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DCT-based Reversible Data Hiding Scheme

Author(s): Chia-Chen Lin | Pei-Feng Shiu
NihonGo: A Computer-Aided Learning Package of Japanese Language for Beginner Level

Author(s): Boon Why Lee | Siew Hock Ow | Seow Ping Quek | Siti Nur Hidayah | Soon Sang Chong
Acquisition of L2 Japanese Geminates: Training with Waveform Displays

Author(s): Miki Motohashi-Saigo | Debra M. Hardison
The Application of Humorous Song in EFL Classrooms and Its Effects on Listening Comprehension

Author(s): Marzieh Rafiee | Zohre Kassaian | Hossein Vahid Dastjerdi
Design and Optimization of Medium Access Control Protocol of IEEE 802.3 Transmitter with VHDL

Author(s): Puran Gour | Ravi Shankar Mishra | Saima Khan | Rajesh Nema
The Use Of First Language In Limited English Proficiency Classes: Good, Bad Or Ugly?

Author(s): Siti Hamin Stapa | Abdul Hameed Abdul Majid
Simulation and Optimization of Multi-domain Systems using VHDL-AMS Application to the DTC Control

Author(s): S. Feki | A. Fakhfakh | A. Oualha | N. Masmoudi | Y. Herve
Study and Design of Impellers for Multiphase Reactors

Author(s): D. Devakumar | K. Saravanan
Consistency of Hemispheric Accuracy in Inferring Sentences and Dialogs

Author(s): Arifuddin Arifuddin | I Made Sujana
Appreciative Inquiry

Author(s): Fiona Cram
From Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
CYPROS - Cybernetic Program Packages

Author(s): Arne Tyssø
The STRIPES Trial - Support to Rural India's Public Education System

Author(s): Eble Alex | Mann Vera | Bhakta Preetha | Lakshminarayana Rashmi | Frost Chris | Elbourne Diana | Boone Peter

Author(s): Luca Spalazzi | Ratan Guha
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Noureddine Boudriga | Habtamu Abie
An Automatic Test Case Generation Framework for Web Services

Author(s): Yongyan Zheng | Jiong Zhou | Paul Krause
From Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Funcionamiento ejecutivo y luria inicial: A propósito de un caso

Author(s): E. Bausela Herreras | Y. Ramírez Benítez | G. Martínez Gutiérrez | C.I. Orozco Moreno
Strength Behavior Study of Apples (cv. Shafi Abadi & Golab Kohanz) under Compression Loading

Author(s): Abbas Gorji Chakespari | Ali Rajabipour | Hossein Mobli
Learning center project in Romania. Evaluation report

Author(s): Corina Cace | Sorin Cace
The Validation and Development of Electronic Language Test

Author(s): Norazah Mohd Nordin | Shahrul Ridzuan Arshad | Norizan Abdul Razak | Kamaruzaman Jusoff
From Editor vol 11, No.3

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Strength Behavior Study of Apples under Compression Loading

Author(s): Abbas Gorji Chakespari | Ali Rajabipour | Hossein Mobli
Measuring Oral Proficiency in Distance, Face-to-Face, and Blended Classrooms

Author(s): Robert Blake | Nicole L. Wilson | Maria Cetto | Cristina Pardo Ballester
From Editor vol 11, No.4

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Automatic Model Based Methods to Improve Test Effectiveness

Author(s): Izzat Alsmadi | Samer Samarah | ,Ahmad Saifan | Mohammed G. AL Zamil
From Editor

Author(s): Ugur DEmiray
A Spelling Course for Students in the Health Technology Bachelor Degree Curso de Ortografía para estudiantes de la carrera Licenciatura en Tecnología de la Salud

Author(s): Miriam Gutiérrez Escobar | Raúl López Fernández | Rosa María Rodríguez Arencibia | Rachel Yanes Seijo | Loreta Sánchez Ortiz | Saimí de la Caridad Risquet Toscano

Author(s): Jitendra S. Kushwah | Mahendra S. Yadav
Systematic quantitative overviews of the literature to determine the value of diagnostic tests for predicting acute appendicitis: study protocol

Author(s): Bachmann Lucas | Bischof Dominique | Bischofberger Stephan | Bonani Marco | Osann Franziska | Steurer Johann
Validation of the Social Phobia and Anxiety Inventory for Children (SPAI-C) in a sample of Brazilian children

Author(s): Gauer G.J.C. | Picon P. | Vasconcellos S.J.L. | Turner S.M. | Beidel D.C.
CoaSim: A flexible environment for simulating genetic data under coalescent models

Author(s): Mailund Thomas | Schierup Mikkel | Pedersen Christian | Mechlenborg Peter | Madsen Jesper | Schauser Leif
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur DEMIRAY
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Prediction of pre-eclampsia: a protocol for systematic reviews of test accuracy

