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Cassirer’s View of Language

Author(s): Ying Shen
System Impact of Cascaded All-Optical Wavelength Conversion of D(Q)PSK Signals in Transparent Optical Networks

Author(s): Robert Elschner | Christian-Alexander Bunge | Klaus Petermann
The Design of SOA-based Multiwavelength Fiber Ring Laser for Fiber Sensing Network

Author(s): Zhifeng Sun | Deming Liu | Hairong Liu | Qizhen Sun
Information & Communication Technologies in ELT

Author(s): AbdulMahmoud Idrees Ibrahim
FPGA Implementation of RSA Encryption System

Author(s): Sushanta Kumar Sahu | Manoranjan Pradhan
Age-dependent plasticity in the superior temporal sulcus in deaf humans: a functional MRI study

Author(s): Sadato Norihiro | Yamada Hiroki | Okada Tomohisa | Yoshida Masaki | Hasegawa Takehiro | Matsuki Ken-Ichi | Yonekura Yoshiharu | Itoh Harumi
The language of evidence based medicine: Answers to common questions?

Author(s): Degen Ryan | Hodgins Justin | Bhandari Mohit
Language shift among those of Aboriginal mother tongue in Canada

Author(s): Jarvis, George K. | Heaton, Tim B.
School Leadership Training under Globalisation: Comparisons of the UK, the US and Norway

Author(s): Arild Tjeldvoll | Christopher Wales | Anne Welle-Strand
Natural Language Information Hiding Based on Chinese Mathematical Expression

Author(s): Yuling Liu | Xingming Sun | Ingemar J. Cox | Hong Wang
Scales in the meaning of adjectives

Author(s): Sveta Krasikova
Natural Language Query Processing using Semantic Grammar

Author(s): Gauri Rao | Chanchal Agarwal | Snehal Chaudhry | Nikita Kulkarni | Dr. S.H. Patil
Metaphor and Metalanguage

Author(s): Michiel Leezenberg
Shifts with Decidable Language and Non-Computable Entropy

Author(s): Peter Hertling | Christoph Spandl

Author(s): Derya YAYLI | Sevil HASIRCI

Author(s): Bernadette Ska, Lilian Cristine Scherer, Onici Claro Flôres ,Camila Rosa de Oliveira, Tânia Maria Netto and Rochele Paz Fonseca
Managing Sustainable Mangrove Forests in Peninsular Malaysia

Author(s): Kamaruzaman Jusoff | Dato’ Hj Dahlan bin Hj Taha
Zora D. by Isidora Žebeljan: Towards the new opera

Author(s): Čičovački Borislav
Femtosecond Laser Amplification Based on Stimulated Raman Scattering in Optical Fibers

Author(s): Hani Jassim Kbashi | Kais Al-Naimee | Hussein Jawad | Roberto Benocci | V. Narayanan | Dimitri Batani

Author(s): Dr. Nicolae GEORGESCU
Functional MRI evidence for language plasticity in adult epileptic patients: Preliminary results

Author(s): Emilie Cousin | Monica Baciu | Cédric Pichat1 | Philippe Kahane | Jean-François Le Bas
Margens do jornalismo: linguagem e discurso

Author(s): Rosana de Lima Soares
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur DEMIRAY
Frof Guest Editors

Author(s): Mark J. W. LEE | Hakan G. SENEL
Differences in the processing of anaphoric reference between closely related languages: neurophysiological evidence

Author(s): Lamers Monique | Jansma Bernadette | Hammer Anke | Münte Thomas
Comparative Study on DFD to UML Diagrams Transformation

Author(s): Atif A. A. Jilani | Muhammad Usma | Aamer Nadeem | Zafar I. Malik | Zahid Halim
A Survey on the Iranian ELT Community's Attitudes to Critical Pedagogy

Author(s): Hossein Davari | Abutaleb Iranmehr | Seyyed Mahdi Erfani
Toward a New Scientific Visualization for the Language Sciences

Author(s): Luca Onnis | Michael J. Spivey
Developing Cultural Awareness in Foreign Language Teaching

Author(s): Zahra Ghorbani Shemshadsara
Book Reviews

Author(s): Johann Angerler | Masashi Hirosue | J. ter Beek | H. Cordes | Peter Boomgaard | J.A.A. van Doorn | J.G. de Casparis | Georges Condominas | H.J.M. Claessen | Ton Otto | Bruce Connell | Cecilia Odé | Aone van Engelenhoven | Donald A. Burquest | Ch. F. van Fraassen | Dieter Bartels | C.D. Grijns | Don Kulick | Tim Hoppen | Gerard Termorshuizen | Niels Mulder | Monique Zaini-Lajoubert | A. Niehof | Rosalia Sciortino | A.J. Plaisier | B. Plaisier | Anton Ploeg | Nonie Sharp
The Extent of Research Utilization in Nursing Clinical Practice, Tehran, Iran

Author(s): N Mehrdad (Ph.D) | M Salsali (Ph.D) | A Kazemnejad (Ph.D).
An Ameliorated Methodology for Comprehension of Legacy System

Author(s): Shivanand M. Handigund | Ajeet Annarao Chikkamannur | K. Ananthapadmanabha | H. R. Shashidhara
Application of an Improved Mean Shift Algorithm in Real-time Facial Expression Recognition

Author(s): Zhao-yi Peng | Yu Zhou | Yan-hui Zhu | Zhi-qiang Wen
Genomic stuff: Governing the (im)matter of life

Author(s): Gísli Pálsson | Barbara Prainsack
Alternatives in Assessment or Alternatives to Assessment: A Solution or a Quandary

Author(s): Ali Derakhshan | Saeed Rezaei | Minoo Alemi
Beyond Method: The Rise of Reflective Teaching

Author(s): Jalil Fat’hi | Fouad Behzadpour
Digital filter optimization for C language

Author(s): BARLEANU, A. | BAITOIU, V. | STAN, A.
Acts of Literature

Author(s): Ruben Moi | Thoralf Fagertun

Author(s): Saziye YAMAN | Gulriz IMER
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur DEMIRAY
An Architecture of the Lexicon: New Perspectives

Author(s): Sabri Alshboul | Yousef Al shaboul | Suhail M.Asassfeh
Cloud Computing-Future Framework for e-management of NGO's

Author(s): Harjit Singh Lamba | Gurdev Singh
From Neophyte to Experienced Facilitator: an Interactive Blended-Learning Course for Graduate Teaching Assistants in Hong Kong

Author(s): Kai-Pan Mark | Dimple R. Thadani | David Santandreu Calonge | Cecilia F.K. Pun | P.H. Patrio Chiu
Acts of Literature

Author(s): Ruben Moi | Thoralf Fagertun

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