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Simulations of time harmonic blood flow in the Mesenteric artery: comparing finite element and lattice Boltzmann methods

Author(s): Axner Lilit | Hoekstra Alfons | Jeays Adam | Lawford Pat | Hose Rod | Sloot Peter
Application of Lattice Boltzmann Method to Flows in Microgeometries

Author(s): Arumuga Perumal | Gundavarapu V.S. Kumar | Anoop K. Dass
Application of Lattice-Boltzmann method and analysis of fluid flow between two sinusoidal plates

Author(s): Marković Jelena Đ. | Lukić Nataša Lj. | Jovičević Dragica Z.
Finite Volume-Lattice Boltzmann Modeling of Viscous Flows

Author(s): Ahad Zarghami | Mohamad Javad Maghrebi | Jalal Ghasemi
Simulation of Rarefied Gas Flow in Slip and Transitional Regimes by the Lattice Boltzmann Method

Author(s): Nor Awadi C Sidik | N C Horng | M A Mussa | S Abdullah
Multi-relaxation-time Lattice Boltzman model for uniform-shear flow over a rotating circular cylinder

Author(s): Nemati Hasan | Farhadi Mousa | Sedighi Kurosh | Fattahi Ehsan
A new hybrid algorithm for solving transient combined conduction radiation heat transfer problems

Author(s): Chaabane Raoudha | Askri Faouzi | Nasrallah Ben Sassi

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