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Previsão Não-linear de Retornos na BOVESPA: Volume Negociado em um Modelo Auto-Regressivo de Transição Suave

Author(s): Robert Aldo Iquiapaza | Aureliano Angel Bressan | Hudson Fernandes Amaral
Generalized Selection-Based Auditory Matching and the Emergence of the Listener Component of Naming

Author(s): JeanneMarie Speckman-Collins | Hye-Suk Lee Park | R. Douglas Greer
Nitrogen oxides emission from two beech forests subjected to different nitrogen loads

Author(s): B. Kitzler | S. Zechmeister-Boltenstern | C. Holtermann | U. Skiba | K. Butterbach-Bahl
Combination of different types of ensembles for the adaptive simulation of probabilistic flood forecasts: hindcasts for the Mulde 2002 extreme event

Author(s): J. Dietrich | S. Trepte | Y. Wang | A. H. Schumann | F. Voß | F. B. Hesser | M. Denhard
CellMiner: a relational database and query tool for the NCI-60 cancer cell lines

Author(s): Shankavaram Uma | Varma Sudhir | Kane David | Sunshine Margot | Chary Krishna | Reinhold William | Pommier Yves | Weinstein John
Assessing uncertainties in flood forecasts for decision making: prototype of an operational flood management system integrating ensemble predictions

Author(s): J. Dietrich | A. H. Schumann | M. Redetzky | J. Walther | M. Denhard | Y. Wang | B. Pfützner | U. Büttner
Are fear-avoidance beliefs in low back pain patients a risk factor for low physical activity or vice versa? A cross-lagged panel analysis

Author(s): Leonhardt, Corinna | Lehr, Dirk | Chenot, Jean-François | Keller, Stefan | Luckmann, Judith | Basler, Heinz-Dieter | Baum, Erika | Donner-Banzhoff, Norbert | Pfingsten, Michael | Hildebrandt, Jan | Kochen, Michael M. | Becker, Annette
Deciphering the transcriptional circuitry of microRNA genes expressed during human monocytic differentiation

Author(s): Schmeier Sebastian | MacPherson Cameron | Essack Magbubah | Kaur Mandeep | Schaefer Ulf | Suzuki Harukazu | Hayashizaki Yoshihide | Bajic Vladimir
First simultaneous observations of flux transfer events at the high-latitude magnetopause by the Cluster spacecraft and pulsed radar signatures in the conjugate ionosphere by the CUTLASS and EISCAT radars

Author(s): J. A. Wild | S. W. H. Cowley | J. A. Davies | H. Khan | M. Lester | S. E. Milan | G. Provan | T. K. Yeoman | A. Balogh | M. W. Dunlop | K.-H. Fornaçon | E. Georgescu
Coordinated Cluster and ground-based instrument observations of transient changes in the magnetopause boundary layer during an interval of predominantly northward IMF: relation to reconnection pulses and FTE signatures

Author(s): M. Lockwood | A. Fazakerley | H. Opgenoorth | J. Moen | A. P. van Eyken | M. Dunlop | J.-M. Bosqued | G. Lu | C. Cully | P. Eglitis | I. W. McCrea | M. A. Hapgood | M. N. Wild | R. Stamper | W. Denig | M. Taylor | J. A. Wild | G. Provan | O. Amm | K. Kauristie | T. Pulkkinen | A. Strømme | P. Prikryl | F. Pitout | A. Balogh | H. Rème | R. Behlke | T. Hansen | R. Greenwald | H. Frey | S. K. Morley | D. Alcaydé | P.-L. Blelly | E. Donovan | M. Engebretson | M. Lester | J. Watermann | M. F. Marcucci
Estonian total ozone climatology

Author(s): K. Eerme | U. Veismann | R. Koppel
Lag profile inversion method for EISCAT data analysis

Author(s): I. I. Virtanen | M. S. Lehtinen | T. Nygrén | M. Orispää | J. Vierinen
Technological Innovation and the Market Value of Firms

Author(s): Madan Annavarjula, Ramesh Mohan, and Sam Beldona | Ramesh Mohan | Sam Beldona
Spatiotemporal distribution of malaria and the association between its epidemic and climate factors in Hainan, China

Author(s): Xiao Dan | Long Yong | Wang Shanqing | Fang Liqun | Xu Dezhong | Wang Guangze | Li Lang | Cao Wuchun | Yan Yongping
Export Participation and Technical Efficiency in East African Manufacturing Firms

Author(s): Niringiye Aggrey | Luvanda Eliab; Shitundu Joseph
Supply Response of Wheat in Bangladesh: an Application of Partial Adjustment Model

Author(s): M.A.A. Begum | S.M. Fakhrul Islam | M. Kamruzzaman | M. Jahangir Kabir | S.M.A. Shiblee
Time lagged information theoretic approaches to the reverse engineering of gene regulatory networks

Author(s): Chaitankar Vijender | Ghosh Preetam | Perkins Edward | Gong Ping | Zhang Chaoyang
An Econometric Analysis of the Link between Biodiesel Demand and Malaysian Palm Oil Market

Author(s): Shri Dewi A/P Applanaidu | Fatimah Mohamed Arshad | Mad Nasir Shamsudin | Amna Awad Abdel Hameed
Application of satellite precipitation data to analyse and model arbovirus activity in the tropics

