomènes impliqués dans sa modification thermique

Author(s): Malumba, P. | Janas, S. | Deroanne, C. | Masimango, T. | Béra, F.
A Survey of Ontology Learning Approaches

Author(s): Maryam Hazman | Samhaa R. El-Beltagy | Ahmed Rafea
Energy Analysis for Air Conditioning System Using Fuzzy Logic Control

Author(s): Henry Nasution | Hishamuddin Jamaluddin | Jamaluddin Mohd. Syeriff

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