Author(s): Cnossen Jeltsje | van der Post Joris | Mol Ben | Khan Khalid | Meads Catherine | ter Riet Gerben
Behavioral Improvements Associated with Computer-Assisted Instruction for Children with Developmental Disabilities

Author(s): Christina Whalen | Lars Liden | Brooke Ingersoll | Eric Dallaire | Sven Liden
Analyzing Repeated Measures Marginal Models on Sample Surveys with Resampling Methods

Author(s): James D. Knoke | Christy M. Anderson | Gary G. Koch
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur demiray

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
An integrated framework to support remote IEEE 1149.1 / 1149.4 design for test experiments

Author(s): Jose M. M. Ferreira | Manuel G. O. Gericota | Antonio M. Cardoso
An Investigation into Ambiguity Tolerance in Iranian Senior EFL Undergraduates

Author(s): Amin Marzban | Hossein Barati | Ahmad Moinzadeh

Author(s): Richa Sinha | Akhilesh Kumar | Archana Kumari Sinha
Vocabulary Levels and Vocabulary learning strategies of Iranian Undergraduate students

Author(s): Reza Kafipour | Mehdi Yazdi | Afshin Soori | Nasrin Shokrpour
Optimized Filtering and Compression System for an Earth Observation Satellite

Author(s): Gutembert Nganpet Nzeugaing | Prof. Elmarie Biermann
Teaching vocabulary through collocations in EFL Classes: The case of Turkey

Author(s): Balcı, Özgül | Çakır, Abdülkadir
MI as a Predictor of Students’ Performance in Reading Competency

Author(s): Karim Hajhashemi | Wong Bee Eng
The effects of syntactic and lexical complexity on the comprehension of elementary science texts

Author(s): Diana J. ARYA | Elfrieda H. HIEBERT | P. David PEARSON
Mathematical Models of the Sinusoidal Screen Family

Author(s): Tajana Koren | Vilko Žiljak | Maja Rudolf | Nikolina Stanić-Loknar | Aleksandra Bernašek
Using cubic Bezier spline curves and active contours in surface reconstruction (Phantom study)

Author(s): Atefeh Foroozandeh | Mahdi Momennezhad | Shahrokh Nasseri | Asghar Kerayechian | Morteza Gachpazan
Development, Standardization and Evaluation of A Close-set Speech Recognotion Test For Persian Speaking Children of 4 to 6 Years old

Author(s): Mansoure Adelghahraman | Dr. Yahya Modaresi | Mahin Sedaei | Dr. Gholamreza Babei
Sentence Repetition Test for Measurement of Grammatical Development in Farsi Speaking Children

Author(s): Fatemeh Hasanati | Zahra Agharasouli | Behrouz Mahmoudi Bakhtiyari | Mohammad Kamali

The Impact of Memory Strategy Instruction on Learners' EFL Vocabulary Retention

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Ghorbani | Nushin Karami Riabi
The Relationship between the Arrangement of Constituents and Reading Speed

Author(s): Zahra Jokar | Seyyed Mohammad Ali Soozandehfar
Online Discussion: Self-repair Enhancement of EFL Learners

Author(s): Omid Tabatabaei | Razieh Sharifi
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Deng-Yiv Chiu | Chen-Shu Wang | Wen-Chih Chang
Effects of Violent and Non-violent Computer Video Games on Explicit and Implicit Aggression

Author(s): Xuemin Zhang | Chang Liu | Langlang Wang | Qiuhong Piao
Testing Conformance of BPEL Business Process Based on Model Checking

Author(s): Rongsheng Dong | Zhao Wei | Xiangyu Luo | Fang Liu
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Feng Gao | Bin Wang | Deyun Yang | Junhu Zhang | Shifei Ding
Toward a Low Cost and Single Chip Holter: SoC-Holter

Author(s): Hao Ding | Kun-mean Hou | Jacques Lecoq | Gerard Bohner | Hai-ying Zhou | Hong Sun
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Qihai Zhou | Min-bo Li | Zhongjun Li
Group-oriented and Collusion Secure Fingerprint for Digital Images

Author(s): Yongsheng Yu | Zhihua Wei | Xiaosu Chen | Zhiguang Zhang
Belief Reasoning Recommendation --Mashing up Web Information Fusion and FOAF

Author(s): Shijun Li | Yunlu Zhang | Ming Xie | Hao Sun
Impact of Discussion Boards to the Success of English Lesson

Author(s): Harun Yılmaz | Duygu Sağlam
Address Counter Generators for Low Power Memory BIST

Author(s): Balwinder Singh | Sukhleen Bindra Narang | Arun Khosla
A Co-verification Method Based on TWCNP-OS for Two-way Cable Network SOC

Author(s): Chong LI | Xiaotong ZHANG | Yadong WAN | Qin WANG
A Disruption-Tolerant Model for Building a Mobile Application Using Web Service

Author(s): Maryati M. Yusof | Mansor Omar | Zarina Shukur
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