Author(s): Schuster Grit | Ebert Elizabeth | Stevenson Mark | Corner Robert | Johansen Cheryl
Understanding the context of balanced scorecard implementation: a hospital-based case study in pakistan

Author(s): Rabbani Fauziah | Lalji Sabrina | Abbas Farhat | Jafri SM Wasim | Razzak Junaid | Nabi Naheed | Jahan Firdous | Ajmal Agha | Petzold Max | Brommels Mats | Tomson Goran
Climatic variables and malaria transmission dynamics in Jimma town, South West Ethiopia

Author(s): Alemu Abebe | Abebe Gemeda | Tsegaye Wondewossen | Golassa Lemu
State-space analysis of soil data: an approach based on space-varying regression models

Author(s): Timm Luís Carlos | Barbosa Emanuel Pimentel | Souza Manoel Dornelas de | Dynia José Flávio | Reichardt Klaus
Comparison of artificial neural network and logistic regression models for prediction of mortality in head trauma based on initial clinical data

Author(s): Eftekhar Behzad | Mohammad Kazem | Ardebili Hassan | Ghodsi Mohammad | Ketabchi Ebrahim
Tools enabling the elucidation of molecular pathways active in human disease: Application to Hepatitis C virus infection

Author(s): Reiss David | Avila-Campillo Iliana | Thorsson Vesteinn | Schwikowski Benno | Galitski Timothy
Nitrogen oxides emission from two beech forests subjected to different nitrogen loads

Author(s): B. Kitzler | S. Zechmeister-Boltenstern | C. Holtermann | U. Skiba | K. Butterbach-Bahl
Hepatitis B Vaccination in Bangladesh: a Suggestion Based on Current Evidence

Author(s): Harunor Rashid MBBS | Shafquat Mohammed Rafiq
Quality of life can both influence and be an outcome of general health perceptions after heart surgery

Author(s): Mathisen Lars | Andersen Marit | Veenstra Marijke | Wahl Astrid | Hanestad Berit | Fosse Erik
Reciprocal diversification in a complex plant-herbivore-parasitoid food web

Author(s): Nyman Tommi | Bokma Folmer | Kopelke Jens-Peter
A new approach to understanding the impact of circadian disruption on human health

Author(s): Rea Mark | Bierman Andrew | Figueiro Mariana | Bullough John
Identification and Characterization of MicroRNAs from Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) by High-Throughput Sequencing

Author(s): Shuzuo Lv | Xiaojun Nie | Le Wang | Xianghong Du | Siddanagouda S. Biradar | Xiaoou Jia | Weining Song
The impact of hospital revenue on the increase in Caesarean sections in Norway. A panel data analysis of hospitals 1976-2005

Author(s): Grytten Jostein | Monkerud Lars | Hagen Terje | Sørensen Rune | Eskild Anne | Skau Irene

Author(s): Kovacs Ildiko | Karsai Zoltan-Krisztian | Suveg Orsolya | Joita Nicoleta
Sensitivity of interglacial Greenland temperature and δ18O: ice core data, orbital and increased CO2 climate simulations

Author(s): V. Masson-Delmotte | P. Braconnot | G. Hoffmann | J. Jouzel | M. Kageyama | A. Landais | Q. Lejeune | C. Risi | L. Sime | J. Sjolte | D. Swingedouw | B. Vinther

Author(s): SEEMA MAHAJAN | Dr. S. K. VIJ
The volatile compound BinBase mass spectral database

Author(s): Skogerson Kirsten | Wohlgemuth Gert | Barupal Dinesh | Fiehn Oliver
Population pharmacokinetics of artesunate and dihydroartemisinin in pregnant and non-pregnant women with malaria

Author(s): Morris Carrie | Onyamboko Marie | Capparelli Edmund | Koch Matthew | Atibu Joseph | Lokomba Vicky | Douoguih Macaya | Hemingway-Foday Jennifer | Wesche David | Ryder Robert | Bose Carl | Wright Linda | Tshefu Antoinette | Meshnick Steven | Fleckenstein Lawrence
Discovering time-lagged rules from microarray data using gene profile classifiers

Author(s): Gallo Cristian | Carballido Jessica | Ponzoni Ignacio
Sensitivity of interglacial Greenland temperature and δ18O to orbital and CO2 forcing: climate simulations and ice core data

Author(s): V. Masson-Delmotte | P. Braconnot | G. Hoffmann | J. Jouzel | M. Kageyama | A. Landais | Q. Lejeune | C. Risi | L. Sime | J. Sjolte | D. Swingedouw | B. Vinther
Extracting glycan motifs using a biochemically-weighted kernel

Author(s): Hao Jiang | Wai-Ki Ching | Kiyoko F Aoki-Kinoshita*
Forecasting Gold Prices Using Multiple Linear Regression Method

Author(s): Z. Ismail | A. Yahya | A. Shabri
Revenue Determinants in Tourism Market

Author(s): Mohammad Mohebi | Khalid A. Rahim
A Bound Test Approach to Cointegration of Tourism Demand

Author(s): Fateh Habibi | Khalid A. Rahim
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