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Developing Ontology for Arabic Blogs Retrieval

Author(s): Lilac Al-Safadi | Mai Al-Badrani | Meshael Al-Junidey
Model Based System Engineering Approach of a Lightweight Embedded TCP/IP

Author(s): M. Z. Rashed | Ahmed E. Hassan | Ahmed I. Sharaf
Application of some Retrieved Information Method on Internet

Author(s): Vu Thanh Nguyen | Nguyen Quoc Thinh
Semantic Web Image Search through Manual Annotation

Author(s): M. Gokul Prasad | T. Sumathi | M. Hemalatha
Optimization of Internet Search based on Noun Phrases and Clustering Techniques

Author(s): R. Subhashini | V. Jawahar Senthil Kumar

Author(s): CSS Vol. 6 No. 3
Word Geology – its Roots and Meanings

Author(s): Mihael Brenčič
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Students' profile as autonomous learners in an Internet-based EAP course

Author(s): Antonia Soler Cervera | Carmen Rueda Ramos | Elisabet Arnó Macià
Understanding the Reading Habits of Children in Singapore

Author(s): Shaheen Majid | Venus Tan
Shooting short videos in French with mobile phones

Author(s): Serge Gabarre | Cécile Gabarre
A web service based tool to plan atmospheric research flights

Author(s): M. Rautenhaus | G. Bauer | A. Dörnbrack
Keyword Extraction Based Summarization of Categorized Kannada Text Documents

Author(s): Jayashree.R | Srikanta Murthy.K | Sunny.K,
Exploiting Speech for Automatic TV Delinearization: From Streams to Cross-Media Semantic Navigation

Author(s): Gravier Guillaume | Guinaudeau Camille | Lecorvé Gwénolé | Sébillot Pascale
A Framework of Information Technology for Water Resources Management

Author(s): P.S.V.S. Sridhar | T. N. Jowhar | Anant Bhaskar Garg | U. Kedareswarudu
Internet-based prevention of posttraumatic stress symptoms in injured trauma patients: design of a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Joanne Mouthaan | Marit Sijbrandij | Johannes B. Reitsma | Berthold P.R. Gersons | Miranda Olff

Author(s): Beatriz Amante García | María Martínez Martínez
A web service based tool to plan atmospheric research flights

Author(s): M. Rautenhaus | G. Bauer | A. Dörnbrack

Author(s): PRADO, Cleide Aparecida | BARBOSA, Josiane de Freitas | LIMA, Sandra Valéria Barbosa de Souza
Review of Dermatology Associations and Their Functions on Internet

Author(s): Sevda Gizlent | Tuğba Rezan Ekmekçi | Şirin Yaşar
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Richard Chbeir | Youakim Badr
Protecting Data from the Cyber Theft – a Virulent Disease

Author(s): S. N. Panda | Vikram Mangla
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Mohammad Al-Rousan | Wei Li | Ahmed Al-Dubai
Progressive Ranking and Composition of Web Services with Interaction Relationship

Author(s): Jianjun Yuan | Changjun Jiang | Zuowen Jiang
Accurate Detection of Peer-to-Peer Botnet using Multi-Stream Fused Scheme

Author(s): Jian Kang | Yuan-Zhang Song | Jun-Yao Zhang
Improving DNS cache to alleviate the impact of DNS DDoS attack

Author(s): Wei-min LI | Xiao-guang CAO | Fang LIU | Zhen-ming LEI
ICBR-Diff: an Impairment Constraint Based Routing Strategy with Quality of Signal Differentiation

Author(s): Amornrat Jirattigalachote | Paolo Monti | Lena Wosinska | Kostas Katrinis | Anna Tzanakaki
A Novel User Authentication Scheme Based on QR-Code

Author(s): Kuan-Chieh Liao | Wei-Hsun Lee
A Trust Transitivity Model Based-on Dempster-Shafer Theory

Author(s): Xiang Qiu | Li Zhang | Shouxin Wang | Guanqun Qian
Query Expansion based on Associated Semantic Space

Author(s): Guangjun Huang | Shuili Wang | Xiaoguo Zhang
The Measurement of Relative Recall with Weights: a Perspective of User Feedback

