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Vicente Salvador Gómez, Alonso Cano y la pintura valenciana de la segunda mitad del siglo XVII

Author(s): Salort Pons, Salvador | López Azorín, Mª José | Navarrete Prieto, Benito
Neoliberalism and the family health program: about the precarious work

Author(s): Palmyra Sayonara de Gois, Soraya Maria de Medeiros, Jacileide Guimarães
The Crisis Impact on the Labour Market

Author(s): Simona Valeria TOMA | Daniela Ancuta Sarpe
Clinical Trials : Growing Opportunities for India

Author(s): Dayanidhi Behera | Amol Shindikar
Active management of the third stage of labour without controlled cord traction: a randomized non-inferiority controlled trial

Author(s): Gülmezoglu A Metin | Widmer Mariana | Merialdi Mario | Qureshi Zahida | Piaggio Gilda | Elbourne Diana | Abdel-Aleem Hany | Carroli Guillermo | Hofmeyr G Justus | Lumbiganon Pisake | Derman Richard | Okong Pius | Goudar Shivaprasad | Festin Mario | Althabe Fernando | Armbruster Deborah
Return-to-work of sick-listed workers without an employment contract – what works?

Author(s): Vermeulen Sylvia | Tamminga Sietske | Schellart Antonius | Ybema Jan | Anema Johannes
The impact of herpes zoster and post-herpetic neuralgia on quality-of-life

Author(s): Johnson Robert | Bouhassira Didier | Kassianos George | Leplège Alain | Schmader Kenneth | Weinke Thomas
Factors Influencing Construction Clients’/Contractors’ Choice of Subcontractors in Nigeria

Author(s): Olabosipo Fagbenle | Felix Makinde | Adedamola Oluwunmi
The meaning of work of the future advertising workforce. A gender-based analysis

Author(s): Dra. Alejandra Hernández Ruiz - | Dra. Marta Martín Llaguno - | Dra. Marina Beléndez Vázquez -
Migrant Contract Workers and Occupational Accidents in the Furniture Industry

Author(s): Jegatheswaran Ratnasingam | Florin Ioras | Ishak Mohd Kareem
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