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Enterprise Delegation for Service Based Systems

Author(s): Coimbatore Chandersekaran | William R. Simpson
Real Time Method for Image Recognition and Categorization

Author(s): Ivan Božić | Ivan Lazić
A Flexible Tool for Web Service Selection in Service Oriented Architecture

Author(s): Walaa Nagy | Hoda M. O. Mokhtar | Ali El-Bastawissy
Advanced CAPTCHA technique using Hand Gesture based on SIFT

Author(s): B.Srinivas | G.Kalyan Raju | Dr. Koduganti Venkata Rao
B2B Integration based on SOA using Web Service

Author(s): Wiranto Herry Utomo
Leading dental journals availability through academic network of Serbia

Author(s): Jaćimović Jelena | Živković Slavoljub
The importance of growth factors for the treatment of chronic wounds in the case of diabetic foot ulcers

Author(s): Buchberger, Barbara | Follmann, Markus | Freyer, Daniela | Huppertz, Hendrik | Ehm, Alexandra | Wasem, Jürgen
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
The role of metaphors in the language of investment banking

Author(s): Magdalena Bielenia-Grajewska

Author(s): Bolos Marcel | Otgon Cristian | Pop Razvan
A Workflow-Based Failure Recovery in Web Services Composition

Author(s): Navid Keihani Rad | Salman Zare | Omid Bushehrian
A Workflow-Based Failure Recovery in Web Services Composition

Author(s): Navid Keihani Rad | Salman Zare | Omid Bushehrian
Dynamic Real Time Distributed Sensor Network Based Database Management System Using XML, JAVA and PHP Technologies

Author(s): D. Sudharsan | J. Adinarayana | S. Ninomiya | M. Hirafuji | T. Kiura

Author(s): Rubén San-Segundo | Carlos D. Martínez-Hinarejos | Alfonso Ortega
Efficient Online Tutoring Using Web Services

Author(s): Mr.M.Balakrishnan | Dr.K.Duraiswamy
Talking about dying and death: a focus group study to explore a local community perspective

Author(s): Marilyn N. Y. Kirshbaum | Ian carey | Brigid Purcell | Seamus Nash
Dissemination of Evidence-Based Standards of Care

Author(s): Andre Barkhordarian | Brett Hacker | Francesco Chiappelli
A survey of foot problems in community-dwelling older Greek Australians

Author(s): Kaoulla Patricia | Frescos Nicoletta | Menz Hylton
Pay-for-performance in disease management: a systematic review of the literature

Author(s): de Bruin Simone | Baan Caroline | Struijs Jeroen
A Framework of Information Technology for Water Resources Management

Author(s): P.S.V.S. Sridhar | T. N. Jowhar | Anant Bhaskar Garg | U. Kedareswarudu

Author(s): Azadeh Mellat | Naser Nematbakhsh | Ahmad Farahi | Farhad Mardukhi
Assessment of Tehran University of Medical Sciences Website Based on Webometrics Criteria at 2008

Author(s): SJ Ghazi mirsaeed | H Zeraati | F Azadeh | SB Miralai
Oral Communication Development in Severe to Profound Hearing Impaired Children After Receiving Aural Habilitation

Author(s): Daneshmandan Naeimeh | Borghei Pedram | Yazdany Nasrin | Soleimani Farin | Vameghi Roshanak
The Comparison Study of Articulation Errors in Cochlear Implant Children before 3 and after 4 Years Old

Author(s): Mohsen Saeedmanesh | Azar Meri | Nematollah Rouhbakhsh | Majid Bitraf | Parvin Ketabdar
Specifying a model of semantic web service composition

Author(s): Souleymane OUMTANAGA | Issa TRAORE | Michel BABRI
Assessment of the quality seen in a restaurant typical theme Avaliação da qualidade percebida em um restaurante temático-típico

Author(s): Francisco Alves Pinheiro | Ângelo Antonio Macedo Leite | Mariana Santos Almeida de Oliveira
ICMS tributary administration Gestão tributária do ICMS

Author(s): Francisco Santana de Souza
Social responsibility: a double corporative strategy? Responsabilidade social: uma dupla estratégia corporativa?