Author(s): Juncheng Wang | Zhenzhen Fu | Jun Cheng | Feicheng Ma
Utility Maximization Model for Deep Web Source Selection and Integration

Author(s): Xuefeng Xian | Zhiming Cui | Pengpeng Zhao | Yuanfeng Yang | Guangming Zhang
Independent English Learning through the Internet

Author(s): Mohammad Nurul Islam
Extraction of Alignment Relationships in Comparable Corpora Based on Singular Value Decomposition

Author(s): Francisco Oliveira | Fai Wong | Anna Ho | Yi-Ping Li | Sam Chao
Defining bioidentical hormones for menopause-related symptoms

Author(s): Whelan AM | Jurgens TM | Trinacty M
Türk Futbol Dili

Author(s): Ahmet BENZER
Evaluation of natural language processing from emergency department computerized medical records for intra-hospital syndromic surveillance

Author(s): Gerbier Solweig | Yarovaya Olga | Gicquel Quentin | Millet Anne-Laure | Smaldore Véronique | Pagliaroli Véronique | Darmoni Stefan | Metzger Marie-Hélène
Visualizing Domain Ontology using Enhanced Anaphora Resolution Algorithm

Author(s): L.Jegatha Deborah | R.Baskaran | A.Kannan
Using CSS XML Files in Representing Biological Data-Case of Congolese Metazoa

Author(s): Kalonji Kalala Hercule | Mbuyi Mukendi Eugene | Mulopo Tona David | Malekani M Jean | Boale Bomolo Paulin | Lilongo Bokaletumba Joel | Kabamba Ilunga Richard
Student Modelling in Adaptive E-Learning Systems

Author(s): Vatcharaporn Esichaikul | Supaporn Lamnoi | Clemens Bechter
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur DEMIRAY
from Editorial

Author(s): Ugur dEMİRAY
Side-Channel Analysis for Detecting Protocol Tunneling

Author(s): Harakrishnan Bhanu | Jason Schwier | Ryan Craven | Richard R. Brooks | Kathryn Hempstalk | Daniele Gunetti | Christopher Griffin
A Fast Handover Scheme for Multicasting in IPv6 based Mobile Ad hoc Networks

Author(s): H. Parveen Sultana | M. Pounambal | Dr. P. Venkata Krishna
A feasibility study for the provision of electronic healthcare tools and services in areas of Greece, Cyprus and Italy

Author(s): Mougiakakou Stavroula | Kyriacou Efthyvoulos | Perakis Kostas | Papadopoulos Homer | Androulidakis Aggelos | Konnis Georgios | Tranfaglia Riccardo | Pecchia Leandro | Bracale Umberto | Pattichis Constantinos | Koutsouris Dimitrios

Author(s): Mahmoud Mezghani | Raja Gatgout | Ghada Ellouze | Amal Grati | Imen Bouabidi | Mahmoud Abdellaoui
Algorithmic Foundation and Software Tools for Extracting Shoreline Features from Remote Sensing Imagery and LiDAR Data

Author(s): Hongxing Liu | Lei Wang | Douglas J. Sherman | Qiusheng Wu | Haibin Su
Predictor Factors of Telecentres Outcome from the Users Perspectives in Rural Communities

Author(s): M. Badsar | Bahaman A. Samah | Musa A. Hassan | Nizam B. Osman | Hayrol A.M. Shaffri
Cloud Computing-Future Framework for e-management of NGO's

Author(s): Harjit Singh Lamba | Gurdev Singh
Saskatchewan Residents’ Use of The Cochrane Library

Author(s): Dorothy Anne Forbes | Christine Neilson | Janet Bangma | Jennifer Forbes | Daniel Fuller | Shari Furniss
New Media and Political Dissent in Egypt

Author(s): Hirschkind, Charles
Multilingual Database Management System: A Performance Evaluation

Author(s): Nurul H.M. Saad | Hamidah Ibrahim
Multilingual Database Management System: A Performance Evaluation

Author(s): Nurul H.M. Saad | Hamidah Ibrahim
Study of Object Oriented Analysis and Design Approach

Author(s): Sunil K. Pandey | G. P. Singh | Dr. V. Kansal

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