Author(s): Raquel da Silva Pereira | Maria Tereza Saraiva de Souza | Sergio Luiz de Souza Vieira
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Richard Chbeir | Youakim Badr
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Mohammad Al-Rousan | Wei Li | Ahmed Al-Dubai
Internetware Structure Description and Research of the Petri Net Method

Author(s): Zhijian Wang | Yuping Hu | Shaohua Li | Dingguo Wei
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Neeraj Kumar Nehra | Pranay Chaudhuri
A Security Evaluation Method Based on Threat Classification for Web Service

Author(s): Li Jiang | Hao Chen | Fei Deng | Qiusheng Zhong
A Novel Method for Speech Data Mining

Author(s): Sheng-Hui Dai | Gang-Yong lin | Hua-Qing Zhou
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Deng-Yiv Chiu | Chen-Shu Wang | Wen-Chih Chang
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Ian Greenshields
Progressive Ranking and Composition of Web Services with Interaction Relationship

Author(s): Jianjun Yuan | Changjun Jiang | Zuowen Jiang
Testing Conformance of BPEL Business Process Based on Model Checking

Author(s): Rongsheng Dong | Zhao Wei | Xiangyu Luo | Fang Liu
Traffic-Aware Frequent Elements Matching Algorithms for Deep Packet Inspection

Author(s): Kefu Xu | Jianlong Tan | Li Guo | Binxing Fang
Migration to the Next Generation Optical Access Networks Using Hybrid WDM/TDM-PON

Author(s): Md. Shamim Ahsan | Man Seop Lee | S. H. Shah Newaz | Syed Md. Asif
Improving DNS cache to alleviate the impact of DNS DDoS attack

Author(s): Wei-min LI | Xiao-guang CAO | Fang LIU | Zhen-ming LEI
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Feng Gao | Bin Wang | Deyun Yang | Junhu Zhang | Shifei Ding
XPath Query Completeness Verification Algorithms in DAS

Author(s): Xiaoyuan Bao | Yanzhong Jin
ICBR-Diff: an Impairment Constraint Based Routing Strategy with Quality of Signal Differentiation

Author(s): Amornrat Jirattigalachote | Paolo Monti | Lena Wosinska | Kostas Katrinis | Anna Tzanakaki
Web Services Security Based on XML Signature and XML Encryption

Author(s): Yue-sheng Gu | Meng-tao Ye | Yong Gan
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Shiguo Lian | Zhu Li | Stefanos Gritzalis | Xi Chen
An Approach to Analyzing Time Constrained Service Composition

Author(s): Guisheng Fan | Huiqun Yu | Liqiong Chen | Tong Ruan
ARAS-M: Automatic Resource Allocation Strategy based on Market Mechanism in Cloud Computing

Author(s): Xindong You | Jian Wan | Xianghua Xu | Congfeng Jiang | Wei Zhang | Jilin Zhang
A Method for Semantic Web Service Selection Based on QoS Ontology

Author(s): Guangjun Guo | Fei Yu | Zhigang Chen | Dong Xie
Belief Reasoning Recommendation --Mashing up Web Information Fusion and FOAF

Author(s): Shijun Li | Yunlu Zhang | Ming Xie | Hao Sun
A Radio Resource Allocation Algorithm for QoS Provision in PMP-based Systems

Author(s): Ping Wang | Lijun Zu | Fuqiang Liu | Yiling Wang
Mediateca de Sendai, de Toyo Ito

Author(s): Antón Capitel
An Effective Distributed Model for Power System Transient Stability Analysis

from Editorial

Author(s): Ugur dEMİRAY
Product Lines for Service Oriented Applications - PL for SOA

Author(s): Maurice H. ter Beek | Stefania Gnesi | Mercy N. Njima
Input-output Conformance Testing for Channel-based Service Connectors

Author(s): Natallia Kokash | Farhad Arbab | Behnaz Changizi | Leonid Makhnist

Author(s): Saleh Oraibi | V.L. Dawson | S. Balloch | Ann Moore
Eligibility, the ICF and the UN Convention: Australian perspectives

Author(s): Madden Ros | Glozier Nick | Mpofu Elias | Llewellyn Gwynnyth
A feasibility study for the provision of electronic healthcare tools and services in areas of Greece, Cyprus and Italy

Author(s): Mougiakakou Stavroula | Kyriacou Efthyvoulos | Perakis Kostas | Papadopoulos Homer | Androulidakis Aggelos | Konnis Georgios | Tranfaglia Riccardo | Pecchia Leandro | Bracale Umberto | Pattichis Constantinos | Koutsouris Dimitrios
Nurse prescribing of medicines in Western European and Anglo-Saxon countries: a systematic review of the literature

Author(s): Kroezen Marieke | van Dijk Liset | Groenewegen Peter | Francke Anneke
Providing medical care for undocumented migrants in Denmark: what are the challenges for health professionals?

Author(s): Jensen Natasja | Norredam Marie | Draebel Tania | Bogic Marija | Priebe Stefan | Krasnik Allan
A review of the use of bromelain in cardiovascular diseases

Author(s): Chit Moy Ley | Nicola Robinson
Cloud Computing-Future Framework for e-management of NGO's

Author(s): Harjit Singh Lamba | Gurdev Singh
Working in social enterprises

Author(s): Nick Charles Pollard
An Approach to Generation of Process-Oriented Requirements Specification

Author(s): Jingbai Tian | Keqing He | Chong Wang | Huafeng Chen
Improving Fund Risk Management by Using New Software Tools Technology

Author(s): Stephanos Papadamou | George Stephanides
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